King Of The Ring 93

Welcome to this King Of The Ring 93 review! This will be the first ever King Of The Ring show to be broadcast live and thus my first review of the event. We’ve got 9 big matches coming up including two title matches and the tournament to decide the “first ever” King Of The Ring.

The WWF title will be contested with Hulk Hogan who won the championship at Wrestlemania 9 will defend against the man whom he defeated, Yokozuna. Hogan hasn’t defended the title since winning it so it should make for a good contest against the top heel in the promotion. Since the last PPV, UK Rampage 93, Shawn Michaels lost his Intercontinental title to old tag team partner Marty Jannetty but he won the title back a few weeks and tonight he defends it against Crush.

Money Inc are still the tag team champions and they aren’t defending the belts tonight, but they will be in action teaming with The Headshrinkers. The theme of the night is the King Of The Ring tournament which will be contested by Bret Hart, Razor Ramon, Mr Perfect, Mr Hughes, Bam Bam Bigelow, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Tatanka and Lex Luger.

Since the last PPV we’ve lost a few guys, most notably The Nasty Boys, The Beverly Brothers, The Bezerker and Typhoon. We’ve also gained a few including The Smoking Gunns who team with The Steiner Brothers tonight, Mr Hughes who is in the King Of The Ring tournament and Adam Bomb who isn’t in action tonight. Shawn Michaels has a new bodyguard who should be at ringside for his match tonight. The other notable peice of information is Razor Ramon lost his match on Raw to a newcomer called 1-2-3 Kid, will that play into tonights show?

It’s probably worth noting that there have been two PPVs before based around a tournament. Wrestling Classic and Wrestlemania 4. Neither of those tournaments went to plan with a couple of draws in both meaning there was only one semi final in each tournament. It’d be nice to see a clean tourny this time.

Vince McMahon voice overs the introductory video. He claims it’s the first ever King Of The Ring but we all know it isn’t. It’s the first televised KOTR though and the first one that I’m reviewing. McMahon goes through the brackets and there are some favourites on paper. Bret Hart, Bam Bam, Perfect, Luger and Tatanka all look like good shouts. We then go to ringside where Randy Savage, Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan will be calling the shots. They let us know about Hulk Hogan defending the WWF title against Yokozuna and Shawn Michaels defending his Intercontinental title against Crush! Now to the action!

Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon – King Of The Ring Quater Final Match

Well our first match is a rematch of the WWF title match at Royal Rumble. That match exceeded expectations but these King Of The Ring matches have 15 minute time limits so we’ll see how good they can be on this show. Bret Hart is popular whilst the crowd chant “1 2 3” at Ramon who was defeated by the 1 2 3 Kid recently on Raw. Bret Hart was the number one seed so didn’t have to qualify for the KOTR whilst Razor had to defeat El Matador Tito Santana to get here. It’s a slow start with both men locking up and Hart switching to a headlock. The winner of this take son the winner of Mr Perfect/Mr Hughes which you’d bet on Perfect winning. Could Ramon take this one? He knocks Hart down with a big clothesline but misses when dropping the elbow. Hart back in control after a nice armdrag. It’s all been slow holds so far in this one. Hart with the arm bars. Razor gets out of it with a thumb to the eye. Savage makes his prediction on Mr Perfect to win the KOTR. Razor looking good as he throws Hart into the ringpost. The crowd go back to chanting “1-2-3” to try and put off the bad guy but it doesn’t affect him as he hits the fallaway slam.

Razor with a near fall after a running powerslam. He follows it up with some elbows dropped to Harts chest. Razor hits a sideslam but misses with the follow up elbow. Hart is back into it now, hitting big right hands and an inverted atomic drop. Hart hits a clothesline and gets a 2. A side Russian leg slip earns him another 2 count as does a backbreaker. Hart then hits his trademark elbow off the second rope! Another 2 count! Hart goes for a bulldog but Razor throws him into the corner. Ramon then motions for the Razors Edge! Bret manages to get out of it though and rolls up Razor in the closest two count of the match. Razor then goes for a back suplex off the top but Bret counters it and covers Razor for the three count! Bret Hart advances to the semi finals after his second big win over Razor Ramon this year! I’m not sure about the ending but with Bret to fight a potential 2 more matches there was no big finish needed!

Rating: 5.5/10

We now see some footage of Mr Hughes and Giant Gonzalez attacking The Undertaker on Superstars. It’s all Mr Hughes attacking the dead man with his own urn.

Mr Hughes vs. Mr Perfect – King Of The Ring Quaterfinal Match

Mr Hughes is making his PPV debut tonight against a man with plenty of experience. Hughes has a mean face. And he wrestles in a shirt and trousers as well as his sunglasses. And he is a big old unit. He’s able to throw Perfect around the ring. Perfect qualified for this by defeating Doink the Clown and he rocks Hughes with a dropkick. Hughes defeated Kamala to qualify. He knocks Perfect down with a big boot and follows it up with some big right hands. He’s very slow and methodical. He locks on a front face lock and Perfect pulls his tie! I have never seen anyone else wrestle in their sunglasses. Bret Hart takes on the winner of this and we have a mid match interview with him and he says that he’d rather wrestle Mr Perfect in the next round because he likes him better. In the ring, Hughes and Perfect botch something that I’m not even sure what it was suposed to be. Perfect hits a hip toss and then a big back body drop. Hughes is flying all over the place. Perfect hits the snapmare then the pace slow down. Hughes then clobbers Perfect with the urn! I didn’t even realise the urn was there but Hughes is disqualified after nailing Perfect with it! Perfect fights Bret Hart in the semi finals!

Rating: 3.25/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene who is with Yokozuna and Mr Fuji. Fuji is still convinced that Hogan cheated at Wrestlemania. Yoko then tells us that Hogan and America are going down. Banzai!

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan – King Of The Ring Quaterfinal Match

Our third quaterfinal match is between two experienced talents. Duggan has had a lot of matches in the WWE whilst Bam Bam is now on his second run. Duggan defeated Papa Shango to get here whilst Bam Bam beat Typhoon. The “USA” chant breaks out for Duggan who is definitely the fan favourite in this one. Duggan has clearly been dying his hair blonde and has a new singlet. He knocks Bigalow down with a big clothesline. It’s all Duggan in the early going until he goes for a powerslam and Bam Bam headbutts him down. Duggan is already selling the ribs. Bam Bam now locks in a bearhug and the crowd get behind Hacksaw! Duggan still looking for his first win PPV win since UK Rampage 92. Duggan goes for another powerslam but Bam Bam just lands on top of him. Duggan finally slams Bam Bam on the third time of trying. He then goes for the three point stance but Bam Bam gets out of the way then goes up top and hits a headbutt off the top rope! Bam Bam wins and advances! He takes on the winner of Tatanka/Luger. This was a pretty quick match which was enough to put Bam Bam over.

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage now to Terry Taylor who is no longer a wrestler but an interviewer. He’s backstage with The Smoking Guns and The Stiener Brothers. The Steiners have been working on their finisher whilst Scott says the Frankensteiner will beat anyone. Rick then goes mad, he’s confident though.

“The Narcissist” Lex Luger vs. Tatanka – King Of The Ring Quater Final Match

Both of these men are undefeated in the WWF so this should be a good one. Luger beat Bob Backlund to get to the KOTR whilst Tatanka beat Giant Gonzalez by disqualification. Interestingly the referee tries to give Luger a pad to protect Lugers forearm, not for him but to protect Tatanka from him. The announcement is then made that if Luger refuses to wear it then he’ll be disqualified and eliminated from the tournament! Luger starts by throwing Tatanka over the ropes but the native American slides back in and throws the mirror into Lex! You’d fancy Tatanka to win this after the rivalry that has emerged over the last few weeks between him and Bam Bam. It’s all Tatanka in the early going as he now twists the arm. Luger manages to slam Tatanka whilst he has an armbar on him but Tatanka doesn’t break the hold. Randy Savage wishes he was in there fighting for the King Of The Ring and I don’t think he’s joking. He also thinks winning this is as prestigious as winning the WWF title. We’ve now got Bam Bam telling us that he wants to fight Tatanka in the next round. Tatanka hits a cross body and gets a two count. Luger soon comes back into the match and hits a backbreaker. Tatanka’s only loss on pay per view was in the 1993 Royal Rumble match. Luger is still yet to lose a match having defeated Mr Perfect and Jim Duggan. Luger makes the mistake of complaining to the referee after a two count and Tatanka rolls him up.

The three man commentary team is working really well on this show. Luger applies a reverse chin lock on Tatanka. Heenan breaks out in a “yes” chant directed towards Luger who has the advantage. The fans get behind Tatanka who gets back up to his feet but is quickly knocked back down with a clothesline. Tatanka has defeated the likes of Skinner, The Bezerker, Rick Martel and Shawn Michaels in pay per view matches but he’ll have to beat Luger, Bigelow and either Hart or Perfect to stay undefeated after tonight. Luger keeps Tatanka grounded with a punt to the ribs. Jim Ross tell us that 11 minutes have expired in this match and four minutes are remaining. Luger smashes Tatanka’s head off the top turnbuckle but it doesn’t affect Tatanka! He goes nuts! Hitting Luger with chops, he gets a near fall. He then hits a powerslam and gets another 2 count! Tatanka with another powerslam and then he goes up top and hits a chop and gets another two! He goes up top again but misses a high cross body. Luger is back up to his feet first and he knocks Tatanka down with a big clothesline and then a powerslam for another 2 count. There is only one minute remaining in this match!

Luger hits a back body drop and then a suplex. It’s all Luger in the last 30 seconds of this match. Luger hits another back breaker but Tatanka kicks out again. The bell then rings! This one is over and it’s a draw! That means that both men are eliminated from the tournament and Bam Bam Bigelow goes through to the final. Luger then grabs the microphone and asks for five more minutes. The crowd are right behind that decision and then Luger takes the pad off and knocks Tatnka out with the forearm! This one is a draw folks. Which doesn’t hurt either man.

Rating: 6/10

Mene Gene is now backstage with Mr Perfect and Bret Hart. The winner of their match takes on Bam Bam Bigelow in the final. Mene gene stirs up the shit between Hart and Perfect quoting that Bret would rather fight Perfect than Hughes. Bret claims that his dad Stu defeated Perfects dad Larry. Perfect disagrees with this and remembers Summerslam 91. Hart is confident to win again and Perfect says let the best man win and offers his hand before pulling it back.

Bret Hart vs. Mr Perfect – King Of The Ring Semi Final Match

This tournament makes 3 for 3 on PPV to only feature one semi final. And this should be brilliant. They had a great match at Summerslam 91 and I’m not expecting this to be quite as good but it should still be up there. Bret starts once again with the headlock but Perfect soon turns it into a leg scissors in his favour. Savage puts Perfects loss at Summerslam 91 down to Bobby Heenans management at the time. Both of these men were unsuccessful at Wrestlemania this year against Yokozuna and Lex Luger respectively. Perfects only PPV win this year was against Samu at UK Rampage, that was until he beat Mr Hughes tonight. It’s back and forth beween both men for a minute as they both hit powerslam and kick outs. It results in Bret Hart locking on a headlock. Hart nails a crucifix and gets a two before going back to the headlock. Perfect gets out of it and Hart nails a cross body before getting another near fall and going back once again to the headlock. Perfect uses his knee to get out of this one before dropkicking Bret to the outside. He then holds the ropes open for Hart to get back in before kicking Hart down to the canvas.

Back to the outside and Perfect hits chops and smashes Brets face off the apron. Perfect then throws Hart into the guardrail. Hart sells the knee on the outside of the ring before Perfect brings him back into the ring. It’s all Perfect now as he goes up to the top, something we don’t often see but he hits a dropkick off the top and gets a two count. Perfect goes up top again but this time Bret gets up to his feet and hits a superplex! Both men get up to their feet and Hart kicks away at Perfect then locks in a figure four! The referee leaps over both men to check on Perfect but the former Intercontinental champion won’t submit. He manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. Both men are limping now as Hart goes right back after Perfects leg. Perfect soon gets the advantage and he throws Hart across the ring by the hair! He gets Hart up and then locks on a sleeper. Hart has faced both Razor and Perfect on PPV before tonight and beaten them both before. He gets to the ropes to break the sleeper.

Hart hits a big uppercut on Perfect dropping him to the canvas. He then throws Perfect across the ring by his hair much like Perfect did earlier in the match. Hart hits his inverted atomic drop and side Russian leg sweep, getting a two. He then hits the backbreaker and goes up to the second rope hitting his elbow drop. Another two count. Bret then goes for the Sharpshooter but Perfect blocks it, grabbing Harts left hand which is apparently damaged. Perfect then goes for the Perfect-plex but Hart blocks it then suplex’s him over the top rope and both men go flying to the outside! Perfect rolls back into the ring as the referee counts 8 but Hart gets back in too. Perfect then rolls Hart up in the middle of the ring but Bret reverses it and gets the three count! Bret Hart wins and advances to the final against Bam Bam Bigelow. Perfect can’t believe it and gets in Harts face. He then offers his hand and the two men shake.

Rating: 7/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene and Hulk Hogan who is with Jimmy Hart. Hogan says there’ll be no sneak attack tonight, he’s got Yokozuna in the centre of the ring. Hogan the five time champion will remain that way. Jimmy Hart says Hogan has red, white and blue running through his veins. It’s all on the line tonight, Hogan says that by hook or by crook he’ll put the big man down.

Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Yokozuna – WWF Championship Match

I’m suprised the World title match is so low down the card. They must consider the King Of The Ring final as the main event. Yokozuna has only lost one PPV match since his debut and that was against Hogan at Wrestlemania. There are a lot of photographers down at ringside to document this one. They all came out with Yokozuna. Hogan gets a good reaction but not the same as he was getting in 1987. Hogan comes out with Jimmy Hart and takes in the reaction knowing deep down that this is his last match in the WWF for a very long time. Hogan rips off his shirt and does the whole listening to the crowd gimmick that we have been so used to. Hogan has been in the ring and defeated many big guys. Guys like Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy and The Undertaker. Yokozuna starts the match by throwing Hogan to the mat. It’s all Yoko in the early going, chopping Hogan and slamming him to the mat. The challenger misses with an avalanche in the corner which gives Hogan the advantage, hitting away at Yoko with big right hands. Hogan then goes for a powerslam but has no luck. He tries for a second time and still no luck.

Hulk hits a couple of good clotheslines on Yokozuna that stagger the big man but when he goes for a third the challenger clotheslines the champion down. Yoko then goes for a splash but Hogan gets out of the way. With both men up Hogan once again tries to get down Yoko but fails. The challenger locks on a bear hug and Hogan can’t get out of it. The “USA” chants ring out as Heenan claims the match should’ve taken place in neutral ground. Hogan manages to get out of the bear hug but Yoko takes him back down and then hits a belly to belly suplex. Man, that would crush you. He only gets a two though. And now Hogan Hulks up! Yoko tries to chop Hogan down but the champion just shakes his head! Hogan hits some big right hands then the big boot! But Yoko doesn’t go down so he hits another but he still doesn’t go down! Hogan hits a third and finally Yokozuna falls to the canvas. Hogan then hits The Legdrop! But he only gets a 2 count! A strange looking bearded photographer then gets up on the apron and has Hogan goes over the camera explodes in his face! A fireball hits Hulk and Yokozuna follows up with a legdrop which is enough for the three count! Yokozuna wins the WWF title!

He joins the likes of Ric Flair and Randy Savage as a two time champion! Yokozuna then drags Hogan over to the corner and hits the Banzai Drop! We see a replay of the end of the match. The photographer kicked Jimmy Hart to the floor which is why Hogan went over to him. Hart then chased the photographer around the ring as Yokozuna won the match. The other photographers step in the ring to take pictures of Yokozuna as a “bullshit” chant breaks out in the arena.

Rating: 7/10

Backstage now to Terry Taylor who catches Mr Perfect backstage. Perfect would rather not talk about the loss but he’ll show us what Perfect is all about.

And now to Mene Gene who is with Shawn Michaels and Michaels new bodyguard. Michaels says that Hulk Hogan is not the calibre of superstar that Shawn Michaels is. Michaels lets us know that his bodyguard is called Diesel.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) & The Smoking Gunns (Bart & Billy) vs. Money Inc (“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase & Irwin R Shyster) & The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu)

This one is an eight man tag match between the four biggest tag teams in the WWF. With The Nasty Boys and The Beverley Brothers out of the picture we’re left with these four teams. Money Inc are still the tag team champions with The Steiner Brothers seen as the number one contenders. Dibiase and Scott Steiner start the match and Dibiase hits an arm drag. This is actually The Smoking Gunns PPV debut in the WWF. Samu is looking for his first PPV victory this year. Scott clotheslines Dibiase to the outside and Rick throws him back in. Scott then “Steinerlines” him right back out and Rick throws him back in. Dibiase then tags out to Fatu and Scott tags out to Bart Gunn. We have a nice sequence between Bart and Fatu that results in Fatu crescent kicking Bart and tagging out to Samu. Samu hits a headbutt and tags out to I.R.S. An “Irwin” chant breaks out. He does some damage to Bart and tags his partner Ted in. Dibiase is in control hitting an elbow and a suplex. Money Inc are a hell of an experienced team in the WWF. I.R.S was on the first ever Wrestlemania and Dibiase main evented Wrestlemania 4.

Fatu is tagged back in. The heel team make quick tags between themselves. We’re yet to see Billy Gunn or Rick Steiner. I.R.S tagged in and he hits a big first off the top. He hits a big clothesline on Bart but both men are down. In comes Dibiase and in comes Billy Gunn! Billy hits a big back body drop and a couple of clotheslines on Gunn but Dibiase hangs Gunn on the top rope. Dibiase then locks on The Million Dollar Dream! But Dibiase lets go of the hold, dropping Billy to the canvas. Dibiase then goes for a powerslam but Billy rolls him up and gets the three! The Smoking Gunns and Steiner Brothers win! All hell breaks loose after the match with all 8 men going at it. I didn’t expect that! Out of nowhere Billy Gunn wins the match for his team! Rick didn’t really get involved in the match besides throwing Dibiase back in the ring. It was a pretty short match but it shows that Money Inc have a lot on their plate at the moment. The Steiner Brothers continue their unbeaten run on PPV.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage to Mene Gene who is with Yokozuna, Mr Fuji and Jack Tunney. Tunney congratulates Yokozuna on his title win then Mr Fuji gives a big “I told you so”.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Crush – Intercontinental Championship Match

Not sure how Crush has got himself a title shot as he’s only won one match on pay per view since his debut and that was over The Repo Man. Oh and he beat Michaels by count out at UK Rampage. Michaels lost the belt to old partner Marty Jannetty but he’s won the title back thanks to a little help from his bodyguard Diesel. Diesel looks a fair bit bigger than Crush who looks a fair bit bigger than Michaels. The bell rings for this rematch. Crush is annoyed that Michaels kept him out of the King Of The Ring tournament as he barges the champion out of the ring. Michaels gets back in and walks straight into a headlock. Shawn gets out of it and hits Crush with a jab. He then locks on a standing arm bar but Crush gets out of it. He shows some great agility leapfrogging over Michaels and dropkicking him over the top rope. Back in the ring and Crush throws Michaels around before gorilla press slamming the champion in the middle of the ring. The big man has looked really impressive in this one so far.

Crush hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and Diesel pulls Michaels out of the ring! Crush then goes face to face with Diesel on the outside and Michaels attacks him from behind. Diesel then gets involved as Michaels distracts the referee. Michaels then smashes Crush’s head off the ringpost multiple times. For some reason, instead of allowing Crush to be counted out, Michaels picks him up and throws him back into the ring. Michaels pins him but only gets a 2 count. Shawn goes up top and hits a double axe handle to keep the big man down. Michaels lock in a front facelock but the crowd get behind Crush who gets back up to his feet and throws Michaels off. Four good mullets in this match between Michaels, Crush, Diesel and the referee. Crush then throws Shawn out of the ring. Michaels comes off the top but Crush sees it coming and takes it to the champion. He hits an Irish Whip and a backbreaker followed by a big boot and a legdrop. Hogan will be cursing somewhere. After getting a 2 count Crush once again clothesline Michaels to the outside.

Crush is suddenly distracted as two Doinks walk down to the ring smoking cigars! Crush goes over to them and Michaels hits a superkick to the back of Crush’s head and then pins him for the win! Shawn Michaels retains his title with a lot of help from two Doinks!

Rating: 6.5/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene with a fresh Bam Bam Bigelow.Bam Bam is fresh and confident he’ll be the “first ever” King Of The Ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bret Hart – King Of The Ring Tournament Final

Well this is what the night has been leading to, Hart has defeated Razor Ramon and Mr Perfect to get here whilst Bam Bam only had to defeat “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. There’s a one hour time limit on this one so there won’t be any draws on this. This is the first time these two men have been in the same ring on PPV. Both men slug it out to start with with Bam Bam getting the better of Hart. Hart soon comes back into it though after reversing a gorilla press slam. He doesn’t reverse the second one as Bigelow throws Hart over the top rope. This PPV is at a time when in WCW they weren’t allowed to throw their opponents over the top rope so I’d imagine we’d see a lot of that in this era. Bigelow is slow and methodical to take it to Hart. He hits a big Irish whip on Hart and follows it up with a headbutt. Bam Bam pins Hart but Bret gets his foot on the rope. Bigelow is unbeaten on PPV since his return to the WWF, defeating both Big Boss Man and Jim Duggan.

Bigelow knocks Hart down with a headbutt and follows it up with a falling headbutt. He gets a two count and with both men up, he locks on a bearhug which he then turns into a back suplex. Another two count for Bigelow as Jim Ross screams. Ross is such an awesome commentator. Bigelow once again throws Hart to the outside then follows him out. He tries to throw Hart into the guardrail but Bret reverses it, sending Bam Bam into it. But Bigelow soon takes control, catching Bret in mid air and ramming him into the ringpost. He then powerslams Hart into the concrete floor. Luna Vachon then appears from the back and smashes Bret Hart with a chair! It’s not looking good for Bret Hart as Bigelow throws him back into the ring. Bam Bam then hits a powerslam then hits a headbutt off the top rope! This one’s all over as the bell rings, Bam Bam Bigelow wins The King Of The Ring! Another referee runs down though and the decision is reversed! The referees fight over who should win the match. The Fink then announces that the match will continue!

Bigelow goes right back after Hart nailing Hart with an irish whip then a headbutt! This one has been controversial so far but the match does continue. Bigelow locks on a vicious bear hug and has Hart over his shoulder but Hart refuses to submit. Hart then gets out of it and hits a belly to back suplex! Both men are down now as the referee counts. Bam Bam goes for a senton but Hart rolls out of the way! Bam Bams last loss on pay per view match was in the Wrestlemania 4 World title tournament against One Man Gang. He’s only had two matches since then though. Bam Bam goes for a backbreaker but Hart reverses it into a sleeper. Bam Bam throws him off then Bret hits a dropkick before dumping Bigelow over the top rope to the floor. Hart then dives out over the top rope and hits some right hands. Back in the ring and Hart hits a clothesline off the second rope. And he gets a two count. He gets Bam Bam up and hits a side Russian leg sweep. He then hits a bulldog from the second rope. Bret then swings Bam Bam round and tries for a Sharpshooter but Bam Bam kicks him off before locking in a bear hug. Bret gets out of it and does a victory roll which gets him a three count! Bret Hart beats Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King Of The Ring 93! Hart proves he’s the best in the WWF and this should put him in line for a title shot against Yokozuna.

Rating: 7.5/10* Match Of The Night

Bret goes over to the throne that sets up for the winner. Mene Gene puts the robe on Hart and gives him the scepter. Hart celebrates much to the crowd enjoyment. Mene Gene then places the crown on The Hitmans head. Okerland then proclaims Bret Hart the King Of The Ring. But Jerry “The King” Lawler then shows up! Lawler claims Hart is an imposter and that he is the only King in the WWF. Lawler says he may allow Hart to be a Prince if he kisses his feet. Hart says the only kind of King Lawler is is the Burger King and out of nowhere Lawler attacks Hart! He takes down The Hitmen then destroys his crown. He even throws the throne at Hart and chokes with the scepter! Jerry then kicks Hart in the face down the stairs. A shocking finale to the show at a moment when Bret Hart should have been ending the show on a high.

And that was the first ever King Of The Ring Pay Per View. The show itself was a really good one with some great matches. Bret Harts matches against Bam Bam Bigelow and Mr Perfect stood out and the matches between Hogan & Yokozuna, Crush & Shawn Michaels and Tatanka & Lex Luger all weren’t bad either. Bret Hart came out of this showing looking like a star and I have no doubt him feud with Jerry Lawler will go somewhere. Tatanka and Lex Luger both stay undefeated although I would have preferred to see Tatanka draw with Bigelow in the first round and Lex Luger go on to the final against Hart.

Yokozuna is now the WWF champion having defeated Hulk Hogan which is a great rub for him. Michaels defeats Crush with a little help from Doink the Clown so I’m sure that feud will continue too. This was a really enjoyable show, the match quality shone through and I would definitely recommend this one.

Overall Rating: 56/100 (Ranked 3rd out of 34)

One thought on “King Of The Ring 93

  1. On the original PPV broadcast, while Hogan was helped out of the ring after losing to Yoko, and J.R. was saying “That youngster, he is so heartbroken”, the camera cut to a little girl smiling and waving, before cutting back to Hogan and the road agents.

    Unfortunately, that shot was replaced on the VHS and DVD releases, and possibly the WWE Network version, with a stock shot of a little blond boy staring blankly into space.

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