Summerslam 93

Fat Chance! That’s the WWF’s view of how likely Lex Luger is to win the WWF title at Summerslam tonight. Lex Luger has done a complete character transformation since the last PPV, King Of The Ring. Mr Fuji put out the challenge to any man in the WWF to bodyslam his client Yokozuna on the US Interpret. Lots of men answered the challenged but at the very last minute Lex Luger answered the challenge metaphorically ridding himself of Narcissism and instead representing the red, white and blue. Luger managed to do what no other man could do and bodyslam Yokozuna which earned him a WWF title match against the big man at this show. The WWF title has never changed hands on a Summerslam Pay Per View, can Luger change that tonight?

In other news, Money Inc finally lost their tag team titles to The Steiner Brothers. Scott and Rick made an open challenge for their titles and Jim Cornette debuted and accepted the challenge for his tag team The Heavenly Bodies. Shawn Michaels has the Intercontinental gold and tonight he defends the man that he has been feuding with since Wrestlemania 9, Mr Perfect.

At the end of the last PPV Bret Hart was crowned King Of The Ring but his ceremony was crashed by Jerry “The King” Lawler. After insulting Brets family a match was assigned between the two and they fight tonight to decide who the real King of the WWF is. Razor Ramon has turned into a babyface after suffering losses to the 1-2-3 Kid and being mocked by Money Inc. So tonight Razor takes revenge against Ted Dibiase whilst The Kid takes on I.R.S. We can also expect to see the PPV debut of Ludvid Borga tonight who replaces Rick Martel in a match against Marty Jannetty.

Amazingly, every PPV I have reviewed up to now has featured one or more wrestlers to have featured on the very first PPV, Wrestlemania. And this one is no different with I.R.S scheduled to face the 1-2-3 Kid.  There are a few to have left since King Of The Ring, most notably Hulk Hogan, Mr Hughes, Jim Duggan, Brutus Beefcake, Tito Santana and Terry Taylor.

We start the show with Vince McMahon taking us through some footage of the Lex Express driving through neighbourhoods near you. Lex sure is being pushed as the big babyface and he’s got a title shot tonight. Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are the commentators for this one and they let us know that there are 3 titles on the line tonight and the King Of The Ring. It’s straight to the action now!

“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase vs. Razor Ramon

Razor Ramon opens his second PPV in a row but this time the reaction is much different. The crowd are very much behind him now following the mutual respect between him and the newcomer that upset him, the 1 2 3 Kid. Razor is all in pink for this one. Ted Dibiase is still partners with I.R.S but following their loss of the tag team titles to The Steiner Brothers, Dibiase goes back to singles action. Dibiase has wrestled on four of the five Summerslam PPVs previous to this one and has only won once and that was over Jimmy Snuka in 89. Dibiase attacks Ramon before the bell with right hands and chops. Both of these men were unsuccessful at King Of The Ring but won their matches at Wrestlemania 9. Ramon soon gets back into it and throws Dibiase out of the ring. Not many men have wrestled on more PPVs than the Million Dollar Man. Of his four PPV matches prior to this Razor Ramon has only won one. With the newly founded support from the crowd, could he find more success? This Summerslam has an old school feel to it. Dibiase gets back into the match with a cheap shot then chokes Razor on the top rope. Both men are looking for their first PPV victories since Wrestlemania 9 which was the only victories either man have had on PPV in the last year.

Dibiase gets the first near fall of the match then knocks the Bad Guy back down with a clothesline then gets another two count. This is the first time these two men have been in the ring together on PPV. Dibiase locks a sleeper on Ramon who eventually gets out of it but it forces back to the ground. Dibiase then hits a nice neckbreaker then a suplex. He then motions for the Million Dollar Dream but Razor avoids the move and knocks down Ted with a clothesline. Both men go down but Dibiase is first up and he sends Razor to the outside before taking the turnbuckle off the corner. Dibiase then goes to smash Razor into it but Ramon reverses it and smashes Ted into it! Razor then hits The Razors Edge on Dibiase for the win! A solid enough opener to Summerslam but I feel they could have gone a lot longer. It seemed quite short and sweet, I’d have liked to have seen Razor get more offence in.

Rating: 5.25/10

Todd is now in the crowd with The Steiner Brothers mum and sister. The mum doesn’t seem to know what’s going on and the sister is pretty hot and has a little bit more to say. They’re interrupted by Jim Cornette who is in the ring introducing his tag team.

The Steiner Brothers (c) (Rick & Scott) vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Dr. Tom Prichard & The Gigolo Jimmy Del Rel) – WWF Tag Team Title Match

The Steiner Brothers recently beat Money Inc for the titles on a house show. They put out an open challenge for the belts at Summerslam and Jim Cornette accepted with his team of The Heavenly Bodies. The Bodies attack the Steiners before the bell much like Dibiase did in the last match, clearing the ring of Scott and then double team Rick. Soon enough though Scott gets back in and The Steiner Brothers clear the ring of The Heavenly Bodies. This is of course a PPV debut for Prichard and Jimmy Del Rio whilst The Steiner Brothers are undefeated on PPV having fought in three matches and won them all. Finally the match gets started and it’s Scott Steiner and Tom Prichard that start off. Scott tags Rick and this is also Cornette’s PPV debut in the WWF. Rick takes Prichard down with a big clothesline then pulls in Del Ray and slams him too. The fans are right behind The Steiners in this one but Scott makes the mistake of going after both Bodies and the tide soon turns. On the outside Jimmy Del Ray takes out Scott with a rolling senton. Jimmy Del Ray is soon tagged in and he has some odd dance moves. But he does hit a good DDT. Dr Tom is tagged in and we see some nice team work from the newcomers.

Del Ray and Scott Steiner are the two legal men in the ring and The Gigolo hit’s a nice thrust kick. He tags Dr Tom back in and we’ve had lots of quick tags between the two challengers. Cornette even gets involved, smashing Scott with his tennis racket. Del Ray then goes for one round the world DDT too many and Scott reverses it into a belly to belly suplex. The crowd are behind Scott to make a tag now and finally the hot tag is made! Rick takes out everyone moving with clotheslines and back in comes Scott to help him out. Rick then goes up top and hits a bulldog but the pin is broken. With the referee distracted Dr Tom smashes Rick Steiner with the tennis racket but when pinned he kicks out at 2. Prichard then holds Rick for Del Ray to hit a moonsault but Rick moves out of the way and Jimmy hits his own man! Scott then follows it up with the Frankensteiner and Rick makes the cover for the win! The Steiner Brothers continue their unbeaten PPV run and leave with their titles! Not a bad match.

Rating: 5.5/10

Some bloke is backstage now with Shawn Michaels and Diesel. Michaels says his match with Mr Perfect is to decide who the best Intercontinental champion of all time is. Honky Tonk Man may have something to say about that. Diesel says he’s just there to keep the chicks away from Michaels.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Mr Perfect – Intercontinental Title Match

This is Michaels tenth PPV in a row, more than anyone else in the WWF by nearly double. Michaels successfully defended the title at Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and UK Rampage and his second title reign at King Of The Ring against Crush. Perfect was also wrestling at King Of The Ring where he defeated Mr Hughes in the quater finals and lost to Bret Hart in the semis. This feud between Michaels and Perfect began at Wrestlemania 9 when Perfect went looking for Lex Luger after their match and Shawn attacked him from behind. These two men have never met in a one on one match on PPV. Perfect starts well with a takedown. This is both mens fourth Summerslam event. Shawn Michaels is still looking for his first victory having lost two of his previous Summerslam matches and drawing his match with Rick Martel last year. Perfect lost his matches at the 1991 and 1990 events but beat The Red Rooster in 1989. Perfects matches in 1991 and 1990 were both for his Intercontinental title, he lost the title to Bret Hart in 1991 and The Texas Tornado in 1990 so the odds are definitely against him.

We have a quick series of events that results in Mr Perfect getting the upper hand and then a series of hammerlock reversals. This match has a very quick pace to it and the two eventually end in a stalemate. It’s then back and forth for a while until Perfect knocks Michaels down with a big clothesline. Perfect then goes back to the arm and we have a nice spot with Michaels jumping off the top rope and Perfect hitting him with an arm drag. These two have turned up to steal the show. Perfect catches a dropkick then slingshots Michaels over the top rope to the outside. When Perfect goes after him Diesel walks around long enough to distract him and Michaels superkicks him in the jaw. Back in the ring and Michaels goes after Perfect back. We’ve had two babyface wins so far, will this be the first heel victory of the night? Michaels hits Perfect with a hard irish whip into the corner then just stands on his back. Michaels then follows it up with a backbreaker and he just holds it. applying pressure to Perfects back.

Perfect punches his way out of it and finds a second wind. He hits Michaels with dropkicks and clotheslines and gets a near fall. Perfect then hits The Perfect-plex! It looks to be over but Diesel drags Perfect out of the ring! Apparently that’s not a disqualification and as Perfect battles with Diesel, the referee counts him out! Shawn Michaels wins by count out! After the bell Perfect goes mad going after both men but it doesn’t end well and Diesel hits him with some big right hands. Shawn Michaels wins the match and retains his title! Perfect eventually gets up to his feet and runs to the back! A really good match between two of the best workers in WWE history.

Rating: 7.25/10* Match Of The Night

Backstage now to Shawn Michaels and Diesel but before they can say much Perfect attacks them both! There seems to be more of a scrap between Mr Perfect and Diesel and the referees and agents soon break them up.

Now to matey boy Joe Fowler who is backstage with the 1-2-3 Kid. The Kid is excited to be out there but tonight he takes on I.R.S. The Kid is hopeful he can pull it off.

Irwin R. Shyster vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

I.R.S starts with his usual insulting of the crowd and then out comes The 1-2-3 Kid making is PPV debut. I.R.S won on his debut at Summerslam 91 against Greg Valentine but he lost with Ted Dibiase again The Legion Of Doom at last years event. 1-2-3 starts well with a spinning heel kick and a near fall. The “Irwin” chants break out to I.R.S’s disgust. The Kid is quick as Shyster throws him around the ring. The Kid hits a dropkick and gets another near fall but he can’t keep the rhythm going and Irwin takes control once more. The former tag team champion then throws 1-2-3 to the outside. The Kid gets back in the ring but is soon on his back again. I.R.S locks on an abdominal stretch and like a true heel uses the ropes for additional leverage. He then locks on a sleeper as the crowd start a “1-2-3” chant. The Kid gets out of the sleeper and hits some awesome looking kicks in the corner. He then goes up top and hits a moonsault but I.R.S kicks out! With both men back up I.R.S sends the Kid into the ropes and nails him with a big clothesline! Shyster picks up a big win with the clothesline, 1-2-3 not so lucky in his first PPV match up.

Rating: 4/10

Todd Pettingall is now in the crowd with Bret Harts brothers Bruce and Owen. Their Dad has recently come out of surgery and Owen isn’t happy at Jerry Lawlers shots at their Dad.

Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Hart takes ages to come out of the curtain, he must not have been ready. Hart is the only man to have wrestled on all six Summerslam pay per views, this one included. He’s actually lose two and won three of his previous matches. Jerry Lawler comes out next and he’s on crutches. He has a big bandage over his knee, this can’t be good for one of the shows most promoted matches. Bret Hart has only lost one of his last six PPV matches since last years Summerslam. Lawler takes the microphone and tells Bret Hart how he hates him and his father and his brothers. He then says how he rented his car in Detroit and was involved in an accident. Lawler says he could beat Hart on one leg but the doctors told him that under no circumstances can he wrestle tonight. Jerry isn’t going to let Bret escape without getting his brains kicked in though, there were lots of wrestlers backstage that wanted to give Bret the beating he deserves. So instead Bret will fight Lawlers self appointed court jester…..Doink the Clown!

Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Doink The Clown

Doink comes out and throws a pale of water over Bruce Hart but before he can get involved, Bret Hart takes it to The Doinkster. Bret seems more than happy to take on Doink and lays into him with big right hands. This is only Doinks second pay per view match having beaten Crush at Wrestlemania 9. He’s Harts whipping boy for this one though. That is until Hart gets distracted by Jerry Lawler allowing Doink to take the advantage. He hits a double axe handle off the top rope and stomps away at the former WWF Champion. Lawler cheerleads for Doink from the outside but the Clown doesn’t seem to need it. He gets a two count as Bret starts to sell the leg. Doink locks on The Stump Puller which is his finisher but he uses the ropes for leverage. The referee sees it and boots Doinks arm from the rope causing him to break the hold. Doink still has the advantage though and he powerslams Bret in the middle of the ring. The momentum switches when the Doinkster comes off the top rope and Bret gets his knees up. Hart then hits Doink with some right hands and the side Russian leg sweep. Hart then elbows Doink off the second rope then locks on The Sharpshooter! But before Doink can submit, Jerry Lawler attacks Bret with his crutch!

Rating: 5/10

Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

It was a lie all along! Lawlers knee is fine as he smashes Hart with his crutch. Jerry then helps Doink to the back as Bret gets back up to his feet in the ring. WWF President Jack Tunney then emerges from the back and orders Jerry Lawler to fight Bret Hart! An announcement is then made that if Lawler doesn’t fight Hart then he’ll be banned from the WWF for life! And Bret comes to get him! Hart throws Lawler back into the ring after smashing him with Doinks bucket! Hart hits Lawler with a back body drop and a legdrop then looks to set up for The Sharpshooter but instead headbutts The King. Both men go to the outside and Hart smashes Lawler with his crutch! Apparently that’s not a disqualification and soon after it’s Lawler using the crutch to choke Bret with! I don’t know if it’s just my copy but the commentary is way too low compared to the crowd effects on this. Back in the ring and Lawler distracts the referee by pointing out the Hart brothers on the outside and with the referees back turned Lawler smashes Hart with the crutch again!

A low blow gets Hart back into the match and with Bret looking absolutely shattered, moreso than I’ve ever seen him before, he pulls his straps down. Bret hits another back body drop and a backbreaker, the crowd right behind him. He then hits a piledriver and then comes off the second rope with his elbow! He then raises his thumb and then drops it before locking in The Sharpshooter! Finally The King submits and it’s Bret Hart that wins the match! Hart won’t let go of the Sharpshooter though, not even four referees can remove him! Even Pat Patterson and Tony Garea are out there trying to break things up and before you know it the ring is full of officials! Hart has had the move locked on for a seriously long time, even Owen Hart in his leather pants and cowboy boots can’t break it up. The announcement is then made that the decision has been reversed and the winner and undisputed King of the WWF is Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Rating 4.75/10

We now go to a VT of Ludvid Borga who is an anti American from Finland. He points out that a building in front of him is crumbling much like America. He has a few words for Lex Luger and Marty Jannetty.

Now backstage to Bret Hart who is with brothers Owen and Bruce. Mene Gene is on hand and couldn’t believe the referee reversed his decision. Bret Hart isn’t happy either and Bruce has one line too. Owen says the family are proud of Bret but they all seem happy now Lawler is actually injured.

Marty Jannetty vs. Ludvid Borga

Jannetty returns to PPV, his first match since he lost to Shawn Michaels at The Royal Rumble. This is his third Summerslam pay per view and he’s looking for his first Summerslam win. Borga takes out Jannetty as he turns his back very dramatically on Borga. Ludvid is a big old boy and has a look of Brock Lesnar about him. He takes Jannetty down with a big clothesline and drives in some knees in the corner. He then throws Jannetty high into the air and uppercuts his stomach on the way down. Borga chokes Jannetty and doesn’t give him any chance to come back. But he misses a splash giving Jannetty a slight comeback until he clotheslines him back down to the mat. Borga locks on a bearhug and Jannetty fights out of it but then goes for a powerslam and Ludvid once again clothesline him down to the mat. Jannetty starts a comeback though and hits Ludvid with two thrust kicks before going up top and flying off but he gets caught and powerslammed into the mat. Borga then has Marty up on his shoulders and he shakes him about a bit and the referee calls for the bell! Ludvid Borga wins on his PPV debut!

Rating: 3.75/10

The Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez – Rest In Peace Match

Well in this match, anything goes, there are no disqualifications and no count outs! Giant Gonzalez makes his second appearance on pay per view having previously lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 9. Gonzalez comes out with his manager Harvey Wippleman and Undertakers urn that they stole. Undertaker comes out with the lights out for the first time I think. He also comes out without Paul Bearer which I’m sure is a first too. He goes straight after Gonzalez, choking him in the corner. He hits some big clotheslines on the big man but eventually runs into the wall. This is Undertakers second Summerslam pay per view. He previously defeat Kamala at last years event. The two men go to the outside where Gonzalez throws Undertaker into the steps then hits him with a steel chair. Gonzalez’s painted on ring gear looks like it’s got hairier. Undertaker starts a comeback with some uppercuts but to no avail. The Giant throws Undertaker around the ring as the deadman tries to crawl to the urn. Suddenly there’s a gong and Paul Bearer walks from the back! The crowd go nuts as the nutty manager walks down with a wreath!

Harvey Wippleman takes off his jacket but Bearer knocks him down with a clothesline! Bearer then grabs the urn as Giant Gonzalez powerslams Undertaker in the ring. Bearer holds the urn high into the air and Undertaker sits up and gets to his feet. He hits Gonzalez with right hands and clotheslines before jumping off the top rope with a big clothesline knocking him down. Undertaker then pins Giant Gonzalez and this ones over! The ending came out of nowhere really. The match told a good story it just wasn’t executed very well. Undertaker wins and leaves whilst back in the ring Gonzalez goes after his manager, Harvey Wippleman! He chokeslams him in the middle of the ring and the crowd actually seem quite into Gonzalez as he dumps the wreath on his managers body.

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage now to Yokozuna, Jim Cornette and Mr Fuji. Cornette isn’t happy with his Heavenly Bodies losing their match earlier. He says that the same won’t happen with Yokozuna though. Lex Luger is going to get ripped limb from limb. Cornette cuts an awesome promo. No matter how hard Luger fights, the last thing he’ll hear tonight is…..Banzai!

Tatanka & The Smoking Gunns (Bart & Billy) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu)

Bam Bam and The Headshrinkers seem much more of a team as they come out together and seem to have some sort of remix of their music. Afa is out to manage The Headshrinkers whilst Luna is in Bam Bam Bigelows corner. All six men go straight for it but it’s the heels with the early advantage.The match then gets officially underway and Bam Bam takes it straight to Tatanka. Tatanka soon ground Bigelow with a big dropkick though. Both men try to cross body each other and both get hurt as a result. Both men tag out to Billy Gunn and Fatu respectively. It’s back and forth and Billy manages a clothesline from the top but Fatu soon floors him back and tags out to Samu. Samu botches a flapjack onto the top rope. Billy manages to tag out to Bart though and he gets an elbow in his face. The Smoking Gunns and Tatanka are a right team of cowboys and Indians. The only man in this match with any prior Summerslam experience is Tatanka who beat The Bezerker at last years event.

There are lots of tags between the Bam Bam and Headshrinkers team. They all take it in turns to wear down Bart. Luna seems to be on the same wavelength as Afa on the outside. Bam Bam misses an avalanche which allows Bart to tag Tatanka! Tatanka comes in and powerslams Bigelow before hitting a DDT. The native American then goes up top and hits a high cross body but Bigelow kicks out of the pin. Bigelow tries to comeback but Tatanka is on the warpath, that is until Bigelow hits an enzeguri and Tatanka hits the deck! Samu is tagged in and suddenly all 6 men are in the ring! The Smoking Gunns are cleared out and it’s 3 on 1! Bigelow crushes Tatanka in the corner and then the three of them hit a triple headbutt! All three men then go to the top and all try for a flying headbut but Tatanka gets up! The Smoking Gunns clear the ring of Bam Bam and Fatu then Tatanka schoolboys Samu for the win! Tatanka and The Smoking Gunns all win the match meaning The Gunns stay undefeated and Tatankas only loss came in the Royal Rumble!

Rating: 5/10

Joe Fowler is backstage with the driver of The Lex Express. He thinks Lex will win. Shocker.

Now some bloke is in the ring singing the Japanese national anthem. Great. He’s awful too.

Randy Savage is next out as the master of ceremonies. He introduces some bloke to sing the US national anthem.

Yokozuna (c) vs. Lex Luger – WWF Championship Match

Luger comes out to a decent ovation. This is your classic USA vs anti-American feud with Luger waving the flag for red, white and blue. To be fair this gimmick is better than The Narcissist. Luger manages to floor Yokozuna fairly early by kicking away at his legs. He follows it up with an elbow and gets a two count. Lex gets slammed himself not long after but Yoko misses with the follow up elbow. The match is back and forth for a few minutes until Yokozuna chokes Luger down in the corner. Mr Fuji tries to throw salt in Lugers eyes but Lex blocks it! Salt goes everywhere but not in his eyes. Luger then goes for a bodyslam on the champion but he can’t get him up. This is such a 180 on Luger. Completely different direction for him. On the outside Yoko chokes Luger with something he’s found. He then squashes Luger into the ringpost! Yoko then grabs a chair but misses with the shot! Yoko has now done a full calendar year of pay per views and he’s only lost once. Luger is yet to lose. He goes up top now and hits a double axe handle. He then goes up top again and this time hits him with his forearm! He covers Yoko but only gets a two.

Both men end up on the mat after clotheslining each other! Jim Cornette gets up on the apron distracting the referee which allows Mr Fuji to give Yokozuna his wooden basket which he then clobbers Luger with! The champion covers the challenger but only gets a two. Yoko then hits a nice looking belly to belly suplex and once again covers the American hero only to get a two. It’s all Yokozuna now as the Samoan, erm I mean Japanese superstar rakes away at Lugers back and eyes before hitting a belly to back suplex for another two count! Yoko then locks on a hold on Lugers traps. With the crowd behind Luger though the all-American gets up to his feet and once again tries for the powerslam but this time Yoko lands on top of him. Yokozuna then hits his awesome looking legdrop which results in another two count. He then drags Lex over to the corner but Luger gets out of the way of the Banzai Drop! Yoko gets back up to his feet and keeps the advantage momentarily but he misses a splash in the corner and Luger takes the opportunity to bodyslam him in the middle of the ring!

Luger then forearm smashes Yokozuna which sends him flying to the outside of the ring. Luger takes down Fuji and Cornette, both of which pop up onto the apron. The referee then counts Yokozuna out! Luger seems overjoyed with the victory but he won’t be winning the title so let’s not make too much of a fuss. Oh and here come The Steiner Brothers and Tatanka and Savage is back in there. The Steiners lift Luger up onto their shoulders. He didn’t win the bloody title though! Now balloons are falling from the sky. Jesus. Luger beats Yokozuna and stays undefeated.

Rating: 6/10

At the end we’re treated to a montage of great American things. First man on the moon and soldiers and such. All whilst some cheesy American “hero” music plays and The Lex Express slowly drives towards camera. Martin Luther King, classic. Now it’s shots of Lex Luger. Powerslamming Yokozuna on the US Interpret and such. Posing with children. I’d be disappointed if Luger showed up in my town. I’d want Bret Hart. Or The Smoking Gunns. Or Doink The Clown. Or anyone. The Heavenly Bodies. Harvey Wippleman. Joe what’shisface.

That was the sixth annual Summerslam Pay Per View. The highlight of the show was definitely the match between Mr Perfect and Shawn Michaels. Two of the best technicians ever in the WWF and they put on a great contest for the Intercontinental title. Michaels came out on top after some interference from his new bodyguard Diesel. With Perfect going after Diesel after the match it looks like those two could be heading into a program.

Yokozuna retained his WWF title against Lex Luger but because Luger won by count out it would seem that those two haven’t finished with each other yet. Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler are two others with unfinished business as the decision in their match was reversed. Bret Hart will definitely be looking for revenge there. Oddly the match between Bret and Doink was better than Brets match with Lawler. Giant Gonzalez looks to have turned on his manager Harvey Wippleman, could a face run be on the cards for the big man? Ted Dibiase wrestled his last WWF PPV match on this show after what was a great run.

Overall this was a pretty average pay per view. The Perfect/Michaels match stole the show but everything else was average or just above. The main event wasn’t the worst but as good as you’d expect between two guys like Yokozuna and Lex Luger. This was actually the first Summerslam not to feature The Ultimate Warrior. Random fact for you there.

Overall Rating: 50/100 (Ranked 15th out of 35)

One thought on “Summerslam 93

  1. Three things of note:

    1.This was the final WWF PPV appearance for the original Doink, Matt Borne, who left the WWF prior to Survivor Series because of personal demons.

    From there, the Doink character was played by Ray Apollo for the next two years.

    2.You didn’t mention that the bloke who sang the American anthem was singer Aaron Neville, who sang with a lot of stuttering, and he had a HUGE mole above one of his eyes.

    3.This was Joe Fowler’s only WWF PPV appearance, as he would be gone shortly before Survivor Series.

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