In Your House 19: D-Generation X

Attitude Is Everything. That’s the way the WWF is going right now and without it you are going to get lost in the mix. The man with the most attitude is WWF Champion Shawn Michaels, who’s PPV takes its name from his stable. Tonight Michaels defends his title against the man who had him tapping out a few weeks ago on Raw, Ken Shamrock. Shamrock has been on the rise in the WWF and had Michaels tapping out recently at the same time Triple H was tapping out to Sgt Slaughter. Helmsley goes one on one with Slaughter tonight in a Bootcamp match.  The Commissioner of the WWF is fed up of Helmsleys antics so the two meet in a match that both would struggle to live down should they lose.

Also tonight the Intercontinental title is on the line when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defends his belt against The Rock. Rocky Maivia has rebranded himself and even stole Austins title on Raw claiming it to be his own. Austin will be looking to get his title back tonight despite not officially losing it. Two men that did lose their titles are The Legion of Doom. They were beaten by Billy Gunn and The Road Dog who used a steel chair to steal the victory. Gunn and Road Dog defend their titles against Hawk and Animal tonight in a big rematch. The fourth title match of the evening will be between Taka Michinoku and Brian Christopher who are fighting in a tournament final to determine the first ever Light Heavyweight champion. Christopher only technically won one match to get to the final and that was over Flash Flanagan.  Michinoku defeated Devon Storm and Aguila to get there.

Also tonight Jeff Jarrett returns to in-ring competition to take on The Undertaker. Jarrett has been avoiding in-ring competition up to this point but Commissioner Slaughter has demanded that he face The Undertaker in a PPV return for the dead man. Will Undertaker be able to take his mind away from his brother Kane? Tonight we’ll also see a “Toughman match” between “Marvelous” Marc Mero and boxer Butterbean. I have no idea what a toughman contest is but Mero is a former Golden Gloves winner and he doesn’t like Butterbean looking at Sable. Let’s hit play.

Are You Ready? We kick things off with a cool “DX” style promo video for Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock and Triple H vs. Sgt Slaughter. Then the fireworks go off and Jim Ross welcomes us to this, the 19th instalment of In Your House. Hundreds of fans have been turned away! Ross is joined by Jerry Lawler. We’ve got four titles on the line tonight as well as Marc Mero vs. Butterbean in a toughman contest and Jeff Jarrett returns to take on The Undertaker. Time to get to it.

Brian Christopher vs. Taka Michinoku – Light Heavyweight Championship Match

This match is a tournament final to decide the first ever Light Heavyweight champion. Christopher beat Flash Flanagan and Scott Taylor to get here whilst Taka had the tougher route of Devon Storm and Aguila. Christopher has new music, I preferred his old theme. I actually quite like Christopher. He has a lot of good heel qualities, must take after his Dad. He’s bigger than Taka and shows this by throwing him across the ring in the early going. He hits an arm drag and cackles. Both of these men are competing in their second ever PPV matches. Taka lost his previous match to The Great Sasuke whilst Christopher defeated Scott Putski. Michinoku hits some nice dropkicks then clotheslines Brian out of the ring before springboarding onto the top rope and leaping to the outside. Take then attempts to suplex Christopher back in but it gets reversed and Taka ends up getting crotched on the top rope. Brian then knocks Taka to the outside but misses with a double axe handle.

Back in the ring and Christopher ducks a high cross body. For me, Brian Christopher has to be the favourite, he’s had a lot of exposure on Raw over the past few months. Taka hits him with a DDT off the second rope for a two count. Taka then hits a standing hurricanrana sending Christopher to the outside then hits a springboard moonsault. Christopher has a bloody lip and Jerry Lawler goes out to wipe it off. Lawler then throws Christopher back into the ring where Michinoku hits a dropkick but Christopher hits a full nelson takedown and is slow to make the cover. In fact, he doesn’t. Christopher hits a seated powerbomb for a two but Taka reverses the pin to get a near fall himself. Christopher then hits a dropkick from the second rope to the back of Michinoku’s head. Brian hits a Rocker Dropper and his mouth is heavily bleeding. He hits a backbreaker for a two. Christopher slaps Michinoku in the face multiple times then gouges his eyes. Christopher hits a German suplex and Taka lands right on his head.

Christopher hits a standing legdrop for a two count. He follows that up with a powerslam then heads to the top but Taka gets out of the way of the Tennessee Jam. Michinoku stands up and hits the Michinoku Driver! That came from nowhere! Michinoku becomes the first ever Light Heavyweight Champion! Pat Patterson, Gerald Briscoe and Tony Garea come out to present him with the title. Then some Japanese photographers come into the ring and take pictures. A big win for Taka who got a lot less offence in this match. Still, a good way to start the show with some good spots, especially from Taka.

Rating: 6/10

Los Boricuas (Jesus Castillo, Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada) vs. The Disciples Of Apocolypse (Chainz, Skull & 8 Ball) 

Well this is a surprise match up. We’ve got ourselves a six man tag match with both faction leaders not involved. Miguel starts things off against Chainz. These two are sort of stand in leaders I guess. Both factions have won one a piece on pay per view in 8 man tag matches. Chainz starts well hitting clotheslines. Crush hasn’t been seen since Kane attacked him on Raw a few weeks ago. 8 Ball is tagged in with Jesus. They go back and forth and Jesus tags in Jose. 8 Ball tags Skull who drops a knee in Jose’s face for a near fall. Skull tags 8 Ball and they hit a double clotheslines on Jose. 8 Ball hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. He then tags Skull. Jose hits some right hands but Skull hits a swinging neckbreaker. It takes a 3 on 1 attack for Los Boricuas to take the advantage. Jose hits a clothesline in the corner then tags Miguel in. Miguel hits a scoop slam then a standing moonsault for a two. Miguel comes off the top rope and looks like he’s hurt himself. He rolls out and tags Jose.

Jose locks on a sleeper now as Miguel rithes around in pain on the outside. Jose tags Jesus who hits some chops but they don’t affect Skull too much. Jesus knocks Skull down then tags Jose. This match has turned into a handicap match. Jose comes off the ropes with a flying elbow then tags Jesus. Savio Vega runs back out and jumps on the apron. Jesus then tags him in but the referee gets him back out of there. Jesus gets back in and he misses with a shoulder charge in the corner. Jesus tags Jose and Skull tags Chainz!  Chainz hits a Death Valley Driver but suddenly all 5 men are in and out of nowhere Miguel slides in and hits a spinning leg drop! There’s nothing wrong with him! Miguel puts Jose on top of Chainz and the referee counts the three! Los Boricuas win this match! A big and slightly unexpected win for Boricuas. Crafty tactics by the Boricuas in this one.

Rating: 4.25/10

Dok Hendrix is backstage with Butterbean now who is with his manager and trainer. Butterbean fought last night and considers that a warm up.

Michael Cole is with Sable now and she was at Butterbeans match. Sable says she will be in Meros corner tonight. Mero says he didn’t give Sable permission to speak!

Marc Mero vs. Butterbean – Toughman Contest

Just an observation but there isn’t a big screen for this pay per view. That must be frustrating. What is also frustrating is that they haven’t gone over the rules for this contest. It looks like a boxing fight though. Only the second boxing fight on WWE PPV, the first being “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Mr T at Wrestlemania 2. This fight does look pretty legit. Butterbean forces Mero into the ropes in the first round. A “Sable” chant then breaks out and Butterbean knocks Mero out of the ring. Mero looks a lot lighter on his toes. After the bell for the end of the first round Mero punches Butterbean in the back of the head! Second round and Mero attacks Butterbean just as the bell rings and then chokes Butterbean with some rope as the referee is distracted! Butterbean is still with it though and forces Mero back. Mero pokes Butterbean in the eye! This gives Mero a big advantage. The bell rings for the end of round 2 and Mero dropkicks him from behind!

Mero has landed a lot more punches than Butterbean so far. Both men get into it in the third round and Butterbean forces Mero into the corner. Butterbean lands a few lefts and rights and then nails him with a big right hand which knocks Mero down! Mero isn’t with it at all anymore! Butterbean throws a bucket of ice on Mero to wake him back up. Fourth round now and Butterbean knocks Mero down with a right! Mero then hits a low blow! The bell rings, this one is over. Mero clobbers Butterbean with a stool! Butterbean wins this one. He chases Mero to the back. I don’t think I can rate this match. It was a pretty good boxing match but I can’t compare it to a wrestling match.

Rating: N/A

Luna comes out with The Artist Formally Known As Goldust. Goldust reads out some Dr Suess in a very odd segment. Before he can finish though Luna drags him to the back. All very strange.

Michael Cole is backstage with The Legion Of Doom now. We see some footage from Raw where Road Dog and Billy Gunn defeated L.O.D for the tag team titles. Animal says he’ll be kicking their teeth down their throat. Hawk compares the champs to a booger up his nose that he can’t quite reach. But eventually he does reach it and he flicks it. Whaaaat a booger!

Road Dog & Billy Gunn (c) vs. The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) – Tag Team Title Match

Big tag team title match now. Road Dog and Billy Gunn beat LOD with a chair for the titles a couple of weeks ago. This is LODs 8th PPV match in a row, more than anyone else currently. Road Dog comes out referring to Hawk and Animal as dinosaurs. LOD chase them to the back before retreating to the ring. Road Dog and Billy Gunn then come back out but Animal and Hawk force them to the back again. This time Briscoe, Patterson and Garea force them to the ring. Hawk and Animal take matters into their own hands and bring the champions to the ring. Animal and Road Dog start things off and Animal smashes Road Dog with the belt. Animal hits a big clothesline then tags Hawk. Hawk hits a dropkick and Road Dog heads out of the ring. Hawk chases and Road Dog catches him coming in. Hawk hits a neckbreaker which forces Road Dogs bandanna off. Animal and Hawk take it to the champs on the outside of the ring now. Hawk bumps their heads off one another then throws Road Dog back into the ring.

Hawk hits a big chop and a right hand in the corner then stomps Road Dog out of the ring. Hawk then slams Road Dog off the announce table then throws him back into the ring and tags Animal. Animal hits a powerbomb on Road Dog but his cover is interrupted by Billy Gunn. This is the first ever time that Billy Gunn has appeared on more PPVs than Bart Gunn. On the outside Animal gorilla press slams Billy Gunn on the ring stairs. Road Dog and Billy Gunn then walk up he entrance way but Hawk and Animal go after them! The referee forces Animal to his corner and on the other side of the ring Road Dog smashes Hawk with an ice bucket! Billy Gunn does the same, smashing it over Hawks head. Back in the ring and Road Dog gets a two count. Road Dog tags Billy Gunn for the first time this match. Billy chokes Hawk. Billy and Road Dog got a big win on the last PPV, Survivor Series. Billy hits a knee to the middle section then a knee to the face for a two count. Hawk comes off the ropes and both men go down with a clothesline.

Hawk tags Animal and Billy Gunn tags Road Dog. Animal hit a big powerslam on Road Dog and a shoulder block on Billy! Then a shoulder block on Road Dog. Animal and Hawk both hit clotheslines in the corner then they set Road Dog up for the Doomsday Device! Billy Gunn distracts the referee and here comes Henry Godwinn! He smashes Animal with the bucket! Hawk grabs the bucket and smashes Henry with it and then takes everyone out with it! The referee sees Hawk hitting Billy Gunn and calls for the bell! It’s a disqualification victory for Billy Gunn and Road Dog! A decent match between two good teams.

Rating: 6.5/10

Next up we have a special look at Sgt Slaughter. Just hit locking on the Cobra Clutch on people. Then we go backstage to Michael Cole who is with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna. Helmsley shows us his survival kit which includes a comb with no teeth in it to comb Slaughters hair. He then says that he might pop round Slaughters house and let his old lady have a smoke on the peace pipe.

Sgt Slaughter vs. Triple H – Boot Camp Match

This is Slaughters first pay per view match since Wrestlemania 8 nearly 6 years ago. Slaughter comes out to The Patriots music and the two men get straight into it. Slaughter uses his riding cane thing to take Helmsley down, whipping him with it. Slaughter hits a gutbuster and a double stomp to the middle section. It’s all Slaughter so far as he hits an elbow to the middle section then throws Helmsley out of the ring. Slaughter smashes Helmsley off the ring steps then across the security railings. Slaughter covers Helmsley on the outside but the referee tells him that he has to pin him in the ring. Slaughter continues the assault, throwing Hunter into the steps again then throwing him into the ring. Slaughter takes his belt off now and whips Helmsley with it! Sarge hits a clothesline for a two count then motions for the Cobra Clutch but Helmsley avoids it. Helmsley then hits a big Irish whip sending Slaughter all the way over the top and to the outside of the ring.

Helmsley throws Slaughter into the steel steps then over the guard rail before going over with him and sending him back over to the ringside area. Helmsley grabs the ring bell, nails Mark Yeaton the time keeper with it but gets caught by Slaughter. Second time round Hunter nails Slaughter with the bell. Helmsley whips Slaughter with a belt then tries to choke him with it. Helmsley hits Slaughter with a chain wrapped around his knuckles then back body drops Slaughter to the outside. Helmsley rolls him back into the ring then goes up top but the Sarge gets his boot up! Slaughter goes for a powerslam but can’t do it and just hits the deck, very strange. Helmsley gets him up and attempts a suplex but Slaughter reverses it! Slaughter then heads to the top but Helmsley throws him across the ring. The crowd are dead for this one. Helmsley pins Slaughter for a two. He then locks on a sleeper. The referee counts him but Slaughter somewhat hangs on at the three count.

Slaughter reverses the sleeper into a Cobra Clutch! Chyna gets in the ring and shoves the referee out of the way before gouging Slaughter breaking the hold. The referee kicks off at Chyna and she lays him out with a right forearm. She then grabs a chair and goes to hit Slaughter with it but Sarge gets up and throws powder in her face! That sends her out of the ring. Slaughter grabs a chair but Helmsley lays him out with his boot! Helmsley tries for a second time but Slaughter ducks it and locks on the Cobra Clutch! The referee checks on him and at the last second Chyna breaks it up with a low blow! She then hands Helmsley a chair and he hits the Pedigree on it! He pins Slaughter and gets the three! Triple H wins the boot camp match. Definitely the right decision but Slaughter put up a good fight. There were some good spots in this match but the crowd seemed quite dead for a lot of it.

Rating: 4/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Jeff Jarrett now. Jarrett is confident of beating The Undertaker tonight.

Jeff Jarrett vs. The Undertaker

“There’s all the other WWF superstars then there’s me”. Jesus his entrance music is awful. It has him talking through it. This is a first time meeting between these two men although there is a bit of history in that Jeff Jarrett was one of the men to cost Undertaker his match in the 1994 Royal Rumble casket match against Yokozuna. This is Undertakers first PPV match since his brother Kane debuted whilst it’s Jarretts first PPV match since Royal Rumble 1996. I have a suspicion that Kane might show his face in this one. Only Bret Hart has won more PPV matches than The Undertaker. Jarrett uses his speed in the early going and hits some right hands. Undertaker hits a headbutt to take the advantage. He hits a clothesline and gets a two count. This is a big match for Jarrett to come back to. Undertaker twists the arm round then goes up top and comes off with a single axe handle. Jarrett attempts to come off the top but Undertaker catches him. Jarrett takes Undertaker down with a chopblock.

It’s all Jeff Jarrett now as he takes it to Undertakers leg. Undertaker gets back into it with a backbreaker and a leg drop for a two. The Dead Man hits a big boot then throws Jarrett into the corner but the lights go out. Kanes music hits and Paul Bearer emerges with Undertakers brother. Kane gets into the ring and chokeslams Jeff Jarrett! The bell rings which suggest Jarrett has won this one by disqualification! Undertaker and Kane go face to face and Kane slaps his brother! Undertaker won’t hit him back though. Kane does his pyro and leaves as his music hits. Kane leaves and as Undertaker watches, Jarrett chopblocks him from behind. He then attempts the figure four but Undertaker grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him! Undertakers music hits but this one will go down in the record books as a big victory for Jeff Jarrett, albeit by DQ. This one didn’t really get underway.

Rating: 4/10

Michael Cole is up in the crowd with Mark Henry. Henry tells us he’ll be back in the WWF very soon. He’s not happy with what’s been happening to Ahmed Johnson and he’s backing Steve Austin to win the next match.

We get a video package showing the history between Steve Austin and The Rock. Dok Hendrix is then backstage with The Rock who says he is the most dangerous Intercontinental champion of all time.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. The Rock – Intercontinental Title Match

The Rock gets on the microphone before the bell and says the time has come for him to finally defend his Intercontinental title. This is a first time meeting between these two on pay per view. Austin drives his pick up truck to ringside and the two get straight into it. D-lo, Kama and Faarooq all beat down Austin before the bell. Austin then back drops D-lo onto the pick up truck and stunner him on top of it. The bell finally rings and The Rock hits Austin with right hands. This has been a great feud off the back of Bret Hart and Owen Hart for Austin. The Rock throws him over the top rope to the outside where Faarooq and Kama lay in some right hands. Kama then gets a chair but accidentally nails Faarooq! Austin throws Kama into the truck then gets back into the ring where The Rock takes the advantage. Rock hits some right hands on Austin who hasn’t even taken his waistcoat yet.

The Rock hits a slam then runs off either side of the ring before hitting an elbow for a two count. The challenger then locks on a sleeper. Austin gets out of it but receives a knee to the middle section. Rock hits another slam then attempts the elbow again but Austin gets up. Austin attempts a Stunner but The Rock pushes him away. Austin turns back round and hits the Stunner….on the referee! The Rock pulls out some Brass Knuckles but Austin sees him coming and hits him with the Stunner! Another referee comes out and counts Austin for the win! Austin celebrates on top of the pick up truck with his title. This was quite a short match but I’d like to see more between these two.

Rating: 6.5/10

We get a package, first about Shamrock and his ability to snap and then some footage from Raw the past couple of weeks with Michaels winding up Shamrock. Now to an interview with Shamrock who says he has a lot of experience in PPV fights. He says that tonight Michaels will be squealing like a baby. Now we see Shamrock walk to the entrance curtain.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Ken Shamrock – WWF Title Match

Probably worth saying that the WWF title has never changed hands on an In Your House event as of yet. Every In Your House main event has featured either Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker or Diesel. In fact the last time either Bret, Michaels or Undertaker weren’t in a PPV main event was October 1995 when Diesel took on The British Bulldog. This is another first time meeting on pay per view. These two have never even been in the same match on PPV before. Michaels who is usually the smaller guy seems quite a bit bigger than Shamrock. Ken takes Michaels down with a big kick, sending the champion to the outside of the ring. Ken has won two of his four PPV matches so far. Michaels sells his chest which is where he received the kick. Helmsley and Chyna are at ringside. Shamrock hits some lefts and rights then throws Michaels across the ring. He hits a big back body drop then an Irish whip sending Shamrock to the outside.

Shamrock gets distracted by Chyna allowing Michaels to take the advantage. Shamrock clotheslines Michaels to the outside now where DX check on him. Michaels get back into the ring underneath Shamrocks legs then goes for a sunset flip but Shamrock pulls Michaels up to his feet and throws him into the corner. Shamrock crotches Shawn on the top rope then goes for a belly to belly suplex but Michaels hangs on to the referee. He then hits a low blow and clotheslines Ken out of the ring. Helmsley hits some right hands on Shamrock before Michaels goes up top and hits a high cross body to the outside! Chyna then shoves Shamrock into the ring post! Helmsley and Chyna continue the assault on the outside whilst Michaels gets his breath back. Eventually Hunter throws Shamrock back into the ring and Michaels comes off the second rope with an elbow. Michaels then hits a dropkick for a two. It’s all Michaels now as he chokes Shamrock with his boot then chokes him on the ropes. Helmsley once again gets involved with some right hands.

Shamrock gets back into it by slamming Michaels into the turnbuckle. But that doesn’t last long. Michaels locks on a chinlock. Shamrock gets out of it and rolls up Michaels for a two but Shawn is first up and hits a clothesline. He follows it up with a sleeper. Shamrock breaks the hold by backing Michaels into the corner. Shamrock hits two big clotheslines and a back body drop. He then hits a nice flying elbow and a powerslam for a two count. He hits a nice standing hurricanrana then lays in some lefts and rights on the champion. Shamrock nearly pins Michaels but then receives a thumb to the eye. Michaels throws Shamrock into the ropes and Kens head snaps on the top rope, I’ve never seen that before. Michaels goes for a hurricanrana but Shamrock powerbombs him for a two count. Michaels distracts the referee which allows Helmsley to pull Shamrock out, hit some right hands then throws Shamrock back into the ring.

Michaels goes up top and hits his flying elbow drop. He then slams his foot on the ground motioning for Sweet Chin Music but Shamrock ducks and hits a belly to belly suplex! Shamrock locks on the ankle lock but Helmsley and Chyna get in the ring and break it up! This is the fourth disqualification finish of the night. Helmsley and Chyna take apart Shamrock after the bell and Shawn Michaels gets taken out by Owen Hart! Owen Hart has returned to get vengeance on Michaels. Hart takes off through the crowd as the announcement is made that Shamrock wins this one by DQ. This was a decent enough main event between Michaels and Shamrock although you never really though Michaels title was in danger.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was In Your House: D-Generation X. 8 matches well, 7 wrestling matches and a boxing match. On paper it had some really good matches but not all of them delivered. The light heavyweight title match that kicked off the show was decent. There is a lot of potential in that division but at the moment, not a lot of depth. Brian Christopher has been getting the most exposure and Taka Michinoku has been getting a moderate amount but apart form that there aren’t any contenders. All of the other guys in the tournament have few and far between matches. It’ll be interesting to see how they build this division around Christopher and Taka. Usually you would expect to see the heel win the gold and the face chase it but this time it’s the other way round except you want to see Christopher fail.

Next up was the six man tag which is a continuation of a feud that has been going on for a long time now. It’s the third PPV match between the two teams (if you don’t count the triple threat at Ground Zero) and Los Boricuas have won two of them. I liked that they cheated to win in the way they did as it was different to before. I’m not sure if Crush has left the WWF now but he was nowhere to be seen. Savio also wasn’t in the match and it almost felt like management were seeing which of the 6 men they would hang on to. I’m not sure where they go from here. I do wonder if they’ll continue the feud between Butterbean and Marc Mero. Butterbean won by DQ, the first of four DQ finishes tonight. I’m not fussed by the whole boxing thing so I hope not. I think they finished it this way to give Butterbean the win but not making Mero look weak. I guess it works as a finish. I’m guessing it’s a matter of time until another wrestler saves Sable from Mero, I’m just not sure who it’ll be at this point. Ahmed Johnson perhaps?

The first big match was up next when Road Dog and Billy Gunn defended their titles against The Legion Of Doom. This was another DQ finish that involved Henry Godwinn which suggests that LOD will go back to feuding with them. I enjoyed this match actually, Gunn and Road Dogg play the cowardly heels well whilst Hawk and Animal are still getting Road Warrior pops. These are definitely the top two teams in the company at the moment so this result could lead to a four corner match down the road (maybe with The Headbangers?). Triple H took on Sgt Slaughter next in what was essentially a two on one match. Slaughter was slow but it wasn’t as bad a I thought it would be. This was a good rub for Helmsley who has now taken on both Slaughter and Ultimate Warrior in PPV matches. Can’t see this feud going much further but will Slaughter be able to show his face on TV going forward?

Then Jeff Jarrett took on The Undertaker in what was probably the most predictable outcome of the evening. Jarrett needed to come out of this one looking strong so it only made sense that Kane would make his presence felt. Undertaker refuses to lay a hand on his brother but I’m sure he can only take so much. So where does this leave Jarrett? A feud with Steve Austin maybe? He’s getting a good push so don’t be surprised. Speaking of Austin, he looked great tonight. He took out the whole Nation of Domination and pinned The Rock in less than 5 and a half minutes to retain his title. I love the dynamic between these two so it would be nice to see them continue although Austin winning as clean as he did suggests it could be over. Then in the main event Shawn Michaels beat Ken Shamrock by DQ. I didn’t think Shamrock was winning this one by any stretch but are they setting up a Shawn Michaels/Triple H vs. Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock match down the line? Michaels retains his title and in terms of main event faces there is only really The Undertaker and Steve Austin then underneath them Mankind and Vader. I mean, if you look at the faces on this card besides the ones I’ve mentioned there is Sgt Slaughter, Butterbean, DOA, LOD & Taka Michinoku and I can’t see any of those challenging Michaels!

Overall not a bad show featuring a roster missing the likes of The Hart Foundation, Kane, Mankind and Vader. The Billy Gunn and Road Dog vs. Legion Of Doom, Steve Austin vs. The Rock, Triple H vs. Sgt Slaughter, Jeff Jarrett vs. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock matches were the big ones and would have had enough pull to get buys.

Overall Rating: 55/100 (Ranked 34th out of 76)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock
Worst Match Of The Night: Undertaker/Jarrett or Triple H/Slaughter
Surprise Of The Night: None
Worst Booking Of The Night: 4 DQ finishes
Superstar Of The Night: Triple H
IYH:D-Generation X Will Be Remembered For: Steve Austin taking apart the Nation

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