Royal Rumble 2001

| Date: January 21, 2001
| Venue: New Orleans Arena | City: New Orleans, Louisiana
| Attendance:  17, 137 | Buyrate: 625, 000

30 men. Every man for himself. One victor. It’s the pay per view that provides the biggest match of the year signalling the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. This years Rumble will be as big as always with some of the biggest names in the company being entered. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker and Kane will all be in the mix as well as the man that won the right to be the number 30 entrant, Rikishi. Personally, I can’t see past those 5 men for a winner but could there be a shock? Billy Gunn? Val Venis? Test? William Regal? For me, it’s got to be one of the big 5. Maybe Rikishi’s time has finally come. What is the relationship between Kane and his brother, The Undertaker?

The WWF title will be on the line as Kurt Angle defends against the man that took a few weeks to return to the company following the brutal Hell In A Cell match at Armageddon, Triple H. Helmsley cost Steve Austin a match for the WWF title and Vince McMahon named Triple H the new number one contender to the belt. Chris Benoit will be defending his newly won Intercontinental title against Chris Jericho tonight. These two have been rivals for the better part of a year now and Jericho did beat Benoit on Raw a few weeks ago by disqualification after the rest of the Radicalz got involved. The two will meet tonight in a ladder match, the first one on one ladder match on pay per view since Summerslam 1998.

There are four title matches tonight with the third being a tag team title match with Edge and Christian defending against The Dudley Boyz. The Dudley Boyz won an opportunity to take on the champion when they defeated Right To Censor in a number one contenders match. Despite being rivals with Edge and Christian for a while, The Dudley Boyz have never fought them in a 2 on 2 match on pay per view before. The other match tonight will be Ivory defending her Women’s title against the returning Chyna. Chyna was severely injured at the hands of Ivory and Val Venis a few weeks ago and is possibly returning a little bit too soon to get revenge on Ivory and take her Women’s title, a belt she has never won before. On Heat before the PPV, Low Down (D-lo and Chaz) defeated Kaientai (Taka Michinoku & Funaki). So let’s get to it.

We kick off with a video package for the Royal Rumble. It’s a really good package actually that makes you think that anybody could win it. Jim Ross then welcomes everybody to the Rumble and New Orleans. He’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Edge & Christian (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) – WWF Tag Team Championship Match

This is the first ever 2 vs. 2 match between these two teams on PPV. Edge and Christian have had the best of the build up between these two teams. The Dudleyz beat Right To Censor to earn a title shot. This match gets underway before the bell and it’s The Dudley Boyz taking it to Edge and Christian. D-Von and Edge officially kick off the match and D-Von hits a neckbreaker. Edge tags Christian and D-Von hits him with a spinning elbow for the first near fall of the night. D-Von tags Bubba Ray who continues the pressure. Bubba hits some jabs in the corner as the crowd chant for tables. Christian gets back into it with a head scissors but not for long as Bubba Ray hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Bubba Ray tags D-Von and Christian tags Edge who gets hit with a slam for a near fall. Christian takes a cheap shot at D-Von to get the champs back into the match. Edge hits a suplex and tags in Christian. They are really pushing the concussions that the Dudley Boyz have been suffering from.

We get some classic heel tactics from Edge and Christian, double teaming D-Von and keeping the referee distracted to make “tags”. Edge hits a neckbreaker and covers D-Von which Bubba Ray breaks up. Edge hits a snapmare and locks on a chinlock. D-Von gets out of it but gets hit with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Edge tags Christian who chokes D-Von on the middle rope. Lots of quick tags between Edge and Christian. Edge goes for a piledriver but D-Von gets out of it and catapults Edge into Christian for a near fall. D-Von and Edge then hit each other with clotheslines. D-Von crawls to his corner but the referee didn’t see it because Christian was distracting the referee. Bubba Ray goes mad and the champs grab two chairs and go for con-chair-to but D-Von ducks it and takes both men down with a clothesline. D-Von then tags Bubba Ray! Bubba Ray takes both men down with back body drops, hot shots and the Bubba bomb! The Dudley Boyz then hit the Wassup Drop on Edge!

Bubba Ray calls for the tables and the crowd are really into this one! D-Von obliges and gets a table from under the ring. In the ring Edge tries to hit Bubba Ray with the tag title belt but Bubba ducks it! The Dudleyz try for a 3D on Christian but Edge flies at Bubba Ray with a spear which gets them a near fall. Edge and Christian then go for the Wassup Drop on Bubba Ray but Bubba Ray rolls it through and Christian hits Edge. The Dudleyz then hit 3D and pin Edge for the win! The Dudley Boyz win the tag team titles tonight in a feisty opener!

Rating: 6.75/10

We get a shot from Sunday night Heat with Drew Carey arriving at the arena.

Next is an interview form Heat with Vince McMahon clearing up that Triple H will be getting his WWF title shot tonight and Steve Austin will be in the Royal Rumble.

Backstage Triple H wants to know if Stephanie McMahon is going to interfiere in his match. Trish Stratus will be ringside with Kurt Angle and Stephanie says that she will make sure Trish doesn’t get involved. Drew Carey then shows up and says that he bumped into Kamala. Drew wants to know where Vince McMahon is to get some advice for his own PPV. Stephanie then says that she’ll take Drew over to Trish Stratus’ dressing room.

The Acolytes are backstage playing poker and want to see each others numbers. Bradshaw laughs at Faarooqs and says that it’s going to be interesting. Crash Holly then shows up and says that although they’re friends, if they get in his way then he’ll have to throw them out!

Video package for Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit with Jericho challenging Benoit to a ladder match for the Intercontinental championship.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Ladder match for WWF Intercontinental Championship

This is the fourth PPV match between these two men. The previous 3 have all occured in the last 9 months. Their last match was a 2 out of 3 falls match at Summerslam. Jericho gets into this one before the bell and takes Benoit down. He hits some chops and kicks in the corner and then Benoit goes for the Cripples Crossface but Jericho avoids it. Benoit then throws Jericho into the ringpost. Benoit has not missed a PPV since he debuted in the WWF. Jericho wrestled on every PPV in 2000. Benoit hits a shoulderbreaker but Jericho gets back into it with a flying forearm. The last ladder match on PPV was between The Rock and Triple H at Summerslam 1998. Triple H won that one. Benoit and Jericho battle on the outside where Benoit throws Jericho into the ringpost and then gets the ladder. Jericho tries for a baseball slide but Benoit avoids it and throws Jericho into the ringsteps. Benoit then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring af climbs it but Jericho pulls him down.

Jericho picks up the ladder and rams it into Chris Benoits face before ramming it into Benoits gut. We’ve already had one title change tonight. Benoit hits Jericho with a hard Irish whip right into the ladder. Benoit then flies to the outside and Jericho smashes him with a chair! This is Benoits first PPV defence of this title reign after he beat Billy Gunn at Armageddon. Benoit rams the ladder into Jerichos face and then smashes a chair across his back. Back in the ring and Benoit hits a clothesline and gets the ladder. It’ll be a shame if these two guys aren’t in the Royal Rumble later, these are two big contenders for that match. Benoit tosses Jericho into the ladder and tries for a second time but Jericho nips down and sets Benoit up for something that turns out to be a side Russian leg sweep off the ladder! Benoit dropkicks the ladder into Jericho’s face and then tries for an Irish whip into the ladder but Jericho reverses it. Y2J then hits a brutal slingshot type move with the ladder before climbing up a few rungs. Benoit gets up and suplexes Jericho off the ladder all the way to the outside of the ring.

Benoit climbs the ladder now but Jericho gets up and meets him up there. Jericho then locks on a Walls of Jericho on top of the ladder! He pushes Benoit off the ladder but Benoit just about manages to push the ladder over, stopping Jericho from getting the belt. Jericho is up first and he rams the ladder into Benoit. He then climbs up but Benoit pulls him down and locks on the Crippler Crossface! Jericho taps out but that means nothing in this match. Benoit breaks the hold and throws Jericho into the ring post. He tries to do it again but Jericho reverses it and throws him into the ladder. Jericho climbs the ladder and Benoit meets him up there and headbutts him off before leaping off and attempting his diving headbutt but Jericho rolls out of the way! Jericho then sets up the ladder on top of Benoit but once again Benoit manages to push the ladder over, sending Jericho all the way out of the ring. Benoit sets up the ladder and climbs it but Jericho gets up and smashes him with a chair before pushing the ladder over sending Benoit out to the floor. Jericho sets up the ladder and climbs it and grabs the title! Benoit isn’t quick enough and Jericho wins the match! Jericho is the new Intercontinental champion! A great ladder match between these two men.

Rating: 7.75/10

Drew Carey is backstage with Trish Stratus who says she’s involved with someone. Right on cue Vince McMahon walks in and Drew sells the show he’s doing. Vince isn’t really interested but says that tonight Drew can do a little improv for him and participate in the Royal Rumble match tonight. Trish says she’d be very impressed and Drew agrees to do it!

Billy Gunn is with Chyna backstage telling her that the doctors have told Chyna not to wrestle. Chyna says she doesn’t care and Billy needs to stop worrying about her.

Michael Cole is with Chris Jericho who says Chris Benoit is one of the toughest bastards he’s ever faced. Jericho is a three time Intercontinental champion.

Video package for the Chyna and Ivory match next. Ivory injured Chyna with a spike piledriver and Chyna has made an early comeback to go after the Women’s title.

Ivory (c) vs. Chyna – WWF Women’s Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two women and the first PPV match Chyna has ever had with a woman! Ivory is joined by Steven Richards and she is a lot smaller than Chyna. Chyna gets in the ring and hits Ivory with a clothesline. She then spins Ivory round by her hair. These two women have had more PPV matches than any other women in history with Chyna far and away in first. She throws Ivory around, hitting a snapmare from the top turnbuckle. Chyna hits forearms and stomps in the corner before placing Ivory on the top and hitting her with a forearm, knocking her out of the ring. Ivory then hops over the barricade and Chyna goes after her through the crowd. This should definitely be a count out by now. Chyna military presses Ivory and walks her back to the barricade before throwing her over! Chyna tosses Ivory back in the ring before getting in herself and hitting a powerslam.

Chyna then brings Steven Richards into the ring, hits him with some clotheslines and then tosses him back out of the ring. Chyna then hits her trademark handspring elbow but Chyna hits the deck and doesn’t get back up. Ivory looks up and puts a hand over Chyna. The referee counts and Ivory wins the match! Chyna doesn’t move, this is part of the on-going storyline with Chynas neck. Jerry Lawler gets in the ring to check on Chyna and calls for some EMT’s. Billy Gunn runs out to check on Chyna too. A stretcher is bought out and Chyna is loaded onto it. A “Sgt Slaughter” chant breaks out, brilliant.

Rating: 4.5/10 

Stephanie McMahon walks into make-up but Trish Stratus is already there. Stephanie warns Trish not to get involved in the WWF title match tonight.

Drew Carey is sat backstage and Harvey Wippleman gives him his ring gear. Kane walks in and calls him “the goofy guy in the match” and Kane walks out.

Tiger Ali Singh and Lo-Down are discussing which of the three of them should be in the Royal Rumble match. Vince McMahon then walks in and says that there has been a change of plans and neither of them will be going in as they have been replaced. Tiger Ali asks who they have been replaced by and Vince tells them Drew Carey. Tiger questions who Drew Curry is.

Vox pops for who’s going to win the main event. Triple H seems to be the favourite at WWF New York.

Video package for Kurt Angle and Triple H. Mostly covering Stephanie McMahon and Trish Stratus to be fair.

Kurt Angle (c) vs. Triple H – WWF Championship Match

This is the second PPV meeting between these two men with Triple H winning the previous contest at Unforgiven 2000. This is Kurts fourth PPV defence of his belt and if he is successful then only Shawn Michaels and Diesel will have had more successful WWF title defences on PPV. The match starts with some wrestling, an armbar from Angle and a headlock from Triple H. Kurt then hits a hiptoss and clotheslines Triple H out of the ring. Triple H gets back in the ring and hits a cheap shot and some right hands. Trish Stratus is in Kurts corner for this one whilst Stephanie is with Triple H. Kurt hits a big back body drop and an armbar taking down The Game. Kurt hits three suplexes for the first near fall of the match. The battle goes to the outside where Triple H hits some big right hands and whips Kurt into the barricade. Helmsley then drops Kurt on the barricade before breaking the referees count. Kurt has only wrestled on one Royal Rumble PPV before and that was in a losing effort to the debuting Tazz. Back in the ring and Triple H hits a drop toe hold and locks on a leg grapevine.

Triple H continues to work the leg until Kurt hits him with an enzeguri for a two count. Triple H goes back to working Angles leg but Kurt reverses an Irish whip and sends Triple H out of the ring. Kurt throws Helmsley into the ring steps before rolling him into the ring. Stephanie distracrs the referee and Triple H grabs a chair and smashes it into Angles knee! Back in the ring and Triple H hits a chopblock on Angle who is really selling the knee. The crowd don’t know who to cheer for though. Helmsley works the knee of Angle, dropping elbows on it. Triple H locks a leglock on but angle manages to hammer his way out of it. Triple H hits a knee to the face and gets a couple of near falls. The challenger then applies a figure four leglock! Im disappointed in the lack of “wooos” from the crowd. Triple H uses the ropes for leverage and Trish tries to get involved but Stephanie runs over and the two get into a slapping contest! The two roll around on the announce table and floor and then comes Vince McMahon! Vince tries to break it up but even he struggles to gain control of the situation. Vince eventually picks up Trish and takes her to the back with Stephanie in tow.

In the ring Triple H goes for the figure four again but Kurt rolls him up and gets a 2 count. The two men slug it out and it’s advantage Angle with a DDT for a near fall. The two men botch something but Angle turns it into an inverted atomic drop and then a German suplex for a two count. It’s all Angle now as he hits a side Russian leg sweep and heads to the top but Triple H gets up, hits a low blow and a crucifix powerbomb (Razors Edge) which Kurt kicks out of. Triple H then goes for a pwerbomb but Angle gets out of it and ends up accidentally headbutting Triple H in the nether regions. Angle then heads to the top again where this time he leaps off and hits a moonsault! Triple H kicks out of the pin. Helmsley then accidentally takes out the referee before throwing Angle into the ringpost. Triple H then heads to the top but Angle leaps up and hits him with a belly to belly suplex from the top. Angle pins Helmsley but the referee is still down. Angle checks on the referee but Triple H comes out and throws Kurt into the ring steps, sandwiching referee Earl Hebner as he does!

Helmsley rolls Angle back into the ring and grabs the WWF title belt but Angle sees him coming, kicks him in the gut and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Kurt then picks up the belt but Triple H sees him coming and hits him with a Pedigree! Helmsley pins Angle but the referee is still down! “Stone Cold” Steve Austin then runs down and lays into Triple H! Austin smashes him right between the eyes with the WWF title and then throws Earl Hebner back into the ring. Austin gets back into the ring and hits Triple H with the Stone Cold Stunner! Triple H is busted wide open and Kurt lays his arm over him. The referee takes a while to wake up and crawl over but it’s done! The referee counts the three and Kurt is still the WWF Champion!

Rating: 7/10

Rikishi is warming up in the back, he’ll bein at number 30. We then see The Undertaker shadow boxing and then Kevin Kelly is stood by with The Rock. The Rock gives Undertaker and Kane some stick as everyone wonders whether they’re together.

There’s a VT for the Royal Rumble now. I bloody love the Rumble. We get some words from Rikishi who will be in at number 30. Kane is next, he has to be considered a favourite. The Undertaker is showcased next, he’s never won a Rumble before. The Rock has won it before, could this be a repeat of last year? He’s always a good Royal Rumble. Stone Cold has won it twice before, he is obsessed with the WWF title. That’s your 5 favourites!

The 2001 Royal Rumble Match

Here we go. Jeff Hardy is #1 and Bull Buchanan is #2. Two men making their Royal Rumble match debuts. Bull sprints down to the ring and this one is underway! Jeff hits a flying headscissors but Buchanan hits a clothesline taking the former tag team champion down. Bull then lifts Hardy up above his head but Jeff nips down. Neither of these men will be winning this I can assure you. Jeff gets Bull balanced on the top rope but can’t eliminate him. #3 is Matt Hardy which is fortunate for Jeff. The Hardy Boyz hit some double team moves and then double clothesline Bull Buchanan out of here. The Hardyz then go at it brother against brother. Matt nearly eliminates Jeff but Jeff survives. Matt hits a suplex and Jeff hits a facebuster. Jeff then has Matt balancing over the top rope. #4 is out next and as the Hardy Boyz look on it’s Faarooq. Faarooq runs right through both men and lays into both. Plenty of tag team wrestlers in the early going. Jeff botches poetry in motion but Matt hits Faarooq with the Twist of Fate and Jeff follows it up with a Swanton Bomb. The Hardyz then throw Faarooq out of there. Matt nearly throws Jeff out of there but both men choose to take their tops off and hit each other with right hands.

#5 is Drew Carey who is obviously making his PPV debut tonight. Matt hits a legdrop from the middle rope on Jeff and then Jeff hits a weak dropkick on Matt. Jeff pops Matt on the apron and the two men battle over by the ringpost Matt suplexes Jeff onto the apron and Jeff Hardy then eliminates Matt Hardy before eliminated himself! Drew Carey is on his own! Well for another 5 seconds until #6 Kane comes out. Drew Carey asks for the Hardy Boyz to help him but they’re gone. One of the favourites in Kane circles the ring whilst Drew craps himself. Kane has been in 2 Royal Rumbles before and eliminated himself one year and was thrown out by X Pac the other year. Drew Carey offers Kane money but Kane won’t take it. #7 is Raven who actually saves Drew Carey by hitting Kane with a kendo stick. Drew Carey then eliminates himself! Kane lays into Raven who are the only two legal men at the moment. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and Raven rolls to the outside and grabs a fire extinguisher before spraying it in Kanes face. Lawler says he bets Kane wishes he had one of these a few times before in his life. Al Snow then appears and attacks Raven! #8 is Al Snow and this has turned into a hardcore Royal Rumble! Snow and Raven use trash cans and trash can lids on each other and Kane.

Al Snow rolls a bowling ball into Ravens crotch before Kane nails him with a big boot. We’ve got Kane, Raven and Al Snow as the only legal men and Al Snow and Raven take it in turns to smash Kane with trash cans! They both drop toe hold Kane on a trash can. #9 is Perry Saturn. Saturn comes out and lays into Kane, working on his legs. Kane applies a leg lock on Kane! Kane gets out of it and Raven jumps on his back but is soon shoves off. Al Snow dives on Kanes back but is shoves off. Raven then locks a sleeper on Kane whilst Al Snow and Perry Saturn hit him with weapons to get Kane off his feet. #10 is Steve Blackman. Blackman uses his sticks on Al Snow and Perry Saturn and this has turned into a Hardcore Rumble! This is Saturn and Ravens first Royal Rumble matches. Blackman lasted 44 seconds in last years Rumble and he’s already beaten that. #11 now and it’s Grand Master Sexay who gets a decent enough pop. He grabs a trash can lid and hits everyone he can find with it. He has the infamous dance off in last years Rumble befofe being thrown out by his mate Rikishi. Kane grabs a trash can and smashes Grand Master Sexay with it, eliminating him from the match. Kane then eliminates Steve Blackman, Al Snow, Raven and Perry Saturn. 

With Kane alone in the ring out comes the #12 entrant The Honky Tonk Man! Honky Tonk Man grabs a microphone and says he has some business to take care of and sings the Honky Tonk Man song! Kane watches on for a whole before grabbing the guitar and smashing it over his head! Honky Tonk Mans last match was the 1998 Royal Rumble and he did as well in that match as he did this one as Kane throws him out eliminating him from the match. #13 is The Rock and he’s got Kane all to himself. Last years winner comes in and lays into Kane with right hands a clothesline. The Rock tries to eliminate Kane but Kane puts on the brakes and hits Rocky with some big right hands. #14 is The Goodfather who has entered Royal Rumbles as Papa Shango, Kama, The Godfather and now The Goodfather. The Rock hits him with some right hands and then slaps him all the way over the top, eliminating The Goodfather from the match! Kane chokes The Rock and then hits him with a sidewalk slam. #15 is Tazz who made his debut at last years Royal Rumble event. Kane puts Tazz on the top rope and then smashes him with a right hand eliminating Tazz from the match! Kane then goes back to work on The Rock.

Kane and The Rock are the only two men in the match now. The Rock has Kane teetering on the top rope but can’t eliminate him. We see a replay of Tazz getting eliminated but it looks like a mistake. #16 is Bradshaw and he comes in and hits some big right hands on Kane. The Rock joins Bradshaw before Bradshaw hits a big clothesline on Rocky. The Rock hits a spinebuster on Bradshaw before Kane takes the former WWF Champion down with a clothesline. #17 is next and it’s Albert who was eliminated by Kane is last years match. Albert pairs off with Bradshaw whilst Kane hammers away at The Rock. Albert nearly eliminates Bradshaw. #18 is out and it’s Hardcore Holly who has had plenty of Royal Rumble appearences. Holly made his PPV debut in the 1994 Royal Rumble 6 years ago. Albert attempts to eliminate the man that threw him out last year, Kane. Bradshaw and Hardcore Holly double team The Rock but can’t get him out. Albert hits an impressive scissors kick on Kane taking him down. The Rock then nearly eliminated Kane.

#19 is K-Kwik making his Royal Rumble debut. He joins Kane, The Rock, Albert, Bradshaw and Hardcore Holly. Albert quickly takes K-Kwik down to the mat. Hardcore Holly has Bradshaw teetering on the top rope whilst Kane and The Rock go at it. #20 is Val Venis who goes right after Kane. Kane eliminated Val Venis last year as well. Hardcore Holly chokes The Rock in one corner as Bradshaw and K-Kwik go at it in another. Albert attempts to eliminate Val. This is Hardcore Holly’s 5th Royal Rumble match. Kane goes to work on Bradshaw now. #21 is William Regal making his Royal Rumble debut. Regal hits a suplex on K-Kwik and then hits some left hands on Bradshaw. I’d love it if Regal won the Rumble but I don’t see that happening. The Rock hits a spinebuster on Val. Remember when Val stole Rocko? He lifts The Rock over the top rope but can’t eliminate him. Kane goes to work on Albert. Hardcore Holly then tries to eliminate The Rock. #22 is Test who goes right after Regal. Test throws William Regal out! Test then goes after his former partner Albert. Test hits a big boot on Val Venis before going after Kane. K-Kwik is still in there.

The ring is full of Kane, The Rock, Bradshaw, Hardcore Holly, K-Kwik, Test, Albert and Val Venis and they are joined by #23 The Big Show! That’s a shock as he has been gone for a long time now! Big Show eliminates Test & K-Kwik before hitting chokeslams on Albert, Bradshaw, Val Venis & Hardcore Holly. Big Show then goes for Kane and chokeslams him! Big Show turns his attention to The Rock but The Rock hits him with a low blow and then clothesline The Big Show out of there! #24 is Crash Holly but the bigger story is that The Big Show is taking apart the announce desk. He drags The Rock out of the ring and then chokeslams him through the announce table! Albert, Val Venis, Crash, Hardcore Holly and Bradshaw all go after Kane, taking him down to the mat. That was Big Shows first match since Judgment Day 2000. #25 is The Undertaker who comes out and saves his brother! Kane and Undertaker then eliminate Bradshaw, Hardcore Holly, Albert, Val Venis & Crash! That just leaves Undertaker and Kane in the ring and The Rock on the floor on the outside. Kane and Undertaker just stare at one another in the middle of the ring. #26 is Scotty Too Hotty who looks petrified as Undertaker and Kane just stare at him. Scotty gets into the ring where Kane and Undertaker take it in turns to take shots at him. The two men then hit a double chokeslam on him before throwing Scotty Too Hotty out of the match.

With 4 men still to come in we’ve got Kane and Undertaker in the ring and The Rock on the outside. #27 is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who gets a huge reaction. Austin comes out but is attacked by Triple H in the entrance ramp! Triple H throws Austin into the barricade and now The Rock is back in the ring and attempting to fight the Brothers of Destruction. Undertaker and Kane lay into The Rock as Triple H hammers away at Austin in the entrance way. #28 is “The One” Billy Gunn who sprints to the ring! Referees take Triple H to the back leaving a bloody Austin. Kane chokes Billy Gunn with his boot. This is Gunns 7th Royal Rumble. #29 is Haku who’s last WWF PPV match was the 1992 Royal Rumble match! Haku goes right to The Undertaker, hitting him with lefts, rights and headbutts. Haku then goes to Kane, hitting him with rights. Undertaker and Kane double team Haku. Billy Gunn comes over and lays into Kane as Haku chops away at Undertaker. Billy Gunn nearly has Kane eliminated and oddly The Rock makes the save.

#30 is Rikishi which means the Royal Rumble is either going to be won by The Undertaker, Kane, Haku, Steve Austin, The Rock, Rikishi or Billy Gunn. Austin and Rikishi go at it in the aisle and Austin gets into the match! Austin eliminates Haku! Undertaker hammers Rikishi, The Rock stomps away at Billy Gunn whilst austin lays into Kane. Undertaker chokeslams Rikishi. There are 6 men left in this. Undertaker nearly eliminates The Rock. I don’t fancy Billy Gunns chances. Kane hits a big boot on Austin. Rikishi then hits a big kick on Rikishi which eliminates The Undertaker! That’s a big elimination. Rikishi drags The Rock over to a corner and climbs up but The Rock gets up, hits him with a low blow and then hammers him out of the match! Rikishi is gone! The final four are Austin ,The Rock, Billy Gunn and Kane. Austin goes for a Stunner on Billy Gunn but Gunn reverses it and hits the Fame-asser on Austin. Gunn attempts to eliminate Austin but Austin reverses it and eliminates Billy Gunn! We’re down to Austin, Kane and The Rock. Austin is covered in blood. He and The Rock just stare at one another and then they get into it! Both men exchange right hands and The Rock goes for Rock Bottom but Austin pushes him off and hits him with the Stone Cold Stunner!

Austin stomps at The Rock but Kane is up and he targets Austin. Stone Cold hits a Lou Thesz press on Kane and a low blow. The Rock hits Rock Bottom on Austin! Kane runs at The Rock but Rock throws him out of the ring through the ropes. Austin and Rock hit each other with right hands and The Rock has Austin teetering on the ropes but Kane gets in and eliminates The Rock! We’re down to Austin and Kane! Kane hits a chokeslam on Austin. He picks up the rattlesnake but Austin hits a low blow. Kane rolls out and grabs a chair but Austin sees him coming. Kane goes for a Tombstone but Austin slips down and hits the Stunner! Austin grabs a chair and leathers Kane with it three times before clotheslining Kane out of the ring and out of the match! “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has won the match and is going to Wrestlemania! He’s won his third Royal Rumble match tonight which is a record.

Rating: 7.5/10


Well that felt like a nice pay per view. The matches were largely entertaining and of good quality. The opener was a good match between two very good tag teams. The result was a bit of a surprise. For whatever reason I was pretty confident that Edge and Christian would retain the titles but it’s nice for the Dudley Boyz to win the gold much like they did round about this time last year. I can see them having a longer reign this time, maybe into Wrestlemania and beyond. The match that followed between Benoit and Jericho was match of the night for me. A real classic between two of the best workers on the roster. I loved the Walls of Jericho spot on top of the ladder. Again, another title change which I wasn’t really expecting. These two could feud all the way into Wrestlemania for me, they put on such good matches. I like Jericho as champion as much as I like Benoit so I’m more than happy with the result of the match. Both men are on the cusp of the main event scene.

Ivory and Chyna were up next in a match that felt more like an angle than it did an actual match. You can see they’re going somewhere with it and definitely a re-match down the road. Chyna continues to sell the bad neck and this match went to prove that the doctors were right about her getting back to action to early. Ivory picked up a big win tonight and although t wasn’t the cleanest, the record books will show that Ivory beat Chyna at The Royal Rumble. Kurt Angle then beat Triple H in a decent enough contest. It was Triple H that cost Austin a title shot on Raw a few weeks ago and the favour was returned tonight as Austin cost Triple H. That means Kurt continues his title reign, could he hang on to it and earn himself a Wrestlemania main event? He’ll be sure to have a big match at No Way Out before then. Triple H and Austin is the bigger story coming out of this one and those two will be on a collision course. I like Kurt a lot so I’m all for seeing him as champion going forward.

The main event was the big Royal Rumble match ans it did not let us down. It started with The Hardy Boyz taking care of the ikes of Bull Buchanan and Faarooq before eliminating each other. Then came Drew Carey and Kane in a memorable spot that will live on forever. It was then the Hardcore Rumble as the likes of Raven, Tazz, Perry Saturn and Al Snow entered the match. Kane got rid of all of them and we got the serious end of the Rumble. As predicted, the likes of Austin, Kane and The Rock were left at the end and it was Stone Cold that won the Rumble. You’d think Triple H and Austin were on course to wrestle at Wrestlemania and maybe that will still be the case. Austin is heading to the main event of Wrestlemania X7 in any case. Overall a decent night of matches from top to bottom. Worth a watch.

Overall Rating: 67/100 (ranked 6th out of 119)

Match Of The Night: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho
Worst Match Of The Night: Ivory vs. Chyna
Surprise Of The Night: Intercontinental & Tag Team title changes
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Royal Rumble 2001 Will Be Remembered For: Austin winning his 3rd Rumble & Drew Carey


One thought on “Royal Rumble 2001

  1. The Women’s Title match had the right idea and concept, but was executed very poorly and took way too long, on top of the nonsense of making it seem legit. And thje reason for the Sgt. Slaughter chant was because Slaughter was amongst the many people stretchering Chyna out.

    Also, as hokey as it was, the Drew Carey segment in the Rumble match was harmless and fun. They booked it early in the match so it was long over before the heavy hitters came in, but Drew did a good job and he actually got a very warm reception from the New Orleans crowd. My favorite part was when he tried to pay off Kane.

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