In Your House 27: St Valentine’s Day Massacre

| Date: February 14, 1999
| Venue: The Pyramid | City: Memphis, Tennessee
| Attendance: 19,028 | Buyrate: 448,878

St Valentine’s Day, a fitting evening for WWFs best couples to square off against one another. And what a card we have in store for tonight. The WWF title will be on the line when champion Mankind who defeated The Rock at half time Heat will defend against the former champion, The Rock. It was exposed that the Corporation used a recording of Mankind saying “I Quit” to defeat the Hardcore legend at the Royal Rumble. Mankind would get his match on Heat in an empty arena and it was Mankind who won. Now Mankind defends against The Rock in a Last Man Standing match. You would think that the winner would go on to the main event of Wrestlemania 15.

The other main event of the evening is the much anticipated match between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. I won’t go through the entire history of theirs but most recently Vince McMahon won the 1999 Royal Rumble. He gave up his main event match at Wrestlemania not realising that the main event spot would be given to the runner up, in this case Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin offered to give up the spot if Vince McMahon could beat him in a cage match. McMahon is so confident he can win that he has banned his Corporation from ringside.

The Corporations Kane and Chyna will be in action against DX members Triple H and X Pac. Chyna turned her back on Triple H as he battled The Rock in a Last Man Standing match the night after the Royal Rumble. X Pac offered Kane a spot in DX but the big red machine turned it down and chokeslammed X Pac for his troubles. So we’ll get a big tag team match between them tonight. Ken Shamrock will also be in action, representing The Corporation as he defends his Intercontinental title against Val Venis. Recently Val Venis has been having relations with Kens sister, Ryan and obviously Ken does not like that. He recently snapped and took out some referees and as a result they all refused to referee Kens match. Billy Gunn has stepped up though and will referee the Intercontinental title match.

The tag team titles will also be on the line as new champions Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart defend against D-lo and Mark Henry. Henry has been smitten with Debra as of late but D-lo has hired Ivory, a diva all for Mark Henry. Both women will be in their tag teams corners tonight in what should be a good contest. The hardcore title will be defended as Road Dogg defends against the man he has a lot of respect for and has even teamed with as of late, Al Snow. We’ll also see Goldust take on the man that has been mimicing him as of late “Bluedust” aka The Blue Meanie.

We get a great video package to kick things off to the music of something that sounds like Betty Boop. The pictures are of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin delivering punishment to Vince McMahon. Fantastic.

Michael Cole then welcomes us to The Pyramid in Memphis, he’s joined by Memphis hero and legend, Jerry “The King” Lawler. The fans immediately start a “Jerry” chant.

Goldust vs. Bluedust

Let me clear up straight away that Bluedust is The Blue Meanie in somewhat of a tribute to Goldust. Only 6 men in the history of the WWF to this point have wrestled more PPV matches than Goldust. And only 4 men have lost more matches than the golden one. Goldust takes it straight to Bluedust before the bell, hitting him with a spinebuster. Bluedust is all in blue and Goldust doesn’t even give him chance to take his robe off. Big uppercut from Bluedust and the robe is gone. Blue Meanie is looking for his first PPV win tonight on the second time of asking. Bluedust gets back into the match, working the left leg of Goldust. He does too much dancing around though and Goldust gives him a wedgie and spanks him!

Goldust then sets up for Shattered Dreams but Bluedust manages to get out of it and counters with a boot. Bluedust goes to the top and aims for a moonsault but Goldust gets out of the way and hits the Curtain Call! Goldust hooks the leg and it’s over! Goldust wins the match. Goldust then sets Bluedust up for Shattered Dreams to the enjoyment of the crowd and then nails it! Short match but a decent win for Goldust.

Rating: 3.75/10

We see some footage form Heat earlier in the night with Vince McMahon spitting in the face of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin doesn’t rise to it though.

Al Snow vs. Bob Holly – Hardcore Title Match

This is a Hardcore match for the Hardcore title. Road Dogg was injured on Raw and this match was set up for the vacant title. It doesn’t take long for this one to go no holds barred as Al Snow nails Holly with a steel chair. The two battle into the crowd where Holly throws Snow onto a barricade then sprays him with a fire extinguisher. The two members of the J.O.B Squad go at it and Al sprays Bob with the fire extinguisher. The two battle into the backstage area now where Bob Holly has the advantage. He throws Al into a dustbin but Snow nails Holly with a telephone! Snow throws a bin at Holly but Holly blasts Al Snow with floor tiles! Holly throws a cooler at Snow, this one is hardcore. Al nails Holly with broom and mops, breaking them over Holly’s back. Al gets the first near fall of the match.

The two fight outside of the arena now. Holly throws Al into the side of the building then nails his former leader with a road sign. Holly then pins Al for a two count. Snow throws Holly into a nearby wall and I have no idea where they are now. Snow chokes Holly with some barb wire but Holly gets out of it with a throat shot. Snow then puts Holly in a wheelbarrow. The two fight through some trees and they’re right next to a river. Holly throws Snow into some trees then nails him with something. Snow takes the advantage and throws Holly into the Mississippi river! Al jumps in on Holly and the pair of them are fighting in the Mississippi River! They fight out of it and Al heads away from the river. Holly follows him and nails hi with a branch! That’s a two count for Holly. Holly rolls out some chainlink fence on the floor then Snow attacks him with some kidney shots. Holly kicks Snow to the floor into the chainlink fence then Bob rolls him up in it! Holly covers Snow and gets the three! It’s over! Bob Holly wins the match! He runs back to the arena and holds his title up! What an insane match!

Rating: 6.5/10

We get some footage from earlier in the night with The Undertaker and his Ministry. The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, The Acolytes, Mideon, Viscera and The Brood are all gathered around a fire. Undertaker says their purpose begins tonight.

The Big Boss Man vs. Mideon

This is a big Corporation vs. Ministry match. It’s Mideons first PPV match under that name having previously fought as Phineas Godwinn and Dennis Knight. Mideon comes out with an eye in a jar and gives it to the commentators. This might just be Mideons first ever singles match on pay per view. Boss Man takes Mideon down early doors, using his power. Boss Man then punches Mideon down to the mat in the corner. Mideon reverses an Irish whip and hits a big clothesline. Boss Man hits a low blow in the corner then throws Mideon out of the ring. Both men are former tag team champions. Boss Man goes to hit Mideon with a chair but Mideon ducks and bites the hand of the Corporations head of security. A “Boss Man Sucks” chant breaks out. A first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Also the case for the previous two matches tonight. Mideon bites Boss Man in the corner.

Boss Man hits a big splash in the corner in this match between two heels. Big uppercut from the Boss Man as a “boring” chant breaks out. The former Hardcore champion locks on a full nelson, which you don’t see much of these days. Mideon gets out of it with a suplex and covers Boss Man for a two. Boss Man looks really impressive tonight. He goes for a piledriver but Mideon back body drops him. The two then knocks each other down with clotheslines. The two men slug it out on their knees before getting to their feet where Mideon hits an elbow. Boss Man throws Mideon off the ropes and hits the Boss Man Slam for the win! Big Boss Man wins and suddenly the rest of the Ministry rush out! They surround the ring and the lights go out and Undertakers music hits! Undertaker and Paul Bearer head from the back. Where are the Corporation? You’d think it would all kick off now. The Brood, Acolytes, Viscera and Mideon beat down the Big Boss Man in the ring and Viscera hits three big splashes. The Ministry then drag the Boss Man out of the ring and carry him to the back. Another sacrifice?

Rating: 3.75/10

There’s an advert for Wrestlemania 15, that’s the next big PPV.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with D-lo, Mark Henry and new diva, Ivory. D-lo says he has counteracted Jarretts secret weapon with Ivory. If Debra gets involved then Ivory will rip all the clothes off Debras back!

Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (c) vs. D-lo Brown & Mark Henry – WWF Tag Team Championship Match

This is the second title match of the evening. D-lo and Mark Henry have one of the worst tag team records in PPV history so they’ll be looking to rectify that. “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry presents Ivory with chocolates and flowers on this Valentines Day. Jarrett and Hart won the tag titles from Shamrock and Boss Man on the night after the Royal Rumble so this is their first PPV defence. D-lo no longer has the chest protector. All four of these men were in the Royal Rumble. D-lo and Owen Hart actually made it to the final 5. Owen Hart and Mark Henry start things off. Owen actually used to be partners with the challengers in the Nation Of Domination. Henry hits a big clothesline on Hart. Nobody has lost more PPV matches than Owen Hart at this point in history. Henry tags D-lo and Owen hits him with a bulldog. Hart tags Jeff Jarrett who hits a dropkick but he then gets slammed for a two count.

D-lo slams Owen Hart and in comes Mark Henry who takes down Jarrett and Hart. Debra gets up on the apron and waves at Mark Henry. D-lo points out Ivory and Henry leaves the ring. Jarrett hits an armbar takedown on D-lo. This is Owen Hart and Jeff Jarretts first tag team match together on PPV. JArrett tags Hart, who is a five time tag team champion. A “nugget” chant breaks out. Jarrett is tagged back in and we get some teamwork from the champions. D-lo looks quite heavy. Maybe the chest protector hid the weight before. He hits a suplex on Owen Hart. Owen comes back with an enzeguri for a two count. Owen and Jeff hit double elbows giving Jarrett a two count. Jeff then goes to the sleeper. Jeff tags Owen Hart who hits a big spinning heel kick on D-lo for a two. D-lo has been in there for a long time now. Classic tag team philosophy in this one. D-lo hits a cross body from nowhere for a two count. D-lo then hits a running powerbomb out of the corner!

Both men crawl to their respective corners and it’s Owen that tags Jarrett first then D-lo tags Mark Henry! Henry comes in and takes down both champions! He whips Owen into Jeff then goes for a splash but they get out of the way. D-lo is back in and hitrs Jarrett and Hart with spinning heel kicks and a Sky High on Jarrett! But Owen breaks up the cover. D-lo then goes up to the top but Debra distracts him! Ivory then runs over and D-lo goes out to break them up. Whilst the referee is distracted with those three, Owen Hart nails Mark Henrys leg with a guitar! Jeff then locks on a figure four! Henry taps out! Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett retain their titles! Ivory and Debra get into it after the match with Ivory ripping Debras clothes! This was a decent tag team title match.

Rating: 6.5/10

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Mankind. We see some footage form Heat earlier with The Rock attacking Mankind from behind. Mankind is taking this match very seriously.

There’s a video package now showing how Val Venis has been winding up Ken Shamrock as of late by having a relationship with his sister.

Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Val Venis – Intercontinental Title Match

Billy Gunn is the special guest referee for this first time meeting between Shamrock and Venis. Venis comes out to the ring with Ryan Shamrock, Kens sister. Ken Shamrock won the title in October last year. He won a tournament, beating Val Venis in the semi finals. Venis gets on the mic before the bell and says he has a “heart-on” for the ladies tonight. Shamrock has successfully defended his Intercontinental title three times on PPV, beating the likes of Mankind, Steve Blackman and Billy Gunn. Shamrock races down to the ring and we get straight into it. Val manages to hit a clothesline and some chops in the corner. Val covers Shamrock and Billy Gunn counts the two. Shamrock hits a big kick to take the advantage. Neither New Age Outlaw in action tonight. Shamrock hits some slow, methodical strikes. He knocks Venis to the outside where Billy Gunn slowly counts Val out. Ken throws Val back in the ring.

Ken hits a powerslam in Val and a knee to the throat. He then goes for a suplex but Val reverses it. Venis is still in his first year in the WWF. He’s won 3 of his 7 PPV matches. Val covers Shamrock and gets a two count but he’s not happy with Gunns count. Butterfly suplex from Venis. This time last year Shamrock was feuding with The Rock over The Rocks Intercontinental title. This has been a really slow match so far. Val rams Shamrocks back into the ring post. Back in the ring and Venis locks on a camel clutch. Val covers Shamrock in a very interesting way for a two. Venis then slams Shamrock and locks on a sleeper. I feel like I’m in a sleeper watching this match. Shamrock has won 13 of his 23 PPV match, not a bad record over the past couple of years. He gets out of the sleeper but Val drops him with a knee for a two count. Slow counts from Gunn in this one. Venis drops Shamrock on the top rope then chokes him with his boot which Billy Gunn breaks up.

Shamrock gets back into the match as Venis drops his head. Shamrock hits a DDT which is enough for the three but Gunn doesn’t make the 3 count! Shamrock argues with Gunn and Venis locks on a sleeper! Ken gets out of it with a suplex then he hits a powerslam for another two count. Val gets back into it with a fishermans suplex for a near fall. Again, Gunn is slow with the counts. Near fall form Shamrock. Val hits some elbows then a side Russian leg sweep. Venis gyrates over Shamrocks prone body then heads to the top but Shamrock gets up and throws him across the ring. Shamrock has the momentum now with a dropkick and a hurricanrana then a belly to belly suplex. Shamrock locks on the Ankle Lock! Ryan Shamrock helps Val to get to the ropes which Ken Shamrock doesn’t like! He goes out to shout at her and she obviously forgets to slap him so he says “slap me” which she does. Billy Gunn breaks it up and Ken shoves Gunn which causes Billy Gunn to lay out Shamrock. He throws the champion back into the ring and Val Venis rolls him up! Gunn gives a fast count and it’s over!

Val Venis is the new Intercontinental champion! Shamrock attacks Gunn after the match and Billy fights him off then attacks Venis! What a win for Val Venis though, he is the new Intercontinental champion! An unexpected win for me. They show a replay of Ryan slapping Ken with Kens “slap me” muted. But of a slow match this one that got better towards the end.

Rating: 5/10

There’s an advert for the new Mr Sock t-shirt next.

Video package next showing how Chyna turned her back on DX.

Triple H & X Pac vs. Chyna & Kane

This is the first time we’ve seen either of these combinations team up at a PPV. Triple H calls Chyna a “big jacked-up bitch” during his customary entrance. Kane goes into this one having not won a PPV match since Septembers Break Down, when he and The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin for the WWF title. X Pac last won on PPV at Octobers Judgement Day and Triple H last won on PPV at Capital Carnage in December. Chyna looks for her first PPV victory having only previously competed in last months Royal Rumble match. Shane McMahon is out for commentary supporting Kane and Chyna. Kane and Triple H kick things off. Triple H, like Kane, is in red and black tonight. Kane is a big old boy. He lays into Triple H in the corner then hits a big boot. Kane misses with an elbow allowing Triple H to tag X Pac. Kane throws him into the corner and lays into him. Chyna demands than Kane tags him and the big red machine obliges. Chyna takes X Pac down with a shoulder block.

X Pac sidesteps Chyna and she goes flying into the corner. Pac then goes for the Bronco Buster but Chyna gets out of the way. Kane tags himself back in but X Pac lays into him with some lefts and rights. Triple H comes in and the DX members double team Kane. X Pac tags Triple H who hits an axe handle off the top. Chyna attacks Triple H from behind, distracting him long enough for Kane to take the advantage. Kane hits a slam then goes to the top where he hits a big clothesline off the top. Kane has only ever had singles PPV matches against either Vader, Mankind, Undertaker or Steve Austin. He tags in Chyna who attempts a suplex on Triple H but the former Intercontinental champion reverses it. Chyna actually manages to slip down and hit a powerslam on Triple H! She misses with an elbow and Triple H tags X Pac. It’ll be interesting to see what X Pac and Triple H do to Chyna. Not much as Chyna tags Kane. Triple H comes in and he and X Pac hit a double suplex on Kane. Chyna goes to the top but Triple H sees it and throws her into the arms of Kane.

Double DDT form Triple H and X Pac on Kane before they clothesline him out of the ring. Kane and X Pac fight outside of the ring now as Shane McMahon cheer them on. X Pac throws Kane into the ring post and then attacks Shane! Back in the ring and Kane hits a slam on the European champion. Kane tags Chyna who hits a running powerslam ala The British Bulldog for a two count. Chyna tags Kane who slams X Pac into the top turnbuckle and follows it up with a clothesline. Kane tags Chyna who hits a big kick to the ribs of X Pac. Chyna then lands Triple H with a cheap shot! Chyna covers X Pac for a two then locks on a sleeper. X Pac gets out of it with a suplex. X Pac tags Triple H! He lands Chyna with a big right hand and then lays into Kane. All 4 men are in the ring, until Triple H back body drops Kane out of there. X Pac goes after Kane as Chyna and Triple H go at it in the ring. Triple H hits hid big knee to the face then Kane drags him out of the ring.

Kane and Triple H fight up the entrance way as Chyna conveniently lays down in the corner. X Pac hits the Bronco Buster on Chyna! Shane McMahon comes in and attacks X Pac from behind. X Pac then chases Shane to the back! Triple H gets back in the ring and goes for the Pedigree but Kane breaks it up and hits a big chokeslam on Triple H. Kane rolls Chyna on Triple H and the referee slides in the ring and counts the 3! Kane and Chyna win the match! Somewhat of a shocking result in this one. A good result for the Corporation though. Good tag match between these four.

Rating: 7/10

We see a shot of ambulances in the back then get a video package for The Rock and Mankind and their history dating back to Survivor Series.

Mankind (c) vs. The Rock – Last Man Standing Match for the WWF Title

This is the fifth PPV match between these two men, although the fourth in this current series. Overall they are equal at two wins a piece. They have main evented the last 3 major PPV together (Royal Rumble, Rock Bottom & Survivor Series). Both men are two times WWF Champions and according to Michael Cole, the winner will go into Wrestlemania as the champion. The WWF title has never changed hands on an In Your House PPV.  Mankind turns his back on The Rock with his hands behind his back, like he did at The Royal Rumble and Rock takes advantage. Mankind manages to grab his WWF title and he smashes The rock with it. It’s no disqualifications, you have to knock the other man down for a 10 count to win. Cole sells Mankinds bad knee. The Rock heads towards the back and Mankind follows him and hits him with a clothesline before throwing him into the set. The Rock throws Mankind into the set now. Mankind then DDTs The Rock through a table!

Both men manage to get up and fight into the back and then into the arena again where The Rock hits a suplex. The two men battle towards the ring and into it where Mankind hits a slam. Mankind then attempts to do the Corporate Elbow but The Rock got out of the way. This is the fourth time these two men have met for the WWF Title but the last three times it’s happened, they haven’t closed the show, a match that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has been in has. Mankind and The Rock battle to the outside where Rocky hits three suplexes. The Rock then gets on commentary and says that it looks like a big monkey came out, took a crap and out came Mankind. Mankind runs over and beats down his challenger before hitting an elbow drop off the apron onto The Rock who was laying on the announce table. Back in the ring, Mankind has some steel chairs, which The Rock boots into the champions face. The Rock then grabs a chair and beats down Mankind with it four times, to the knee. The Rock then misses with a chair shot and the chair bounces off the ropes and he hits himself! Mankind then clotheslines Rocky over the ropes and goes over with him.

Mankind goes for a piledriver on the announce table but The Rock back body drops him in a painful looking reversal onto the timekeeprs table! In an equally looking painful move, The Rock throws the ring steps on Mankind from the ring to the floor! Back in the ring The Rock hits a Corporate Elbow. He then grabs a microphone and sings some Elvis! Mankind gets up and locks on the Mandible Claw! The Rock knocks the referee out of the ring and then fades down to the canvas! Mankind gets the referees hand and revives him but The Rock gets up and hits a low blow and a DDT. He then swings a chair but Mankind ducks it and hits a double armed DDT on the steel chair! The Rock gets up and Mankind rams Mr Socko down his throat! But The Rock manages to hit a Rock Bottom! Both men get to their feet and leather each other with steel chairs! The referee then counts to ten and calls for the bell! This match is a draw! A “bullshit” chant breaks out. The Rock and Mankind are both stretchered out. It’s a successful defence but you get the feeling it’s not over between these two yet.

Rating: 7/10

Video package next for Stone Cold and Vince McMahon.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon – Cage Match

Here we go. It looks like a new cage, same as the old one but black. Austin needs to win this match to get his title shot at Wrestlemania. A title shot that Vince McMahon had earned and given up. McMahon takes his time getting into the cage. Austin doesn’t wait too long, he chases McMahon around the ring. Austin climbs up the side of the cage and McMahon climbs up the inside, stopping Austin from getting in. Austin drops off the cage and appears to have twisted his knee. Vince McMahon exits the cage and Austin hits him with a clothesline, nothing wrong with his knee! Austin throws McMahon into the cage then chokes his with some cable. He then throws Vince over the announce table. McMahon is undefeated on PPV as it stands, having won the 1999 Royal Rumble match on his debut. Austin throws McMahon into the crowd and back out again. This match technically isn’t underway yet. McMahon manages to get away form Austin and runs through the crowd with Austin in tow. The two battle through the crowd with McMahon possibly luring Austin somewhere.

The two fight back to ringside where Steve throws Vince into the side of the cage. Austin then lets McMahon climb up the cage but he doesn’t get very far. They fight around to the commentators then Vince climbs the cage again. Austin climbs up with him where they hammer each other. Austin then slams McMahons head off the top of the cage and the owner of the WWF goes flying off the cage and through the Spanish announce table! Paramedics come out with a stretcher and put McMahon on it with a neck brace. Howard Finkal then gets in the ring to announce Austin as the winner but the rattlesnake cuts him off and says this match hasn’t even started. Austin wheels the stretcher back to the ring and tips McMahon out of it! He then tosses McMahon into the cage  and the bell finally rings! McMahon is in a neckbrace but Austin rips that off. Austin then walks out of the cage but as he gets to the steps, McMahon flips him the bird. Austin gets back into the ring and lays into Vince, stomping a mudhole in him.

McMahon delivers a low blow and then throws Austin into the side of the cage. Vince then climbs up the cage, a cage that seems smaller than the old one. Austin stops him though and brings him back into the cage before throwing him into the side of the cage. Austin climbs up the cage now but then climbs back down as McMahon bleeds from the forehead. Again Austin throws McMahon into the cage. Austin climbs up the cage again and down the other side but again, Vince McMahon flips him the bird enticing Austin back into the ring. Austin lays into McMahon some more and then motions to climb out the cage. He waits for McMahon to stand up and then hits the Stone Cold Stunner! But from out of the ring comes Paul Wight! Aka The Giant from wCw! He attacks Austin and helps McMahon up to his feet. Wight picks up Austin and on McMahons call, throws Austin into the side of the cage but the cage swings open when McMahon hits it and Austin simply drops to the floor to win the match! Austin wins after McMahons plan backfires! Decent main event but a disastrous debut for Paul Wight.

Rating: 7.5/10 


Well that was an interesting pay per view. It’s the last ever In Your House pay per view and it didn’t really go out with a bang. Goldust beating Bluedust was essentially a jobber match with Goldust going over in just over 3 minutes. I’m not really sure what the point in the match was, except to make Goldust look good. It was a comedy match that would have been better placed in the middle of the show. Next up was the hardcore title match between Bob Holly and Al Snow. It’s a shame Road Dogg was injured but Holly was a good replacement. This gives his career a new lease of life and he really showed how tough he is in this match. It was an entertaining match that should lay the groundwork for a feud between the two over the coning months. The third undercard match between Boss Man and Mideon wasn’t the best. This was two heels that the crowd weren’t interested in. Mideon is the best Dennis Knight has ever been but there is a bit of a disconnect with the crowd. I like Boss Man but he needs a decent babyface to fight against. Good win for the Boss Man but will he be sacrificed to the Ministry? I think this could be the beginning of a feud between The Corporation and the Ministry.

The tag title match was up next and it was Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart who retained their titles. This match felt it had a decent build and a good story around it. I think this feud has legs too and may continue into Wrestlemania. I like Jarrett and Hart as champions, they have good chemistry but I also think D-lo and Mark Henry would make good champs too. You get the impression that because of Debra and Ivory’s involvement this feud could well continue. The Ken Shamrock/Val Venis match that followed was a slight disappointment. Shamrock generally puts on good matches but this was a bit slow. Obviously this one revolved around Ryan Shamrock and Billy Gunn as much as it did the competitors in the match. I was surprised that Val Venis won though. Shamrock has been a great champion for 4 months. It’ll be interesting to see what Val Venis does for the gold. He’s got a great character and he’s definitely over with the crowd. There looks to be a triple threat heading into Wrestlemania with Venis, Gunn and Shamrock.

In another surprising result, Chyna pinned Triple H to win the match for her and Kane. Obviously it wasn’t clean, Shane McMahon got involved, causing X Pac to chase him away. I always want to know what happens with these chases. Triple H could be a main eventer but he keeps getting set-backs and this is one. Going into Wrestlemania it looks like we could get X Pac vs. Kane and Triple H vs. Chyna, or maybe X Pac vs. Shane McMahon and Triple H vs. Kane? I don’t know, we’ll have to see. I think I prefer the latter. Mankind and The Rock then drew their match for the WWF title. I don’t think I like this result. Going into Wrestlemania I feel we needed a definitive winner so that both men can move on to their Wrestlemania programs. It does look like we could be heading for a triple threat between The Rock, Mankind and Austin. The first triple threat main event in Wrestlemania history. I like it though. Those three have been consistently at the top of the card for 6 months now. It would definitely work. As for their match, there were a lot of similarities with this one and the match earlier between Al Snow and Bob Holly. It wasn’t their best encounter but was still very entertaining.

The cage match between Vince McMahon and Steve Austin was definitely one to remember. Austin was great in it. Really entertaining, you just wanted him to kick Vince McMahons arse. And he did. And Vince sold it like a trooper. We also got the debut of “The Big Show” Paul Wight. Wight is huge and he completely changes the landscape of the company. He is a bonafide main eventer and could slot in anywhere on the Wrestlemania card. We know he won’t be in the main event though as Austin goes on to fight Mankind (and The Rock?).

Overall quite a slow pay per view. It’s essentially Wrestlemania build but right now it’s hard to place everyone on that card. The show wasn’t off the charts but it’s laying the foundation for the month to come. I’m sure things will get better before they get worse.

Overall Rating: 59/100 (Ranked joint 26th out of 92)

Match Of The Night: Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon
Worst Match Of The Night: Goldust vs. Bluedust
Surprise Of The Night: Val Venis wins the Intercontinental Title
Worst Booking Of The Night: Chyna pins Triple H/A draw in the WWF title match
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
St Valentine’s Day Massacre Will Be Remembered For: The debut of The Big Show

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