Wrestlemania 36 Part 2

|Date: March 26, 2020
|Venue: WWE Performance Center |City: Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 0

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Stephanie McMahon once again kicks off this show but it’s short and sweet as she welcomes us to the first ever Wrestlemania night 2.

We get the same Pirates Of The Caribean Johnny Depp rip-off video package open the show.

The host of Wrestlemania, Gronk, welcomes us to night 2.

We get a video package for Rhea Ripley and Charlotte.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte – NXT Women’s Championship match

Background: At the Royal Rumble, Raw’s Charlotte Flair won the women’s Royal Rumble match to earn herself a women’s championship match of her choosing at WrestleMania. On the February 3 episode of Raw, Flair stated that she had defeated the women’s champions of both Raw and SmackDown and had held those titles multiple times. She was then interrupted by Rhea Ripley, the NXT Women’s Champion—a title that Flair had only held once during NXT’s infancy in 2014. Ripley declared that Flair should challenge her as she had defeated Flair, but Flair had never beat her. Flair continued to delay giving an answer until after Ripley had defended her title at TakeOver: Portland on February 16. After Ripley retained her title at the NXT event, she was ambushed by Flair, who accepted Ripley’s challenge for a match at WrestleMania, marking the first time that a Royal Rumble winner chose an NXT championship to challenge for with the title itself being the first NXT championship to be defended at the event.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time singles PPV match between these two girls.

Wrestlemania Record: Charlotte is 2-2 at Wrestlemania, Rhea wrestles at Wrestlemania for the first time tonight.

Match: The match starts with Charlotte taking shots at Rhea and belittling her vocally. Rhea then hits the riptide out of nowhere for a near fall. Rhea takes contol from there and hits a plancha off the apron. Charlotte avoids a big boot and takes the advantage, working the leg of Ripley. Like last night there’s plenty of shouting to make up for the lack of crowd noise. Charlotte hits a chop so brutal that even the referee cringes. Charlotte kicks Rhea out of the ring and heads to the top but Riply hits an electric chair drop for a near fall. Charlotte hits a chop block and goes back after Rhea’s left leg. Rhea fights back and applies a standing cloverleaf but Charlotte reaches the ropes to break it. Rhea fights out of a figure four attempt and instead Charlotte locks on a Boston crab. Rhea fights out and then avoids a moonsault but Charlotte hits her with a spear for a near fall. Charlotte attempts a figure four but Rhea rolls her up for a two count. Charlotte then locks on the figure four and bridges into the figure eight and Rhea taps out!

Result: Charlotte wins the NXT Championship by submission.

Review: This was a really solid opener. I think this is my favourite match so far that has happened in the empty arena. Both girls put on a great match and it’s a great main roster singles debut for Rhea. Charlotte will be working NXT then which should be great for the division down there. Hopefully Rhea becomes a permanent fixture on the main roster.

Rating: 7.5/10

There’s a highlights video for night one of Wrestlemania 36.

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time match between these two men.

Wrestlemania Record: Aleister Black is 0-1 at Wrestlemania, Bobby Lashley is 1-2.

Match: Bobby Lashley is accompanied by Lana. Lashley uses his size and strength to take the early advantage. It’s all Lashley as he hits suplexes and powerslams, not giving Black a sniff. Aleister Black counters a spear and then hits some strikes and a moonsault to the outside. The advantage doesn’t last long though and Bobby Lashley scoops Black up for a dominator. Lana gets up on the apron and screams at Bobby to forget that and spear him instead. Lashley drops Black and tries for a spear but runs right into black mass!

Result: Aleister Black wins by pinfall.

Review: This was a good match from these two. Both men are really good and put on the right kind of match tonight. Bit of a surprise to see Lashley lose this one but the manor in which he lost was the right way to do it.

Rating: 6.75/10

Kayla interviews Bayley and Sasha Banks backstage. Bayley is tired of hearing about whether the relationship between Bayley and Sasha will be strained tonight. Sasha says you’ll have to wait and see.

There’s a recap of the 24/7 business yesterday. Gronk says that he will be 24/7 champion by the end of the might.

There’s an ad for the WWE 2K game.

Video package next showing the history behind Otis and Dolph Ziggler.

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler

Background: On the Survivor Series Kickoff pre-show, Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) participated in an interbrand tag team battle royal that was won by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode; the two teams entered into a feud following the event. Also during this time, Otis started a romance with Mandy Rose. On the February 14 episode of SmackDown, Otis had a scheduled Valentine’s Day date with Rose; however, Ziggler arrived first and stole the date, causing Otis to walk away heartbroken. On the March 6 episode, Otis apologized to Rose, who rejected the apology. Heavy Machinery then participated in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match, where they were eliminated by Ziggler and Roode. On the March 20 episode of SmackDown, Ziggler distracted Otis during his tag team match by showing pictures of him and Rose together, enraging Otis, which caused Heavy Machinery to get disqualified, thus costing them another title opportunity. Ziggler then challenged Otis to a match at WrestleMania and Otis accepted. On the final SmackDown before WrestleMania, a mysterious hacker (later revealed to be Mustafa Ali) appeared on the TitanTron during Ziggler’s match with Tucker and revealed that Rose’s Fire and Desire tag team partner Sonya Deville had conspired with Ziggler to sabotage Rose’s Valentine’s date with Otis.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two men.

Wrestlemania Record: Dolph Ziggler is 1-6, Otis wrestles at Wrestlemania for the first time tonight.

Match: Dolph Ziggler has Sonya Deville in his corner for this match. Otis starts well but soon gets superkicked out of the ring. Dolph then lays into Otis outside of the ring and then inside. I wonder where Robert Roode is. Otis starts to fire up, hitting clotheslines and powerslams. Otis hits a big pop-up powerslam and then sets up for the carterpillar but Sonya gets up on the apron and distracts him. With the referee also distracted Dolph Ziggler hits Otis with a low blow. Mandy Rose’s music then hits and out comes Mandy who slaps Sonya Deville and throws her into the ring. Mandy then hits Ziggler with a low blow and Otis hits the caterpillar for the three! Otis and Mandy share a kiss after the match.

Result: Otis wins by pinfall.

Review: This was alright. It was what it was. And it wasn’t terrible. It was the ending we all wanted so it ticked the box we needed. The love story comes to a close, Otis gets the girl, Dolph and Sonys got their come-uppance.

Rating: 4.25/10

There’s an ad for the WWE Network.

There’s a video package next for Edge and Randy Orton.

Edge vs. Randy Orton – Last man standing match

Background: After being forced to retire in 2011 due to a severe neck injury, WWE Hall of Famer Edge returned at the 2020 Royal Rumble during the namesake match, where he had a brief reunion with Randy Orton; Edge eliminated Orton before his own elimination. On the following Raw, Edge explained how he was able to make his return. Orton then welcomed Edge back and suggested reforming Rated-RKO, but turned on Edge and performed an RKO on him, thus turning heel in the process. After attacking Edge’s neck with a steel chair, Orton smashed Edge’s head between two steel chairs in a maneuver known as the “Conchairto”, which Edge had made famous in the past. Edge’s wife and fellow Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix appeared on the March 2 episode to give a medical update on her husband. Orton interrupted and said that he attacked Edge so that he would remain at home and continue being a husband and a father to their children. He then blamed Phoenix for the attack, claiming that she allowed Edge to get back in the ring. Phoenix slapped Orton, who in turn performed an RKO on her. Edge returned the following week on Montel Vontavious Porter’s (MVP) talk show, the “VIP Lounge”. Orton attempted to attack Edge, only for Edge to perform an RKO of his own on Orton. After Orton retreated, Edge performed the Conchairto on MVP twice as a warning to Orton. Edge then challenged Orton to a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania, and Orton accepted.

Previous PPV matches: This is a third PPV match between these two men. Previously Edge won one of them and they drew the other.

Wrestlemania Record: Randy Orton is 6-9, Edge is 6-4.

Match: Edge is out first and waits for Orton to come out but Randy comes from behind and hits Edge with an RKO! Orton was disguised as a cameraman. Edge gets to his feet and Orton hits him with another RKO. Edge beats the count of 10 but Orton smashes him in the face with a camera before battling through the empty stands and backstage into a gym. Randy hangs Edge using one of the weights which is pretty poor taste. Edge soon takes control and uses the furniture around him to hit a seaten senton on Randy who had been placedon an office chair. The two battle through corridors backstage and then back to ringside. Edge is slow to beat the counts up to his feet and Randy takes him backstage again. Edge beats Ortons head off a “steel desk”. The fight continues backstage and into where the trucks are parked. This match has gone on a long time. Too long, all things considered. Edge lays Orton on a table and then climbs a ladder and hits an elbow drop. Not enough to keep Orton down though. Orton hits a hangmans DDT on a pickup truck. Edge crawls on top of a production truck and Orton follows. Orton motions for a punt but Edge hits him with a spear on top of the truck. Orton gets to his feet so Edge attempts another spear but Randy counters with an RKO. Orton brings in chairs to hit a con-chairto but Edge applies a submission to bring Orton down. Edge then hits a con-chairto of his own and Randy does not beat the count.

Result: Edge wins.

Review: This was way too long. Honestly, I was bored after 15 minutes and I was only half way through. A long match like this just does not work without a crowd. Edge wins, which is the right result. I like Edge being back, I’m a big Edge fan. I just hope they learn from this and not have matches run so long without a live audience.

Rating: 3/10

There’s a 24/7 segment with performance center juniors chasing Mojo Rawley. Gronk then dives off the balcony and takes them all out before pinning Mojo and winning the 24/7 title!

The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) (c) vs. Angel Garza & Austin Theory – Raw Tag Team Championship match

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match involving these four men.

Wrestlemania Record: All four men make their Wrestlemania debut tonight.

Match: Angelo Dawkins and Austin Theory start the match. The Street Profits take the early advantage but a cheap shot from Garza gives the challengers control. Angel Garza rips off his pants, I love that. Dawkins makes a hot tag to Ford who picks up the pace. Montez takes a dive to the outside taking out both Theory and his own partner. Angel Garza then hits a moonsault to the outside taking out both Street Profits. Back in the ring and Theory hits a TKO on Dawkins but he didn’t see a blind tag and Montez Ford hits a frog splash for the three! After the match Angel Garza and Austin Theory beat down Montez Ford with Zelina Vega also taking some shots but NXT’s Bianca Belair makes the save!

Result: The Street Profits win by pinfall.

Review: This match was alright. Not a terrible match just average really. If anything it was a little short. I like the result and I like the aftermath, maybe Bianca will be called up to the main roster. A couple of good spots in this one. I don’t think this rivalry is over.

Rating: 4/10

Titus O’Neil has now taken over as host of Wrestlemania. Gronk has gone.

There’s a VT for the charity work WWE does.

Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Tamina vs. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans – Fatal five elimination way match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time five way match between these girls.

Wrestlemania Record: Bayley is 1-1, Sasha Banks is 0-3, Tamina is 0-2, Naomi is 1-1 and Lacey wrestles at Wrestlemania for the first time tonight.

Match: All four girls go after Tamina in the early going but Tamina fights them all off. They finally dump Tamina out of the ring and the remaining four girls pair off. Bayley and Sasha work together at every opportunity. Tamona then gets back into it and takes out everyone. We get a staredown between Sasha, Naomi and Tamina, the old Team BAD group. The three girls do their old cheer before turning on each other. Naomi, Bayley, Sasha and Naomi all hit high flying moves on Tamina and then pile on top of her to pin and eliminate her from the match. Bayley calls Naomi a dance machine idiot which I found quite funny. Naomi fights off both Bayley and Sasha before the numbers become too much and Naomi taps out to the Banks statement. Bayley and Sasha double team Lacey who is still looking for her first PPV victory. There’s a micommunication and Bayley accidentally hits Sasha with a running knee. Sasha isn’t happy but Lacey hits her with a women’s right for the three! We’re down to just Bayley and Lacey Evans. Bayley ties Lacey’s right arm up in the tag rope and takes shots at her. Lacey breaks free and fires up, hitting a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Sasha Banks then comes back and hits Evans with a backstabber which Bayley follows up with a facebuster for the three!

Result: Bayley retains her Smackdown Women’s Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was a really fun match. It was well produced and made for an entertaining watch. Bayley wins, she’s been on fire recently so I don’t mind this result. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of Bayley and Sasha Banks as the cracks start to show.

Rating: 6.25/10

There’s an ad for next years Wrestlemania.

Video package next for John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt – Funhouse match

Background: John Cena, who had last appeared during Raw Reunion in July 2019, made his return from hiatus during the February 28, 2020 episode of SmackDown to address his role at WrestleMania. Seemingly announcing his retirement, Cena declared he would not be appearing at the event, stating that WrestleMania spots should be earned. As Cena gave a farewell salute to the audience from the stage, the lights went out. When they illuminated, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt appeared behind Cena. The Fiend then pointed to the WrestleMania sign, signaling a challenge to Cena, who simply nodded in acceptance. A match between the two was then scheduled for the event, being a rematch from WrestleMania XXX in 2014. On the March 27 episode, Wyatt challenged Cena to a Firefly Fun House match, and Cena accepted.

Previous PPV matches: These two men have met on PPV three times before, Cena won twice and Wyatt once.

Wrestlemania Record: John Cena is 10-4, Bray Wyatt is 0-3.

Match: The match starts with a promo from Bray Wyatt in the firefly funhouse saying that Cena is going to face himself. Bray leaves and Cena shows up before going through the same door. A Vince McMahon doll tells Cena to show him that he has ruthless aggression. In the ring Bray Wyatt makes an open challenge reminiscent of Kurt Angle and out walks John Cena in his first wrestling gear. Cena keeps saying “ruthless aggression” and tries to hit Wyatt but keeps missing. Wyatt says “you can look but you can’t touch”. Saturday Night’s Main Event opening titles. Bray Wyatt cuts an 80’s promo and introduces Cena who continues the 80’s promo. Cena becomes the Dr Of Thuganomics and cuts a rap on Wyatt. He mentions Husky Harris and takes some shots at Wyatt. Wyatt dropsCena with his chain and then Wyatt promos as the older version of Bray Wyatt. Bray hands Cena a chair, like he did at Wrestlemania 30, Cena swings it but Wyatt vanishes. wCw Monday Nitro Music hits and Wyatt is in the ring promoing at Eric Bischoff. Wyatt introduces Cena who walks out as Hulk Hogan. Cena lays into Wyatt but it’s Husketh the pig. Wyatt then appears behind Cena as The Fiend and locks on the mandible claw before hitting Sister Abigail, locking the mandible claw back on and pinning Cena for the three.

Result: Bray Wyatt wins by pinfall.

Review: This was bizarre but one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen. I can’t review it as a match but it does go down as a win for Wyatt. If you haven’t seen it then go watch it now.

Rating: N/A

Titus O’Neil has no idea what he just saw.

There’s an ad for next months Money In The Bank PPV.

VT next showing the build for Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre – WWE Championship match

Background: Feeling as though nobody deserved an opportunity to challenge him at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, Raw’s WWE Champion Brock Lesnar decided to enter himself into the men’s Royal Rumble match as entrant number one. Lesnar dominated the first half of the match until he was eventually eliminated by Raw’s Drew McIntyre, who would go on and win the match, thus earning himself a world championship match of his choosing at WrestleMania. The next night on Raw, McIntyre announced that he would challenge Lesnar for the WWE Championship at the event. At Super ShowDown, Lesnar retained the title against Ricochet, keeping him as the defending champion against McIntyre at WrestleMania.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two men.

Wrestlemania Record: Brock Lesnar is 5-4, Drew McIntyre is 1-3.

Match: Brock lays right into McIntyre as the bell rings but Drew hits a claymore out of nowhere for a two count. Lesnar avoids a second claymore and hits a German suplex. Brock hits two more German suplexes and an F5 but Drew kicks out at 1. Brock hits another F5 and McIntyre kicks out again! Brock hits another F5 but still McIntyre won’t stay down for three. McIntyre hits three more claymores and pins Lesnar for the three!

Result: Drew McIntyre wins the WWE Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was a short match but I expected no different. It was ok, it was hard-hitting, there was limited offence, pretty much just German suplexes, F5’s and claymores. It was the finish we wanted to see though with Drew McIntyre becoming WWE Champion. This is huge for Drew has been great since returning to WWE. It’s about time a new star was made. Drew McIntyre wins the WWE Championship in the Wrestlemania 36 main event.

Rating: 3.5/10

And that was Wrestlemania 36 Part 2. It wasn’t great to be honest. There were three good matches on the show and two of them kicked off the night. Charlotte and Rhea Ripley put on the match of the night and Charlotte picked up the victory. I guess that means that Charlotte will be off to NXT. Maybe Rhea will swap and get called up to the main roster? I hope so, she’s really good. And this was a great match. Bobby Lashley and Aleister Black also put on a really good match. I’m a big fan of both of these guys and although it was a stlyes clash, they did have some chemistry. This is another huge win for Black who is on a good roll at the moment. He’s very talented too. I think this will be the end of Lashley and Lana. This storyline hasn’t been good and it’s time to nip it in the bud. A storyline that has been good has been the Otis/Dolph Ziggler/Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville love triangle. Otis won tonight and got the girl which is what we all wanted to see. The match was a little sub-par but this match was all about the storyline.

The match between Edge and Randy Orton wasn’t good. This went on way too long. I was checking my watch 25 minutes in but I was only two thirds in. This dragged which was a real shame for Edge’s first singles match back. The Street Prophets retained the Raw Tag Team Championships against the make-shift team of Angel Garza and Austin Theory. Theory replaced Andrade. This was pretty random. But the Prophets won in another sub-par match. I like them as tag team champions and don’t mind them hanging on to the gold. Bayley won a good fatal five way match. Considering the circumstances I think the girls put on a better match than expected. The real storyline here is the relationship between Bayley and Sasha which is showing cracks. Bayley makes for a great champion and eventually we’ll get some great matches between Sasha and Bayley.

Bray Wyatt and John Cena put on a hell of an entertaining segment with their funhouse match but I can’t class it as a match. It was very well thought out (but I thought the nWo stuff was unnecessary) and I loved all the Cena/Wyatt throwback stuff. A very “pandemic” way to do a match. In the main event Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. This was what it was. I had hoped for a longer match. I know Brock matches can be short but I think this would have worked better as a longer match. McIntyre wins though and he won’t be out of place as WWE Champion. Overall, not a very good show. It’s not one I’ll go back and watch again despite the efforts of the girls and Bobby Lashley/Aleister Black.

Overall Rating: 50.35/100 (ranked 341st out of 388)

Match Of The Night: Charlotte vs. Rhea Ripley
Worst Match Of The Night: Edge vs. Randy Orton
Surprise Of The Night: The Firefly Funhouse match
Worst Booking Of The Night: Edge and Orton should’ve handed 12 minutes of time to Brock and Drew
Superstar Of The Night: Drew McIntyre
Wrestlemania 36 Part Two Will Be Remembered For: Drew McIntyre becoming WWE Champion

And for this show I will give a combined rating for Wrestlemania 36.

Wrestlemania 36 Overall Rating: 55/100 (ranked 280th out of 387)

Match Of Wrestlemania 36: The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles
Worst Match of Wrestlemania 36: Edge vs. Randy Orton
Surprise Of Wrestlemania 36: The Firefly Funhouse match
Worst Booking Of Wrestlemania 36: Edge and Orton should’ve handed 12 minutes of time to Brock and Drew
Superstar Of Wrestlemania 36: Drew McIntyre
Wrestlemania 36 Will Be Remembered For: Drew McIntyre becoming WWE Champion on the first PPV with no live audience

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