Survivor Series 96

Back To Attack. “The Hitman” Bret Hart returns tonight 8 month since his last match which was at Wrestlemania XII. Then he fought and lost the WWF title to Shawn Michaels but tonight Bret takes on the man that has begged him for a match time and time again “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin has been very vocal about his dislike for Bret and he has taken out his own best friend Brian Pillman just to show that he means business. Hart has finally decided to return to the ring and he accepted Austins challenge because he respect him and thinks he is the very best in the company.

The main event tonight is between Shawn Michaels and Sid. Michaels defends his WWF title against a man who he considers a friend. Sid won number one contendership at In Your House: Buried Alive when he defeated Vader. Can Shawn trust Sid? Will Sid finally snap? They’ve been close to fisticuffs plenty of times during the build up to this show but tonight the go one on one. The other singles match tonight is the fourth PPV match between The Undertaker and Mankind. Mankind is currently up in the series 2 to 1 so this is Undertakers opportunity to go even. The stipulation for this match is that Undertakers ex manager and Mankind current manager Paul Bearer will be suspended in a cage above the ring and should Undertaker win, he will be able to get his hands on the man that turned his back on him.

Tonight will feature 30 of WWFs best superstars. As well as the aforementioned 6 wrestlers, we will also see three four on four traditional Survivor Series matches. The first will be made up of four tag teams when tag team champions Owen Hart and The British Bulldog team with The New Rockers to take on The Godwinns and new team Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon. With the Smoking Gunns having split up, the four teams in this match make up the tag division of present. The New Rockers and Godwinns are the two experienced teams that seem to have taken a backseat as of late. Furnas and Lafon are the new kids on the block and with no obvious contenders to Bulldog and Owen Harts gold, could they place themselves in a top spot? It’ll be interesting to see.

The biggest of the three Survivor Series features teams led by Marc Mero and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Helmsley is the new Intercontinental champion after Mr Perfect scammed Marc Mero out of the belt and sided with Hunter. Tonight Marc Mero teams with “The Stalker” Barry Windham and newcomers Mark Henry and Rocky Maivia. This will be Windhams first PPV appearance since the very first PPV Wrestlemania. Rocky Maivia is making his debut tonight, he’s the first ever third generation superstar. They take on Helmsleys team of Goldust, Crush and somebody who has had his problems with Mark Henry, Jerry “The King” Lawler. This is Crush’s first PPV match since Royal Rumble 95.

Tonight we will also see a third Survivor Series match between Faarooq, who makes his PPV debut alongside Vader and The Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel. Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon will also be making their PPV debuts tonight although Diesel has previously wrestled as Isaac Yankem DDS. They take on Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Flash Funk who debuts tonight and a mystery partner. Before the show starts there was also a dark match where Bart Gunn was a sole survivor in a match where he teamed with Jesse James, Bob Holly and Aldo Montoya against Billy Gunn, The Sultan, Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw and Savatore Sincere.

We start with a VT about New York. We’re at Madison Square Garden tonight. There’s a very quick intro and a mention of New Yorkers drinking a lot of coffee. That’s the theme we’re going for tonight. Quick pace. Vince McMahon kicks us off with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler and straight away we’re into our opening contest!

British Bulldog, Owen Hart & The New Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy) vs. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas),  Doug Furnas & Philip Lafon – Survivor Series Elimination Match

Well our opening contest is a Survivor Series elimination match highlighting the tag team division currently in the WWF. Furnas & Lafon are making their WWF PPV debut tonight. I’m all for new tag teams. Those guys are an experienced team who have mainly wrestled in Japan up to now. The other three teams need no introduction. One team features three of the most experienced men in WWF history in British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Marty Jannetty. It’s Jannetty and Lafon that starts things off. Lafon kicks and slaps Jannetty then locks on a wristlock. Jannetty hits a monkey flip but Lafon lands on his feet. Jannetty captained a team last year and won his match at the 1993 Survivor Series event. Jannetty tags Leif Cassidy but gets caught in a leg lock. Lafon tags out to Phineas now. I fancy The Godwinns to win this and go after the tag team titles. Cassidy slams Phineas which was impressive but then riles up the unpredictable Phineas. Phineas starts a comeback but Jannetty puts him off and Cassidy takes down Godwinn with a clothesline before tagging out to Owen Hart. There is plenty of double teaming from Owen and Bulldog which brings in Henry Godwinn which only serves to distract the referee. Hillbilly Jim is in the corner of The Godwinns whilst Clarence Mason is in the corner of Bulldog and Owen. Jannetty tags in and hits a back elbow. No eliminations yet.

You can pretty much guarentee that if one man goes out then so will his partner. This isn’t the same format as the 1992 Survivor Series match where if one man went out his partner was eliminated too. Jannetty misses an elbow off the top which allows Phineas to tag out to Henry Godwinn. Henry was part of the winning team in 1995 along with The Undertaker, Savio Vega and Fatu. Henry hits a Slop Drop on Jannetty, eliminating him from the match! But in comes Owen Hart who hits a spinning heel kick on Henry, eliminating him from the match! And just like that we’re down to three on three! Owen tags out to Bulldog as Phineas comes in. Phineas clotheslines Owen out of the ring and Bulldog hits the Running Powerslam on Phineas then covers him for the three!

We’re down to Bulldog, Owen and Cassidy against Furnas and Lafon. There’s plenty of triple teaming against Furnas now. Lots of quick tags from the heels. Cassidy comes in and hits a gutbuster. I couldn’t have been more wrong with my prediction as The Godwinns are the only team out. Lafon is tagged in and hits a suplex from the top which is enough for the three! Leif Cassidy is out of here. We’re down to two on two now. Lafon hits a nice kick on Bulldog for a two count. Bulldog lowers his head and Lafon rolls him up for another 2. Harvey Wippleman is the referee on the outside for this one. Bulldog tags in Owen who has never won a match at a Survivor Series. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Lafon for a two. Neckbreaker from Hart then an elbow from the second rope for a two. It’s also worth noting that Phineas Godwinn has still never won a PPV match. Double clothesline from the tag champs and it’s Bulldog back in. This is The British Bulldogs 15th PPV in a row, more than anybody else. The former Intercontinental and tag team champion hits a low blow on Lafon. Furnas then manages to roll Bulldog up as Furnas pulls Owen Hart out of the ring and it’s enough for the three! Shockingly British Bulldog has been eliminated!

It’s two on one now as Owen Hart wraps Lafon around the ring post. He then boots away at Lafons leg before dragging him down with a leg sweep. Hart is working the leg in preparation for the Sharpshooter. Owen then locks on the Sharpshooter! But in comes Furnas to break it up. Lafon then takes Owen down with a reverse kick and tags in his partner Doug Furnas! Furnas hits a lovely dropkick on Owen for a two count. Suplex from Furnas and another two count. Furnas then hits a belly to back suplex flipping Owen right over and covers him for a three! Furnas and Lafon win the match! Big win for two upstarts making their debuts. Not the best Survivor Series match in the world but it’ll do to kick us off!

Rating: 4.75/10

Kevin Kelly is backstage now with Mankind and Paul Bearer. Tonight Bearer must be levitated in a cage high above the ring. If Undertaker wins this one he can get his hands on Paul. Bearer refuses to go in the cage saying he’s not an animal and Mankind finishes by saying tonight he will eat Undertaker alive.

The Undertaker vs. Mankind

This is the fourth pay per view match between these two men with Mankind up in the series so far 2 – 1. Paul Bearer must go in the cage despite his reluctance. Undertaker has quite the spectacular entrance for this one, lowering from the ceiling with large bat like wings. He’s won at the last two Survivor Series events, winning his Survivor Series match last year and beating Yokozuna the in 1994. This is Mankinds Survivor Series debut. Undertaker goes after Paul Bearer who is raised in his own cage. Mankind then goes after Undertaker and the two men slug it out. Undertaker has new leather ringgear. He takes Mankind down with a drop toe hold then twists the arm and takes Mankind down before hitting a legdrop and locking on an armlock. He stomps on Mankinds Mandible Claw hand sending the strange individual to the outside. Undertaker is really targetting Mankinds hand in this one, slamming it off the ring steps. Back in the ring and Undertaker slams Mankind but misses with the follow up elbow. Mankind then clotheslines Undertaker over the top but goes out with him. They both land on their feet and take the fight into the crowd. It’s not long before they’re out of the crowd and Mankind has the advantage, hurling his body off the apron onto the dead man below.

If there’s one thing guaranteed between these two men it’s physicality. Paul Bearers cage is just swinging left and right as Mankind hits a running knee on Undertaker in the corner. He Irish whips the former WWF champion who bounces out the corner and nails Mankind with a clothesline. Undertaker bites the hand of Mankind who attempts to remove that Mandible Claw hand. Undertaker then makes the mistake of lowering his head and Mankind punishes him with a piledriver. Mankind then attempts the Mandible Claw but Undertaker grabs his hand and scoops him up for the Tombstone but Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw! Undertaker manages to get out of it, throwing Mankind out of the ring. Undertaker throws Mankind back into the ring and twists the arm before coming off the top rope with a clothesline. It doesn’t seem to phase Mankind who hits a neckbreaker. Mankind then goes up to the top and tries for a double axe handle but Undertaker catches him preparing for the chokeslam but Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw! Undertaker dies down all the way to the canvas until his body is limp. The referee then checks his arm but Undertaker gets back into it on the three!

Undertaker rises to his feet and wraps his hand around Mankinds throat before hitting the chokeslam! He tries to follow it up with a clothesline but Mankind ducks and Undertaker goes flying to the outside! Mankind then tries his running bomb but ‘Taker gets out of the way then rolls Mankind back into the ring. Undertaker hits a side suplex but it’s taken a lot of of him as well. Mankind then gets a sharp object out of his tights. This is the same object we saw in the Buried Alive match. He nails Undertaker with it right in front of the referee not once but twice. Mankind then gets on Undertakers back but Undertaker manages to pull him over and hits The Tombstone! Undertaker pins Mankind and gets the three! This one is over! Undertaker wins the match and the cage containing Paul Bearer is lowered! But down comes The Executioner, the same man who attacked Undertaker at the last PPV! Undertaker soon disposes of The Executioner but it’s too late, Paul Bearer has scarpered. A good match between these two men who have loads of chemistry. I make it 2-2 in the series between Undertaker and Mankind, another match should hopefully be on the cards.

Rating: 7/10

Sunny comes to ringside now looking smoking hot. She joins the commentators.

Dok Hendrix is backstage now with Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Goldust, Jerry Lawler and Crush. One of their opponents Mark Henry is out injured, will he be replaced? They are confident in any case.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Goldust & Crush vs. Marc Mero, The Stalker, Rocky Maivia & Jake “The Snake” Roberts

With Mark Henry out injured, Marc Mero announces that he is replaced by Jake Roberts! He clears the ring with his snake. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is the new Intercontinental champion after defeating Marc Mero with a little help from Mr Perfect. The Intercontinental title has never been defended at a Survivor Series event. This is Crush’s first PPV back since Royal Rumble 1995. Jerry Lawler has fought at the last two Survivor Series PPVs and he was due for the 1993 event as well but a court case stopped that. It’s him that starts the match with The Stalker. Lawler quickly tags out to Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Stalker tags Marc Mero. Helmsley wants no part of Mero and gets out of the ring. Helmsley tags Goldust and this one finally gets underway. Mero hits a hiptoss and a back body drop. This is Mero’s Survivor Series debut. Goldust actually defeated Bam Bam Bigelow at last years event. Mero hits a schoolboy for a two. Mero goes to the armbar and tags in The Stalker. The Stalker is of course Barry Windham who is wrestling on his first PPV since the very first Wrestlemania. He won the tag team titles at that event.

Helmsley is tagged in and Windham tags Mero causing Helmsley to run and tag Crush. Crush last fought on a Survivor Series PPV in 1993. Mero spins the arm and tags in Rocky Maivia who makes his debut tonight. Crush tags Lawler who hits some jabs but Rocky hits a dropkick and a big right hand sending The King over the top rope. King tags Hunter and takes the advantage. Helmsley hits some chops and kicks before hitting a suplex and tagging Goldust who hits an elbow and gets a two. This is Goldust 9th PPV in a row. He lays in some boots and tags Crush. Crush hits his trademark right hands and tags in Lawler. Lawler and Helmsley teamed together at last years Survivor Series.  Crush tags Helmsley and Rocky backs him into the corner and hits a back body drop. Rocky tags Jake Roberts who appears at his first Survivor Series since 1990! His team lost to Rick Martels that night. Helmsleys team help out their captain and in comes Lawler. Lawler and Roberts have a storied rivalry. Roberts hits the DDT on King and rolls him up for the three! Jerry Lawler is the fist man eliminated from this one!

In comes Goldust now who takes advantage of Roberts. Roberts manages to tag in Barry Windham who has had many matches with Goldust’ Dad. Windham hits a suplex for the two. Goldust comes off the top but The Stalker catches him with a right hand. Crush attacks The Stalker with a big right hand then Goldust hits him with The Curtain Call for the three! The Stalker has been eliminated, we’re down to three on three. Mero is quick to come in but Goldust takes him down with a clothesline and tags in Hunter Hearst Helmsley. These two are quite heated rivals now with the two men battling for the Intercontinental title. Hunter drops a knee on Mero’s head for a two then nails him with a backbreaker. Helmsley tags Crush who comes in with a headbutt. Crush is looking to find his way now he’s back in the WWF. He looks rather different with his long dreadlocks. He covers Mero for a one then drops a leg for a two. Crush tags Goldust who wrestled on his 9th PPV in a row. Goldust hits a big clothesline for a two. I like this match so far and I like the characters in it. Goldust tags Crush who hits a big spinning backbreaker for a two. Last time Crush was in a Survivor Series match he teamed with Yokozuna, Ludvid Borga and Jacques Rougea. He tags out to Helmsley who locks an abdominal stretch on The Wildman.

Mero gets out of the abdominal stretch and Hunter tags in Goldust. Goldust has been a staple on PPV in the WWF this year. He and Helmsley make quick tags but Mero hits a flying head scissors on Helmsley. Helmsley throws Mero out of the ring but in comes Jake Roberts! He distracts Helmsley long enough for Mero to come off the top with a moonsault for a three count! Hunter Hearst Helmsley is eliminated! We’re down to 3 on 2 as Crush comes in! Mero soon disposes of Crush though but misses with a plancha after Goldust pushes Crush out of the way. Back in the ring and Crush hits a big right hand and covers Mero for the three! Merc Mero has been eliminated! It’s two on two now as Roberts tries for a DDT but instead Crush ducks it and hits a heart punch! Crush pins Roberts and eliminates him from the match! We’re down to Goldust and Crush against Rocky Maivia! Crush gets a cheap shot in on Rocky but Maivia rolls him up for a two. Goldust comes in and Rocky knocks him down and out. Goldust hits a low blow on Rocky then holds him for Crush but Rocky gets out of the way and Rocky hits a heart punch on Goldust! Rocky bounces off the ropes and hits a cross body on Crush and gets the three count! Crush is eliminated.

We’re down to Rocky Maivia and Goldust! Rocky hits a shoulderbreaker on Goldust and pins him for the three! Rocky Maivia wins the match! From nowhere, the newcomer wins the match and the crowd seem right behind him! Rocky is the first ever third generation superstar and Sunny seems keen to manage him! A great debut in a good match!

Rating: 7.75/10

To a video package now promoting Bret Hart who returns tonight after not wrestling since Wrestlemania XII. He wrestles “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who recently took out Brian Pillman.

Backstage now to Todd Pettingill who is with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.Austin says he’ll be giving Bret Hart an ass whooping tonight and that’s the bottom line!

Bret Hart vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This is Brets first match back since Wrestlemania where he lost the WWF title to Shawn Michaels. Bret Hart has fought on every single Survivor Series which goes back ten years to 1987. Hart won the WWF title from Diesel at last years event and lost the WWF title to Bob Backlund the year before. The crowd go nuts for Bret Hart who has wrestled on more PPVs and has had more PPV matches than anybody in history up to this point. He’s also won more and lost more matches on PPV than anybody else. The winner of this match will meet the WWF champion next month at In Your House. Hart and Austin go toe to toe before Steve throws up the middle fingers in Brets face. Both of these men are King Of The Ring winners. Bret in 1993 and Austin in 1996. Ross claims that neither men have ever submitted in their careers. Both men go for waistlocks and counters in the early going. Bret locks on a wristlock and goes to a hammerlock. Austin reverses it but Bret reverses it again. Plenty of chain wrestling in the early going with Steve hitting a drop toe hold and going for a headlock but Bret reverses it into an armbar. Austin hits an elbow to take the advantage. He follows it up with a short-armed clothesline and hits some big right hands.

Austin drops Bret on the top rope with a Stun Gun and continuously tries to choke Bret on the bottom rope. He then elbows Bret on the ring apron causing the former WWF champ to fall to the outside. Steve helps Bret into the ring then drops him down with a snapmare before locking on a sleeper. Austin covers Bret for a two then goes back to the sleeper. Bret and Austin go toe to toe with rights and lefts now and it’s Austin that comes out on top before he chokes Bret in the corner. But Bret manages to reverses an Irish whip and he hits an atomic drop and a clothesline. Bret rolls up Austin for a two count. He then hits a side Russian legsweep which gets him another two. Hart then goes or a bulldog but Austin pushes him hard into the ring corner. Austin suplex’s Hart onto the top turnbuckle then goes for a superplex but Bret hangs on and drops Austin to the canvas before coming off the top with an elbow drop for a two count. Austin takes the advantage with a rake of the face then throws Bret out of the ring. Austin goes out to him but ends up being thrown over the barricade! Bret throws Austin back in the ring but Austin rolls all the way across and outside of the ring. Austin slingshots Bret onto the Spanish announce table and onto Carlos Carrera where Austin lays in some right hands!

With Bret lying on the Spanish announce table, Austin comes off the ring apron and lays a big elbow! Austin then suplex’s Bret back into the ring then comes off the second rope with an elbow for a two count. A very similar elbow to Bret Harts trademark, that one. A “Let’s Go Hitman” chant breaks out in Madison Square Garden but it’s all Austin at the moment. A “Let’s Go Austin” chant breaks out now as he locks an abdominal stretch on The Hitman. Both men trade blows and this time Bret comes out on top, knocking Austin down then hitting Austins own Stun Gun on him. Bret rolls Steve up for a two. Hart then hits a piledriver for another two. Bret hits a backbreaker then goes up to the top but Austin gets up and crotches him. Austin hits some chops with Bret perched on the top then hits a superplex! Both men get up and Austin hits the Stunner! He pins Bret but Bret kicks out! After multiple pins, Austin still can’t get the fall so instead locks on a Texas Cloverleaf! Hart manages to crawl over to the ropes to break the hold. Austin throws Bret into the ringpost and gets another 2! Stone Cold locks a bow and arrow submission on Hart but Bret gets out of it and tries for the Sharpshooter but Austin grabs the ropes.

Both men get up and Hart locks on a sleeper hold but Austin drops Bret with a jawbreaker. Both men get up and Austin locks on The Million Dollar Dram but Bret bounces off the ropes and over the top of Austin with the Dream still locked on. Austins shoulders are on the mat though and the referee counts the three! Bret Hart wins the match! A good match between these two which means Hart goes on to face the WWF champion at In Your House next month. This was the same finish as Bret Hart/Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania 8.

Rating: 7.25/10

Dok Hendrix is backstage now with Sid. Hendrix asks if Sid will snap tonight. Sid says tonight he will survive and he will do anything and everything to walk out tonight as the WWF champion.

Captain Lou Albano comes out now and sits with the Spanish announcers.

Faarooq, Fake Razor Ramon, Fake Diesel & Vader vs. Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Flash Funk & “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

Well what a bizarre match we have here. “Nation Of Domination” music hits now as Faarooq comes out with Clarence Mason and his entourage. Faarooq has had a gimmick change and is joined by PG-13.  The fake Razor Ramon and Diesel make their PPV debuts tonight but The Fake Diesel has previously wrestled as Isaac Yankem DDS. Savio Vega and Yokozuna are back from injury, Flash Funk makes his debut and Jimmy Snuka is back from the dead. Vader and Flash Funk kick things off with Vader taking down Funk with body shots and a clothesline. This is a lower card match on paper with Vader the only mega star in this one. Flash Funk crossbodies Vader to the outside then hits a moonsault from the top all the way to the floor. Funk throws Vader back in the ring but gives Vader too much time to recover and the big man hits a powerbomb! But in comes Yokozuna who hits a uranagi on Vader! Vader then tags out to Faarooq and Flash Funk tags Savio Vega. Faarooq tags fake Razor and Savio throws him around. Savio hits some chops and some big right hands on Ramon.  Fake Razor then hits a fallaway slam. I can’t see Fake Razor and Fake Diesel winning this one. But here comes Fake Diesel. Savio tags Flash Funk in and he ducks a big boot but Diesel takes him down with a clothesline.

Fake Diesel then lifts Funk above his head then chokeslams him into the mat. Fake Diesel tags Faarooq in and Faarooq hits a big spinebuster on Flash Funk. Faarooq then tags Vader and Flash Funk tags Savio Vega. Savio tries to go after everybody and he fights his way out of the enemy corner. Savio then tags in Jimmy Snuka to a big reaction. Snuka hits some big chops but Fake Diesel knees him and tags in Vader. Snuka hasn’t been on PPV since 1992. He dropkicks Vader and even powerslams the big man! Vader tags Fake Razor and Snuka tags Savio Vega. Razor tags Diesel and Savio hits a spinning heel kick on Diesel. But as he bounces off the ropes Vader pulls down the rope and Vega goes flying over and to the outside. Faarooq slams Savio into the ringpost then throws him back into the ring where Diesel hits The Jackknife. Diesel then pins Savio for the three! A shocking start as Savio Vega is eliminated. Snuka comes in and powerslams Fake Razor before going up to the top rope and hitting the Superfly Splash for a three count! Diesel then comes in with a chair and attacks Superfly as all hell breaks loose! Savio comes back with a chair and it’s an all out brawl! The bell rings and this one is announced a double disqualification! Hmmm, not such a good match here.

Rating: 3.5/10

A video package now for Shawn Michaels and Sid. These two friends meet for the WWF title next.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Sid – WWF Championship Match

The WWF title has changed hands on the last two Survivor Series PPV’s. Could this be three in a row? Shawn Michaels has only won at one Survivor Series before and that was at last years event. Michaels has held the belt since Wrestlemania and has defeated challengers such as The British Bulldog, Diesel, Mankind and Vader. It has been one hell of a reign so far. Sid starts well with some big right hands but Michaels comes back with some jabs of his own and a cross body and headlock takedown. Both men get up and Michaels hits some brutal right hands slaps. Both men exchange head scissors then right hands. Sid then lifts Michaels up above his head. Michaels gets down and Sid goes for the powerbomb which gets a huge cheer from the New York crowd but Michaels escapes out of the ring. Back in the ring and Michaels chop blocks Sid to the mat. The crowd are definitely behind Sid in this one. Michaels can’t quite believe it. Michaels goes for the figure four and gets boo’d! Sid gets to the ropes to break the hold and Michaels continues to focus on Sids knees. I can’t believe how much Michaels is getting boo’d!

Sid kicks Michaels into the ringpost now then lays in some boots. Sid missed with a running boot in the corner though and Michaels dropkicks his knee. Sid gets up and clotheslines Michaels over the top rope to the outside. Sid follows and throws him into the ring apron before lifting him up above his head and dropping him on the guardrail. Sid throws Michaels back into the ring then crawls back in himself and covers Michaels for a 2. Sid then hits a big back body drop and continues to dominate the champion. Only Bret Hart has wrestled more PPV matches than Michaels. Shawn goes to the top but Sid catches him and hits a backbreaker for a two. We then get a slugfest and it seems that the women and children are behind Michaels and everyone else  is behind Sid. Sid locks on a Million Dollar Dream. Sid was managed by Ted Dibiase at one point. Sid goes for a chokeslam but Michaels gets out of it and goes for Sweet Chin Music! Sid catches him though, spins him around and hits a chokeslam! Sid motions for the powerbomb! He sets up for it but Michaels rolls him up for a two. Sid hits a powerslam for a two.

Michaels starts a comeback and nips up only to be clotheslines back down by Sid. The challenger gets another two count! Sid then bends over the ropes and grabs a camera! He looks to hit Michaels with it but Jose Lothario gets up on the apron and Sid nails him with the camera! Sid then turns around and Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music! Michaels looks to have the match finished but notices Jose Loathario down on the outside. He goes outside and Sid follows him out and throws him into the ring. Michaels then goes for a cross body but Sid ducks and Michaels nails the referee! Michaels doesn’t care and goes out to check on Jose. Sid follows him out and nails Michaels with the camera! Sid then rolls Shawn back into the ring and hits the Powerbomb! The referee wakes up and counts the three! Sid wins the WWF title to a huge cheer! Sycho Sid is the man to end Shawn Michaels reign. Sid celebrates with the belt presumably as a heel but it’s hard to tell. Sid will go on to face Bret Hart at the next In Your House event.

Rating: 6.75/10

And that was Survivor Series 96. 6 matches featuring 30 WWF superstars. There’s a lot of strength in depth at the moment, especially considering the 8 wrestlers who were in action in the Free For All. The show started exhibiting the tag team division. The tag team division isn’t that strong at the moment so giving the new team a win gives Bulldog and Owen some strong opponents at a later stage. Undertaker then defeated Mankind which keeps the feud strong. The Executioner once again got involved which might lead Undertaker into a match with him. I don’t mind Mankind losing because of the two wins he already has over The Undertaker. Match Of The Night was the second Survivor Series match where Jake Roberts replaced an injured Mark Henry but it was rookie Rocky Maivia that picked up the win. It was a very exciting match featuring three veterans in Jake Roberts, Rocky Maivia and Jerry Lawler as well as experienced hands Crush and Goldust. The feud between Helmsley and Mero is certainly far from over.

The next match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin was an instant classic. Hart won in the same way he beat “Rowdy” Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania VIII. Steve Austin is flourishing at the moment and I’d love to see another match between those two. It won’t be at the next PPV though as Hart has earned himself a WWF title shot. The next Survivor Series match was a waste of time really. After The Fake Razor Ramon and Savio Vega were eliminated everyone else was disqualified! Faarooq seems to have debuted a new gimmick as the leader of some sort of Black Panthers style cult group. Although they do have a couple of white guys in the group. Vader was deserved of more. The rest of the guys in the match were glorified jobbers. Bit of a waste that one. Then the main event between Shawn Michaels and Sid was somewhat surprising. Sid becomes WWF champion after attacking Jose Lothario and presumably turning heel. I say presumably because he was so over the crowd were cheering for him over Shawn Michaels. Is it time to turn Michaels? I don’t know. They’ll struggle to turn Sid at this rate. New champion none the less and I’m looking forward to a reign under Sid, he’ll bring a very different dynamic to what we’ve seen before.

Overall this was a decent PPV with three good singles matches and one very good Survivor Series match. The first and final traditional Survivor Series matches were a bit weaker.

Overall Rating: 61.6/100 (Ranked 3rd out of 62)

Match Of The Night: Team Helmsley vs. Team Mero
Worst Match Of The Night: Team Vega vs. Team Faarooq
Surprise Of The Night: Jimmy Snuka Returns
Worst Booking Of The Night: Team Vega vs. Team Faarooq
Superstar Of The Night: Sycho Sid
Survivor Series 96 Will Be Remembered For: Rocky Maivia’s debut/Sid wins the WWF title

2 thoughts on “Survivor Series 96

  1. Two things I’d like to bring up about Team Savio vs. Team Faarooq:

    1.Before they settled with Snuka, the mystery partner on Team Savio was rumoured to be “Macho Man” Randy Savage, since the sillouette of the “mystery man” on TV and on the WWF AOL site sure looked like him, and that his WCW contract was expiring at the time.

    But alas, Macho stayed with Turner and Bischoff, and we were screwed.

    2.It was sad to see Yokozuna’s WWF stint end with a whimper as he was just huge and so badly out of shape.

    1. Speaking of Yokozuna, here’s a video of his last ever TV appearance:

      Here’s the WWF’s tribute to him:

      And here’s a video on his final days:

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