Armageddon 2000

| Date: December 10, 2000
| Venue: Birmingham – Jefferson Civic Centre | City: Birmingham, Alabama
| Attendance: 14, 920 | Buyrate: 465, 000

Lord I’m Coming Home To You! How about that for tagline? It can only mean that this pay per view is taking place in sweet home Alabama. On paper this looks like a one match show but we’ll have to see. That one match I refer to is the main event and it’s for Kurt Angle’s WWF title. Commissioner Mick Foley is fed up of Kurt getting involved in matches and so he’s put Angle in a hell in a cell match against not one but five challengers! And they will be Triple H, The Undertaker, The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Rikishi. Kurt tried to join Triple H and Rikishi’s alliance in the build up to this match but ended up smashing Rikishi with his title belt before getting hit with a chair himself by Triple H. This is going to be one of the biggest pay per view main events of all time and I don’t know how we’ll be able to follow all of the action. If there are any serious injuries then Foley has promised to step down as Commissioner, something Vince McMahon is very hopeful of.

The Intercontinental title will also be on the line as Billy Gunn defends against one of the men he’s had problems with since returning in Chris Benoit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eddie Guerrero and Chyna ringside for this one. The Women’s title will be defended when Ivory takes on Molly Holly and Trish Stratus. Molly and Trish had a number one contenders match that ended in a draw due to interruption from Ivory and so a triple threat match was announced. This is Trish and Molly’s first Women’s title match on PPV so it’s a huge opportunity for both of them. The European title will also be on the line as William Regal defends against Hardcore Holly. Regal has had his run-ins with Hardcore recently mainly due to his rivalry with Crash Holly. The only other match announced for this card is a Last Man Standing match between rivals Chris Jericho and Kane. So let’s get to it.

We kick off with a soft rock video with “the end is near” as the message and flashes of the 6 wrestlers involved in the main event tonight. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Armageddon, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

We see some footage from earlier in the night with Mick Foley guaranteeing that he will re-sign as WWF commissioner if anybody is seriously injured tonight.

A limo arrives and Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe fight over opening the door for Vince McMahon. McMahon says the cage above the ring won’t be up for long!

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) & Lita vs. Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Eddie Guerrero – 6 person inter-gender elimination tag team match

We get right into this match before the bell but the Hardy Boyz and Lita clean the ring of The Radicalz. Eddie is wearing a singlet on his top which I havent seen him do before. Jeff dives out of the ring on top of Dean and Eddie. PErry Saturn officially starts the match with Matt Hardy. Dean, Eddie and Perry have lost in their two previous matches as a three before. Perry hits a suplex on Matt and tags in Eddie Guerrero who hits a dropkick. Matt drops Eddie on the top turnbuckles and hits a suplex before tagging in Jeff who takes shots on everybody. He hits a back body drop on Eddie and then Eddie goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Jeff hangs on. Lita then hits a twist of fate on Eddie Guerrero and Jeff pins him for the three! Guerrero has been eliminated. 

All four men come in and Jeff goes for poetry in motion but Saturn catches Jeff and hits him with a death valley drives foe the three! Jeff Hardy has been eliminated which is a shocker after he won at Survivor Series.

Matt Hardy comes in and Terri distracts him so Saturn hits him with a martial arts kick and a suplex for a two count. Matt gets back into it with a slam and a legdrop from the middle rope. Malenko breaks up the pin and Matt gets rid of him. Matt then hits a twist of fate on Saturn which is enough for the 3! Saturn is eliminated.

Terri comes in and slaps Matt but Lita hits her with a spear! Malenko then pushes Matt into Lita and rolls Matt up for the 3! Matt is eliminated!

We’re down to just Lita and Dean Malenko! Lita hits a spinning head scissors and then a victory roll for a two count. She then goes up top and hits a moonsault for another near fall! The action has been fast paced in this one. Lita nails a DDT and then goes to the top but Malenko meets her up there and hits a superplex. He rolls on top but breaks the pinfall himself! He pulls Lita up and hits her with a couple of clotheslines and a reverse elbow. He hits a backbreaker and pins her just to break up the pinfall again. Malenko then locks on the Texas Cloverleaf and Lita taps out! Huge win for Dean Malenko tonight! Malenko disposes of Lita dn the Hardy Boyz come out to see to her. Lita says she can beat him!

Rating: 7/10

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Kurt Angle who is doing squats. Angle isn’t happy she’s there and asks her if she’s Bulgarian or if she knows any. Kurt says he’s beaten Bulgarians to win his gold medals and he’s not sweating a bad ass or a fat ass tonight. Kurt says after he wins, he’s going to have a shower, drink some milk and get on a plane out of here!

We see some footage from an old Hell in a Cell match with Triple H back bodydropping Cactus Jack through the cell at No Way Out.

William Regal (c) vs. Hardcore Holly – European Championship Match

This is a rematch from Survivor Series where Regal won by disqualification. Regal gets on the mic before the bell and gives some tips on manners and hygiene. Holly comes down and gets into it before the bell. Holly was successful at last years Armageddon with cousin Crash against Viscera and Rikishi. Regal drags Holly out of the ring and the two go at it on the outside. Regal throws Hardcore into the ringpost as a “Regal sucks” chant breaks out. The two get back in the ring and Hardcore hits a suplex for the first near fall of the match. Hardcore then unusually goes to the top but as he jumps off, Regal gets his foot up. Regal hits some uppercuts and pops Holly back on the top before executing a superplex for a near fall. Regal tries another couple of near falls but Holly keeps kicking out. The champion then locks on a bow and arrow submission but Hardcore doesn’t tap out. William goes for an underhook suplex but Hardcore reverses it into a suplex of his own for a near fall.

Hardcore hits a clothesline and a dropkick and it’s advantage challenger now. Holly hits a suplex and goes up to the top where he dives off and hits a legdrop! I’ve never seen him do that before. Regal kicks out and Holly goes for a hurricanrana but Regal powerbombs him and locks on the Regal stretch but Holly is at the ropes and the hold is broken. Regal goes for a neckbreaker but Holly gets out of it and nails him with his steel plated forearm! The referee sees to Regal but in comes Raven who hits a DDT on Hardcore Holly! Regal rolls on top of Hardcore and the referee counts the 3! The ref didn’t see Raven DDT Holly and this one id over. Regal retains his European title tonight! Good match between these two. Holly loses in his hometown.

Rating: 6.5/10

We get some footage from Smackdown where we think Angle, Rikishi and Triple H are aligned but Angle smashes Rikishi with the WWF title belt. Kevin Kelly is then stood by with Rikishi who isn’t concerned with Triple H turning on him tonight. Rikishi doesn’t give a damn because tonight Rikishi will sacrifice all of his opponents.

Chyna vs. Val Venis

This is a first PPV meeting between these two. Chyna was attacked by Val Venis last week and she’s told Billy Gunn not to get involved no matter what. Val is accompanied by Ivory who gets involved but regrets it. Chyna attacks Venis as he makes his entrance and throws him into the ring steps. The two get in the ring and Chyna hits a drop toe hold. Val has the opportunity to become the first person to have won at last years Armageddon PPV and this one if he beats Chyna. Last year he beat The British Bulldog and D-lo in a triple threat match for the European title. Chyna hits him with a DDT for a two count. No woman has wrestled as many PPV matches as Chyna. Val hits some running knee strikes and a side Russian leg sweep. Val throws Chyna to the outside where Ivory stomps away at her. Back in the ring and Val hits an underhook suplex. Val hits a powerslam. Chyna gets back into it with some forearms and a back body drop. Val has one of the best PPV records of all time. Chyna hits him with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. She hits a clothesline for a two count.

Chyna hits some big kicks to Vals ribs and then bounces off the ropes but Venis hits her with a powerslam. Val then goes for the Money Shot but Chyna rolls out of the way. Chyna gets up and hits a powerslam before bouncing off the ropes but Ivory grabs her foot. Chyna chases Ivory around the ring and back into it where Val is waiting for her and hits a fishermans suplex for the win! Val Venis picks up a big singles win over Chyna tonight. After the match Chyna grabs Ivory into the ring and goes for a powerbomb but Val makes the save and hits Chyna with a powerbomb. Good match between these two.

Rating 6.5/10

We see some more footage from the hell in a cell match from no way out.

Stephanie and Vince McMahon are backstage and Stephanie is worried about the Hell In A Cell match tonight for Triple H.

We get some words from The Undertaker from earlier tonight. He goes through some of his previous Hell In A Cell matches against the likes of Shawn Michaels and we see some footage from the match. Undertaker then goes through the Hell In A Cell match with Mankind and we see some footage from that.

Vince McMahon comes out and says that he meant it when he told his wife Linda that he wants a divorce and he meant it when he said he has genuine concern for the 6 competitors in the main event tonight. Vince asks everybody to stand up to support him in getting the hell in a cell match cancelled tonight. A few people actually stand up. McMahon says that the carnage tonight will be on the crowd conscience tonight.

Video package up next for Kane and Chris Jericho.

Kane vs. Chris Jericho – Last Man Standing Match

Chris Jericho becomes the first man to have wrestled on all 14 pay per views in 2000. X Pac managed that feat in 1999 and The Rock did in 1998. This is the third PPV meeting between Chris Jericho and Kane and it’s Kane that has won the previous 2. He attacks Jericho as Y2J makes his entrance and the two battle to the backstage! There’s no camera back there though so we don’t know what’s going on. Eventually we get a shot and Kane throws a big case at Jericho who ducks it. Mideon is then stood there and Kane and Jericho both take a shot at him. Jericho then takes Kane back to the ringside area the barricade. Jericho shoves Kane into the ring post and then back into the ring before going to the top and hitting a reverse elbow. He then mounts Kane and hits some right hands. Jericho clotheslines Kane out of the ring and then attempts to jump on him from the apron but Kane catches him and rams him into the ringpost before nailing him with a running a powerslam on the outside of the ring. Kane throws Jericho back into the ring and hits him with a backbreaker.

Kane hits a hard Irish whip and then lays into him with right hands before hitting a big hiptoss. Kane then applies a hangmans chinlock although submissions are irrelevant. The first count of the match starts but Jericho gets up at the 7. Jericho goes for a spinning heel kick but Kane catches him and drops him. Kane attempts a boot which Jericho ducks and this time hits the spinning heel kick. He then goes for a Lionsault but Kane gets his knees up. The former WWF champion then goes to the top and hits a big flying clothesline. Referee Teddy Long counts both men but they’re both up at the 6. Kane hits some big right hands and Jericho is down again. Both men won their matches at last years Armageddon, Kane beating X Pac in a cage match and Jericho beating Chyna for the Intercontinental title. Jericho gets up and Kane takes him right back down with  chokeslam! Jericho just about gets up at the 9 count. Kane exits the ring and grabs a steel chair before jabbing it into Jericho’s gut and smashing it across his back. Kane then sets Jericho up for a Tombstone on the chair but Chris slips down, hits a low blow and a DDT.

Both men get up and Jericho nails Kane with a chair shot to the head. Both men get up and Jericho hits a flying forearm and then heads up top where he hits a missile dropkick. Kane hits the deck but Jericho gets him up and hits Kane with a bulldog. Jericho puts the chair on top of Kane and then hits the Lionsault which hurts both men! The referee counts both men down, Jericho gets up at the 8 and Kane sits up just after him. Jericho runs into a big boot and then Kane lifts Jericho above his head and military presses him out of the ring. Kane takes Jericho the backstage technical area where Kane attempts to hit a chokeslam on Jericho off a case through a table but Jericho elbows his way out of it and hits a bulldog through the table! Jericho then gets up and pushes a load of stacked up barrels on top of Kane (they wouldn’t have touched him). Kanes hand emerges through some barrels but the referee counts the 10! Chris Jericho beats Kane in the Last Man Standing match tonight! Good match between these two.

Rating: 7.75/10

Jonathan Coachman asks Debra if he can have a word with Mick Foley and she says he’s upset but go ahead. Mick Foley said that Vince McMahon is dead wrong about the people not wanting to see the Hell In A Cell match tonight but he will be happy when it’s over with.

We go to WWF New York where Shawn Michaels is introduced. Jim Ross asks Shawn about his experiences in Hell In A Cell and Shawn says that the match is tailor made for The Undertaker.

We see some footage of the Hell In A Cell match between Mankind and Undertaker from King Of The Ring 1998.

Right To Censor (Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather) (c) vs. Edge & Christian vs. Road Dogg & K-Kwik vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) – 4 Corners Tag Team Match for Tag Team Championships

Edge and Christian join Chris Jericho having wrestled on every PPV in 2000. None of these 8 men were successful at last years Armageddon PPV. Right To Censor go right after The Dudley Boyz and Buchanan pins D-Von for the first cover of the match. Bull hits a big boot and tags in The Goodfather who hits a boot to D-Von. The Goodfather hits the Hoe Train on D-Von but in comes Bubba Ray. He hits a clothesline on Goodfather and D-Von pins him for the two. Road Dogg tags himself in but gets caught with a right hand from the Goodfather. Edge then tags himself in and hits some right hand son Road Dogg. We get a funny spot with Road Dogg and Bubba Ray both hitting jabs on Edge and Christian before nailing each other. Road Dogg tags in K-Kwik who is looking for his first PPV victory tonight. He and Road Dogg hit some double team moves on Edge. K-Kwik does a backflip and hits a big kick on Edge. Christian distracts K-Kwik allowing Edge to take the advantage. Edge and Christian make a couple of quick tags.

Edge hits an armbar takedown on R-Truth and then tags in Christian as a “We Want Tables” chant breaks out. The Goodfather tags himself in and lays into K-Kwik. He applies a hammerlock but K-Kwik won’t tap out. Goodfather tags in Bull Buchanan who continues to work K-Kwiks shoulder. Edge tags in and he goes to work on K-Kwiks shoulder. K-Kwik manages a neckbreaker on Edge and both men are down. K-Kwik goes to tag Road Dogg but Christian pulls him down. R-Truth tags Bubba Ray and he takes apart both Dudley Boyz. All 8 men are then in the ring and all hell breaks loose! Right To Censor hit a shoulderbreaker on K-Kwik on the outside. Road Dogg jumps at both tag team champions and then Steven Richards hits Road Dogg with a Steven kick! In the ring The Dudley Boyz hit the Wassup Drop on Edge! Bubba calls for the tables and they get one from under the ring and run it into the faces of the champions! They then hit a Doomsday Device on Edge but Christian pulls Bubba Ray out of the ring. The Dudleyz then hit 3D on Bull Buchanan before doing the same to The Goodfather!

Christian gets in the ring and The Dudley Boyz hit the Wassup Drop on Christian! D-Von goes out to get a table but Steven Richards hits him with a DDT. Edge hits a spear on Bubba Ray in the ring but only gets a 2 count. Christian hits Bubba Ray with the reverse DDT and Edge pins him for the three! Edge and Christian win the match and becomes four time tag team champions! Great match between these four teams.

Rating: 8/10

Stephanie is backstage trying to talk sense into Triple H. Triple H says the title is his life.

We then get some more footage from the Hell In A Cell match at No Way Out.

“The One” Billy Gunn (c) vs. Chris Benoit – Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Billy is a lot bigger than Benoit. Gunn hits a drop toe hold, arm drag and hip toss in the early going for the first near fall. He then throws Benoit out of the ring and into the ring post. Benoit uses Gunns own momentum to throw him into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Benoit works on Billy Gunns left knee. Benoit hasn’t missed a PPV since his debut in the WWF last February. He hits a dropkick to the knee of the champion. Only half a dozen men have had more PPV matches in the WWF than Billy Gunn up to this point. This has been his most successful singles run as Chris Benoit applies a figure four to Gunn to “Woooo” from the crowd. Gunn reverses the hold which by all accounts doesn’t hurt in the slightest. Benoit gets to the ropes which breaks the hold. The two men slug it out and Gunn misses with a splash in the corner. Benoit then hits 3 German suplexes and heads to the top where he aims for his diving headbutt but Gunn rolls out of the way.

Billy Gunn hits a gorilla press slam and a jackhammer and then the Fame-asser! Gunn is hurt though and takes a couple of extra seconds to cover Benoit who kicks out at 2. Gunn goes for the cobra clutch but Benoit takes him down and into the Crippler Crossface! Billy just manages to get his foot to the ropes and so Benoit has to break the hold. Gunn spins Benoit round and seems to botch something. Jim Ross says it’s because of Gunns knee but the crowd boo. Benoit is a two time Intercontinental champion. He covers Billy Gunn for a two count. Chris then hits a suplex for a two count. Billy rolls Benoit up but gets a two and then Benoit locks the Crippler Crossface on Gunn! The champion taps out! Chris Benoit becomes a three times Intercontinental champion tonight!

Rating: 5.75/10

We get an interview from earlier today with Jim Ross asking Austin how he can prepare for the match today. Austin says he hasn’t slept and he’s running on coffee today. Triple H and Rikishi are both in the match tonight, is that a distraction or more motivation? Austin says it’s more motivation.

Ivory (c) vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus – Triple threat match for WWF Women’s Championship

Chyna is the only woman to have had more PPV matches than Ivory. Molly goes right after Trish and throws her across the ring as Ivory watches on. Trish hits a monkey flip but Molly Holly lands on her feet and Ivory takes her down with a clothesline. Ivory then hits a dropkick on both men and rolls up Trish which Ivory breaks up. Trish and Ivory hit a double suplex on Molly and high-five before Ivory hits her with  cheap shot. Molly hits both women with a cross body off the top and then back body drops Ivory out of the ring. Molly hits a powerbomb on Trish and Ivory gets in, throws Molly out of the ring and pins Trish for the three count! Ivory wins the match and retains her Women’s title! T & A then come out and go after Molly but Crash makes the save. T & A go after Crash and The Acolytes music hits. Faarooq and Bradshaw come out and take T & A out! A very short match between these three. Not the best but a few good spots.

Rating: 3.75/10

We see some footage of Undertaker throwing Mankind off the top of the cell at King Of The Ring 1998.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with The Rock who says if he has to put his career on the line tonight then he’ll do it. He’ll be whipping all their candy asses.

Video package for the main event next.

Kurt Angle (c) vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Triple H vs. The Undertaker vs. Rikishi – 6 man Armageddon Hell In A Cell Match for the WWF Championship

There is going to be a lot going on so who knows how we’ll be able to follow it all. All 6 men get into the cell and this one is underway! Austin and Triple H are paired off, Rikishi and The Rock and Undertaker and Angle. Kurt and Undertaker get in the ring whilst The Rock hits Rikishi with a big clothesline. Undertaker clotheslines angle and The Rock chokes Rikishi with some cable. Undertaker gets the first near fall in this match on Angle. Undertaker hits an elbow on Angle as Austin throws Triple H into the side of the cell. The Rock hits right hands on Rikishi who hits him back with one of his own. The Rock then hits a huge clothesline, sending Rikishi to the outside. Angle stomps away on Undertaker and Rikishi smashes The Rocks face into the ring steps. Triple H hits Austin with a facebuster and then Austin hits the Lou Thesz Press and elbow for a two count. It’s first fall for the win here. The Rock is now paired off with Kurt Angle on the outside and they roll into the ring.

Triple H hits a high knee on Austin as Angle chokes The Rock. The Rock is up and hits a Samoan Drop on Angle for a two count. The Rock is the only man to have faced all 5 opponents in singles matches on PPV. Undertaker tosses Angle out of the ring as Triple H suplexes Austin on the outside. Rikishi lays into The Rock with right hands and then throws him into the side of the cell. Angle hits a baseball slide on Rikishi and then hits him into the steps. Austin grates Triple H’s face on the side of the cell. Triple H’s face is now bleeding and Austin goes back to grating his face! Rikishi chokes Undertaker with his boot. Austin takes Triple H all the way around the cell, grating his face as he does! Stone Cold then rolls back into the ring but Rikishi hits him with a legdrop as he does. Rikishi then helps Triple H back to his feet and gives him a hug but Triple H pulls him back and hits him with The Pedigree! The Rock breaks up the pinfall and lays into Triple H, hitting him with a DDT. He pins Helmsley but Kurt breaks it up. Kurt then hits the Olympic Slam on The Rock and Austin breaks up the pinfall. Austin hits the Stunner on Angle but The Undertaker breaks up the cover and hits a chokeslam on Austin. He pins Stone Cold and Triple H breaks up the cover!

Undertaker throws Triple H into the side of the cell multiple times. Kurt has successfully defended his WWF title at Survivor Series and Rebellion. Austin clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring and then hits the Lou Thesz press on Rikishi. Vince McMahon with Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe then come out on the back of a truck! The truck then rips the door off the cell! McMahon tells the men on the truck to take the whole damn cage down! Mick Foleys music then hits and Foley comes out and sends McMahon and his cronies to the back! He lays out Patterson and Briscoe for good measure! Security then take Vince to the back! Triple H escapes out the open door and heads up the entrance way. Austin goes after him and lays him out with a clothesline from behind. Austin then uses a jib camera and launches it into Triple H’s face. All 6 man are now out of the cell and battling in the entrance way! Triple H smashes Austins face through the window of the truck! The Rock does a double noggin knocker on Rikishi and Angle. Austin is bleeding from the head and it looks like Angle has been put through a car window as well.

The Rock attempts a Rock Bottom on top of a car on Triple H but Triple H hits a low blow before hitting him with a Pedigree on the car! Rikishi picks up a barrel but Austin kicks it out of his hand. Austin and Rock are both bleeding as well as Triple H. The Undertaker slams Kurt on a car. Triple H then throws Undertaker into the side of a car. Austin slingshots Triple H into a car. These 6 men were all involved in singles matches against each other at Survivor Series. The Rock and Kurt angle join Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian as the only men to have wrestled on all 14 PPVs in 2000. Kurt hits Undertaker with a chair shot by the announce table. Austin and Triple H go at it by the truck. Triple H then climbs up the top of the cell and Austin follows. Undertaker is now bleeding from the chair shot, he throws Angle into the crowd. Triple H and Austin both get to the top of the cell. Austin hits Triple H with right hands! Helmsley stumbles backwards but he hits some shots of his own. Kurt Angle then climbs up to the top of the cell and Austin stunners Triple H on top of the cell!

The Undertaker joins Kurt Angle, Steve Austin and Triple H at the top of the cell. Austin stomps on Angle and then Undertaker rams Kurt into a support beam on top of the cell. Triple H climbs down from the top of the cell as the crowd boo. But Austin races over and drags him back up by the hair. Triple H manages to climb down and Austin follows. Rikishi then tries to climb up and he does! The timekeeper then throws Undertaker a chair and he uses it to smash Kurt Angle with! Rikishi then grabs the chair and lays into Undertaker with it! Kurt then climbs down from the cell. Undertaker hits Rikishi with right hands and headbutts. Headbutts never used to affect Rikishi. Rikishi teeters at the edge of the cell and then Undertaker chokeslams Rikishi all the way down to the trailer of the truck! The Rock and Austin go nose to nose in the ring before slugging it out with right hands! Austin goes for the Stunner but The Rock pushes him off and hits a spinebuster. Four men are within the confines of the cell whilst Undertaker is still on top and Rikishi is down in the truck. It’s pretty much a fatal 4 way now. The Rock lines up for the People’s Elbow on Austin but Triple H takes him down with a clothesline.

The Rock hits some big right hands to Triple H sending him out of the ring and then in comes Kurt Angle but The Rock hits him with Rock Bottom! The Rock pins Kurt but Austin breaks up the count! Austin then hits the Stone Cold Stunner on The Rock! Austin slowly crawls over to The Rock but Triple H gets back in and hits a neckbreaker on Austin. Kurt then crawls over to The Rock and pins him for the three! Kurt Angle wins and retains his WWF title tonight! What a match! Angle celebrates with the gold but Austin hits him with a Stunner!

Rating: 9.5/10


And that was Armageddon 2000. All in all a very enjoyable show. It kicked off with a hell of a match that felt fast paced and got the crowd going. There were a lot of great workers in this match such as The Hardy Boyz, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko. It was mainly focused around the feud/love affair between Dean Malenko and Lita and that is how the match ended. Malenko got a lot of heat as he took centre stage beating Lita in the closing moments. With the higher ups not having much on for these 6 at the moment, this feud keeps them all ticking over. I can see it continuing. William Regal then beat Hardcore Holly in a decent match. I like Regal as European champion and hate that he lost it briefly to Crash. I think this will be the end for these two. Regal has beaten Hardcore twice on PPV in the last few months and with the random interference of Raven it looks like Hardcore is on to pastures new.

Val Venis then beat Chyna to increase his great PPV record. Ivory got involved which suggests Chyna might be getting involved with the Womens division. And I have no doubt she will murder any woman in that division. Chris Jericho then defeated Kane in the Last Man Standing match. I didn’t buy the ending to that with the barrels just because it looks like Kane wasn’t touched by them. Y2J essentially won cleanly tonight which makes me think this feud is over and Jericho can move on to bigger and better things. Kane, I’m not so sure. Maybe he’ll start getting built for the Royal Rumble, not that I can see him winning it. Then came the four corner tag team match that was actually a fantastic match. And the best bit? Edge and Christian are tag team champions for a fourth time. All 8 men performed in this one and although I’m glad Right To Censor lost the titles, I’m surprised it was Bubba Ray Dudley that took the fall. I won’t be surprised if Edge and Christian feud with The Dudley Boyz going forward.

Chris Benoit won the Intercontinental championship which I think was a great result. For me, The Intercontinental title is for the best wrestler and hardest worker and there’s no doubting that Benoit is right up there. I liked it when the likes of Benoit, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero were feuding over the title. Not so much Billy Gunn, Rikishi and Val Venis. So Benoit holding the belt again is a step in the right direction. The match itself was pretty weak, not a memorable one. It’s amazing looking back to see just how big Billy Gunn was compared to the likes of Benoit and Guerrero. Ivory then pinned Trish Stratus in a triple threat match to retain her Women’s title. That’s fine, Ivory is over as a  heel at the moment and is one of the better workers on the roster. The match is pretty much what you’d expect of the women at the moment although it was pretty short. I reckon Ivory could be in for a big challenge from Chyna going into the Royal Rumble.

The main event is the talking point for this show. 6 of the best superstars on the roster in an incredible hell in a cell match. I gave it a big rating because it was so damn entertaining. Everything fell into place with Vince McMahon fighting against the match for so long and then trying to take the cell apart with the truck. Why was the truck really there? For the amazing fall form the top of the cell from Rikishi. It was seriously sick. Peng, one may say. In the end it was Kurt Angle that retained his title, pinning The Rock. This match hurt nobody, they all came out of it looking like stars. Great match. Where Angle goes from here, I have no idea. We’ve seen enough of him against The Rock and The Undertaker so either “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Chris Jericho at the Rumble for me.

Overall Rating: 68.4/100 (ranked 5th out of 118) 

Match Of The Night: The Armageddon Hell In A Cell
Worst Match Of The Night: Ivory vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus
Surprise Of The Night: Rikishi’s spot off the cell
Worst Booking Of The Night: Bubba Ray taking the fall
Superstar Of The Night: Rikishi
Armageddon 2000 Will Be Remembered For: Hell in a cell and Rikishi’s fall


2 thoughts on “Armageddon 2000

  1. Three fun facts:

    1.Eddie Guerrero did actually wear singlets during the first two years of his WCW stint before his heel turn in 1997.

    2.Shawn Michaels was still heavy on the drugs as evidenced by his appearance at WWF New York here, and that drug abuse would dearly cost him a big payday for WrestleMania X-Seven the next year. Because of that, Shawn knew that he had to clean up his act and find Jesus.

    3.After failing to win the Tag-Team Titles with K-Kwik here, Brian Armstrong a.k.a. “Road Dogg” Jesse James is done with WWF pay-per-views, as he was fired before Royal Rumble 2001 due to having really nasty drug demons. Upon being released, Dogg was planning on going back to WCW, only to discover too late that it was going out of business.

    From there, Road Dogg would join the Australian-based World Wrestling All-Stars and challenge unsuccessfully for their World Championship (which was held by Dogg’s former client Jeff Jarrett).

    After that, Dogg would join TNA in 2002 as B.G. James, forming 3Live Kru with K-Kwik (who wrestled under his real name Ron Killings) and Konnan in 2003, holding the NWA World Tag-Team Championship, and then reuniting with his old New Age Outlaws partner Billy Gunn (renamed Kip James) as the James Gang/Voodoo Kin Mafia, who unsuccessfully tried to answer the Hardy Boyz’ challenge for ECW December to Dismember 2006, as well as calling out Triple H and Shawn Michaels to face them at the Alamo. Soon, VKM would fight off the Heart Throbs and the Basham Brothers in 2007 would spliting up – again – in 2008. After all that, VKM would leave TNA in 2009 and spend the next two years on the indy circuit.

    Road Dogg eventually returned to WWE in 2011 as a road agent after inducting his father, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 27, and would host the 2012-2013 web show “Are You Serious?” with Josh Matthews, as well as make one-off PPV appearances at Royal Rumble 2012, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 30 in 2014, and Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31 in 2015, along with the occasional appearance on Total Divas, such as Dogg chatting to either the Bella Twins or Eva Marie.

    1. UPDATE: In 2019, Road Dogg would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame himself, alongside Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H the night before WrestleMania 35.

      Nowadays, Road Dogg is head writer for NXT.

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