In Your House 12: It’s Time

Sharpshooter vs. Powerbomb. Technical Excellence vs. Raw Power. The twelfth installation of In Your House features a main event between two men that have never met before in Sid and Bret Hart. Sid is the WWF champion after he defeated Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series whilst Hart earned his title shot by beating Steve Austin at Survivor Series. Now judging by the PPV title “It’s Time” it would seem that at some point Vader was supposed to be champion. He broke his foot though and Michaels was reluctant to drop the title to him. So instead it’s Sid that faces Hart tonight with the winner going on to defend the title against Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble.

Also tonight we have the next chapter in the on-going rivalry between The Undertaker and Mankind when Undertaker goes up against Mankinds mate The Executioner. The Executioner not only helped Mankind bury The Undertaker at the Buried Alive PPV two months ago but he also attacked Undertaker at Survivor series stopping him from getting his hands on Paul Bearer. Now The Undertaker gets his hands on The Executioner (Terry Gordy) in an Armageddon Match. The rules? Pin or submit your opponent then keep them down for a ten count. Sort of like a Last Man Standing match. Sort of.

We’ll also get an Intercontinental title shot tonight between champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley and former champion Marc Mero. These two have been battling back and forth since Wrestlemania where Mero took Helmsley’s valet Sable. The two met at Beware Of Dog where Mero won that contest, now they meet for the Intercontinental title. The tag team titles will also be on the line when Owen Hart and The British Bulldog defend the belts against The Fake Razor Ramon and The Fake Diesel. God knows why when there is a perfectly good team in The Godwinns waiting in the wings.

We start with a video package highlight the main event tonight, Sid vs. Bret Hart. This is the first ever PPV match between these two, I’m looking forward to it. Vince McMahon then welcomes everybody to West Palm Beach. He’s ringside with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. Shawn Michaels is going to be on commentary tonight for the main event.

Leif Cassidy vs. Flash Funk

Leif Cassidy comes out to what sounds like The Heavenly Bodies music. This is Cassidy’s first ever singles match on PPV. He’s looking for his first ever PPV win following losses at Summerslam and Survivor Series. Funk comes out dressed like a pimp, dancing with two ladies. Funk aka Too Cold Scorpio is a hell of an athlete though. He gets Vince McMahon up and dancing. Two very athletic wrestlers in this one. I think Jannetty must be gone but Cassidy is still wearing his New Rockers gear. Flash Funk made his debut at the last PPV, Survivor Series and he was one of six men that got disqualified. He technically didn’t win the match and technically didn’t lose it. I met Scorpio once, he was a funny guy. Funk dances around the ring to start with. We get some chain wrestling then. In the Free For All Rocky Maivia won with a head scissors. Scorpio cartwheels his way out of an arm bar. Nice snapmare from Funk and a backflip. Funk keeps going to the armbar and headscissors. Funk hits a cross body and botches it a bit. He sticks with it though and gets a two count.

Funk goes back to the armbar then goes for a headscissors but Cassidy reverses it and plants Funk. Cassidy is in the match for the first time now. Cassidy hits some headbutts then a belly to belly suplex over the top rope! He then hits a springboard somersault plancha to the outside. He then sprints all the way down the entranceway and hits a clothesline before rolling Funk back into the ring. Cassidy pins Funk for a two then goes to the sleeper. Funk gets out of it with a kick over his shoulder. Cassidy goes for a powerbomb but Funk gets out of it and hits a right hand. Cassidy manages to hit the powerbomb the second time of asking though and covers for a two. This has been a good quality match so far despite looking like a Superstars match on paper. Leif goes to the top but misses with the moonsault. Cassiy hits a handspring kick to send Cassidy out of the ring and follows it up with a suicide dive. He rolls Cassiy back into the ring, hits a powerslam and a moonsault but only gets a two!

Cassidy gets back into it with a clothesline then we get a pinning sequence with both men getting near falls. Funk then hits a kick behind the head and a splash in the corner. Flash goes to the top and hits a 450 splash which is enough for the three! Flash Funk stays unbeaten on PPV whilst Cassidy still looks for his first win. This was a nice way to open the show. Both men are great wrestlers and bring a different style to most of the roster. They had a lot of chemistry. I enjoyed this one.

Rating: 6.75/10

We then get an advert for the 1997 Royal Rumble event on VHS. It’s not even happened yet!

British Bulldog & Owen Hart (c) vs. The Fake Diesel & Fake Razor Ramon – WWF Tag Team Title Match

We get a quick interview with the champs before this one. Bulldog seems focused on Steve Austin but Owen won’t let him get distracted. How are these two chumps getting a title match? We haven’t had a face team get a tag team title shot since Summerslam four months ago. Bulldog and Owen are joined by Clarence Mason. Camp Cornette is now a distant memory. Diesel and Owen start the match and it’s Owen with big right hands but Diesel just shoves him away. Diesel is of course the man formally known as Isaac Yankem DDS. Suddenly two masked men come out, Cibernetico and Piro from the AAA company. Diesel tags Razor and Owen tags Bulldog. The two Mexican lads will be in next months Royal Rumble. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin comes to ringside now and Bulldog goes straight after him. Bulldog lays in some right hands, why isn’t this a disqualification? And why aren’t the camera properly lined up? Razor uses the distraction to take the advantage but Bulldog tags Owen who comes in off the top. This is Bulldogs 16th PPV in a row. Unbelievable. Hart hits a dropkick off the top and gets a two count. Not many have been on more PPVs than Bulldog and Owen. Diesel pulls down the rope allowing Owen to fall out of the ring then Diesel smashes Hart into the ringpost before throwing him back in.

Razor goes to the armbar now and stomps away at Owen Hart before tagging in Diesel. Diesel hits a sidewalk slam, I love how they mimic the real Diesel and Razor’s moveset. Speaking of which in comes Razor who hits a fallaway pump handle slam for a two. The crowd start clapping but I’m not sure who for. both are heel teams. Hart and Bulldog almost play the faces because of their problems with Steve Austin. A “Diesel sucks” chant breaks out as the big man misses an elbow. Diesel tags Razor but Hart lands some right hands. Diesel pulls him back and we get some double teaming. Owen hits an enzeguri on Diesel then tags Bulldog! And in comes Razor. Bulldog hits some big clotheslines on both men then a double noggin knocker. Bulldog then slams Razor and hits a legdrop for a two. He follows that up with a suplex for another two. Then in comes Diesel and Owen Hart.

Owen and Diesel take it to the outside whilst in the ring Bulldog goes for the Running Powerslam. Razor slips down and sets up for the Razors Edge but Hart comes in and hits a spinning heel kick on The Bad Guy. Bulldog rolls him up for the three! Bulldog and Owen retain their tag team titles! But in comes Steve Austin who attacks British Bulldog from behind! Owen checks to Bulldog as Austin leaves. This match was ok, nothing special. I’m glad Owen and Bulldog won. That’s their second successful PPV defence. It’s a confusing situation though with all these heels. How does Bulldog and Austin fit into the bigger picture?

Rating: 5/10

Vince McMahon then introduces Ahmed Johnson. Johnson comes out wearing a tracksuit and a fanny pack. McMahon then announces that at the Royal Rumble, Ahmed Johnson will go one on one with Faarooq. Ahmed then tells us he’s lost his girlfriend, his car and his house due to the injury he’s had. Ahmed says that he just lives for the people. The Nation Of Domination music then hits. Faarooq appears in the crowd with Crush, Clarence Mason and PG-13. Faarooq says he hates Ahmed Johnson. Johnson challenges Faarooq to come down now and starts a “You’re Going Down” chant.

Now to a video package about Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Marc Mero. They’ve had a lot of history dating back to Wrestlemania.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) vs. Marc Mero – Intercontinental Title Match

Big Intercontinental title match up next. This is the second time these two have met on pay per view, Mero defeated Helmsley at In Your House: Beware Of Dog. Helmsley has new entrance music! This one is a bit more upbeat and dramatic. Some nice chain wrestling to start the match that ends with Mero taking Helmsley down. This is Helmsley’s first title defence on pay per view. These two men captained opposing teams at Survivor Series but neither of these men were survivors. Helmsley hits a big chop in the corner but Mero backbody drops Hunter out of the corner to take the advantage. Hunter drops Marc on the top turnbuckle then goes for the Pedigree but predictable Mero back body drops Helmsley to the outside. Hunter then hides behind Sable before hitting a cheap shot on the challenger. Hunter throws Mero into the ringsteps then grabs a chair to smash him with but the referee grabs the chair off him. None of that please. Helmsley hits a backbreaker as McMahon tells us there are transmission difficulties. I’ve not seen any evidence of that yet. Helmsley gets a two then locks on an abdominal stretch, using the ropes for extra leverage.

Hebner kicks Helmsleys arm off the rope. Then as hunter tries to intimidate him Hebner pushes him! It’s all Helmsley now though as he boots Mero but Mero catches him off the second rope with a boot of his own. Marc hits an inverted atomic drop then a flying clothesline. The challenger hits a running knee lift and a flying head scissors which earns him a two count. Mero pops Helmsley on the top rope then hits a hurricanrana from the top! Mero then goes to the top to hit his finisher but Helmsley shoves the referee into the ropes causing Mero to fall off the top! Not a disqualification? The referees are very lenient. Helmsley covers Mero for a two. Sable is on the outside supporting her man. Hunter sets up for The Pedigree but Mero gets out of it and slingshots Hunter into the ringpost. Another near fall. This is the first PPV Intercontinental title match since Summerslam 1992 to not feature either Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon or Goldust. Mero hits a moonsaunt and gets a two count before accidentally nailing the referee with a clothesline.

Hunter quickly takes the advantage with a neckbreaker then grabs the Intercontinental title belt. Mero sees him coming though and kicks it out of his hand before rolling Hunter up for nearly a ten count but the referee wakes up late and counts a two. Mero then sends Hunter out of the ring before hitting his somersault plancha and barely touches him. Goldust then comes out and nails both Helmsley and Mero with the Intercontinental belt! Mero looked accidental but he nailed both men either way. The referee then counts Helmsley out! Mero got back in just in the nick of time but Helmsley loses the match! Mero wins but doesn’t take home the gold due to the nature of how he won. Mero puts Helmsley back in the ring for good measure and hits The Wild Thing from the top. Goldust then attacks Helmsley in the aisle. What did Hunter say to Marlena in the pre-show?

Rating: 6/10

Backstage to Sid now who points out that Shawn beat Bret and he beat Shawn. Sid and Michaels got into it on Superstars, they have a lot of unfinished business.

The Undertaker vs. The Executioner – Armageddon Rules Match

Well the rules of this one is that if a wrestler has been pinned or submitted, they have ten seconds to continue the match or it’s over. The two men get straight into it before the bell rings. Undertaker starts well with a big back body drop and big boot. The Executioner is a masked Terry Gordy who used to be a member of The Freebirds. Mankind is in the arena tonight, there’s no doubt he’ll be involved in this one. Undertaker gets distracted by Paul Bearer who is at ringside supporting The Executioner. This allows The Executioner to take the advantage and he clotheslines Undertaker to the outside. Paul Bearer attacks Undertaker with the urn but it doesn’t have much affect. There’s no disqualifications in this one. Executioner smashes Undertaker off the ring post and announce table. Undertaker clotheslines his opponent then exposes the concrete floor then goes for the Tombstone but here comes Mankind who TRIPS OVER the mat then grabs Undertakers angle.

This one has turned into a 2 on 1 match now as Mankind and Executioner hit a double clothesline. Undertaker sits up and hammers away at both men then all three men brawl up the entrance ramp. Undertaker throws Mankind into the set and through the window and back out the front door! All three men then brawl back to the ring in what has definitely turned into a handicap match. Security then come out and have spray Mankind with mace! Undertaker and the Executioner battle to the back! They go up some stairs and out of the building! Fans run out after them and who knows what’s happening because there’s no camera with them. In the ring a straight jacket is put on Mankind! We finally get a camera outside of the arena where The Undertaker and Executioner are battling in a swimming pool! Undertaker then makes his way back to the ring where he attacks Mankind on the way! Mankind can’t do anything though as he’s tied up in a straight jacket! The Executioner then comes back and Undertaker knocks him down with a clothesline then a Tombstone! Undertaker pins him for the three and there’s a big cheer because more have forgot the rules.

The referee counts all the way to ten to confirm that Undertaker wins. Which is ridiculous. If you’re going to have one of these matches then why not have a near fall? Otherwise it’s just pointless. This was a strange match but it was fun. Very entertaining. A good call that Undertaker won. I’m sure we’ll get another match between he and Mankind. Although it was mentioned that at the Rumble we’ll get Undertaker vs. Vader. Big match.

Rating: 6/10

Backstage now to Dok with Bret Hart. We see some footage from earlier in the day with Bret interrupting a fight between Shawn Michaels and Sid. Hart is fed up of Shawn Michaels and looks forward to meeting him at The Royal Rumble. Speaking of Michaels, he’s out to commentate on the main event.

Sycho Sid (c) vs. Bret Hart – WWF Title Match

Hart gets a decent enough reaction. Nobody has fought on as many PPVs and had as many PPV matches as Bret Hart. Michaels seems a bit heelish on commentary tonight. Hart of course beat Steve Austin at Survivor Series to earn this title shot, a first match between Sid and Bret Hart. Sid is the 20th man to hold the WWF title and only the 12th in the PPV era. Hart attacks Sid before the bell. Although Bret and Michaels are the two faces, I think Sid could be the most popular of the three at the moment. Sid soon takes the advantage and powerslams Bret before booting him. you wonder how Michaels will get involved in this one. Bret takes Sid down with a snapmare. This is Sids first WWF title defence. He’s defeated Vader and Shawn Michaels on the last two PPVs. The two men fight it out on the outside as the referee finds ways to not count them out. Back in the ring and Hart hits some right hands but one too many as Sid ducks and backdrops Bret to the outside. Sid pulls back the mats on the outside now and sets up for the Powerbomb but Bret shoves him into the ringpost.

Back in the ring and Bret goes after Sids back. Sid hasn’t lost on PPV since In your House: International Incident back in July. Bret whips him hard into the corner then brings him down to them at with a snapmare. The last time Bret had an opportunity to win the WWF title on PPV was at Survivor Series 95 and he won it. Hart hits a back suplex and covers him for a two. He then hits his trademark Russian leg sweep for another two. Bret hits a snap suplex then goes to the middle rope and hits an elbow to Sid backs. Bret rolls him over for another two. Bret goes to the top again and Sid throws him off. Bret has been working his back well in this one though. Sid hits a big boot then a big powerslam for a two. Three of the four matches prior to this have been won by babyfaces. The other match didn’t have a babyface. So technically, heels have lost in every match tonight. As Bret goes to the outside, Steve Austin comes out and chopblocks The Hitman! But here come The British Bulldog and Owen Hart! Bret sells the knee now, classic Bret.

Sid points to the knee and looks concerned but it doesn’t stop him from hammering away at Hart. Sid and Bret botch something so they try it again and this time Hart goes face first into the turnbuckle. Sid then hits a big chokeslam for a two count. Shawn Michaels meets the winner of this at The Royal Rumble. Hart clotheslines Sid to the outside and both men go flying over. Hart grabs Shawn Michaels chair off him but Sid attacks Hart from behind. Sid throws Bret back into the ring and then shoves Michaels. Michaels gets up on the apron and Sid throws Bret into him! The two men collide and Sid turns Hart around and hits him with the Powerbomb! He covers Bret and gets the three! Sid wins the match and hangs on to the WWF title! Sid beats Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart on back to back pay per views, quite the accomplishment. On the outside of the ring Bret attacks Michaels and leaves him lying. Who are you supposed to be cheering for from these three guys? Sid? This match was alright. Nothing spectacular but a decent enough main event. At the Rumble this sets up Sid and Shawn Michaels the rematch in San Antonio, Texas, Shawn Michaels hometown.

Rating: 6.25/10

And that ladies and gentleman was In Your House: It’s Time. Five matches that from top to bottom were pretty good. The opener between Leif Cassidy and Flash Funk, poor gimmicks aside, was a really decent contest. Both men are good workers and were given the opportunity to showcase everything they had. I don’t think that one will lead to anything but it was a good match. Maybe one day these two men will be in a stable together. The next match was an odd choice but the Fake Razor Ramon and Diesel seem to be getting a half decent push. I much rather would have seen The Godwinns in this match because I don’t think you can beat a face v heel contest. In any case the right team won and the build will continue for Bulldog and Hart against Furnas & Lafon.

Match three was the Intercontinental title match between Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Marc Mero.  I like the IC title picture at the moment. Goldust is on the fringe and clearly getting involved whilst the likes of Faarooq and Ahmed Johnson are on the fringe. Helmsley is a decent champion, he seems to be getting the push he deserves after the whole Madison Square Garden incident has died down. I think we’re probably headed towards a Goldust face turn and a feud with Helmsley for the gold whilst Mero could feud with someone like Vader or Crush maybe? He could e a decent ally for Ahmed Johnson against the Nation Of Domination.

Undertaker and The Executioner had a very interesting match next. The battled all the way to the outside of the arena via the set. The Executioner is of course Terry Gordy and at this stage he was 25 and not really in the prime of his career. The ending annoyed me. If you’re going to use this stip then….use the stip! If there are going to be no near falls then it may as well be a normal match.  It was an entertaining contest none the less, a no holds barred match was the right way to go with these two. Then we had the main event. We have three guys focused around the WWF title in Sid, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Sid takes the title home but the story is far from over between these three. The next main event will be Sid defending against Michaels. Decent match between Bret and Sid though. Presumably Hart goes back to feuding with Steve Austin.

Overall a decent pay per view. It was missing stars such as Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Goldust and (more importantly…see the name) Vader. Interestingly the opening match was the show stealer for me. Lots of high flying action and probably encouraged everybody else on the card to step up their game.

Overall Rating:  60 out of 100 (Ranked joint 9th out of 63)

Match Of The Night: Flash Funk Leif Cassidy
Worst Match Of The Night: Bulldog & Owen vs. Fake Razor & Diesel
Surprise Of The Night: Goldust attacks Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Worst Booing Of The Night: The ending to the Undertaker/Executioner Match
Superstar Of The Night: Sycho Sid
IYH: It’s Time Will Be Remembered For: The attitude change in Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels

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  1. On the Free for All, Rocky Maivia beat Salvatore Sincere by DQ due to outside intereference from Jim Cornette.

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