Rebellion 2000

| Date: December 2nd, 2000
| Venue: Sheffield Arena | City: Sheffield, England
| Attendance: 11, 077 | Buyrate: 165, 000

This is the (now) annual Rebellion PPV from the UK, the seocnd PPV from England this year. There are never any matches announced for this card so I can’t tell you what to expect. What I will say is that there is a new Intercontinental champion in “The One” Billy Gunn. He beat Eddie Guerrero for the belt on Raw a few weeks ago. All of the other champions are the same and it’s unknown which belts will be defended. What I will say is that it is rare that a championship changes hands in the UK. So let’s hit play and see what greets us.

We open up with a shot of a black cab turning up at the arena with the word “Commish” on the number plate. Mick Foley and Debra then exit the cab as Jim Ross and Tazz open the show! Tazz is commentating for the first very time on a PPV. We get a title sequence announcing a fatal four way for the WWF Championship which looks like it’s Angle, The Rock, Rikishi and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Jim Ross then welcomes us to the Sheffield Arena!

Mick Foley and Debra come out to open the show. He says it’s great to be back in the United Kingdom and re-itterates the main event for tonight. Apparently Triple H isn’t happy to be out of the main event and went home. That’s the WWF’s way of telling us that Triple H isn’t here tonight. But the main event will be no disqualification and no count outs. Kurt then makes his way out and he doesn’t look happy. He tells Mick that he’s always admired Micks integrity and those legends must stick together. Debra says that Kurt has to live with it and that decision is final!

T & A (Test & Albert) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. Edge & Christian – Triple threat elimination tag team table match

WE kick off with a three team tag tag table match. We’ve seen the Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian compete in three way tag team matches, usually with The Hardy Boyz but this time it’s T & A in with them. Albert and D-Von kick things off and it’s Albert who knocks D-Von down. D-Von tags Bubba Ray and the Dudley Boyz hit a double suplex on the big man. Edge and Christian have wrestled on every single PPV so far this year. Albert tags Test and all of T & A and the Dudleyz get in the ring. Alberts breaks a table over the Dudley Boyz! Edge and Christian are taking it easy at the moment, they won in a triple threat tag match at last years Rebellion PPV over the Acolytes and Holly Cousins. T & A go for a back body drop on Bubba Ray through a table but D-Von moves the table out of the way. Test hits a big boot on Bubba Ray and Edge tags himself in. Edge lays into Bubba Ray and tags Test back in. Test receives a boot to the face and Bubba Ray tags in D-Von. D-Von hits a big clothesline on Test. The Dudley Boyz set up a table and Bubba Ray sets up Albert for a powerbomb off the middle rope but Edge and Christian come in and powerbomb Albert themselves! T & A are out of here.

D-Von lays into both Edge and Christian but some double teaming by Edge and Christian gives them the advantage. Edge tags in Christian who hits a side Russian leg sweep on D-Von. Christian looks for a table under the ring and can’t find one! He gets one from the other side of the ring but D-Von basevall slides it into Edge and Christians faces. D-Von tags Bubba Ray but the referee doesn’t see it! Christian comes in and the referee doesn’t see that tag either but doesn’t say anything. D-Von hits a reverse DDT type move on Christian and then both men make tags! Bubba Ray takes apart both Edge and Christian, hitting back body drops and sidewalk slams. Edge hits a spear on Bubba Ray out of nowhere and then Christian sets Bubba Ray up for the Wassup drop! But Bubba Ray rolls through it and D-Von pushes Edge off the top, headbutting his own partner! The Dudleyz then hitthe Wassup Drop on Edge! D-Von gets the table and they set it up in the ring before going for a 3D which Christian saves Edge from! The Dudley Boyz then hit the 3D on Christian and it’s over! The Dudley Boyz with a big win tonight! A good way to start the show.

Rating: 6.5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Lita who gets a big pop. Lita says she feels cheated from Survivor Series and can’t wait to get what she deserves.

Ivory (c) vs. Lita – Women’s Championship Match

This is a rematch from Survivor Series when Ivory successfully defended her title against Lita. Steven Richards gets on the mic before the match and is looking to spread the good fight to England. Richards says nudity of any nature is wrong, having a pub on every street corner is wrong and worst of all having a monarchy that sits by and lets it all happen is unacceptable. Ivory says that she isn’t happy with Litas underwear on show and tonight she should make a change. Lita runs straight down to the ring and takes Ivory down with a spear. Lita continues with arm drags, dropkicks and a snapmare Lita hits a side suplex for another near fall and then takes Steven Richards off the apron. That allows Ivory to take advantage and she hits some chops in the corner. Ivory chokes Lita on the bottom rope and Steven then preaches to her. Lita hits a legdrop for a two count.

Ivory was successful in a fatal four way at Rebellion last year. She hits a northern lights suplex for a two count but Lita gets back into it with a flying head scissors and then the Twist Of Fate! Instead of covering Ivory though, Lita dives out of the ring at Steven Richards! Lita gets back into the ring with a sunset flip but Ivory sits down on Lita! Steven grabs Ivory hands giving Ivory more leverage and the champion gets the 3! Ivory beats Lits again, retaining her Women’s title in the process!

Rating: 4/10

Michael Cole is backstage with The Rock who says that tonight is the night that Kurt Angle loses the WWF title. Kurt has a choice, he can either have the front of The Rocks hand or the back of The Rocks hand.

Steve Blackman (c) vs. Perry Saturn – Hardcore Championship Match

There is no Terri with Perry tonight. Blackman has been WWF for a good few months now and Perry attacks him as he gets into the ring. Blackman soon regains the advantage and hits a dropkick but gets thrown to the outside. Saturn then hits a plancha over the ropes and gets the first near fall of the match. Blackman hits a suplex on the outside and then grabs a trash can from under the ring. He also gets a metal shelf and whacks Saturn with it a few times for a two count. Blackman sets up a trash can in the corner but Saturn throws him into it! Saturn then hits him with the metal shelf for a two count. Both men try pinfalls but neither man can get the three. Saturn throws Blackman out of the ring but Blackman hangs on to the ropes but Perry hits him with the shelf. Saturn then takes a long time to get to Saturn and eventually does but gets hit with some metal for his efforts.

Saturns throws Blackman into the ring steps and then back into the ring before spraying him with a fire extinguisher. Saturn grabs a chair and jabs it into the ribs of Steve Blackman before setting it up. Blackman drop toe holds Saturn onto the chair and then grabs his sticks. Blackman lays into Saturn with the sticks and then hits a suplex which gets him a two count. Saturn hits a low blow and rolls Blackman up for another near fall. Saturn grabs a chair and Blackman thrust kicks it into his face. Blackman oins Saturn and that’s it! Steve Blackman retains his Hardcore title tonight!

Rating: 5/10

Michael Cole is with William Regal backstage who says it’s wonderful to be back home. Regal slates a few boxers to get a heel reaction but he’s just getting cheered.

The Undertaker then arrives on his bike! American Bad Ass baby as Tazz says.

William Regal (c) vs. Crash Holly – European Title Match

Crash is joined by Molly tonight. Regal has had successful title defences on PPV against the likes of Naked Mideon and Crash’s cousin, Hardcore Holly. This is Regals fourth PPV match in the WWF and he’s yet to lose one. Regal gets on the mic before the match, he’s not happy with the reaction he’s getting. He tells the people that he’s their hero and thought he’d get a better reaction than Steve Austin and The Rock. Crash attacks Regal as he’s talking! Crash hits a flying head scissors but gets a boot to the face in the corner. Regal throws Crash into the ring post and hits a suplex for the first near fall of the match. He hits an elbow and a suplex for a two count. Regal makes a few pinfalls ina row and then applies a chinlock. Crash gets out of it and rolls Regal up for a two. Regal hits a boot and drops an elbow for a two count. Crash is a former Hardcore and tag team champion as well as being a King Of The Ring semi-finalist this year. Regal hits an uppercut and some forearm strikes.

The champion hits a belly to back suplex for a two count before going back to the chinlock. Regal uses the ropes for extra leverage but the referee catches him. Crash fires back with a couple of pinfalls and a reverse elbow. Crash then hits a hurricanrana for a two count and then attempts a head scissors but Regal drops him on his face. Regal then pins him and gets the three but Crash’s foot was on the ropes! The referee turns around to make the announcement that Crash’s foot was on the ropes and the match will continue but as he does, Molly Holly comes off the top with a dropkick! Crash pins Regal and the referee turns around and counts the three! Crash Holly wins the match and the European title! Regal attacks both Holly’s after the match and takes the title with him! But tonight Crash has won the belt!

Rating: 4.5/10

Kurt Angle is backstage telling Chris Benoit that he can’t lose the title tonight. Angle tells him that he can’t believe Mick Foley didn’t put Benoit in the match. He then asks Benoit to lend him his support in the main event tonight. Angle says that Mick Foley wouldn’t be able to deny Benoit a title shot.

Video package next showing the history between Chyna and Eddie Guerrero.

Chyna & “The One” Billy Gunn vs. Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko

This is Chynas 16th PPV match, more than any other women in history up to now. Billy Gunn is the Intercontinental champion but the title isn’t on the line tonight. Not many men in history have had as many PPV matches as Billy Gunn. Eddie attacks Billy Gunn before the bell and he hits a dropkick to the knee to take thre advantage. Chyna was the only one in this match to wrestle on last years Rebellion card, beating Jeff Jarrett by disqualification. Gunn gets back into the match with a big tilt-a-whirl slam. Gunn stomps on Guerrero in the corner before he’s told to stop and then Eddie offers his hand but Billy hits him with a clothesline. All four competitors get in the ring and after sending them into one another, Billy Gunn press slams Malenko and Chyna press slams Guerrero! Chyna is looking great tonight.

Gunn and Malenko go at it in the entrance way whilst Chyna hits some big clotheslines on Malenko in the ring. Chyna hits her trademark handspring elbow on Malenko and then knocks Guerrero off the apron. She bounces off the ropes and Eddie pulls her foot before tagging in. Eddie lays into Chyna in the corner and then tags in Malenko. They hit a double elbow on Chyna and then Dean pins her for a two count. Malenko applies a front facelock but Chyna pushes him towards her corner. Guerrero stops the tag from happening and the Radicalz stomp away at Chyna. Eddie tags in Dean and Vhyna hits him with a low blow and a DDT. Chyna then makes the tag! Gunn takes down both Radicalz with clotheslines and right hands. All four are in and Gunn takes both Radicalz down with a big clothesline. He then hits Malenko with a big powerslam and covers him but Guerrero interrupts the count. Chyna and Eddie battle to the outside whilst in the ring, Billy hits Dean with  Jackhammer and the Fame-asser! Guerrero breaks up the count again but Gunn gets rid of him and hits his sleeper type slam on Malenko for the three! Billy Gunn and Chyna win tonight!

Rating: 6/10

Dan somebody or other is in the crowd talking to the fans and I’m English and can barely understand what they’re saying.

Video package next for Jericho and Kane.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

This is a rematch from Survivor series where Kane beat Jericho pretty cleanly. Both of these men won at Rebellion last year, Kane beating Big Show and Jericho beating Road Dogg. Jericho gets on the mic before the bell and calls Kane a red and black Union Jackass. He then rushes the ring and we get straight into it. Jericho gets hit with a big boot but Kane misses with a legdrop and Jericho clotheslines him out of the ring, going out with him. Kane gets up onto the apron and Jericho hits his trademark springboard dropkick. Back in the ring and Jericho goes for a flying something but Kane catches him and hits a running powerslam for a two count. Kane then hits some right hands and sends Jericho high into the air. Kane then applies some sort of chinlock and then hits more right hands. The Big Red Machine then hits a big double armed chokeslam for a two count. Kane is looking to make it two for two against Jericho. He thrusts his boot into Jericho’s throat in the corner and then Itish whips Chris before hitting him with a clothesline in the corner.

Jericho fights back with right hands but Kane hits a sidewalk slam. Kane then goes to the top but Jericho runs at him and crotches him. Jericho then goes up with him but Kane shoves him off and then jumps off but Jericho catches him with a clothesline. Both men get to their feet and Jericho hits an enzeguri before going to the top and diving off with a missile dropkick for a two count. Jericho then tries for the Walls Of Jericho but Kane wraps his hand around Jerichos throat which Chris manages to get out of. He hits a bulldog and then goes for the Lionsault but Kane gets his knees up and then hits a big chokeslam. He pins Jericho and beats him again! Kane heads to the back and Jericho attacks him with a steel chair and then locks on the Walls Of Jericho on the stage! It’s not over between these two that’s for sure.

Rating: 6/10

Lita is backstage getting herself a drink when Trish Stratus turns up and gives her some stick. Lita throws her drink in Trish’s face and then throws Trish into every wall she can find! Lita rips off Trish’s top which gets a big pop. We then see Ivory getting changed! Referees then come and break it all up.

Right To Censor (Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather) (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) – Tag Team Title Match

Val Venis accompanies the tag team champions to the ring. It’s a first time 2 on 2 meeting between these two teams on pay per view. The Hardyz start off quickly, sending the champions to the outside and hitting them with baseball slides and planchas. The match officially starts with Jeff Hardy and Bull Buchanan. Bull uses his strength to take the early advantage and hits some big right hands. Jeff gets back into it with a flying headscissors but The Goodfather clotheslines him from the apron. Bull tags The Goodfather in and they hit a double shoulder block. Goodfather tags in Bull as we start to get some quick tags. There’s a bit of a botch as Jeff just runs into Buchanan. Matt is then in ansd he hits a clothesline for a two count. The Goodfather comes in to make the save and is soon thrown back out. Matt sets up for the Twist of Fate on Buchanan but Val Venis gets up on the apron and The Goodfather comes in with the title belt but accidentally hits his own partner! Matt hits a legdrop on Buchanan but The Goodfather pulls out Matt to save the match.

The Goodfather tags in and twists the arm of Matt Hardy. Goodfather tags in Bull and Right To Censor get some more double teaming in. Lots of quick tags between Right To Censor now but Matt hits Goodfather with a DDT. Goodfather then misses with a splash in the corner and Matt tags in Jeff! Jeff brings the speed in the form of a dropkick but in comes Bull Buchanan but Jeff takes both men down with a corkscrew moonsault. All four men are in now and the Hardyz hit Poetry In Motion on both men. Matt then hits twist of fate on The Goodfather and Jeff goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! He covers The Goodfather but Bull Buchanan distracts the referee and Val Venis flies off the top with a Money Shot! Goodfather covers Jeff and the referee sees the pin and counts the three! Right To Censor win tonight and retain their titles in a decent tag match!

Rating: 6.75/10

Edge and Christian are backstage and Christian is moaning about breathing. Kurt Angle comes and joins them and wonders if they can make their way to ringside later. Christian isn’t sure he’d be much use and Kurt isn’t happy!

Undertaker is wlaking backstage when he bumps into Chris Benoit. The rest of the Radicalz then jump The Undertaker and lay into him backstage! They attack his knee, weakening it for Undertakers match with Chris Benoit.

The Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit has wrestled on every PPV since he joined the WWF but he’s never fought The Undertaker before. Benoit is in the ring first and he waits for The Undertaker who doesn’t come out. Benoit gets on the mic and says The American Badass left his Badass in America. Benoit wants the forfeit win but Undertakers music hits again. Still no Undertaker. Tony Chimmel starts to announce Benoit as the winner but Undertakers music hits again and this time The Undertaker hobbles down to the ring. Benoit goes right for The Undertakers knee! Nobody has fought as many PPV matches as The Undertaker. This is his 74th. Undertaker fights back with right hands and a boot and then some elbows in the corner. Undertaker then gorilla press slams Benoit which we don’t see him do very often. Undertaker has won more matches on PPV than anyone else and only Owen Hart has lost more. A loss tonught would put Undertaker joint with Owen. The American Badass goes to the top and hits his trademark axe handle off the top rope for a two count.

Benoit pulls Undertakers legs around the ringpost but Undertaker pulls Benoit into the ring post. Undertaker rams Benoits back into the ringpost twice. It’s a first Rebellion pay per view for both of these men. Undertaker pins Benoit for a two count and then applies a bear hug. Benoit gets out of it with headbutts but runs into a big boot before being pinned for a two count. Undertaker scoops Benoit up but Benoit sneaks down the back and hits a dropkick to the knee to take the big man down. Benoit then applies a modified Indian Deathlock. Undertaker gets out of it but Benoit hits a dropkick to the knee again before locking on another leglock. Undertaker gets out of it but Benoit once again takes him down with a dorpkick and goes back to the leglock. Undertaker reverses the hold but Benoit gets to the ropes to break it. The two men then slug it out in the ring which results in Benoit hitting a back suplex. Benoit hits a headbutt from the top, right to Undertakers knee and then he goes for another submission but Undertaker rolls him up and gets the three! Undertaker beats Chris Benoit tonight out of nowhere! Benoit cannot believe it.

Rating: 6.5/10

Kurt Angle (c) vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Rikishi – WWF Championship Match

This is Rikishi’s first ever PPV main event and up to now only Jeff Jarrett had wrestled more PPV matches without headlining. This is the first time Kurt Angle has been in the ring on PPV with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin has had two no contests since returning from injury. It’s Kurt Angles second PPV defence of his WWF title having previously beaten The Undertaker at Survivor Series. Kurt and The Rock join Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian as the only men to have fought on every PPV so far in 2000. Austin is the last man out and he rushes the ring, going right after Kurt Angle as The Rock goes after Rikishi. Austin hits a spinebuster on Angle for the first near fall of the match. He then hits a suplex on the Champion for another near fall. Rikishi then pulls Austin out and those two go at it on the outside. The Rock gets back in the ring and hits a Samoan Drop on Angle in the ring. Angle takes the advantage with a rake to the eyes but The Rock sends him to the outside. Rock and Austin then double team Rikishi in the ring hitting right hands and reverse elbows. Angle heads to the back with his belt but The Rock nails him wth a clothesline. Austin hits a Lou Thesz Press on Rikishi and his trademark elbow drop for a two count.

Austin then hits a Lou Thesz Press on Kurt Angle before throwing him out of the ring and following him out. The Rock hits a big clothesline on Rikishi as Austin chokes Kurt with some cable. Rikishi then hits a big splash in the corner on The Rock and motions for the stink face but The Rock hits a low blow and a spinebuster then the People’s Elbow! The Rock makes the pin but Kurt Angle breaks it up and covers Rikishi himself but Austin breaks it up! Austin then pins Rikishi but the big man kicks out. Angle chokes The Rock but austin and The Rock come back with some big right hands on Rikishi and Angle, sending them out of the ring. We’re just left with The Rock and Austin and the two men eye each other up before exchanging right hands! Austin then hits the Stunner! He pins The Rock but Kurt breaks it up! Angle pins The Rock but Rikishi breaks up the cover and Rikishi pins The Rock but Rocky kicks out. Austin hits some clotheslines on Kurt and Rikishi and then stomps away at Angle but he turns around into a Rock Bottom! Rocky covers Austin but Rikishi pulls the referee out of the ring

Angle hits the Olympic Slam on The Rock but the referee is out with Rikishi. The referee gets back in and The Rock kicks out! Austin rolls up Angle but Angle kicks out! Edge and Christian then run out and distract Austin! In the ring, The Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Rikishi but Edge breaks up the cover! The Radicalz then run out but Austin hits the Stunner on Rikishi! Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn break up the pinfall! Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Rikishi and gets the three! Kurt Angle wins with help from Edge, Christian, Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn! Angle celebreates but The Radicalz coninue to lay into The Rock and Austin. Austin hits a Stunner on Malenko and The Rock hits Rock Bottom on Saturn! The Rock then hits a Rock Bottom on Guerrero! Austin and The Rock celebrate with beers but it’s Kurt Angle that takes home the gold tonight.

Rating: 7.5/10


Well there we go, Rebellion 2000. It didn’t feel like a bad show overall. It featured a lot of the guys that wrestled on the action-packed Survivor Series, only Triple H, Hardcore Holly, Road Dogg & K-Kwik were missing with Triple H being the only major star not present. The tables match was a nice way to kick things off and it gave The Dudley Boyz a second big tables match win in three PPVs. For a long time they bottled it on the big stage and couldn’t win tables matches but now they are picking up the victories. Beating Edge and Christian, who in my mind are the top tag team right now, is no lame feat either. Test and Albert continue to feature on pay per view but seem to be the lower card tag team at the moment. A feud with The Acolytes is obviously imminent.

Next up were three title matches. Firstly Ivory beat Lita which was fairly expected, especially with Steven Richards involvement. The match quality was simolar to that of Survivor series although if I had to recommend one or the other it would be the Survivor Serie smatch due to the bloody nature of it. They had an extra two minutes at Survivor Series too. The second title match was the Hardcore championship match between Steve Blackman and Perry Saturn. They don’t seem to have much direction for the Hardcore title but Blackman is the man to beat. He was successful over Saturn tonight in a fairly predictable match. I don’t think it’s going anywhere between these two, it’s just another match to put Blackman over. Then we had the European title match between William Regal and Crash Holly. Regal did his best to not get cheered but in the end it was Crash that won the title! That was a shocker as titles do not tend to change hand sin England. I can’t see it lasting long, I’m thinking it was done for shock value and Regal will probably win the belt back at Armageddon. Wrestlers do not tend to win matches in their homelands.

Chyna and Billy Gunn then defeated Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko. Chyna is very much a top star in the company, backed up in her Playboy shoot not so long ago. I thought Eddie might have pinned Gunn by cheating but that was not the case. Chyna and Billy beat the strong Radicalz and for me that takes Eddie out of the Intercontinental title picture for now. Kane then beat Jericho for the second pay per view in a row. It was another clean win which means this feud may continue into Armageddon and will probably end in a big gimmick match. Kane seems to have Jericho’s number at the moment and it is going to take something big for Jericho to beat Kane. It’s Kanes first decent feud since X Pac which seems like an eternity ago so I’m happy for it to continue. Right To Censr then beat The Hardy Boyz with a lot of help from Val Venis. This keeps the feud going and I think it’ll continue into Armageddon. This was the best match thus far in the night for me.

Then came the first PPV match between Chris Benoit and The Undertaker. These two men have crossed paths before but I feel that they could have a big programme down the line. Undertaker won this one despite being injured before the match but it did look like a fluke win because of the roll up. I wouldn’t mind seeing Undertaker feud with The Radiclaz and maybe get some help from a few guys. In the main event Kurt Angle successfully defended his title against The Rock, Steve Austin and Rikishi. Armageddon is only a week away and Kurt will be defending his title against those three men as well as Triple H and The Undertaker so there wasn’t any danger of a title change tonight. This felt like a big match because Austin was in it as well as The Rock. Rikishi is still finding his feet in the main evet and I don’t think he’s too over in that spot yet. Maybe he’ll be a dark horse for the Royal Rumble next month? Not a bad show but probably not as good as the previous years event.

Overall Rating: 58.6/100 (ranked 42nd out of 117)

Match Of The Night: Kurt Angle vs. Steve austin vs. Rikishi vs. The Rock
Worst Match Of The Night: Ivory vs. Lita
Surprise Of The Night: Crash Holly wins the European Title
Worst Booking Of The Night: I’d have had Benoit beat Undertaker
Superstar Of The Night: Kurt Angle
Rebellion 2000 Will Be Remembered For: The European title changing hands

One thought on “Rebellion 2000

  1. Courtesy of both Livewire and Metal’s studio segments with Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman back in the day, the original planned card was gonna be this:

    Steve Austin & The Rock vs. Triple H & Rikishi

    Triple Threat Match for the World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane

    European Title: William Regal vs. Crash Holly

    Chyna & Billy Gunn vs. Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko

    Lita & The Hardy Boyz vs. Ivory, The Goodfather, & Bull Buchanan

    Bradshaw vs. Val Venis

    The Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit

    Hardcore Title Match: Steve Blackman vs. Perry Saturn

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