Money In The Bank 2014

|Date: June 29, 2014
|Venue: TD Garden |City: Boston, Massachusetts
|Attendance: 15,653 |Buys: 122,000

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Money In The Bank is the annual pay per view where multiple wrestlers compete in a ladder match to earn a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Champion whenever they choose. But this years show has two ladder matches. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon announced that Daniel Bryan is unable to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship so the main event tonight would feature 8 men vying for the vacated title. Alberto Del Rio was the first man to qualify when he beat Dolph Ziggler. Randy Orton was then added to the match and was joined by Sheamus, who beat Bad News Barrett to qualify, Cesaro, who beat Rob Van Dam, Bray Wyatt beat Dean Ambrose, John Cena beat Kane but Kane was later added to the match anyway. Roman Reigns would find himself in a battle royal that he won to also qualify for the match.

Seth Rollins controversially turned his back on The Shield, attacking Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns with a chair the night after Payback. It was announced that there would be a Money In The Bank ladder match and Rollins was the first name announced for the match. Triple H then announced that he would be joined by Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston. With Dean Ambrose attacking Seth Rollins at every turn, Rollins asked Triple H to add Dean Ambrose to the match so he could keep an eye on him. Triple H agreed and added Ambrose to the match.

The WWETag Team Championships are set to be defended tonight as The Usos defend against two men that have scored victories over the brothers recently, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Paige will be defending her WWE Divas championship against the woman that beat her on main event a few weeks ago, Naomi. The two girls that have been fighting for Fandango’s attention as of late will also go one on one as Layla battles Summer Rae. Fandango will serve as the special guest referee in this match. Cody Rhodes has re-invented himself as the wacky Stardust and tonight he teams up with his brother Goldust in a rematch against Ryback and Curtis Axel. And another rematch from Payback scheduled for tonight will be Rusev against Big E.

A video package kicks us of, focusing on the two ladder matches tonight.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Boston for a history making night!

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (c) vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan – WWE Tag Team Championship match

This is a first time match between these two tag teams. The Usos go into this match looking for their first ever pay per victory. The Usos are 0-1 at Money In The Bank events, they lost in the very first show. Harper and Rowan make their debut at this event. We’re shown what led to this match. Harper and Rowan beat The Usos in a non title match. Jey Uso starts the match against Luke Harper. Jey ducks a couple of clotheslines and hits a cross body in the early going. Jimmy Uso tags in and we get a few superkicks. Harper fires back with a dropkick on Jimmy before tagging in Erick Rowan. Rowan hits a big shoulder knockdown on Jimmy for a one count before hitting a headbutt and tagging in Harper. Harper hits an uppercut and tags Rowan back in. Rowan looks for a pumphandle slam but Jimmy avoids it and tags in Jey. There’s some nice double teaming form The Usos for a two count.

Jey Uso struggles to take Rowan off his feet but instead manages to dropkick him out of the ring. Jey then dives off the barricade with a superman punch. The Usos made their PPV debut fo ur years ago at this event but are yet to pick up a pay per view victory. Back in the ring and Jey hits a cross body for a two count. Jey goes up to the top again but after a distraction from Harper, Rowan shoves Jey to the outside. Rowan tags in Harper who immediately goes to work on Jey on the outside. Harper rolls Jey back in the ring and hits him with a senton for a two count. Harper then slingshots Jey into the middle rope for a two count before tagging in Erick Rowan. Rowan hits an elbow drop and then applies a claw. Rowan gets the first near fall of the night and then applies a chinlock. Jey looks for a sunset flip but Rowan puts the brakes on before missing with a legdrop. Rowan tags in Luke Harper who wipes Jimmy Uso out and then hits Jey with a big boot for a near fall.

Harper tags in Rowan who hits a big powerslam and looks for a splash but Jey avoids it. Rowan then misses with a shoulder charge in the corner and hits the ringpost. Rowan tags Harper and Jey tags in Jimmy! Jimmy hits Harper with kicks and uppercuts and then a couple of big clotheslines. Jimmy hits a Samoan drop on Harper and then another on Rowan! Jimmy Uso then hits a running butt splash on Rowan and whisper in the wind on Harper for a two count. Jimmy disposes of Rowan and then hits Harper with a couple of superkicks for a near fall. On the outside Rowan picks up Jey but Jimmy dives out to take out the big man! Harper then hits Jimmy with a big boot as he tries to get back in the ring. All four men get in the ring and Jimmy rolls Harper up for a very near fall. Harper then hits Jimmy with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

The crowd are loving the opener. Luke Harper hits a suicide dive on Jey Uso and Jimmy then dives out at Rowan but gets caught. Harper hits a suicide dive on Jimmy Uso! Back in the ring and Harper tags in Rowan. The Wyatt Family hit a double crucifix for a near fall. Jey Uso just making the save there. Jey Uso disposes of Harper but then gets caught with a big splash from Rowan. Rowan then heads to the top but Jimmy crotches him up there. Jey tags himself in and The Usos hit a double superplex on Rowan! Jey tags Jimmy back in and Jimmy goes to the top and dives off with a big splash! Jey tags back in and hits a splash of his own to get the three! The Usos finally win on pay per view! A great way to kick off the show.

Rating: 7/10

We’re shown some footage from a few weeks ago on Raw with Seth Rollins turning his back on The Shield.

Dean Ambrose is backstage saying how he plans to win the Money In The Bank ladder match and beat Seth Rollins down as he does.

Paige (c) vs. Naomi – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two girls. Both girls make their Money In The Bank PPV debut tonight. Naomi is accompanied by Cameron but they don’t seem to be on great terms at the moment. Paige is unbeaten on pay per view so far, recording victories over Tamina and Alicia Fox. Paige hits an arm drag in the early going and the two girls then battle to the outside, not breaking up the collar and elbow tie-up. They get back into the ring where both girls attempt and miss a dropkick. Paige hits a low tilt-a-whirl headscissors causing Naomi to retreat to the outside. Naomi pulls Paige out of the ring as Cameron watches on. Naomi then dives to the outside taking out the Divas Champion. Naomi crawls back into the ring and Paige follows, just beating the count.

Naomi hits a dropkick for a two count and then climbs to the top and hits a cross body for a two count. Naomi hits a roll up which Paige reverses. The two girls exchange pinfalls and Naomi then applies a modified surfboard. Cameron doesn’t look interested on the outside. Naomi heads to the top but Paige goes up with her only for both girls to fall to the outside. Paige sells her left leg but both girls beat the count back in. Naomi hits a backslide but Paige rolls through the kicks Naomi in the stomach. Paige applies a stump puller and then rolls Naomi up for a two count. Naomi hits a big clothesline and a hurricanrana before nailing a dropkick and nipping up. Naomi hits the rear view for a near fall and then heads to the top for a split-legged moonsault but Paige gets her knees up. Paige looks for the PTO but Naomi rolls her up for a two count. Naomi looks to set up for a slop drop but Paige counters and hits the Paige Turner for the three! Paige wins the match and retain her Divas Championship! Cameron seemed happy that Paige won. A good match between these two girls, Naomi really shone.

Rating: 6.25/10

We go to the kickoff panel with Renee Young, Booker T, Alex Riley and Christian. Booker was impressed with The Usos. Alex Riley looks forward to the Money In The Bank ladder match. Christian gives us an insight in what to expect tonight. Alex Riley picks Bray Wyatt to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight whilst Booker T picks Randy Orton. Christian backs Randy Orton too.

There’s a VT about the Money In The Bank numbers.

Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow

This is a first time PPV match between these two men, mostly because it is a PPV debut for Adam Rose. Damien Sandow is 1-1 at this event. Damien Sandow is out dressed as Paul Revere. He runs down Boston and has a dig at Adam Rose too. Adam Rose tells him to not be a lemon but be a rosebud. Sandow tries to attacks Rose on the way in but Adam back body drops him out of the ring. The bell rings and Adam Rose spanks Sandow. Sandow hits some shoulder charges but Rose fires back by forcing Sandow into his arse. Sandow exits the ring and then pulls Rose down to his feet and hits him with clubbing blows. Back in the ring and Sandow gets a one count before hitting a knee to the back and applying a chinlock. Rose gets out of the chinlock but Sandow forces him back down with an elbow.

Sandow hits two knee drops and then the elbow of disdain for a near fall. Sandow goes back to the chinlock but Rose gets out of it and hits a couple of forearms. Rose hits some jabs and a running elbow in the corner. Rose hits some kicks but then runs into a clothesline. Sandow rips off his jacket and hits a full nelson slam for a two count. Rose avoids a moonsault and then hits the party foul for the three! Adam Rose beats Damien Sandow in his PPV debut tonight! Not a memorable match.

Rating: 3/10

Jon Stewart is shown in the crowd.

We’re then told that Bad News Barrett was injured on Smackdown during an incident with Jack Swagger. Barrett will miss the match tonight.

We get some backstage promos from some of the Money In The Bank competitors tonight. Seth Rollins says that Plan A and Plan B are to win the contract. Rob Van Dam says you’re looking at the winner, Kofi says he’ll fly higher than ever before, Dolph says that lightening will strike twice. Zeb Colter says a great American will win tonight in Jack Swagger.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger – Money In The Bank ladder match

As Money In The Bank records go Dean Ambrose is 0-1, Dolph Ziggler is 1-2, Kofi Kingston is 0-2, Rob Van Dam is 0-1, Jack Swagger is 0-3, Seth Rollins makes his MITB debut tonight. Dean Ambrose goes right for Seth Rollins, taking the fight to the outside and over the timekeepers area. All of the other competitors go at it leaving Kofi and RVD in the ring. Kofi takes Rob down with a double axe handle and Jack Swagger gets involved with a ladder but Kofi takes him down. Kofi nails Jack with the ladder to clear the ring of him. Kofi is then left alone in the ring and sets up a ladder, climbing it but Dean Ambrose pushes over the ladder. Kofi manages to springboard off the top rope and take out Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam! Ambrose then climbs the ladder but Seth Rollins pulls him down. The two men take it in turns to climb the ladder into Dean throws Seth into the ladder.

Ambrose sets up a ladder in the corner and looks to suplex Rollins onto it but Seth counters and tries to do the suplex himself. Ambrose puts the brakes on and then hits a double underhook suplex on Rollins into the ladder! Ambrose climbs a ladder but Swagger pulls him down. Dolph and Kofi also look to climb the ladder as everyone gets involved. Kofi and Dolph are left climbing the ladder but end up climbing down when Swagger gets involved. They dispose of him and both race up the ladder. Kofi and Ziggler slug it out on the top of the ladder and end up fighting back down to the mat when Seth Rollins takes out both men with a ladder. Rob Van Dam then takes out Rollins, hitting him with clotheslines and kicks. RVD hits a monkey flip on Rollins and a spinning heel kick. Van Dam then sets up a ladder in the corner and powerslams Rollins on to it before hitting rolling thunder! Van Dam hits a springboard kick on Dean Ambrose to get rid of him and then dropkicks Dolph Ziggler.

Rob Van Dam hits Jack Swagger with a spinning heel kick and then goes to the top and hits the five star frog splash on Swagger! Van Dam climbs the ladder but it’s Kofi Kingston that climbs up with him and hammers Van Dam down to the mat. Jack Swagger stops Kofi but ends up getting taken out by Kingston. Van Dam drops Kofi on the top rope and then climbs up but Kofi goes up with him for a superplex only for Swagger to jab Kofi with a ladder. Swaggers sets up a ladder upright in the corner and climbs it, pulling Van Dam off the top turnbuckle and up the ladder with him. Swagger then looks for a huge superplex off the top of the tall ladder but Van Dam headbutts Jack to the mat. Van Dam then motions for a five star from splash but Rollins climbs the ladder. RVD and Rollins slug it out and Van Dam sets up for a superplex. Swagger climbs the ladder and powerbombs Van Dam off the ladder.

Dean Ambrose climbs the ladder and superplexes Seth Rollins off the top of the ladder! That took it out of both men. Dolph Ziggler gets back in the ring and dropkicks Ambrose before Swagger slingshots Dolph into Dean. Swagger then throws Kofi across the ring and slams a ladder on to him. Jack then hits a Swagger bomb onto Kofi and a ladder which would have hurt him as much. Swagger climbs a ladder set up in the middle of the ring but Rob Van Dam climbs up with him. Ambrose and Rollins pull them down. Dean and Seth then climb the ladder, slugging it out at the top. Dean hammers Rollins to the mat but Jack Swagger pulls Ambrose down. Rollins climbs the ladder but Ambrose pushes it over. A doctor sees to Ambrose who looks in pain but he doesn’t want the doctors help. Ambrose has dislocated his shoulder and wants the doctors to pop it back in but the doctors take him to the back. Rollins watches on and then climbs the ladder but Rob Van Dam goes up with him.

Kofi bridges a ladder from the ladder in the ring to the ropes. He climbs across and slugs it out with Van Dam and Rollins. Van Dam falls to the mat leaving Kingston and Rollins. Kofi then back drops Rollins on to the ladder below! Kofi reaches the briefcase but Dolph Ziggler pulls him down. Ziggler has been pretty quiet in this one. He counters the SOS and hits a DDT. Dolph then takes out Swagger who tries to get involved. Ziggler hits Swagger with a neckbreaker and Van Dam with a fame-asser. Dolph ducks trouble in paradise and hits a zigzag on Kingston onto a ladder! The crowd chant for Ziggler as he sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Dolph climbs the ladder but Jack Swagger locks on the patriot lock! Dolph climbs the ladder without using his feet but manages to kick Swagger away. Ziggler climbs to the top of the ladder but Seth Rollins smashes his ankle with a chair. Rollins kicks Ziggler out of the ring and then climbs up the ladder.

There’s a huge pop as Dean Ambrose re-emerges from the back and smashes Rollins with a chair! Ambrose throws Rollins out of the ring and climbs the ladder with one arm. Ambrose gets to the top but out walks Kane! Ambrose manages to fight Kane off for a while but eventually Kane pulls Ambrose down and chokeslams him! Kane then tombstones Ambrose! Kane then holds the ladder as Seth Rollins climbs and unhooks the briefcase to win! Seth Rollins is Mr Money In The Bank! Great match between these six men. After the match Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out applauding and celebrating with Rollins.

Rating: 8/10

Byron Saxton is backstage with Randy Orton who says that Seth Rollins needed all the help he could get tonight. Orton won’t need help to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Goldust & Stardust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

This is a rematch from Payback because Stardust is the new gimmick for Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes is 0-4 at Money In The Bank events, Ryback is 2-0, Curtis Axel is 1-0 and Goldust makes his Money In The Bank debut tonight. Curtis Axel starts the match against Stardust. Axel has new gear, he’s wearing a singlet. Stardust hits a takedown and a dropkick before tagging in Goldust. Cody hits a shoulder charge off Goldusts back. Goldust hits an arm drag and tags in Stardust. Axel tags in Ryback but Stardust hits him with a right hand and a flying forearm. Stardust tags in Goldust who hits some right hands. Ryback fires back but Goldust hits him with a running boot. Axel drops Goldust on the top rope and then lays in the boots as he’s tagged in. Axel hits right hands and a dropkick for a two count before tagging in Ryback.

Ryback hits some knees to the back and then applies a chinlock. Goldust fights out but Ryback hits a powerslam and then a splash off the middle rope. Curtis Axel tags in and hits an elbow drop for a two count before picking up on the chinlock where Ryback left off. Goldust fights out of the chinlock but axel drops him with a back elbow. Axel tags in Ryback who hits a splash in the corner on Goldust. Goldust counters a splash and rolls Ryback up for a two count. Ryback then hits a spinebuster and motions for a meathook clothesline but Goldust counters with an elbow and tags in Stardust. Stardust hits a clothesline, flying forearm and low dropkick. Stardust looks for a DDT but Ryback counters. Stardust hits a springboard elbow and then a DDT. Goldust low-bridges Curtis Axel. Ryback looks for shellshock but Stardust counters with Cross-Rhodes!

Curtis Axel stops Stardust from getting a three count. Axel then tries for a clothesline but Stardust ducks and nails his own partner. Stardust rolls up Ryback and gets the three! Goldust and Stardust win! Axel attacks Stardust after the match but Goldust makes the save and the brothers celebrate.

Rating: 4.5/10

We’re shown some tweets between Summer Rae and Layla as they fight over Fandango. And then some footage from the past couple of weeks with Summer Rae pouring milk all over Layla and Layla responding by pouring kitty litter over Summer.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Fandango. Fandango loves triangles. Layla turns up and says that Fandango will make the right call. Summer Rae turns up and says that Fandango likes her long legs, Layla says Fandango will keep abreast of things. Summer Rae says something about being natural.

Big E vs. Rusev

This is a rematch from Payback where Rusev beat Big E. This match marks Money In The Bank debuts for both men. Rusev is joined by Lana. Lana runs down the USA before the match. Big E walks out waving a big American flag. Big E gets the first shots in but Rusev fires back with right hands of his own. Big E hits a clothesline to knocks Rusev down. The Bulgarian regroups on the outside. Big E hits Rusev with right hands as he tries to get back in the ring. Big E attempts a spear but Rusev gets his knee up. Rusev hits a German suplex and then lays in some forearms. Rusev applies a chinlock and then looks for a splash but Big E moves. Big E hits a belly to belly for a two count. Rusev hits lefts and rights and knees to take Big E down in the corner. Big E hits a urunage for a near fall. Big E hits a big shoulder charge in the corner and then a clothesline.

Big E looks for a splash but Rusev gets up so Big E hits a belly to belly suplex and then a spear off the apron! Back in the ring and Big E gets a two count. Big E then pulls down the straps but Rusev crawls out to the apron and kicks Big E in the head. Rusev then hits a superkick and Lana tells him to crush! Rusev locks on the accolade but Big E fights up to his knees. Rusev puts the pressure back on though and Big E has to tap out. Another big win for Rusev. He and Lana celebrate with a huge Russian flag.

Rating: 4/10

There’s a “don’t try this at home” VT.

Back to the kickoff panel. Booker defends the authority. Christian says it was a great ladder match. Alex Riley praises Dean Ambrose.

We’re shown some footage from the kick-off show with Bo Dallas assuring Daniel Bryan will get back on his feet, all he has to do is Bo-lieve. Bryan tells Bo that he is acting like a Bo-ner.

The Bella twins are backstage saying how much of a shame it is that Vickie Guerrero has gone. Stephanie McMahon asks what Brie is doing here. Nikki says that Brie is here to support her. Stephanie says she isn’t welcome here. We’re shown footage of Vickie Guerrero dumping Stephanie in the pool of mud. Stephanie calls security to escort Brie out of the building.

Summer Rae vs. Layla – with Fandango as special guest referee

This is a first time PPV match between these two girls. Layla is 2-0 at Money In The Bank events, Summer Rae makes her MITB debut tonight. Summer Rae tries to flirt with Fandango in the early going so Layla throws her out of the ring. Layla then flirts but Summer Rae pulls her to the mat and then splashes her in the corner. Summer chokes Layla with her boot and then lays in some kicks. Layla then kicks Summer into Fandango. Fandango catches her and the two look like they’re about to kiss. This angers Layla who takes Summer down and pins her for a two count. Layla applies a leglock which I’ve not seen before. Layla breaks the submission to cover Summer Rae who kicks out at 2. Summer kicks Layla to the mat, picks her up and slams her back down twice.

Summer Rae throws Layla across the ring and then hits a modified Lou Thesz press. Layla crawls out to the apron, elbows Summer Rae and then kicks her in the face, pinning her for the three! Layla wins the match! and apparently has Michelle McCool’s old music. Fandango makes out with Layla after the match. Summer Rae cries.

Rating: 2.5/10

There’s a video package next for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match.

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Alberto Del Rio – Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

8 men compete for the WWE Championship in this match. As Money In The Bank PPV records go John Cena is 2-2, Sheamus is 2-2, Cesaro is 0-1, Randy Orton is 1-2, Kane is 2-2, Alberto Del Rio is 2-0. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt make their Money In The Bank debuts tonight. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are out first to watch it. The bell rings and all 8 men pair off. Orton lays into Alberto Del Rio as John Cena exchanges shots with Bray Wyatt. Sheamus and Cesaro continue their feud as Kane hits Roman Reigns with right hands. The ring starts to clear, leaving Randy Orton and John Cena. Kane leaves the ring to get a ladder and slides it in but Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio baseball slide it into Kane’s face. Cesaro and Del Rio then nail Orton with the ladder. Bray Wyatt takes down both men using the ladder. Cena then sets Wyatt up for an attitude adjustment but Wyatt counters and drops Cena on the ladder.

Roman Reigns gets in the ring and hits Wyatt with a Samoan drop. Roman starts t climb the ladder but Sheamus knocks him off and out of the ring. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Kane fights him down. Kane and Sheamus go at it in the corner whilst Roman Reigns slides another ladder back into the ring. Orton hits Reigns with headbutts but Roman drops him with a clothesline. Sheamus and Roman Reigns stand off with ladders before sandwiching Kane with the ladders. Both men then set up their ladders and climb them. Alberto Del Rio is the man to stop Reigns. Cesaro also climbs the ladder as all four men slug it out. Kane tips over Kane and Del Rio and then the ladder with Reigns and Cesaro. Kane clears the ring of Reigns and Cesaro. Kane chokeslams Alberto Del Rio and then chokeslams John Cena. Kane and Orton are left in the ring and Kane sets up a ladder. He then pulls Randy Orton to his feet and shoves him towards the ladder.

Randy gets to the top of the ladder but Roman Reigns pushes Kane into the ladder, knocking it over. Reigns then hits Kane with the ladder and sets it up. Roman climbs up the ladder but Bray Wyatt pulls him down. The two men slug it out until Wyatt hits Reigns with a urunage. Cena gets in the ring and hits Wyatt with a side slam. Cena sets up for a five knuckle shuffle but Cesaro gets involved and hits Cena with an uppercut. Cesaro climbs the ladder but Sheamus goes up with him and slugs it out. Bray Wyatt walks around upside down and then pushes over the ladder. Sheamus and Cesaro hang from titles. Cesaro hammers Sheamus down and then falls down himself. Bray Wyatt hits Cesaro with a senton as we’re shown a replay of Randy Orton getting busted open from a ladder shot. Randy grabs Alberto Del Rio and throws him into the ring steps. Orton pulls out another ladder from under the ring but Sheamus attacks him before he can use it.

Sheamus bridges the ladder from the ring apron to the Spanish announce desk. Sheamus bounces Orton’s face off the ladder a few times and then climbs on top of the ladder but Orton sweeps him down. Randy hits a hangmans DDT on Sheamus off the ladder and onto the floor outside. Randy gets back into the ring and stomps away at Cena who is laid out. Orton sets up a huge ladder and climbs it as the other competitors try and pull him down and climb up the other side. All 8 men try to scramble up the ladder but nobody can take advantage. Kane clears the ring and then takes the ladder down. He sets up Sheamus for a chokeslam off the apron but Sheamus drops him on the top rope. Sheamus then hits ten beats of the bodhran and heads to the top and hits Reigns with a shoulder charge. Sheamus hits Del Rio with a backbreaker and Orton with white noise. Sheamus motions for a brogue kick on Orton but instead hits Cena.

Sheamus throws Orton out of the ring and sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon looks concerned on the outside. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Kane pulls hm out of the ring. Sheamus throws Kane into the ring steps as Paul Heyman screams at Cesaro to get in the ring. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Cesaro sets up a bridge with another ladder, walks across it and slugs it out with Sheamus. Roman Reigns tries to climb the ladder but Alberto Del Rio stops him. Reigns then tips over the ladder. Cesaro dangles from the top as the bridging ladder stops it from tipping over completely. Sheamus nearly get the titles but Cesaro stops him. Cena then tips the ladder upright and climbs up. Bray Wyatt stops Cena from climbing and suplexes Cena onto a ladder. Kane throws Wyatt into a ladder and then pulls down Cesaro. Sheamus is left alone but Randy Orton and Kane pull him down.

Randy Orton and Sheamus slug it out until Orton clears the ring of Sheamus. Kane sets up the ladder for Randy but Reigns spears Kane! Orton bounces a ladder off Reigns’ head. Orton motions for an RKO on Roman but Reigns counters and hits a superman punch! Reigns then runs into the boots of Sheamus. Sheamus pulls himself up to the top rope but Reigns superman punches him before taking out Del Rio and Bray Wyatt. Reigns spears Cesaro and it is down to him and John Cena in the ring. The two men slug it out until Cena sets up for the attitude adjustment but Reigns counters and hits a spear! Triple H is up on his feet now. Reigns sets up a big ladder in the ring and climbs it but Orton hangs on to his legs. Randy hits a backbreaker off the ladder and climbs the ladder himself. Bray Wyatt pulls him down and hits Sister Abigail! Wyatt climbs the ladder but Alberto Del Rio hammers him down and hits an enzeguri.

Alberto Del Rio hits Bray Wyatt with a superkick and then climbs the ladder. He gets his hands on the titles and should have won with all the time he’s got but Sheamus tips over the ladder and then hits Del Rio with a brogue kick. Sheamus then sets up the ladder and climbs it but Cesaro pulls him down and hits an uppercut. Cesaro then hits Sheamus with the neutraliser! Cesaro climbs the ladder but Randy Orton pulls him down with an RKO! The Authority love that. Orton climbs the ladder but Roman Reigns pulls him down. Reigns and Orton slug it out back down to the mat. Reigns headbutts Orton who is bleeding all over the place. Kane then chokeslams Reigns to the mat. Kane holds the ladder for Orton who climbs up but Cena hits Kane with an attitude adjustment. Cena then pulls down Orton and hits him with an attitude adjustment! Cena climbs the ladder and grabs the titles to win the match! John Cena becomes a 15 time World Champion! the Authority aren’t happy.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was Money In The Bank 2014. It felt like a decent pay per view. The ladder matches stood out but there was plenty of good stuff on this show. The opener was a lot of fun. The Usos, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan went all out and put on a really good tag team match. The Usos won which meant on their four year PPV anniversary they finally picked up their first win. I was quite surprised it was a clean win as Harper and Rowan have been built up as monsters but it’s nice to finally see The Usos victorious. A great way to open the show. And I really enjoyed the match that followed between Paige and Naomi. This was the best Paige match I have seen up to now but a lot of this was because of Naomi. Naomi is a really under-rated talent and is putting on some great matches. Paige wins though ands that’s three pay per view title defences for Paige. Pretty much picking up where AJ Lee left off.

Adam Rose then battled Damien Sandow in a bit of filler. Adam Rose picked up the win which is good for him in his first PPV match. Damien Sandow is great in the comedy role, he’s always entertaining. Both men are lower carders but I like lower card guys getting showcased on pay per view. Then came the first ladder match, which was my favourite of the two. Loads of action, loads of talented guys involved. No Bad News Barrett though as he is injured. I wonder if he’ll have to give up the Intercontinental Championship. The match was all about the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose rivalry though and it was Seth who won. I quite like the way he won, with Kane helping him. It degrades Kane a bit but it’s a massive push for Rollins who could be WWE World Heavyweight Champion at some point.

Goldust and Stardust beat Curtis Axel and Ryback, getting revenge from their loss at Payback last month. This looks like it’ll be the corner turned for the brothers and I can see they earning their way to a tag team title shot at some point. Ryback and Curtis Axel are treading water, they’re a decent enough team and it’s probably a good spot for them at the moment. Ryback stands out in the team though. Rusev beat Big E in a hard-hitting affair. Rusev is getting a monster push at the moment and it’ll mean a lot for the guy who beats Rusev. Layla then beat Summer Rae pretty decisively. I thought this might have been more of an even match and with Summer Rae the newer talent I did expect her to win. Layla wins though and she goes home with Fandango. It’s nice sometimes to be surprised and now give you the booing that you expect.

And in the main event John Cena won the match to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This wasn’t too surprising. I mean, Daniel Bryan is out and they probably have storylines booked up for the next couple of months with a babyface champion so John Cena slots in. This was a good match though and everyone got their offence in. I wouldn’t have been too surprised to see Randy Orton win either but it’s Cena that wins.

Overall Rating: 53.4/100 (ranked 227th out of 303)

Match Of The Night: Money In The Bank ladder match
Worst Match Of The Night: Summer Rae vs. Layla
Surprise Of The Night: Layla beats Summer Rae
Worst Booking Of The Night: Harper and Rowan lose clean
Superstar Of The Night: John Cena
Money In The Bank 2014 Will Be Remembered For: Seth Rollins winning the briefcase

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