Royal Rumble 99

| Date: January 24, 1999
| Venue: Arrowhead Pond Of Anaheim | City: Anaheim, California
| Attendance: 14, 816 Buyrate: 650, 000

No Chance In Hell. That’s what Vince McMahon is giving “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to win the Royal Rumble tonight. And there will be plenty of people watching as this event has the biggest Royal Rumble buyrate so far and the second biggest of all time. The build for the Royal Rumble match has been spectacular over the past month. McMahon did a draw for Austins number and conveniently drew number 1. Commissioner Shawn Michaels, fired from the Corporation, then informed Mr McMahon, who had entered the Royal Rumble match, that he would be number 2 in the Rumble match. A Corporation vs. DX Royal Rumble match was then made to determine who would be the #30 entry in the 1999 Royal Rumble. Vince McMahon was a surprise entry in it and thought he had won until Chyna came in as the last entrant and won. That means Chyna will be the last person in the match. Austin and McMahon will start.

Also tonight are four title matches. At Rock Bottom, Mankind defeated The Rock but due to the way the match finished, The Rock hung on to the WWF title. Well since then, Mankind defeated The Rock for the title on Raw, with a little help from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. A rematch is on the cards at tonights event in an I Quit match. With us being so close to Wrestlemania, this match could have huge implications on the biggest event of the year. The Corporation will be banned from ringside, can The Rock really make Mankind says “I Quit”?

We’ll also see Ken Shamrock defend his Intercontinental title against Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn defeated Shamrock a few weeks ago on Raw in a non title match and the feud has continued from there. Billy Gunn even mooned Shamrocks sister who was at ringside one night. Shamrock snapped on that occasion and locked on the ankle lock giving Gunn injuries that he assures us have healed. Gunn and Shamrocks respective partners will also be in action. Road Dogg defeated The Big Boss Man for the Hardcore championship a few weeks ago on Raw and the two will meet in a rematch tonight but the title won’t be on the line. X Pac will be defending his European title against Gangrel. Gangrel and his Brood buddies gave Road Dogg a blood bath a few weeks ago on Raw. Also, Sable will defend her Women’s title against a Woman that recently attacked her on Raw, her former friend Luna. The two will meet in a strap match.

A video package kicks things off with the build for the Royal Rumble match mainly concerning Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Those two men will start the match and like last year there is a big bounty on Austins head for the man that eliminates him.

We go to the arena where fireworks are going off and Michael Cole welcomes us to California. Cole is joined by Jerry Lawler who is no stranger to a Royal Rumble match. Lawler is excited that Chyna is going to be in the Royal Rumble.

Road Dogg vs. The Big Boss Man 

This is a special challenge match to kick things off. It’s not a hardcore match though and the title isn’t on the line. This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Boss Man is still one half of the tag team champions but he’s still looking for his first PPV win since returning to the WWE. His last Royal Rumble PPV was in 1993 in a losing effort against Bam Bam Bigelow. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are wrestling their first singles matches on PPV since fighting each other nearly two years ago at In Your House: Revenge Of The Taker. We see the power of the Boss Man against the quickness of The Road Dogg early on in this one. Both of these men will compete in the Royal Rumble match later tonight. Boss Man misses with a splash in the corner allowing Road Dogg to land 10 big punches. Road Dogg hits a dropkick then heads to the outside. He pulls Boss Man around the ring post crotching Vince McMahons head of security.

Boss Man was once main eventing shows against Hulk Hogan ten years ago. He takes the advantage now, hitting big right hands on the Hardcore champion. Boss Man gets the first near fall of the night after nailing a clothesline. He then locks a bear hug on Road Dogg. Road Dogg bites his way out of the bear hug but receives a knee to the middle section. The tag team champion loosens the turnbuckle pad off the corner then hits a spinebuster for a two. The two men exchange right hands but it’s Boss Man that keeps the advantage. He seems to have a bloody nose and things don’t get any better as Road Dogg locks on a sleeper. Boss Man gets out of it and hits a backbreaker before unusually going to the top but he gets caught and Road Dogg throws him across the ring. The two men exchange rights again resulting in Road Dogg hitting his trademark jabs.

Road Dogg hits a big forearm and follows it up with his shakey leg knee drop for a two count. Road Dogg then bounces off the ropes but Boss Man catches him with the Boss Man Slam! That wins the match for the Big Boss Man. That is officially Big Boss Mans first PPV victory since returning to the WWF. Decent way to start the night.

Rating: 6.25/10

We see some footage from Raw with Billy Gunn mooning Ken Shamrocks sister. Shamrock then attacked Gunn and applied the Ankle Lock doing some serious damage to the former tag team champion.

Ken Shamrock (c) vs. “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn – Intercontinental Title Match

This is Ken Shamrocks third Intercontinental title defence on PPV, he’s previous beaten Mankind and Steve Blackman. Billy Gunn looks to win his first singles title in his first PPV match against Shamrock. Ken races to the ring and we’re straight into this one. Gunn hits a big clothesline and lands some big right hands. Shamrock wrestles his way on top of Gunn and it’s back and forth between these two men. Shamrock hits a clothesline of his own then Billy hits one back! Gunn gets the first near fall of the match. Shamrock won an 8 man tournament to get the IC title, beating X Pac in the final. These two men, like the last two will be in the Royal Rumble match later. Gunn hits a suplex for a two. Only 5 men in the history of the WWF to this point have wrestled on more PPVs than Billy Gunn. Billy has been on the roster for nearly 6 years now.

Shamrock hits a powerslam and a couple of kicks to the face. Shamrock has had a good 7 months, winning two titles and the King Of The Ring tournament. Billy Gunn its the Rockerdropper but can’t muster up the energy to cover Ken. He eventually does crawl over but only get a two count. Gunn hits some decent working punches on Shamrock. Every one looks like it connects. Shamrock dumps him over the top rope and the two fight on the outside. Could Shamrock win the Royal Rumble tonight? He fought The Rock at last years Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania events. There’s a couple of people on the front row flipping Shamrock the birds, they were doing the same to Boss Man in the last match. Ken throws Billy into a chair at ringside before throwing him back into the ring. But not before Gunn throws Shamrock into the announce table. Gunn covers Shamrock for a two count. Shamrock uses a clever kick off the mat to take Billy Gunn down to the mat. The IC champion works Gunns left leg and, knee and ankle now.

Shamrock locks a front face lock but Gunn punches his way out of it only to get caught in another front face lock! Billy gets out of it again but can’t keep the advantage as Shamrock hits a fishermans suplex for a two. Shamrock accidentally nails the referee with a clothesline, knocking him out then Shamrock and Gunn knock each other down with clotheslines! Val Venis then comes running out! He hits a DDT on Shamrock and the referee doesn’t see it. Venis has had his problems with Shamrock as of late, mainly concerning his sister. Gunn crawls over and pins Shamrock and eventually the referee gets up but the champion kicks out at 2! Both men are up and Gunn hits a flying elbow and a splash in the corner. He follows that up with a powerslam then heads to the top but Shamrock side steps him and Gunn lands badly on his ankle! Shamrock locks on the Ankle Lock and Billy Gunn taps out! Shamrock retains his Intercontinental title and the Corporation start the night very well.

Rating: 7.25/10

Vince McMahon is backstage with his cronies and son, Shane. Shane is motivating Vince!

X Pac (c) vs. Gangrel – European Title Match

The third match of the night features the third member of DX. There isn’t a lot in the way of history to this match but Gangrel and his Brood buddies did give X Pac’s DX mate Road Dogg a bloodbath a couple of weeks ago on Raw. Both of these men will be in the Royal Rumble match later. X Pac hits a suplex and a leg drop in the early going to get a two count. This is X Pacs first European title defence on PPV. He’s had the title a while too. Pac misses with a Bronco Buster giving Gangrel the advantage. Gangrel locks on a sleeper. We’ve not seen any members of The Corporation, DX or The Brood accompany their stable buddies to the ring so far tonight. X Pac gets out of the sleeper but Gangrel hits a flapjack for a two count. Gangrel then goes for a senton bomb form the top but X Pac gets out of the way. It’s all X Pac now as he nails a roundhouse kick and a big flying clothesline for a two.

X Pac hits a spinning heel kick then lands some big right hands in the corner. X Pac then nails the Bronco Buster! Teddy Long is the referee in this one, he pulls X Pac out of the way. The European champion then hits a roundhouse kick and heads for the top but Gangrel gets up and meets him up there. X Pac shoves him off then flies off with a cross body but Gangrel rolls it over and Teddy Long counts the three! But he didn’t mean to and so the match continues. A small “you fucked up” chant breaks out. X Pac hits the X Factor and rolls Gangrel over for the three. Short match that X Pac wins. Teddy Long could be in trouble when he gets to the back.

Rating: 5.25/10

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Triple H, Chyna and Road Dogg. Road Dogg is confident he’ll be winning the Royal Rumble and taking the £100,00 for eliminating Austin. X Pac turns up and he thinks he’ll be winning. Triple H also wants the cash and says it’s every man for himself, which Chyna interrupts and says “and woman”.

Shane McMahon comes out to some futuristic techno music then introduces us to the “next Womens champion” Luna. Shane then tells us that Sable had a chronic back injury (due to Lunas attack on Sable on Heat) and now Sable has to come out and hand over the Women’s title to Luna! These two were due to have a strap match tonight. Sable grabs the mic and says “ring the bell”!

Sable (c) vs. Luna – Strap Match for the Women’s title

These two have only wrestled once before on PPV and on that night, Luna beat Sable in an Evening Gown match. Sable takes the early advantage, whipping Luna with the strap and hitting a clothesline. I believe the last strap match was between Savio Vega and Bradshaw. Sable is the first to try for the turnbuckles but Luna stops her at 2 then chokes her with the strap. Sable sells the back as Luna tries for the turnbuckles but only gets to two. Sable misses with a splash in the corner then Luna hits a backbreaker much like the one she hit on Sable on Heat. Luna puts Sable on her back then touches the first turnbuckle, as does Sable. Luna hits the second, as does Sable. Luna hits the third, as does Sable. Luna goes for a neckbreaker but Sable flips over the top. Shane McMahon then dives up on the apron and a woman comes out of the crown and lamps Luna! Sable then touches the fourth turnbuckle to win the match! Sable retains her title thanks to a woman form the audience! Not the best match at all this one. Sable does have a rather good PPV record though, winning 5 of her 7 matches.

Rating: 3.5/10

Big Boss Man is backstage telling Test and Ken Shamrock that he will do anything to win the Royal Rumble and eliminate Austin tonight.

There’s a video package up next showing how Mankind goaded The Rock into an I Quit match.

Next is an interview with The Rock from Dok Hendrix. We get all of Rocks catchphrases and he guarantees that he will prove he is the great one.

Mankind (c) vs. The Rock – I Quit match for WWF Championship

This is the fourth PPV meeting between these two men and so far Mankind is 2-1 up. This is Mankinds first title defence on PPV since winning the gold on Raw a few weeks ago. Mankind has the early advantage, kneeing The Rock in the face then choking him. The referee has a microphone which doesn’t work. It’s not long before Mankind is using the microphone as a weapon. Rock has witty comebacks every time Mankind asks him if he submits. Mankind then clotheslines the challenger out of the ring and goes over with him. Rock reverses an irish whip, sending Mankind into the ring steps. Up to now, only 5 men have had more PPV matches than Mick Foley, which is unbelievable when you think he’s not even been in the WWF for 3 years. Back in the ring and Mankind hits a double armed DDT then pulls out Mr Socko before ramming it down The Rocks throat! Does The Rock submit? Rock is out of it and says nothing. Mankind kicks The Rock out of the ring and into the crowd.

The two battle to ringside where The Rock rings the bell on Mankinds head! The Rock then goes for the Rock Bottom on the Spanish announce table but it gives away before he can hit it and the two crash to the mat. Mankind won’t say “I Quit” and The Rock spits water in his face. The two battle up the entrance way where Mankind hits a clothesline but The Rock throws Mankind into a tech table. Rock then hits a DDT on the concrete and still Mankind won’t quit. The Rock finds a ladder from the back but Mankind uses it against The Rock. Does Rocky submit? You can go piss yourself. Mankind tries for an elbow but Rock moves and Mankind hits the ladder. Does Mankind submit? Nope. The Rock and Mankind have fought on more PPVs consecutively than anyone else right now. This is The Rocks 18th and Mankinds 15th. Bulldog holds the record at 20. Rock sets up the ladder near the fans then climbs up it. Mankind follws it and the two exchange right hands up by the first tier! Rock hits a low blow then goes into the crowd before hamming Mankind into some speakers and flight cases….which causes the lights to go out!

Shane McMahon is out now looking concerned. He’s technically banned from ringside. Mankind crawls out of the technical area where Rocky nails him with boots to the head. The Rock takes Mankind back towards the ring but the champion can barely walk. Rocky then throws Mankind into the ring and grabs some handcuffs before cuffing Mankinds hands behind his back! Rock smashes Mankinds head into the turnbuckle a few times but Mankind hits a low blow with his hands tied behind his back. Mankind bites The Rock then drops a knee on The Rock corporate jewels. The Rock still won’t quit though. Rock gets up and hits a clothesline then goes out and grabs a steel chair before hitting the Corporate Elbow on Mankinds face! Mankind tells Rock to go to hell but The Rock says Mankind will be going first.

The Rock then leathers Mankind with a chair twice. Mankind says you’ll have to kill him. Rock hits another 3 chair shots! Mankind rolls out of the ring where Rock hits him with a 6th chair shot to the head. Then a 7th and an 8th. These shots are hard to watch. Mankind is bleeding all over his face as The Rock hits another two chair shots taking them up to 10. The Rock grabs the microphone and says that he was going to make Mankind quit before ramming the mic in Mankinds face. The champion then says “I Quit” 3 times! The Rocks music hits and we have a new WWF champion. The Rock is a two time WWF champion. What a match. The ending was brutal.

Rating: 8.75/10

Video package now highlighting the rivalry between Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

We then see some footage form Heat with Austin being denied access to the VIP arena because he didn’t have a limo. Austin returned with a limo on monster truck wheels and crushed any cars in his way. Then in the ring Vince McMahon slapped Austin in the middle of the ring!

The 1999 Royal Rumble Match

Here we go, the match I look forward to most every year.The Fink reads out the rules whilst Jerry Lawler calls him a moron, brilliant. Steve Austin comes out at number one to a huge pop. Shawn Michaels won a Rumble from the #1 spot in 1995, can Austin to do it tonight and win his third straight Royal Rumble match? That’s never been done before. Austin is the only previous winner of a Royal Rumble match to be in this one. Vince McMahon comes out at number 2 with no music but he’s looking hench. This is McMahons PPV in-ring debut! The bell rings and this one is underway! Austin lays McMahon out with right hands then stomps a mudhole in him in the corner. Austin flips McMahon the bird and slams him in the middle of the ring before hitting a low blow. Austin motions at throwing McMahon out of the ring but decides not to! He wants McMahon to suffer. #3 which is traditionally the quickest exit spot in the rumble is Golga who decides to watch on.

Austin hits a Lou Thesz press then in comes Golga (the former Earthquake). Austin quickly throws Golga out of there! McMahon uses the distraction to crawl out of the ring and exit through the crowd! Austin follows him and the two battle through the crowd! As they fight at the top of the arena #4 Droz comes out to the ring. McMahon and Austin fight into the ladies locker room where The Corporation are there in waiting! They attack Austin and we lose the camera feed! Droz waits alone in the ring, this is a Royal Rumble debut for him. Eventually #5 Edge comes out. He’s also making his PPV debut. Edge hits a cross body but Droz hits an elbow and lays into Edge with some right hands. Droz is in LOD facepaint and attire. I don’t think either of these men will be winning the Royal Rumble. #6 Gillberg is next out! Duane Gill’s ode to Goldberg is fantastic. Gillberg gets into the ring, poses on the bottom rope and Edge pushes him straight out. We then get a shot of backstage where Austin is laying face down in the womens locker room. The Corporation look happy and leave.

Edge and Droz continue to go at it in the ring. Only Austin (and Golga as Earthquake) have been in Royal Rumble matches previously of everyone that has been in so far. That changes as #7 is Steve Blackman. He hits some quick kicks on Edge but Droz attacks him from behind. Blackman has had his problems with Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Dan Severn as of late. #8 is Dan “The Beast” Severn who commentators struggle with. Severn goes right for Blackman and they slug it out as Austin gets carried out on a stretcher. If I know Austin, he’ll be back later. Severn is looking for his first ever PPV win. Don’t think it’ll be tonight. #9 Tiger Ali Singh is out next, he’s won both of his PPV matches. This is his first ever PPV  match in the United States. Tiger is a big guy, he towers over Blackman as he lays into him. Edge then attempts to throw Tiger out of there. Droz then tries to throw Edge out. #10 now and it’s The Blue Meanie making his PPV debut! Meanie hits a clothesline on Tiger Ali Singh and does a victory dance. Blackman and Severn continue to go at it. Edge and Droz try to double team the Meanie now.

#11 is nobody? Nobody comes out anyway. We then see a shot backstage with Viscera throwing Mosh into a concrete wall. Mabel then comes out to the ring! #11 is now Mabel. We haven’t seen him in 3 years. Mabel then eliminates Steve Blackman, Dan Severn & Tiger Ali Singh! #12 is The Road Dogg as Mabel eliminates Droz & The Blue Meanie! Road Dogg then eliminates Edge! We’ve just got Road Dogg and Mabel going at it but the lights go out! They come back on The Undertaker music hits and Bradshaw, Faarooq and Mideon throw Mabel out of the ring and take him to The Undertaker. At the top of the entrance ramp The Undertaker talks to Mabel then The Acolytes and Mideon fight Mabel to the back! The Road Dogg is alone until #13 Gangrel comes out! Road Dogg found himself in a bloodbath courtesy of Gangrel a couple of weeks ago. Both of these men lost their matches earlier tonight and Gangrel loses this one too as Road Dogg throws him out! No sign of any Corporation members yet. #14 is Kurrgan who had a good Royal Rumble last year. Kurrgan lays into Road Dogg and hits him with his sidewalk slam. It’s all Kurrgan now as a “Ryan likes men” sign goes up in the background.

#15 is Al Snow who is without Head as Goldust stole it. Snow got to the last 7 in the Deadly Game tournament. Snow and Road Dogg double team Kurrgan but eventually Road Dogg eliminates Snow which was surprising. We’re over half way now as #16 Goldust makes his way out. I’m surprised Al Snow and Goldust weren’t in the ring together. Goldust hits a big clothesline on Kurrgan then a DDT. Only 4 men have lost more PPV matches than Goldust. Road Dogg sets up Goldust for Shattered Dreams but Kurrgan stomps him. #17 is The Godfather to a huge ovation! He’s got a couple of hoes with him too. Still no Corporation members yet. The Godfather goes after Goldust and hits him with right hands. The Godfather has previously entered Royal Rumbles as both Papa Shango and Kama. A “we want hoes” chant breaks out. Time for another and #18 is Kane. This is a Royal Rumble debut for Kane. Kane has only ever fought Mankind, Vader and The Undertaker on PPV. Kane throws out Road Dogg, Kurrgan, The Godfather and Goldust! He’s cleaned house completely! The white coats then come out to take Kane away but Kane fights them off, eliminates himself from the Rumble and leaves through the crowd!

So with 18 men already entered, we have nobody in the ring. Austin and McMahon are technically still in the match. #19 Ken Shamrock then comes in and Vince McMahon comes back out to the ring. McMahon then joins the commentators at ringside. Shamrock has already beaten Billy Gunn tonight and he awaits the next entrant who is Billy Gunn! Gunn hobbles out with only one shoe on and Shamrock targets Gunns bad ankle. Gunn ducks a kick and hits a side suplex. Gunn then gorilla press slams Shamrock onto the top rope. He then attempts to throw Shamrock out but the IC champion grabs the ropes and rolls back in. #21 is Test who makes his PPV debut tonight. He’s also a member of The Corporation. We then get a shot outside of The Acolytes and Mideon putting Mabel into a hearse. As they do an ambulance comes round the corner and the crowd erupt as we see Austin driving it! McMahon can’t believe it! Austin makes his way to the ring as #22 The Big Boss Man makes his entrance. Austin chases McMahon around the ring and into the ring where he gets caught by The Corporation. Austin then eliminates Shamrock!

So we’ve got Austin, Billy Gunn, Test and The Big Boss Man in the ring and Vince McMahon back on commentary. They are joined by Triple H who goes after Test. Triple H hits a knee to Tests face then Billy Gunn goes after Austin! Boss Man attempts to eliminate Austin but Triple H makes the save. Triple H then tries to eliminate Austin! Austin hits a big clothesline on Billy Gunn. #24 is Val Venis who gets nailed by Triple H as he enters the ring. This is a Rumble debut for Val. Austin stamps on Billy Gunns bad ankle then throws him out of the ring! Austin ,Boss Man and Test try to triple team Triple H out of there. #25 is X Pac and is apparently the lightest Royal Rumble competitor ever. I find that hard to believe. Gillberg looked smaller in this one alone. Val Venis goes after Austin now whilst Boss Man chokes Triple H and Test lays into X Pac. Val kicks Austin out of the ring under the bottom rope. He gets back into the ring with an axe handle on X Pac. #26 is Mark Henry who gets a big pop! Henry goes after X Pac and then Austin. Test goes to work on Val Venis whilst Mark Henry and Big Boss Man double team Austin but then Henry hits Boss Man!

Triple H, X Pac, Steve Austin, Big Boss Man, Test, Val Venis and Mark Henry are all in the ring, Vince McMahon is outside the ring. They are joined by #27 Jeff Jarrett who comes out with Debra. I would assume 28 and 29 are Owen Hart and D-lo but I could be wrong. Jarrett goes after the man that shaved his head, X Pac as the crowd boo because Debra heads to the back. Jarretts WWF PPV debut was in the 1994 Royal Rumble where he was eliminated by Randy Savage. Test goes after Mark Henry as #28 D-lo Brown comes out with P.M.S (Terri Runnels and Jacqueline). Austin throws out Test and Boss Man throws out X Pac. D-lo goes after the man he defeated at Summerslam, Val Venis now. Big Boss Man and Jeff Jarrett double team Austin. Mark Henry hits a big clothesline on Triple H. Austin then hits a Lou Thesz press on Jarrett. #29 is Owen Hart and he comes in just as Triple H throws out his tag team partner Jeff Jarrett. Owen goes after Austin and is helped out by D-lo until Triple H knocks their heads together. Austin then leaves the ring and throws water in McMahons face.

Joining Mark Henry, The Big Boss Man, Triple H, Owen Hart, Val Venis, D-lo Brown, Steve Austin and Vince McMahon is #30 Chyna making her PPV debut. She comes in and takes it to Mark Henry with right hands and then throws him out! Austin then clotheslines Chyna out and the crowd love it! Triple H and Austin go at it and Helmsley hits a knee to the face. D-lo Brown and Owen Hart go at it in one corner. Triple H tries to eliminate Austin but Val Venis comes along and tries to eliminate Austin! Helmsley then eliminates Val Venis and Austin eliminates Triple H. I’m really surprised D-lo and Owen Hart have got further than Triple H in this. D-lo tries for a dropkick on Austin but Stone Cold sidesteps it. Owen Hart and Boss Man go at it in the other corner. Owen Hart has lost more PPV matches than anyone else up to now. There’s no way D-lo or Owen Hart are winning this. Hart hits his enzeguri on Austin! He then runs at Austin in the corner but Austin back body drops Owen out of the match! Boss Man knocks Austin down and D-lo hits the Lo-Down! D-lo celebrates but Boss Man throws him out of the match!

Austin then clotheslines Boss Man out of the match and we are down to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Vince McMahon! Just like the 1995 Royal Rumble the last two are the two men that started the match! Austin lays into McMahon outside the ring and throws him into the crowd where he continues to lay into him. Austin nails McMahon in the head with a chair, ouch. He then rolls Vince back into the ring but receives a low blow for his troubles! The two get up and Austin nails McMahon with the Stone Cold Stunner! He then goes to the middle rope and hits his trademark elbow. The Rock then comes out with his title belt! He goads Austin over to the ropes and McMahon comes from behind and throws the rattlesnake out of the ring! Vince McMahon wins the 1999 Royal Rumble match! The Rock and Austin battle to the back. That is the Wrestlemania XV match we want to see but we may end up getting The Rock vs. Vince McMahon! Shane, Patterson and Briscoe come out to celebrate with Vince as “No Chance In Hell” blasts over the speakers. Great Rumble match! For me the Rumble was split into three parts, the first part ends with Mabel eliminating everyone, the second parts ends with Kane eliminating everyone. McMahon celebrates his win with a few cold ones!

Rating: 8.5/10


And that was the Royal Rumble 1999. Four singles matches before the Royal Rumble itself. Boss Man beat The Road Dogg in the opener to record his first PPV win since returning to the WWF. That was a bit of s surprise as Road Dogg is the Hardcore champion but it keeps Boss Man in that division and a potential contender in the future. It keeps the feud between the Corporation and DX going, a feud that dominated this show. And that feud continued into the next match as Boss Man and Road Doggs tag team partners met in an Intercontinental title match. Ken Shamrock retained his title after Billy Gunns ankle gave way. The finish to this one also keeps the feud going. It’ll be interesting to see if the four men in these matches continue as singles competitors. Especially as Boss Man and Shamrock are tag team champions.

Next up was another DX member in X Pac defending his European championship against Gangrel. This was a random match with no build but I don’t mind Gangrel in the European title picture although X Pac winning clean suggest Gangrel is no longer in the picture. Teddy Long made a pretty big mistake as referee, counting the three early. Although Gangrel should have kicked out quicker so really they’re both at fault. A pretty straight forward win really for X Pac. Sable then beat Luna in a strap match thanks to some help from a “fan”.  This fan has been seen a lot recently, mostly when there have been womens matches. She’s given Sable some flowers before. I’ll assume she’ll become a competitor before long. I wouldn’t mind seeing Luna get a run with the strap when the timing is right.

Next up The Rock beat Mankind for the WWF title. This was a good match and the ending was brutal. The chair shots that Mankind took are not going to do anything for his health in the long term. I was surprised Mankind said “I Quit”, that’s a huge rub for The Rock. The Rock takes the title and it leaves me questioning what will happen at Wrestlemania. As we saw later on, Vince McMahon won the Royal Rumble. I think we’ll two singles matches out of Rock, McMahon, Austin and Mankind. The Rumble match was basically The Corporation vs. DX featuring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Nobody else really mattered besides the cool part with Mabel being taken away. Like 1995, the two men that started the match ended it. There were good showings from the likes of The Big Boss Man and Road Dogg. I’m not sure why D-lo and Owen Hart were in the final 5 over the likes of Triple H and Ken Shamrock. It’s McMahon that wins it though and goes on to Wrestlemania to fight The Rock? That’s the main event as it stands! Overall a good show, especially the WWF title match and the Royal Rumble match itself.

Overall Rating: 65.8/100 (Ranked 4th out of 91) 

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Mankind
Worst Match Of The Night: Sable vs. Luna
Surprise Of The Night: Vince McMahon wins The 1999 Royal Rumble
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Vince McMahon
Royal Rumble 1999 Will Be Remembered For: Vince McMahon winning the Royal Rumble 

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