Wrestlemania 29

|Date: April 7, 2013
|Venue: MetLife Stadium |City: East Rutherford, New Jersey
|Attendance: 80,676 |Buys: 1,048,000

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Wrestlemania 29 is here, the 29th edition of the biggest pay per view of the year and tonight has all the big stars on the card. The WWE Championship will be on the line in the main event when The Rock, who won the title at Royal Rumble and successfully defended it at Elimination Chamber against CM Punk, defends against the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble, John Cena. This rivalry goes back to last year when the two men originally met at Wrestlemania 28 and The Rock beat John Cena. Cena has now said that he has to beat The Rock or there is no coming back. CM Punk would challenge Cena for his Wrestlemania spot on Raw but Cena came away with the win. Cena is looking for redemption tonight.

The World Heavyweight Championship is also set to be defended as Alberto Del Rio defends against Jack Swagger. Swagger one the chance to fight for the title at Elimination Chamber, beating five other men. Since then Swagger and his manager Zeb Colter have been on a xenophobic tirade, saying that people like Alberto Del Rio shouldn’t be allowed in the country. Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez have mocked these skits in what has been a heated rivalry. Swagger has also injured Ricardo Rodriguez’s ankle, leaving the ring announcer on crutches. The only other title match set for tonight is the WWE Tag Team Championship match between champions Team Hell No and the team of Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Big E is Zigglers bodyguard but makes his in-ring debut tonight. Ziggler has beaten both Kane and Daniel Bryan in singles matches Daniel Bryan and Kane were the ones to make the challenge and AJ accepted on the challengers behalf if the titles were on the line.

A big match scheduled for tonight is between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar returned and was about to attack Vince McMahon when Triple H made the save. Triple H would challenge Lesnar for a match at Wrestlemania and after taking out Triple H’s old running mates Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, Lesnar would accept the challenge. Heyman would go on to say that Lesnar would only sign the contract is Heyman could announce the stipulations after Triple H signed the contract. Triple H signed and Heyman announced that the match would be no holds barred. Another big match puts The Undertaker’s streak on the line. A fatal four way match between CM Punk, Big Show, Sheamus and Randy Orton would decide the opponent for Undertaker and it was CM Punk that won the match. since then, Undertakers long time manager Paul Bearer has passed away and CM Punk and Paul Heyman have disrespected the legacy with Heyman even dressing up as Paul Bearer.

There are four other matches on the undercard. Mark Henry will go one on one with Ryback in a battle of the big men. Henry and Ryback have been trying to out-do each other in recent weeks, with Henry taking offence at Rybacks being able to compete with him. The Shield will be in action as they take on the team of Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show. Originally it was going to be the team of Randy Orton, Sheamus and Ryback due to the constant attacks of The Shield on these three men. Ryback was taken out of the match to go one on one with Mark Henry so Sheamus and Orton had to find a new partner. Orton was the man to convince Sheamus that they needed Big Show on the team with Sheamus unsure on whether they could trust the big man. Big Show has said they can trust him and has saved Orton and Sheamus from a couple of attacks.

Fandango makes his in-ring debut tonight following months of vignettes. He’s been on a mission to get people to pronounce his name correctly and Chris Jericho has mocked him repeatedly. Fandango would attack Jericho after Jericho beat Dolph Ziggler on Raw which forced Vickie Guerrero to make a match between Fandango and Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Also tonight Brodus Clay and his new tag team partner of Tensai will team up with Naomi and Cameron to take on Team Rhodes Scholars and the returning Bella Twins. And on the pre-show Wade Barrett defends the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz.

On the pre show The Miz defeated Wade Barrett to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Wrestlemania kicks off with a tribute to the families affected by hurricane Sandy. Somehow they manage to transition that into “Welcome to Wrestlemania”.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the MetLife Stadium. Lots of army looking people waving the stars and stripes.

The Wrestlemania opener then starts, first showing clips of Wrestlemania gone by. The usual clips – Hogan/Andre, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Rock and Hogan. Then clips hyping some of the matches, CM Punk and Undertaker, Triple H and Brock Lesnar, The Rock and John Cena.

Michael Cole welcomes us again to Wrestlemania! and we are up and running.

Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose)

We’re kicking things off with a six man tag team match. Sheamus opens Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Sheamus is 1-1 at Wrestlemania, Randy Orton is 4-5, Big Show is 4-8 and The Shield make their Wrestlemania debut tonight. The Shield are undefeated so far in the WWE. Sheamus starts the match against Roman Reigns. The two men slug it out and Sheamus wins the exchange with a clothesline. Sheamus hits another clothesline for the first one count of the night. Sheamus then tags in Randy Orton and then double team Roman Reigns to the mat. Orton hits a kneedrop and then stomps away at the different limbs of Roman Reigns. Reigns fires back with some right hands and then tags in Seth Rollins who runs into a dropkick. Orton hits ten right hands in the corner and then a springboard suplex. Orton tags Sheamus back in but Rollins hits the Irishman with a low dropkick.

Rollins tags in Ambrose who gets a pop. Sheamus hits a powerslam for a two count. Big Show then tags himself in and he hits Ambrose with a headbutt. Big Show rips off the vest of Dean Ambrose and then hits him with a big chop. Big Show hits five more chops and then squashes Ambrose in the corner. Dean hits a low dropkick and then tags in Seth Rollins who comes in with a flying knee. Rollins pins Big Show for a two count and then tags in Roman Reigns who gets the first near fall of the match following a big right hand, Reigns tags in Ambrose who continues to beat down Big Show. Seth Rollins tags in and hits Big Show with right hands and kicks. Sheamus has been feuding with The Shield since the Royal Rumble. He was unsuccessful at Elimination Chamber with John Cena and Ryback. Rollins tags Reigns who applies a chinlock. Big Show gets out of it with a side suplex.

Reigns tags Rollins back in and Seth knocks Orton off the apron with a running knee. Big Show tags in Sheamus who hits Seth with clotheslines and a high running knee. Sheamus then rips off Seth Rollins’ vest and hits him with ten clubbing blows on the apron. Rollins tags in Ambrose and Sheamus hits Ambrose with ten clubbing blows! Sheamus hits a rolling senton on Ambrose and then hits one on Seth Rollins onto Dean Ambrose. Sheamus head to the top but Roman Reigns shoves him down to the floor below. Reigns and Ambrose double team Sheamus until Orton makes the save. Seth Rollins then flies out with a suicide dive and Rollins looked like he hit the barricade there. Back in the ring and The Shield triple team Sheamus, looking for the triple powerbomb but Big Show spears them all down! Sheamus looks to tag in Big Show but Orton tags himself in! Orton hits Ambrose with clotheslines and a powerslam before hitting the hangmans DDT.

Randy motions for the RKO but Seth Rollins springboards in just fir Orton to hit Seth with an RKO! Roman Reigns then hits Orton with a spear and Ambrose pins him for the three! All whilst Big Show just watched on. The Shield beat Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus tonight. They are three for three on pay per view now. Dun way to kick off the show. After the match Big Show lays out both Randy Orton and Sheamus with big right hands.

Rating: 6.75/10

Michael Cole hypes up John Cena vs. The Rock and there’s a video package for it. Why are they playing this so early? It’s a great video package anyway.

Snooki is shown in the crowd.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

This is a first time match between these two men. Mark Henry is 1-3 at Wrestlemania whilst Ryback makes his Wrestlemania debut. The two big men square off as the bell rings before running at each other and neither men budging. They exchange right hands and Ryback hits a couple of clotheslines before running into Mark Henry’s right arm. Ryback is the first man to hit the deck and Henry follows it up with a running powerslam for a one count. Henry hits a headbutt and then counters a suplex, sending Ryback to the apron. Henry then sends Ryback into the ringpost before clotheslining him down to the mat below. Henry works the back of Ryback before applying a bearhug. Henry rams Ryback into the corner and then clotheslines him out of the ring. Ryback just beats the count to get back into the ring and Henry immediately hits him with right hands. Henry then goes back to the bearhug before hitting a powerslam.

Henry locks on another bearhug, the third of the match. The crowd don’t seem too happy. Ryback powers out of the bearhug and hits some right hands, ramming Henry into the corner. Ryback hits a clothesline and then the meathook clothesline. Ryback screams “finish it” and scoops up Mark Henry for shellshock! Henry grabs on to the top rope and ends up flattening Ryback for the three! Mark Henry beats Ryback. This match wasn’t great. And it didn’t have a very conclusive finish. Where’s the World’s Strongest Slam? Trainers see to Ryback after the match but Mark Henry scares them off. Ryback then hits Henry with a spinebuster and shouts “finish it” again. Ryback hits shellshock!

Rating: 3.25/10

The announcers play with wrestling figures at ringside.

There’s a video package showing the partnership between WWE and the Special Olympics Games. Lilian introduces some people from the special olympics.

Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston – WWE Tag Team Championship match

This is a first time match between these two tag teams. Daniel Bryan is 0-1 at Wrestlemania, Kane is 7-7 and Dolph Ziggler is 1-2. Big E makes his in-ring debut tonight. We’re told that 53% of defending champions are successful at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler start the match and Ziggler gets a good luck kiss off AJ. He then turns around into a kick from Daniel Bryan who gets a near fall. Bryan then attempts the no lock but Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Bryan hits a suicide dive then rolls Dolph back into the ring. Bryan hits some kicks but Ziggler ducks one and tags in Big E Langston. Kane wants the tag and gets it. A tenth straight Wrestlemania appearance for Kane who hits big E with right hands. Kane attempts a cross body but Big E catches him and hits three consecutive backbreakers. Big E runs into a big boot and Kane looks for a chokeslam but Big E powers out.

Big E hits a clothesline in the middle of the ring, taking Kane down. Big E tags out to Dolph Ziggler who hits a dropkick for a one count. Ziggler tags in Langston who hits some right hands but gets caught with a DDT. Big E tags in Ziggler who knocks Bryan off the apron but then turns around into a right hand. Kane hits a clothesline in the corner and then a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane heads to the top but Ziggler avoids a clothesline and hits a fame-asser for a two count. Bryan broke up the count but Ziggler dropkicks him out of the ring and then heads to the top but Kane hits him with an uppercut. Big E breaks up a pinfall with a splash and then looks for a dominator on Kane but Kane counters and sends Big E to the outside. Bryan hits Big E with a knee off the apron and Ziggler hits Kane with a zigzag for a near fall. AJ hands Ziggler the Money In The Bank briefcase and then distracts the referee.

Ziggler swings the briefcase at Kane but Kane ducks it and hits a chokeslam. Kane tags in Daniel Bryan who hits a flying headbutt for the three! Kane and Daniel Bryan retain their Tag Team Championships! Fast-paced match, probably a bit too short but decent in the time they were given. Bryan has the whole MetLife Stadium doing a “Yes” chant!

Rating: 6.5/10

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

This is a PPV debut for Fandango! He has a slew of dancers in his entrance. Chris Jericho is 4-6 at Wrestlemania. The bell rings and Fandango does some dancing. Jericho takes down Fandango and hits him with some chops. Fandango rolls out of the ring with Jericho in pursuit. Back in the ring and Jericho takes Fandango down again and hits him with right hands. Jericho suplexes Fandango on to the top rope and then hits the codebreaker which sends Fandango sprawling to the outside. Jericho hits a baseball slide and then dives out on Fandango from the top rope. Back in the ring and Jericho slaps Fandango, hits him with a big boot and then throws him back out of the ring. Jericho then looks for a springboard dropkick but Fandango counters it with a kick to the face. Fandango gets a near fall and then hits some right hands and kicks.

Fandango applies a chinlock which Jericho gets out of. Jericho hits a couple of shoulder charges and then heads to the top and hits a double axe handle. Jericho then hits a Lou Thesz press and lays in some right hands, chops and an enzeguri for a near fall. Jericho is bleeding from the forehead. He heads to the top and hits a flying cross body for a two count. Fandango then launches Jericho into the ringpost before hitting a flatliner. Fandango heads to the top and hits a flying legdrop but Jericho kicks out at 2. The two men get to their feet and Jericho counters a dropkick, looking for the walls of Jericho. Fandango kicks him away and then hits a clothesline.

Fandango heads to the top again but Jericho knocks him off. Jericho pops Fandango back on the top, looking for a superplex but Fandango headbutts him down to the mat and looks for a flying legdrop but Jericho moves! Jericho looks for a lionsault but Fandango gets his knees up. Jericho misses anyway but gets up and looks to lock on the walls of Jericho but tweaks his knee. I’m not sure what happened to his knee but Fandango rolls him up and gets the three! Fandango beats Chris Jericho on his debut! Not a good match.

Rating: 4/10

We’re shown some footage from the pre-show with The Miz beating Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

There’s a VT about The Rock and his millions of fans.

A VT then plays showing classic Wrestlemania moments. From Hogan to Kurt Angle to Shawn Michaels, Batista, Triple H, The Undertaker, John Cena and everybody in between. It’s time for the musical interlude bought to you by P Diddy.

There’s a video package next showing the recent history between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. I love what they’ve done with Swagger.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. Alberto Del Rio is 0-1 at Wrestlemania, Jack Swagger is 1-1. This is the fifth match so far and it’s the first match to feature nobody making their Wrestlemania debut. You don’t even see Swaggers entrance, they’re already in the ring. Zeb Colter gives a xenophobic speech before the match. Ricardo Rodriguez is in Del Rio’s corner on crutches. The two men get into it as the bell rings and Del Rio hits some kicks sending Swagger out of the ring before hitting a dropkick to the outside and then rolling his challenger back into the ring. Del Rio goes up to the middle rope but is distracted by Zeb Colter which allows Swagger to pull Del Rio down and then throw him into the ringpost. Swagger hits some knees and then a clothesline for a two count. Swagger applies a wristlock but Del Rio hammers his way out of it and then hits a crucifix cover for a two count.

Jack Swagger is first up and hits a running boot and then a Vader bomb for a two count. Swagger looks to smash Del Rio’s knee around the ringpost but Del Rio counters, pulling Jack into the post. Swagger forces Del Rio into the corner but then runs into a boot. Del Rio follows it up with a couple of clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before stomping on Zeb Colters hand! Del Rio hits a superkick on Swagger for a two count. Swagger hits a big slam for a near fall and then hits a chopblock before locking on the patriot lock! Del rio kicks his way out of it and then misses with a running enzeguri. Del Rio counters a Vader bomb and hits some kidney shots and then a backstabber for a near fall. A very near fall. Del Rio hits a German suplex and then looks for the cross arm breaker but Swagger counters and hits a gut-wrench powerbomb for a near fall. Swagger locks the patriot lock back on but Del Rio counters it into a cross-arm breaker! He doesn’t quite have it on as Swagger blocks it. But finally he gets it locked on!

Swagger counters the cross-arm breaker into a patriot lock but Del Rio gets to the bottom rope. Swagger looks for another gut-wrench powerbomb but Del Rio counters and takes down Jack with a kick to the head. Del Rio hits a running enzeguri and hooks the leg but Zeb Colter puts Swagger foot on the bottom rope. Ricardo Rodriguez comes round but Colter kicks away at his crutches. Colter then holds on to one one of Rodriguez’s crutches which causes Del Rio to go out but Swagger attacks the World Heavyweight Champion from behind. Swagger rolls Del Rio back into the ring but Del Rio catches Swagger as he gets in the ring and locks on the cross-arm breaker! Swagger taps out, Alberto Del Rio retains the World Heavyweight Championship! Not a bad match but not terrible. Pretty bang average if you ask me.

Rating: 5/10

There’s a VT about the troops and WWE’s partnership with them.

Next up is a VT about the recent history between The Undertaker and CM Punk.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

This is the third PPV match between these two men. CM Punk beat The Undertaker at Breaking Point 2009 and Undertaker beat Punk at Hell In A Cell 2009. The Undertaker is famously 20-0 at Wrestlemania whilst CM Punk is 3-3. Living Color play CM Punk to the ring. Punk is of course accompanied by Paul Heyman. The bell rings and Undertaker goes right to work on CM Punk who responds with a slap. Punk escapes the ring with Undertaker in tow and then gets back into the ring and catches Undertaker with stomps and right hands. Punk hits another slap and then some kicks but Undertaker drops him with a big boot. Undertaker throws Punk out of the ring and then hits him with right hands and launches him into the timekeepers area. Undertaker smashes Punk off the announce desk and then takes apart the Spanish announce table. Undertaker picks Punk up and rams him into the ringpost before laying Punk on the ring apron and hitting a legdrop.

This is Undertakers first match since Wrestlemania last year where he beat Triple H. Back in the ring and Undertaker hits right hands before intimidating the referee. Undertaker heads to the top looking for old school but CM Punk drags him down off the top. Punk hits a low dropkick and then looks to hit old school himself which he does. Punk hits a side Russian legsweep for a two count and then applies a wristlock. Undertaker is so much bigger than CM Punk. Undertaker has a little bit of blood on his head. Undertaker hits some right hands and then an Irish whip but misses with a running boot. Punk baseball slides Undertaker out of the ring and then heads to the top and hits a double axe handle ala Randy Savage. Back in the ring and CM Punk hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Undertaker hits some right hands but CM Punk ducks one and hits a neckbreaker for a two count.

CM Punk applies a chinlock but Undertaker gets out of it and hits a suplex. CM Punk manages a big boot and then sets up for old school again but Undertaker crotches him on the top rope before hammering him to the outside. Undertaker looks to dive to the outside but Paul Heyman gets up on the apron. Undertaker grabs Heyman by the throat but CM Punk hits him with springboard clothesline for a two count. Punk hits a running knee and a clothesline before heading to the top and hitting a diving elbow drop for a two count. Punk motions for go to sleep but Undertaker counters and hits a chokeslam fora near fall. The two men slug it out which Undertaker wins. He hits a big splash in the corner and then snake eyes but runs into a dropkick. Punk gets a two count and then clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring. Punk takes apart whats left of the Spanish announce table but Undertaker hits him with headbutts. Undertaker then looks for a last ride through the table but CM Punk counters.

Punk kicks Undertaker on to the Spanish announce table and then heads to the top rope and hits the flying elbow drop. The desk doesn’t give way so it looked pretty stiff. Undertaker just about beats the count back into the ring. Undertaker then locks on hell’s gate but CM Punk counters into the anaconda vice. Undertaker rises up to his feet and looks to chokeslam Punk who counters and hits a go to sleep! Undertaker bounces off the ropes and hits a tombstone out of nowhere! He pins Punk who kicks out at 2! The two men get up to their knees and slug it out and then up to their feet where Undertaker looks for a chokeslam but CM Punk manages to knockout the referee. Heyman gets up on the apron distracting Punk who hits a kick to the face and then a running knee. Undertaker sets up for the last ride but Heyman hands Punk the urn and he smashes Undertaker with it! Punk pins Undertaker in Undertaker fashion but the dead man kicks out!

CM Punk does the cut-throat sign and then sets up for a go to sleep but Undertaker counters, looking for a tombstone but Punk counters and once again looks for a go to sleep but Undertaker counters again and hits the tombstone for the three! Undertaker beats CM Punk tonight to go 21-0! Great match between these two men.

Rating: 8/10

There’s a VT next advertising a new DVD for Mick Foley.

And then there’s a VT about John Cena.

Michelle Beadle is ringside. No idea.

The next VT is for Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar – No Holds Barred match with Triple H’s career on the line

This is the second PPV match between these two men, Brock beat Triple H at Summerslam. Triple H is 7-9 at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar is 1-1. Shawn Michaels is the first man out and gets his own entrance. Triple H makes his entrance through a skull tunnel which looks like it’s sprayed foam all over him. The two men get right into it as the bell rings. They exchange blows and fall to the outside where Triple H throws Lesnar into the barricade. Triple H smashes Brock into the ring apron and then bounces him off the announce desk. Lesnar then rams Triple H into the ring apron before throwing him over the barricade. Lesnar picks up a chair but Triple H hits him with a clothesline before he can use it. Back in the ring and Triple H hits a high knee. Paul Heyman removes the chair from the ring to protect his client. Triple H throws Lesnar back out of the ring and then hits his head off the steps. Lesnar hits a belly to belly on the outside before suplexing Triple H through the Spanish announce table!

Brock hits another. belly to belly suplex, throwing Triple H through the rubble that was the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring and Lesnar stomps away at Triple H before knocking him down with a clothesline for a near fall. Lesnar hits more knees but runs into a boot only to hit Triple H with a belly to belly for another near fall. Brock hits a German suplex for a two count and follows that up with another German suplex for another two count. Triple H fires back with some right hands but Lesnar reverses an Irish whip and sends The Game all the way to the outside. Lesnar exits the ring but gets distracted by Shawn Michaels which allows Triple H to hit him with a clothesline. Triple H then picks up a chair and smashes it across Brock Lesnars back. Back in the ring and Lesnar re-takes the advantage with a German suplex for a two count. Shawn Michaels then gets up on the apron but Lesnar lays him out.

Triple H hits a spinebuster from nowhere and looks for a pedigree but Lesnar counters. Shawn Michaels gets in the ring but Lesnar hits him with the F5! Brock turns around into a pedigree from Triple H for a two count. Triple H then grabs his sledgehammer but Brock sees him coming and hits him with an F5. Triple H exits the ring but Brock follows and throws him into the ring steps. The crowd has been pretty quiet for this match so far. Lesnar smashes the ring steps into Triple H’s face and then rolls Triple H back into the ring before hitting him with the steps again for a near fall. Lesnar looks to lock on the kimura but Triple H rams him into the corner. Triple H hits a low blow and then rams Lesnar’s shoulder around the ring post before smashing his right arm with a chair. Triple H then locks on the kimura! Heyman gets in the ring with a chair but Michaels hits him with sweet chin music! Lesnar won’t tap out though, he picks Triple H up and drops him on the ring steps.

Triple H manages to lock the kimura back on but again Brock Lesnar drops him on the ring steps. Triple H locks it on a third time, wrenching back but Lesnar picks Triple H up again and rams Triple H onto the ring steps but it looks as though Triple H countered with a DDT. Triple H picks up the sledgehammer and rams it in to Brock Lesnar’s face! Triple H hits the pedigree on the steps and pins Lesnar for the three! Triple H beats Brock Lesnar tonight! The crowd were a bit flat for this one. It was a decent match but not an incredible one.

Rating: 6.75/10

There’s a VT next for the Hall Of Fame ceremony. Snippets of speeches given by Trish Stratus, Bob Backlund, Booker T, Donald Trump and Bruno Sammartino.

Howard Finkel introduces the Hall Of Famers to the ramp. Mick Foley, Booker T, Trish Stratus, Bob Backlund, Donald Trump and Bruno Sammartino.

There’s an advert for Wrestlemania 30 from New Orleans.

Justin Roberts announces the attendance of 80,767.

The Rock (c) vs. John Cena – WWE Championship match

This is the second pay per view match between these two men. The Rock beat Cena at Wrestlemania last year and this is the rematch. The Rock is 5-4 at Wrestlemania, John Cena is 6-3 so it’s a tenth Wrestlemania match for both men. Cena starts the match with a headlock and then a shoulder tackle to take down the WWE Champion. The Rock then applies a headlock of his own and takes Cena down with a shoulder tackle. The Rock counters a hiptoss with with one of his own and Cena exits the ring to compose himself. Cena hits some lefts and rights and a hard Irish whip. Cena hits another Irish whip but The Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Rock then hits a clothesline of his own. Cena hits a headlock takedown but The Rock counters and applies a sleeper. Cena gets out of it with a side slam and pins Rocky for a one count. Cena lays in the stomps but misses with an elbow drop. The Rock hits a Samoan drop and the two men then slug it out.

Cena hits a fishermans suplex for a two count but runs into an elbow. Cena hits a shoulder tackle but The Rock ducks a second. Rock attempts a spinebuster but cena counters looking for an STF but The Rock escapes. Cena then hits a couple of shoulder charges and looks for a side slam but The Rock counters and manages to lock on a sharpshooter! Cena gets out of it and hits a side slam. Cena looks for the five knuckle shuffle but The Rock moves out of the way and hits a DDT. The Rock looks for the Rock bottom but Cena counters and locks on the STF! Rock counters with a pinfall that cause Cena to break the hold. Cena then slingshots Rocky into the top turnbuckle before hitting a side slam and this time hitting the five knuckle shuffle. Cena looks for the attitude adjustment but The Rock slides down the back and hits a spinebuster! The Rock motions for the people’s elbow but Cena counters with an STF! The Rock powers out of the STF and hits the Rock Bottom! Rocky hooks the leg but Cena kicks out at 2.

Cena hits the attitude adjustment out of nowhere and gets a two count. There hasn’t been a lot of commentary in this match, which sounds weird, but they’ve been very quiet. Cena heads to the top but The Rock avoids a fameasser. The Rock hits the people’s elbow! He hooks the leg but Cena kicks out at 2. Cena rolls out of the ring but Rocky rolls him back in. The two men exchange right hands resulting in Cena setting up for the attitude adjustment but The Rock countering and hitting Rock Bottom again for a two count. The Rock then looks for the five knuckle shuffle but Cena leaps up and hits an attitude adjustment for another near fall. The two men get to their feet and slug it out resulting in Cena rolling up The Rock for a two count and then hitting Rock Bottom for another near fall. There’s been too many near falls in this match. It’s taken any excitement out of it. Cena thinks about doing the five knuckle shuffle again but instead looks to hit the people’s elbow. The Rock leaps to his feet but Cena pouts the breaks on and sets up for attitude adjustment. The Rock counters again and hits Rock Bottom for another near fall.

The two men counters each others finishers a few more times and The Rock hits a DDT. He then motions for Rock Bottom but Cena counters and hits the attitude adjustment! Cena hooks the leg and gets the three! John Cena wins the match and the WWE Championship. what a strange match. It was just finisher after finisher after finisher. The psychology wasn’t great.

Rating: 6/10

And that was Wrestlemania 29. Eight matches on the main card with four main events and four undercard matches. Oh and a cancelled match with Brodus Clay and co removed from the show due to time constraints. That meant there was no divas match whatsoever. The show kicked off with a fun six man tag team match that give The Shield another big win to add to their collection. Only Max Mini has wrestled three PPV matches and won them all, The Shield join him. They sold it as a Big Show heel turn at the end but I sympathise with him as his teammates refused to tag him in! I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sheamus, Orton and Big Show go on to have a triple threat feud into the next PPV. The Shield continue their big run, they’ve beaten most of the big stars now, who’s next for them? Mark Henry beat Ryback and I have to see, I was surprised to see this result. It really kills the epic push of Ryback who needed this win to get back on track. Mark Henry takes the win and it’ll be interesting to see where this win takes him. Not a great match between these two men.

Team Hell No beat Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston in a match that could have gone either way. I like Daniel Bryan and Kane as Tag Team Champions so have no problem with this result. It means another loss for Dolph Ziggler but all of that will be forgotten if he wins the World Heavyweight Championship at some point. Decent match between these two teams. Fandango beat Chris Jericho in a surprising result. It’s a huge win for Fandango in his debut in what was an ok match. I actually like this Fandango chap but I don’t know if he’ll just get relegated to being a comedy act in the future. I don’t think Jericho will be too happy about having to lose this one. Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger in an average match. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Jack Swagger win this match but maybe we’re gearing up for an Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler feud. Del Rio wins though and takes home the title.

Undertaker beat CM Punk in the match of the night to continue his undefeated Wrestlemania streak. This was expected but the two put on a great match and Punk made Undertaker work for his victory. I’m not sure where this leaves Punk after over a year of being on top, I don’t think he needs to be in the WWE title picture at the moment. But he’s such a god heel that you don’t want to see him turn face. Undertaker will probably vanish until next year. Triple H beat Brock Lesnar, getting his win back from Summerslam which meant that his career stays in tact. This match was good but not as good as the previous match. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a third and final match between the two at Summerslam this year. Both are part time so it doesn’t matter too much who wins and who loses.

In the main event John Cena beat The Rock to win the WWE Championship. Cena also got his win back after The Rock beat him last year. You almost get the feeling that they don’t need a third match, it seems right to leave it at two. Cena is the full timer so he’s fine as champion and it’s been a good 18 months since he was champion last so I don’t mind him on top. I’m not sure who his first opponent will be, I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Brock again, otherwise it could be CM Punk, Mark Henry or even Jack Swagger which I would like to see. Overall a forgettable Wrestlemania, peaked at The Undertaker and CM Punk but will be remembered for the main event.

Overall Rating: 57.8/100 (ranked joint 153rd out of 288)

Match Of The Night: The Undertaker vs. CM Punk
Worst Match Of The Night: Ryback vs. Mark Henry
Surprise Of The Night: Mark Henry beats Ryback
Worst Booking Of The Night: Mark Henry beats Ryback
Superstar Of The Night: John Cena
Wrestlemania 29 Will Be Remembered For: The second Wrestlemania match between The Rock and John Cena

One thought on “Wrestlemania 29

  1. The only champions to not appear on this card were the United States Champion Antonio Cesaro and the Divas Champion Kaitlyn.

    Also, the Tons of Funk & Funkadactyls/Team Rhodes Scholars & Bella Twins match didn’t happen because Taker/Punk and Lesnar/HHH both went on a little too long.

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