Survivor Series 93

The Thanksgiving Tradition that all Americans Wait for! This is an exclusive Survivor Series 93 review. The great news is that the WWE have decided to go back to the multiman elimination matches, the likes we haven’t seen for two years. We’ve got four of those matches tonight as well as a tag team match. This would be the last PPV not to have a singles match on it for over 20 years.

So what’s gone down since Summerslam? Well Yokozuna is still WWF champion. He’s had his run-ins with Lex Luger but as Luger didn’t win his match against Yoko at Summerslam, he’s not allowed another title shot. So Yokozunas attention has now been turned to The Undertaker whilst Luger has had to deal with Ludvid Borga. The Steiner Brothers lost their tag team titles under Quebec rules to new tag tea, The Quebecers who are made up of old favourite “The Mountie” Jacques Rougeaus and new found partner Pierre. They make up the majority of tonights main event.

It was originally suposed to be the team of Yokozuna, Ludvid Borga and The Quebecers but Lex Luger took out Pierre with his bionic elbow and so Crush was drafted in as his replacement. Crush is now back as a heel and he’s feuding with Randy Savage, his old mate. Crush isn’t happy that Savage didn’t visit him in hospital when he was off injured. Tatanka was also suposed to be in the main event on Lugers team but Ludvig Borga and Yokozuna took him out after Ludvid defeated the Native american, ending his undefeated streak.

In what looks like a good match on paper we have team Razor Ramon, made up of Mr Perfect, Marty Jannetty and the 123 Kid against team I.R.S made up of Diesel, Rick Martel and newcomer Adam Bomb. Razor Ramon is the new Intercontinental champion after Shawn Michaels was stripped of the belt for not defending it in a 30 day period. I’m guessing Michaels just didn’t want to drop it. Ramon and Martel would co-win a battle royal then fight in a singles match for the gold in which Ramon came out on top.

We were suposed to have Bret Hart and family members Owen, Bruce and Keith against Jerry Lawler and his Knights. However Lawler got in trouble with the authorities and so he was replaced by Shawn Michaels. In our other Survivor Series match four Doinks will take on Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger and The Headshrinkers. And that just about brings us up to date.

Vince McMahon welcomes everyone to the Survivor Series Thanksgiving Tradition at the Boston Garden. He’s joined by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan who will be calling the show tonight. Heenan says that only teams will work together and we’re about to get started!

Irwin R Shyster, Diesel, Rick “The Model” Martel & Adam Bomb vs. Razor Ramon, The 123 Kid, Marty Jannetty & “Macho Man” Randy Savage

I love the look of these two teams. They just seem so thrown together and random that it should make for some great in ring work. Razor Ramon and I.R.S are the two team captains and this match is mainly focused around the Intercontinental title. Razor Ramon is the champion having won a number one contenders battle royal then defeated Martel in a match for the vacant title. Ramon grabs the microphone pre-match and makes the announcement that Mr Perfect is unable to compete and he is replaced by Randy Savage. The crowd go nuts for Savage who won’t be commentating anymore after his run-in with Crush. This is Savage’s first pay per view match since The Royal Rumble 93. This is Adam Bombs pay per view debut and Diesels in-ring debut so I’m looking forward to both of those. It’s also Rick Martels first pay per view match since Royal Rumble 93. I love that this Survivor Series has gone back to elimination matches. Randy Savage has fought on four Survivor Series PPVs in the past and won on them all so he’s a great partner in this one.

Rick Martel, who is still looking for his first pay per view win since Survivor Series 90 when he led his team to victory, starts the match against Razor Ramon. Ramon was actually against Savage at last years Survivor Series. Razor gets the first near fall of the match following a cross body. Ramon then hits his trademark fallaway slam and gets another 2. Razor then lets Martel tag out to the man making his PPV debut, Adam Bomb. Bomb looks awesome and they are into Adam Bomb and Razor Ramon going at it. Harvey Wippleman, manager of Adam Bomb cheers on his client who throws Ramon down to the floor. Bomb continues to overpower Ramon, taking him to his knees in a test of strength. Ramon hits a suplex and hooks covers Adam but Martel breaks it up, accidentally elbowing his own man though! Wippleman gets in the ring and Martel hammers him and suddenly all hell breaks loose. Diesel shoves Bomb but I.R.S comes in and calms everyone down.

Everything settles down and Ramon tags in the 123 Kid but he is thrown around the ring by Adam Bomb. Bomb then tags in a bigger man, Diesel! Diesel throws The Kid from one side of the ring to the other. I believe this is the first ever time two members of The Kliq have got into it on pay per view. Diesel boots Kid down to the canvas but 123 reverses a sideslam into a headscissors! Kid then tags in Savage who goes nuts on everybody! He atomic drops Martel into IRS then throws Bomb into Diesel before shoving everyone out of the ring. He then powerslam Diesel in the middle of the ring and goes up top, hitting The Big Elbow! He covers Diesel and gets the three! Diesel is eliminated! I.R.S is the next man in and Savage slams him to the canvas too before going up top but out comes Crush! Crush distracts Randy Savage which allows I.R.S to get up to his feet and schoolboy Savage, getting the three count! Randy Savage is eliminated too! That’s his first ever loss at a Survivor Series PPV, on the 5th time of asking.

We’re down to three on three now as Jannetty gets in the ring. Jannetty has wrestled on three Survivor Series PPVs before and I.R.S has wrestled on two and both men are still looking for their first win. They go at it now as the “Irwin” chants break out. Marty hits a hip toss and a dropkick but just gets a two count. Shyster then tags Martel, Martel and Jannetty were suposed to have a match at Summerslam but Martel was replaced by Ludvid Borga for some reason. Martel quickly tags out to Adam Bomb. The heels tag frequently and I.R.S is back in and so is Razor Ramon. The two team captains go at it and Ramon then signals for The Razors Edge! And he gets him up and hits it! I.R.S is out of here!

Rick Martel quickly comes in and attacks Ramon and so does Adam Bomb and before you know it all five men remaining are going at it! Ramon then gets Martel up for the Razors Edge but behind the referees back I.R.S comes in and smashes Ramon with his briefcase! Razor spills to the outside and the referee counts him out! Ramon is out of here now and we’re down to Rick Martel and Adam Bomb against 123 Kid and Marty Jannetty!

123 and Rick Martel get into it now with Martel getting the advantage. Martel cartwheels away from 123, I love it. The crowd are right behind the 123 Kid who hits some quick offence. Martel tags out to Bomb but Kid hits him with a dropkick ending him to the outside. Kid then dives through the ropes but Bomb catches him and slams him to the ground! Adam then springboards himself back into the ring, clotheslining Kid to the mat as he does. This would be a big win for either of these men making their Survivor Series debut. Bomb tags out to Martel who suplex’s the 123 Kid. Martel looking for his first PPV win in three years. Kid tags out to Jannetty who has a lot of pace himself. He takes it to Martel, slamming his face off the top turnbuckle. Marty tags in the Kid and they use some nice double team moves. Kid hits a sunset flip on The Model and gets the 3 count! Kid then tags Jannetty and in exactly the same fashion he sunset flips Adam Bomb and gets the three!

Just like that 123 Kid and Marty Jannetty win the match! I wouldn’t have called that before the bell. McMahon shouted at the truck to stay with it suggesting they were about to go to a break. A huge win for the 123 Kid who wins for the first time on pay per view whilst Jannetty wins for the first time in god knows how long.

Rating: 7.5/10

Shawn Michaels & The Knights (Red, Black & Blue) vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart, Owen Hart, Keith Hart & Bruce Hart

Well this was suposed to be Jerry “The King” Lawler and not Shawn Michaels but Lawler was having legal issues so he was replaced by the former Intercontinental champion. Lawler has obviously been winding up the Harts since King of the Ring hence why this match is happening. Now the three masked knights in this match are Greg Valentine (blue), Barry Horrowitz (red) and Jeff Gaylord (black). Shawn Michaels, who has lost four times at this PPV before and is still looking for his first win starts the match against Owen Hart. Owen has actually fought at Survivor Series twice before, once last year against The Headshrinkers and back in 1988 under The Blue Blazer gimmick on Ultimate Warriors team. Both were losing efforts. Michaels wants Bruce though and Owen tags out. Bruce and Keith are both established wrestlers. The Red Knight comes in and Bruce manages to send Michaels into him! Michaels then accidentally takes out the Black Knight when Bruce ducks. Bruce then tags out to Keith who hasn’t wrestled in four years. Keith and shawn have a good little sequence and Keith rolls him up but gets a 2. Keith then locks on an armbar. Stu Hart is in the corner for The Harts and many members of The Hart family are at ringside. Michaels tag out to The Red Knight who I believe is Barry Horrowitz.

Keith tags out to Owen who gets poked in the eye. Owen soon comes back hitting some awesome hip tosses. The Red Knight then tags out to The Black Knight. Owen throws him around and he tags out to The Blue Knight. And in comes Bret Hart. Bret is the only man to have fought on every single Survivor Series PPV. And he’s only won once and that was in a singles match against Shawn Michaels last year. Every other year Hart has been in Survivor Series matches but he’s never won one. The Harts make frequent tags, all of them taking shots on The Blue Knight, Greg Valentine. Michaels gets involved though and suddenly it’s advantage team Michaels. He’s then tagged in  and elbows away at Bruce. Shawn then tags in The Red Knight. These three are reminiscent of The Machines back in 1986. The Black Knight is back in. He’s the biggest of The Knights so I guess he would be the Andre of the Machines. The Black Knight then tags in Shawn Michaels who for obvious reasons is the star of his team. Bruce hits a big clothesline on Michaels and both men are down. The Black Knight is then tagged in and so is The Hitman!

Bret takes it to The Black Knight, getting some near falls. He hits a backbreaker then comes off the second rope with his trademark elbow. Michaels breaks up the count though. Owen is then tagged in and suddenly all hell breaks loose! All 8 men are in the ring and The Harts Irish Whip Michaels and his Knights into one another. They all go to town on The Black Knight and Owen Hits a big spinning heel kick which is enough to get the three! The Black Knight has been eliminated!

The Red Knight quickly gets back involved and Owen takes it to his legs. Owen then tags in Bret who also goes after The Red Knights legs. Then in comes Keith who also goes after The Red Knights legs. The Red Knight is current WWF jobber Barry Horrowitz. The crowd start chanting “boring” but in their defence it is hard to care about any of these Knights or Bruce and Keith Hart. The Red Knight tags out to the Blue Knight and he goes to work on Keith Hart. The crowd really aren’t into this one. The BLue Knight looks like a big old unit, if it is Valentine then he’s certainly put on weight. Michaels now tagged in and he throws Keith into the turnbuckle before tagging The Red Knight back in. The Red Knight focus’s on Keiths arm. Red Knight then tags Blue Knight who the more I look at him, the more he does look like Valentine. He then tags Michaels who dives off the top rope and misses! Bret Hart is tagged in and Michaels tags out to the Red Knight. Hart takes The Red Knight down and locks on The Sharpshooter! The Red Knight is eliminated!

The Blue Knight quickly comes in and throws Hart to the outside where Michaels attacks him. Heenan makes suggestions that he knows who the Blue Knight is. Michaels is now tagged back in and he takes it to Hart. These two men met at Survivor Series last year where Hart picked up the big win. They were both champions then, neither of them are now. This is Shawn Michaels 11th pay per view in a row. He does not miss many. And he keeps Hart grounded with a chinlock. And then he tags out to The Blue Knight. Hart and Valentine were also on opposite Survivor Series teams in 1989 and 1990. Hart then tags out to Owen Hart. Michaels goes to the outside and Stu Hart hits him with a big right hand! Back in the ring and Owen, Michaels, Bruce and The Blue Knight are all in the ring. Owen and Bruce get rid of Michaels and Owen then locks the Sharpshooter on The Blue Knight who taps out!

We’re down to all four Hart brothers against Shawn Michaels. All four Harts take shots at Michaels and Owen tags in Bruce. Bruce was involved at Summerslam as he stood at ringside with Owen for Brets matches against Doink and Jerry Lawler. Michaels hits a Superkick on Bruce and gets a two count. Bruce tags out to Bret and this one looks like it could be a clean sweep for The Hart brothers. Bret slingshots Michaels into the ringpost and gets a two. A poke in the eye gives Michaels the advantage. Bret then tags Owen and he hits an awesome belly to belly suplex on Michaels. Michaels throws Owen into the ropes and Owen accidentally knocks Bret off the apron. Bruce and Keith go to check on Bret and Michaels rolls up Owen, getting the three count! Owen Hart is out of the match and he’s absolutely furious.

Three on one now as Bruce comes back in and takes down Michaels. Bruce then locks on a sleeper but Michaels sends him into the ringpost. Bruce tags out to Keith who locks in an abdominal stretch but Shawn hiptosses Keith out of it. Keith then tags out to The Hitman who takes Michaels down and goes for The Sharpshooter! Michaels gets out of it though and runs out of the ring and to the back! Michaels gets counted out and it means the winners of the match are Bret, Keith and Bruce Hart! The three Harts celebrate in the ring and Owen comes back and he’s not happy! He pushes Bret as everyone tries to calm him down. Stu and Helen aren’t happy with the situation and boo’s ring out for Owen. Owen then complains that he never gets any recognition.

This match was a bit dull. Like I said earlier, the only guys worth caring about in this match are Bret, Owen and Michaels. The crowd weren’t into this one either.

Rating: 3.75/10

Todd is now trying to get a word with Owen Hart but Owen does not want to talk about it! Lots of boo’s for Owen Hart who has just turned heel before our very eyes!

We’re now told that Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are going to swap with Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross.

Back to Todd now who’s microphone is down. It’s eventually faded up though and Todd says that he still wants to get a word with Owen.

Back to ringside where Monsoon looks like he’s going to punch Heenan! It’s great to see Monsoon and Heenan back together.

A fresh faced Jim Ross now with Gorilla Monsoon as they take us through the main event picture. Originally the match was Lex Luger, Tatanka and The Steiner Brothers against Yokozuna, Ludvid Borga and The Quebecers. Tatanka was taken out though by The Foreign Fanatics and he would be replaced by The Undertaker. We then see Luger taking out Pierre of The Quebecers with with his metal forearm. We then find out from Jim Cornette that Pierre has been replaced by Crush.

The Rock n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (c) vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Dr Tom Prichard & “The Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray) – Smokey Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match

Well this is a PPV debut for Gibson and Morton whilst The Heavenly Bodies were in action at Summerslam. The Bodies attack the champions before the bell but soon enough the Rock n Roll Express get back into it. The bell finally rings and Robert Gibson starts the match against Jimmy Del Ray. He hits some good moves on Del Ray including a flying head scissors. Interestingly the teams are in the opposite corner to where they usually would be. The heels are in the face corner and vice versa. Gibson and Prichard are now in and the crowd are pretty dead for this one. Lots of people seem to be leaving. All four men in the ring and plenty of double teaming from Morton and Gibson. They take it in turns to wear down Prichards legs now. All four men soon get involved but Morton and Gibson clean house of The Heavenly Bodies leaving them to talk tactics with manager Jim Cornette.

Tom Prichard gets back into the ring and hits a big sit out powerbomb on Ricky Morton. The Heavenly Bodies have the advantage now as Jimmy Del Ray is tagged in. Del Ray hits a back elbow to the face of Gibson before tagging back out to Prichard. Prichard throws Morton to the outside and Jimmy Del Ray hits a nice moonsault off the apron onto the champion. He then throws Morton back in the ring where Prichard goes back to work on the champion. Jimmy Del Ray tagged back in now and he throws Morton across the ring. Del Ray tags back out to Prichard who hits a nice suplex. Prichard tags out to Del Ray who comes off top with a legdrop! Del Ray cover Morton but can only get a 2 count. Del Ray then goes for a powerbomb but Morton reverses it into a hurricanrana. Prichard tagged in but Morton rolls him up for a near fall. Morton can’t get the advantage for long though until he hits a DDT on both members of The Heavenly Bodies. This allows him to tag Robert Gibson! Gibson takes it to everyone that moves!

Suddenly all four men are in the ring! Prichard throws Morton out of the ring over the top rope which in Smokey Mountain Wrestling is a DQ! Gibson thinks it’s a DQ but it isn’t in the WWF! Cornette is in the apron and Morton hits him off! The referee gets Morton out of the ring and doesn’t see Jimmy Del Ray fly off the top with Cornettes tennis racket! Del Ray smashes Gibson and Prichard pins him for the three count! New SMW tag team champions are crowned in an action packed match! Good stuff here, really ahead of its time.

Rating: 6/10

We now see some footage of Doink the Clown winding up Bam Bam Bigelow. Then backstage to Bam Bam Bigelows team who are all eating turkey! Bam Bam says that his team will take care of the four Doinks as The Headshrinkers and Bastion Booger chow down.

Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger & The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu) vs. The Four Doinks ((Men On A Mission (Mabel & Mo) & The Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke))

Well the first two Doinks come out and they’re The Bushwhackers in Doink masks! The Bushwhackers have been involved in three Survivor Series matches in the past and won none of them. Then the final two Doinks come out and are quite clearly Men On A Mission. MOM are making their PPV debut tonight as is Bastion Booger. The Headshrinkers made their PPV debut at last years Survivor Series with a win over High Energy. Bam Bam has been involved in one Survivor Series match before back at the first Survivor Series in 1989 where he was the last man eliminated in his match, won by Andre The Giant. The crowd start a “We Want Doink” chant as he’s nowhere to be seen. McMahon and Heenan are back on commentary now. The Headshrinkers and The Bushwhackers are the two most experienced teams in the WWF, just. Bastion Booger starts the match with Luke Doink. Booger is distracted by some banana though and Luke bites Boogers arse. Booger then tags in Samu who kicks away at Luke. The Doinks then give Samu balloons and he just bites them. The third one is a water balloon though and that puts Samu off which allows Luke to roll him up for the three! Samu is eliminated early!

Fatu comes in and so does Butch. Fatu doesn’t take any crap and takes Butch down. Fatu tags Bastion Booger who stomps down Butch and tags in Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow is the star of this match, he teamed up with The Headshrinkers at Summerslam too. Bam Bam tags Booger who sits on Butch’s face. But once again he’s distracted by a banana and he decides to eat that instead of pinning Butch. He then goes for his face sitting move again but Mabel pulls Butch out of the way. The Bushwhackers hit the Battering Ram on him and Mabel finishes Bastion off with a legdrop.Mabel gets the three count and Bastion Booger is eliminated.

Fatu back in now and he hits Butch with a turkey. That’s not a disqualification though. The ring is a mess. Mo gets in the ring and rides a scooters round as Fatu takes it to Butch. Bam Bam dropkicks Mo off his scooter and Fatu hits Mo with a sidewalk slam. Fatu then hits a big splash off the top which should be it but Fatu doesn’t pin him, he picks up a banana skin! Butch then gets in the ring with a bucket, Fatu slips on a banana peel and Butch pins Fatu to eliminate him! what is going on.

It’s the four Doinks against Bam Bam now. So far the babyface teams have won, could this be the same? In comes Mabel who towers over Bam Bam. Mabel Irish Whips Bam Bam but misses with the avalanche. Bam Bam then hits a flying shoulder block which takes the big man down. The Bushwhackers get involved now as one of them throws crap all over Luna. This distracts Bam Bam for long enough for Men On A Mission to hit an avalanche on Bam Bam in the corner. All four Doinks then pile on top of Bam Bam and get the three count! The four Doinks win the match and are the third team ever to get a clean sweep. A good PPV debut for MOM. Not sure a good one for Bastion Booger. As Bam Bam retreats to the back the real Doink the Clown appears on the big screen. He winds up Bam Bam saying Bigelow shouldn’t get mad. He’s in a fit of hysterics. This match didn’t flow too well. It was fun for the kids but not a great technical bout.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage to The Foreign Fanatics who is fronted by Jim Cornette. He says the Heart of the all Americans are The Steiner Brothers. He says the mind is The Undertaker and the soul is Lex Luger. Cornette and the rest of the team are confident.

The All Americans (Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) & The Undertaker) vs. The Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Ludvid Borga, Crush & Jacques)

Well so far only 3 faces have lost in Survivor Series matches from 12. The heel team look very strong as do the face team but the heels just look slightly better. Before the match has even begun Undertaker and Yokozuna just stare each other down. Crush looks so much better as a heel. I was never a big fan of him as a babyface but now he just looks the part. His weak promo ability works better as a heel too. Scott Steiner starts things off with Jacques. The Quebecers defeated The Steiners for the tag team title so there’s history here. Jacques is looking for his first Survivor Series win, he’s had four matches before. He tags out to Yokozuna as Scott tags Rick. Yokozuna has been the WWF Champion since King Of The Ring when he beat Hulk Hogan. Most of the men in this match made their PPV debut in the last year. Rick Steiner manages to barge Yokozuna out of the ring which gets the crowd going. Yoko tags Borga who throws Rick to the outside. The Foreign Fanatics have Jim Cornette, Mr Fuji and Johnny Polo in their corner. Steiner comes off the top with a shoulderbarge which takes Ludvid down. Steiner then comes off the top again but Ludvid sort of catches him and sort of botches it but Borga pins Rick and eliminates him!

It’s 4 on 3 now as Jacques and Rick get in the ring. Jacques shouts at Rick to leave, brilliant. Steiner gorilla presses Jacques into Crush but the big man catches him and places him down. Crush cheap shots Scott Steiner and lays in some right hands. Vince McMahon then announces that Randy Savage is back in the building. Crush cost him the match earlier. The crowd start buzzing now as Randy Savage tries to get to the ring. The Smoking Gunns as well as a load of referees stop him though and drag him to the back. Where were they earlier to stop Crush? The big man takes it back to Scott Steiner, hitting a headbutt to ground the former tag team champion. Crush is a former tag champ too as part of Demolition. Randy Savage then comes back! Crush goes after Savage and takes him down. Both men go at it on the outside now and Crush is counted out!

It’s three on three now. Jacques gets involved and locks a Boston Crab on Scott Steiner. Back up and the tag team champion hits a piledriver. Scott soon comes back though and hits a gorilla press slam and then tags in Lex Luger! Luger drops an elbow off the second rope and then pins Jacques and gets the three! Jacques is out of here.

We’re down to Luger, Undertaker and Scott Steiner against Yokozuna and Ludvid Borga. Steiner and Borga get into it but Borga wants Luger. Steiner doesn’t tag out though and Borga really takes it to Steiner. He hits a cross body in the corner and then clothesline him down. Ludvid then goes up top but Steiner sees him coming and hits a superplex! Scott pins Borga but Yokozuna breaks it up. It now seems as though Yokozuna is the main man. The referees have been awful tonight. Yoko hits a big legdrop on Steiner and pins him for the three! Both Steiners are now eliminated.

Luger and Undertaker now against Yokozuna and Ludvid Borga. Undertaker is still yet to get involved. Luger and Yokozuna slap each other in the ring then Yoko takes down Lex. Yoko powerslams Luger then goes for a splash but Luger moves! Lex has the momentum now but he fails to clothesline Yoko down. Yoko tags in Borga who hits lefts and rights to take Luger down. Luger hasn’t actually lost on pay per view since his debut and nor has Borga. Yokozuna has only lost once. And he’s back in now but misses with the avalanche in the corner. Luger then crawls over and tags in The Undertaker. The crowd go nuts. Undertaker has a 2-1 record at Survivor Series. Remember he won the WWF title at this show in 1991. He’s spent more of 1993 feuding with Giant Gonzalez and spent the second half of 1992 feuding with Kamala. He starts well against Yokozuna but after a distraction from Borga, Yoko takes him down. Yoko then drag Undertaker over to the corner and hits the Banzai Drop! He then goes for a second but Undertaker sits up! Undertaker gets up and hits a big clothesline. Yoko rolls to the outside and Undertaker goes after him. They go at it on the outside but the referee counts them both out! Undertaker and Yokozuna are out of here!

We’re just down to Lex Luger and Ludvid Borga now. Borga has the advantage and hits a sidewalk slam then a suplex. He covers Luger and gets a two. Borga continues the dominance with a powerslam. In the previous three Survivor Series matches tonight the faces have won them all. Borga will be looking to change that but Luger hits a suplex. Both men hit each other with a clothesline and both men are down! Cornette and Polo are up on the apron and Fuji gives Borga his little bucket thing. Borga smashes Luger with the bucket whilst the referee is distracted but can only get a 2 count. Luger finds a second wind now and DDTs Borga then hits a reverse elbow. Luger then hits a powerslam and gets another 2 count. Borga sends Luger into the ropes but Lex hits him with the metal forearm for the three count! Lex Luger wins! It suddenly starts snowing and out comes Santa who celebrates with Luger. Not a bad main event, lots of action, lots of drama.

Rating: 7/10

And that was the seventh annual Survivor Series Pay Per View. I have to say it started and ended well but the middle was slightly underwhelming. The opener featured a lot of mid card talent who are in or around the Intercontinental picture. They all seemed to have their own motives in the match and you had 8 guys that you wouldn’t normally see team but they worked a good match together. The Harts and Knights match was disappointing. I found it difficult to care for Bruce, Keith and The Knights. You knew they weren’t a long term prospect so the focus was on Bret and Owen Hart and to a lesser degree, Michaels. The tag match, despite being good, was hard to care for too. They were talents borrowed from Smokey Mountain Wrestling so did it matter who won the belts? Not really. It was a good match though and seemed ahead of its time.

Then we have the Doinks match. I would have preferred to have seen the real Doink in the match and I don’t think it did Bam Bam Bigelow any favours losing to The Bushwhackers and Men On A Mission. It was a comedy match for the kids. The main event then was enjoyable. It focused around the four feuds of Yokozuna/Undertaker, Luger/Borga, Steiner/Quebecers & Crush/Savage. I think the right man won although it was interesting to see all four Survivor Series matches won by the babyface teams. In all honesty I think Bam Bam should have been the sole survivor in his match.

Overall Rating: 56/100 (Ranked 3rd out of 36)

One thought on “Survivor Series 93

  1. After this PPV, 1994 was on the way, and with that came hope that Vince would finally wake up and put the company in the hands of young, new, fresh talent.

    Also, the Smoking Gunns didn’t get a PPV match here.

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