Stat Pack Vol 43

Welcome everybody to my 43rd WWE Stat Pack! I have been watching every WWF/WWE PPV from the very beginning, back from Wrestlemania 1 and reviewing each and every show. Every 5 or 10 PPVs I have put together and updated a stat pack which records all the major stats, facts and figures from the big shows. Within this Stat Pack you’ll see all the PPVs ranked … Continue reading Stat Pack Vol 43

Survivor Series 94

It’s Time To Meet Your Maker. And his name is The Undertaker. The dead man is involved in one of our main events tonight at the 8th annual Survivor Series. This show features three classic Survivor Series matches and two of those are 5 vs 5 elimination matches, the likes that haven’t been seen since 1988. In the first we merge two high profile feuds … Continue reading Survivor Series 94

Wrestlemania 10

Ten Years In The Making! That would be the lie of a tagline associated with this pay per view. It’s actually nine years since the original Wrestlemania. Besides that allow me to welcome you to my Wrestlemania 10 Review. This is the biggest spectacular of the year, in this case 1994. I can’t believe we’re nine years into reviewing WWF/E PPV. Anyway, what should we … Continue reading Wrestlemania 10