Fastlane 2015

|Date: February 22, 2015
|Venue: FedExForum |City: Memphis, Tennessee
|Attendance: 13,263 |Buys: 46,000

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Get in the Fastlane on the Road To Wrestlemania! That’s the not-so-catchy tagline for this pay per view which replaces Elimination Chamber presumably because the building isn’t capable of hanging the Elimination Chamber above the ring. So instead we have Fastlane, which is headlined by Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Following Roman Reigns win in the Royal Rumble, Triple H wanted to challenge Reigns and make him earn his Wrestlemania main event spot. Triple H made a match on Raw between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins with the winner to meet Reigns at Fastlane and it was Daniel Bryan that picked up the win. Now Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan meet with the winner going on to the Wrestlemania main event against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Reigns and Bryan started respecting one another but over the weeks the relationship between the two came to a head and the two men ended up brawling last week on Raw.

Another big match set for tonight is for the United States Championship with the undefeated Rusev putting the title on the line against John Cena. Following the Royal Rumble last month, John Cena was being interviewed when Rusev interrupted him. It was revealed that John Cena and Rusev were supposed to meet at Wrestlemania but that match has been bought forward and will instead take place tonight. Like always with Rusev, this feud has come down to USA vs. Russia and it’s Cena representing the stars and stripes this time. There will also be a six man tag team match tonight as The Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane and The Big Show) take on the three men that were once fired at the hands of The Authority, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan. The Authority triple teamed Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan on Smackdown last week which was why this match was made.

There are three other title matches tonight. Dean Ambrose beat Bad News Barrett in a non-title match a few weeks ago on Raw and ever since then Ambrose has wanted a shot at the Intercontinental Championship held by Barrett. Bad News has refused to give Dean a shot but Ambrose would tie Barrett around the ringpost and sign a contract with Barrett own hands to make the match official for Fastlane. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are a new tag team that have not only beaten The Usos in singles match but also beaten the Tag Team Champions in a non-title tag team match. Cesaro and Kidd get their shot at the Tag Team Titles tonight. One result from this feud is the fallout between Jimmy Uso’s wife Naomi and Tyson Kidd’s wife Natalya. They have also been at odds and are expected to be in their husbands corners tonight. The other title match tonight will see Nikki Bella defend the WWE Divas Championship against Paige.

Also tonight two brothers will clash as Goldust goes one on one with Stardust. Goldust thinks Stardust has gone too far and wants Cody back. Stardust freaked out when Goldust called him Cody and even attacked his brother after a tag team match. They compete against one another tonight. Finally Triple H will be calling out Sting tonight and the two men will be in the ring together, what will Triple H have in store for Sting?

On the kick off show Paul Heyman was a guest on Miz TV and told The Miz that he doesn’t care who wins the match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan tonight as they will both go on to lose at Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar.

A video package kicks us off, focusing mostly on the matches between John Cena and Rusev & Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. The angle between Triple H and Sting is also mentioned.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Memphis for Fastlane!

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, Kane & The Big Show

This is a battle of The Authority against the three men that were fired by The Authority. We’re shown how this match came about on Smackdown with The Authority triple teaming Ryback and Rowan. Ziggler is no strange to a pay per view opening match, he starts this match against Seth Rollins. Rollins starts the match with a headlock but Ziggler fights out of it before getting knocked down with a shoulder block. Ziggler hits a sunset flip for a two count. Dolph then attempts a superkick but Rollins puts the brakes on and leaves the ring. Rollins re-groups with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury before getting back into the ring and taking the advantage. Dolph hits a dropkick and then tags in Rowan. Rowan hits a battering ram on Rollins into the corner and then works the left arm of Rollins. Rowan hits a pump handle backbreaker and an elbow drop for a one count. Kane tags in and hits a kick and an uppercut but Rowan slams him and hits a legdrop. Rowan hits a back elbow and then another elbow off the middle rope for a one count.

Big Show tags in and lays in some lefts and rights. Big Show and Rowan have been in the same PPV match for the last 4 PPV’s. Big Show throws Rowan out of the ring and then follows him out but Rowans shoves Show into the ringpost. Rowan looks for a spinning heel kick but Big Show moves and Rowan hits the ringpost. Back in the ring and Big Show works the right leg of Erick Rowan. Big Show hits a powerslam and tags in Kane who stomps away at Rowan and then tags in Seth Rollins. Rollins continues to work the right leg of Rowan and then hits a big boot and a blockbuster for a near fall. Rollins tags in Big Show who hits a running boot and then applies a modified version of an STF. Big Show looks to hit a chokeslam but Rowan counters with elbows and then a DDT. Big Show tags Seth Rollins who dropkicks Dolph Ziggler off the apron. He then turns around into a roundhouse kick from Rowan. Rowan then tags Ryback for the first time in this match.

Ryback hits a couple of shoulder charges and then a Lou Thesz press but misses with a splash. Rollins tries for a curb stomp but Ryback catches him and hits a powerbomb. Ryback motions for a meathook clothesline but Kane comes in so Ryback hits Kane with it. Ryback then sets Rollins up for shellshock but J & J security get up on the apron and ryback goes after them. Rollins hits a superkick for a two count and then heads to the top but Ryback moves. Rollins lands on his feet, hits a kick and then goers up to the middle rope but Ryback catches him and hits shellshock! Big Show comes in and splashes Ryback before he can capitalise. Rollins tags Kane and Ryback tags Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler counters a chokeslam and pushes Kane into Big Show before dropping Kane with a DDT for a two count. Ziggler hits a superkick but Rollins gets into the ring and Ziggler hits him with a fame-asser. Ziggler then hits Kane with right hands but Big Show from the outside hits Dolph with a KO punch! Kane chokeslams Ziggler and pins him for the three! Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show pick up the big win tonight!

After the match The Authority beat down Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback. Randy Orton’s music then hits and out returns Randy! He takes down all of The Authority except the man he wants, Seth Rollins, who retreats to the back.

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s an ad next for Wrestlemania.

Next up is a VT showing how the relationship between Stardust (Cody Rhodes) and Goldust has broken down. Stardust ended it with a Cross-Rhodes to Goldust after a tag team match.

Goldust is backstage with his father Dusty Rhodes. Dusty says that both his sons mean the world to him. Goldust says that tonight he isn’t facing Cody, he’s facing Stardust and he’s going to beat him down tonight. Goldust says that he won’t leave the ring tonight until he’s bought Cody back. Dusty reminds Goldust that both sons mean the world to him.

Goldust vs. Stardust

This is a first time pay per view match between these two men. Stardust has changed his gear slightly, he’s no longer wearing a top. This feels like a match Cody would have pitched for Wrestlemania. The two men lock up which is an interesting way to start a match between two brothers. Goldust slaps Stardust who hisses. Stardust freaks out when the crowd chants “Cody”. Goldust offers his hand and Stardust slaps it away. Goldust applies a headlock which Stardust fights out of. Goldust hits an arm drag and Stardust hits a hiptoss. Goldust hits another arm drag and there’s a stalemate. Three attitude era stars so far in this show. Goldust hits an inverted atomic drop and then sets up for a tombstone which Stardust counters but Goldust counters and looks for the final cut but Stardust escapes out of the ring. Back in the ring and the two men slug it out. Stardust looks for a bulldog but Goldust counters with a backbreaker and then clotheslines Stardust out of the ring.

Back in the ring and the two men slug it out again, exchanging uppercuts and kicks. Goldust then sets Stardust up for shattered dreams but Stardust escapes the ropes. Stardust looks for a sunset flip but land son his arse. Goldust goes up to the middle rope but Stardust gets his boot up. Stardust stomps down Goldust and then takes him to the outside and rams him into the apron. Stardust rolls Goldust back into the ring and applies a leg scissors. Stardust hits a face-first suplex and pins him with his foot on Goldust’s chest. Stardust cartwheels and then hits a hard Irish whip before pinning him for a near fall. Stardust hits another hard Irish whip and then applies a modified bear hug. Stardust attempts another hard Irish whip but Goldust steps onto the second rope for a springboard elbow which Stardust avoids. Stardust sets up for Cross-Rhodes but Goldust counters and rolls Stardust up for a three! The referee didn’t really look like he hit the mat a third time but that’s it. Goldust beats Stardust. After the match Goldust offers Stardust his hand and Stardust takes it but doesn’t look happy as Dusty watches on.

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage Goldust is telling Dusty Rhodes that he did his best not to hurt Stardust. Stardust then shows up and attacks Goldust, beating him down backstage.

The Usos (c) vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd – WWE Tag Team Championship match

This is a first time pay per view match between these two teams. The Usos have Naomi with them whilst Cesaro and Tyson Kidd have Natalya with them. Tyson Kidd starts the match against Jey Uso. Jey applies a headlock but Tyson fires him off and Jey hits a running forearm and then a powerslam. Jey tags in Jimmy who comes in off the top with an elbow drop and pins Kidd for a two count. Jimmy hits some chops and then whisper in the wind for a two count. Jimmy applies a headlock but Tyson manages to tag in Cesaro. Jimmy tries to fight off both challengers but the numbers become too much. Cesaro then works the left leg of Jimmy Uso before hitting an uppercut. Jimmy fights off Cesaro with right hands but Cesaro tags in Tyson Kidd. Tyson drops Jimmy’s leg on the middle rope and then applies a leg lock. Tyson tags on Cesaro who hits a stomp to the leg of Jimmy off the middle rope. Cesaro works the left leg of Jimmy Uso and then swings him around by his leg!

Cesaro applies a half crab and then tags in Tyson Kidd who hits a leg drop for a two count. Tyson applies a modified figure four and then rams Jimmy’s leg off the ring apron. Jimmy then manages to kick Tyson away and then tags in Jey! Kidd tags in Cesaro but Jey hits him with clotheslines and a Samoan drop. Jey looks for the running arse splash in the corner but is distracted by Tyson Kidd which allows Cesaro to roll him up for a two count. Jey Uso hits a superkick and then hits the running arse splash for a two count. Jey goes to the top but Cesaro crotches him. Cesaro tags in Tyson Kidd and then suplexes Jey back into the ring. Kidd hits a splash for a two count and then looks to lock on the sharpshooter but Jey fights him off. Jey tags in Jimmy and The Usos hit a double Samoan drop for a two count. Cesaro broke that pinfall up. Jey Uso flies out at Cesaro but Tyson Kidd then kicks Jey in the face. Jimmy Uso then Samoan drops Kidd into the barricade!

All four men are down and out on the outside. Jimmy gets to his feet and rolls Tyson Kidd back into the ring. Jimmy heads to the top, fights off Cesaro and then dives off at Kidd who gets his knees up and rolls Jimmy up for a two count. Tyson then locks on the sharpshooter! Jey Uso comes in and superkicks Kidd in the back of the head to break up the submission. Jey Uso and Cesaro then start slugging it out and take the fight all the way to the outside. Jimmy lays his hand over Kidd and gets a two count. Cesaro rolls Jey into the ring which distracts the referee. Cesaro then gets in the ring but Jimmy superkicks him right back out. Tyson then kicks Jimmy and hits a rolling neckbreaker for the three! Tyson Kidd and Cesaro win the WWE Tag Team Championships! A great match between these two teams.

Rating: 7.75/10

There’s a VT next showing what has led to the confrontation between Triple H and Sting.

Triple H is out next and says that he stands as the heartbeat of the WWE, as The Game and the King Of Kings. He wants an answer from Sting. Sting’s music hits and out walks the man himself. This feels huge. Triple H tells Sting that he backed the wrong horse by staying in WCW. Triple H says that it is becomes of guys like Triple H that the ship went down in the first place. Triple H tells Sting that he failed to get Triple H and Stephanie McMahon out of power. Triple H gives Sting the opportunity to give him his legacy back but doing business together. Triple H offers Sting merchandise offers and even a Hall Of Fame place down the line. Or things can be done the other way and Triple H can beat down Sting right now. Sting says nothing. Triple H then looks to take a cheap shot but Sting fights him off. Triple H hits Sting with the microphone and then hits Sting with right hands. Triple H grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring but Sting pulls out a baseball bat! He rams that into Triple H’s throat causing The Game to back up and drop his sledgehammer. Sting then points his bat towards the Wrestlemania sign. Sting says that he’ll see Triple H at Wrestlemania. Triple H then runs as Sting who swings his baseball bat at The Game. Sting hits the scorpion deathdrop!

Backstage Daniel Bryan is shown getting ready for his match.

We’re shown some footage from the kick-off show with Paul Heyman on Miz TV saying that it doesn’t matter who wins out of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan because Brock Lesnar will be beating them at Wrestlemania anyway.

Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a first time singles match between these two girls on pay per view. Nikki is joined by her sister Brie. Paige takes Nikki down straight away and hits her with right hands causing the Divas champion to escape the ring. Paige chases her and hits Nikki with knees to the face but Nikki counters, kicking Paige and then throwing her into the barricade. Back in the ring and Nikki gets a one count on the pinfall before applying a chinlock. Paige punches her way out but Nikki hits her with an Alabama Slam for a one count. Nikki hits some knees to the back and then forces Paige into the corner before hitting her with shoulder charges. Paige hits a big boot and schoolgirls Nikki into the middle turnbuckle. Paige ducks a clothesline and hits three of her own before hitting a running dropkick for a two count. Nikki ducks a boot and rolls Paige up for a two count. Paige sets up for the Ram-Paige but Nikki counters and hits a knee to the face.

Paige hits a kick to the face for a near fall and then hits an Irish whip but runs into Nikki’s elbow. Nikki goes to the top but Paige kicks her in the face and goes up with her. Nikki hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall as Brie supports her sister from the outside. Paige tries to lock on the PTO but Nikki crawls towards the ropes. Paige can’t lock the move on and Nikki reaches the ropes to break the hold. Nikki pulls Paige into the middle turnbuckle and then rolls her up for the three! Nikki Bella beats Paige tonight to retain the WWE Divas Championship!

Rating: 3.5/10

We’re shown Vince McMahon on the cover of Muscle & Fitness.

Michael Cole has breaking news that at Wrestlemania 31, Triple H will go one on one with Sting. Big match.

Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dean Ambrose – Intercontinental Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. Bad News Barrett gets the first few blows in, hitting right hands and kicks. Ambrose fires back with a cross body and then lays in some right hands before looking for a clothesline but Barrett hangs on to the ropes and leaves the ring. Barrett gets back into the ring but Ambrose knocks him down with a shoulder tackle before hitting an elbow drop for a one count. Ambrose rakes the face of Barrett and then hits an elbow but Bad News big boots his challenger out of the ring. Barrett smashes Dean off the ring steps and then throws him back into the ring, pinning Ambrose for a one count. Barrett places Ambrose on the top rope and lays in some right hands before hitting a bug knee to the sternum for a one count. Barrett applies a chinlock but Ambrose fights his way out of it before running into a big boot which sends Ambrose all the way out of the ring. Barrett exits the ring and rams Ambrose into the apron before tossing him back into the ring but Ambrose slides right back out and knocks Barrett down with a clothesline.

Both men get back into the ring and Ambrose hits a tornado DDT. Dean lays in some jabs and then a couple of clotheslines and a bulldog. Ambrose heads to the top but jumps over Barrett. Ambrose counters winds of change with a roll up for a two count and then hits a running knee and dropkick. Dean heads to the top again and this times hits a vertical elbow drop for a near fall. Barrett sets up for wasteland and hits it on the second attempt for a near fall. Barrett then tries for the bullhammer elbow but Ambrose ducks it and rolls the Intercontinental Champion for a near fall. Barrett tries for it again but Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Ambrose then sets up for Dirty Deeds but Barrett leaves the ring and takes his title. Ambrose flies out at him with a suicide dive and then rolls Barrett back in the ring but Barrett escapes again! Ambrose smashes Barrett off the steps and then rolls him back into the ring again. Ambrose stops Barrett from escaping and stomps him down in the ropes but the referee counts to five and then calls for the bell!

Ambrose picks up the Intercontinental Championship belt after the match but he hasn’t won it tonight. He hits Barrett with Dirty Deeds but the winner of this match by disqualification was Bad News! Ambrose leaves with the title!

Rating: 6/10

The Undertakers music hits and some druids walk out, wheeling a casket to ringside. They open it up but Bray Wyatt is in it! Wyatt has a message for Undertaker saying he has gone from monster to mortal. Wyatt says that it is time for him to go home. He says that at Wrestlemania he will claim the soul of The Undertaker.

We go to the kick-off panel of Renee Young, Booker T, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves. They comment on what they have just seen.

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Rusev.

Rusev (c) vs. John Cena – United States Championship match

This is a first time pay per view match between these two men. John Cena has fought on the last 16 PPV’s, he’s ahead of anyone else in that respect but Rusev is in second having wrestled on the last 11 PPV’s. Cena hits a big right hand in the early going that knocks down Rusev. Cena then applies a headlock but Rusev throws Cena to get out of it. Rusev hits a knee to the face for a two count and then lays in some kicks in the corner. Rusev hits a headbutt and then chokes Cena with his foot. Cena fires back with some right hands but Rusev hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Rusev kicks away at Cena and then hits a splash in the corner for a two count. Cena goes out to the apron and Rusev shoves him off, sending him into the barricade. Rusev then rolls Cena back into the ring and gets a near fall. Rusev gets distracted by the crowd and Cena its him with a dropkick for a two count. Rusev then hits a dropkick of his own for a two count. The two men brawl but Cena hits a shoulder tackle. Cena tries for a second but Rusev catches him and hits a fallaway slam for a two count.

Rusev hits three elbow drops and hooks the leg for a two count. Cena reverses an Irish whip but runs into the elbow of Rusev. Rusev then applies a chinlock. Cena gets out of it and then reverses a suplex before attempting an attitude adjustment but Rusev counters and hits a DDT for a near fall. Rusev hits three big splashes in the corner and then hooks the leg for a two count. Cena hits Rusev with some right hands and then two shoulder tackles, a side slam and signals for the five knuckle shuffle before hitting it in the middle of the ring. Cena then sets up for the attitude adjustment but rusev slips down and his a thrust kick for a two count. Rusev then looks to set up for the accolade but Cena counters, looking for the STF which Rusev counters and hits a side slam for a near fall. Cena hits a big boot and a tornado DDT for a near fall. The two men slug it out until Cena gets Rusev up on his shoulders but Rusev hangs on to the ropes before getting down and looking for a side slam but Cena counters and locks on the STF! Rusev manages. to break the hold and hits an Alabama Slam for a near fall.

Rusev drops some elbows on the back of John Cena and then motions for the accolade but Cena blocks it and locks on the STF again! Rusev manages to get to the bottom rope to break the hold this time. Cena tries to hit an attitude adjustment but Rusev manages to counters again, kicking Cena in the ribs but Cena ducks a kick and hits the attitude adjustment! He hooks the leg but Rusev kicks out! Cena heads to the top for a legdrop but Rusev catches him and hits him with a powerbomb! Rusev locks on the accolade but Cena manages to get out of it! Lana then gets in the ring which distracts the referee and allows Rusev to hit Cena with a low blow! Rusev locks on the accolade and Cena passes out! The referee calls for the bell! Rusev beats John Cena tonight! Big win for Rusev.

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s another ad for Wrestlemania 31. 35 days away.

The kickoff panel throw to a VT hyping the main event between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan – Number one contenders match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This is a first time PPV singles match between these two men. The crowd are definitely behind Daniel Bryan in this one. It’s a cagey start to the match but Daniel Bryan manages to lock on a headlock. Why does every match start with a headlock? Reigns struggles to get out of the headlock but finally powers out and applies a headlock of his own. Bryan gets out of it but Reigns shoulder tackles him down which is the result of every headlock. Bryan rolls Reigns up for a two count. Bryan then locks on a bow and arrow but Roman Reigns quickly powers out. Reigns throws Bryan into the corner but runs into a big boot. Reigns hits some right hands to take Bryan down and then tries another Irish whip but Bryan leapfrogs over the top, bounces off the ropes and runs into a tilt-a-whirl slam. Reigns then clotheslines Bryan out of the ring before driving him into the barricade and the ring apron. Reigns rolls Bryan back into the ring but Daniel catches Reigns with a kick as he tries to re-enter the ring himself.

Daniel Bryan kicks Roman Reigns around the ring and then applies a leglock but Roman punches his way out of it. Reigns looks for a powerslam but Bryan slips down, hits some uppercuts and kicks before Reigns hits a hotshot, a Samoan drop and a big clothesline. Bryan drop toe holds Reigns on to the middle turnbuckle and then looks to run at him but Reigns hits him with a big clothesline for a two count. Reigns hits three pump handle slams and then a dropkick on the apron. Roman motions for a superman punch but Bryan counters it with a kick. Bryan follows it up with more kicks and knees and then three running dropkicks. Bryan hits more kicks and then pops Roman on the top rope, looking for a hurricanrana but Reigns counters and powerbombs Daniel Bryan into the mat for a near fall. Reigns lays in some right hands and then pops Bryan on the top rope, going up with him but Bryan crawls through his legs and crotches him up there! Bryan then hits a side superplex for a near fall. Bryan locks on the yes lock but Reigns gets to the bottom rope.

Reigns crawls to the outside so Daniel Bryan hits him with not one but two suicide dives. He attempts a third but Reigns catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex on the outside. Roman then goes for a spear but Bryan moves and Reigns hits the ringsteps! Both men just beat the count back into the ring. Bryan heads to the top but Reigns sees him coming and hits him with a superman punch for a near fall. Reigns then tries for a spear but Bryan rolls him up for a near fall. Both men get up and Bryan kicks Reigns in the face before hitting a running knee for another near fall. Bryan hits more kicks until Reigns catches his boot. Bryan then slaps Reigns before applying an armbar! Bryan transitions from an armbar to the yes lock but Reigns hammers his way out of it. Reigns then lifts up Bryan and hits him with a powerbomb for a near fall. The two men slug it out on the mat which surprisingly Bryan wins and he kicks Reigns in the face. Daniel motions for another running knee but Reigns hits him with a spear! Reigns hooks the leg and gets the three! Roman Reigns beats Daniel Bryan and is going on to main event Wrestlemania! After the match Daniel Bryan tells Roman Reigns that he better kick Brock Lesnar’s ass. Bryan and Reigns shake hands before Roman is left alone to celebrate in front of an indifferent crowd.

Rating: 6.75/10

And that was Fastlane 2015. It wasn’t a great show to be honest and if it never happened then it would make no different to the path of Wrestlemania whatsoever. It kicked off with an ok 6 man tag team match. The Authority won which put them as over as more of a functional unit than the other three men that can now go their own separate ways. Seth was probably the only man in the match that needed the win as I’d expect him to go on and have a big programme with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the other five guys in this match entered into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Which is a shame for Dolph as he has had a lot of momentum as of late. Goldust then beat Stardust in a result I found quite surprising. But I must say, I do like it. It was unexpected but I like that it keeps the feud going. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this feud up the ante and go on to Wrestlemania where we may even see Cody vs. Dustin. Goldust wins tonight in an upset victory. Not a very good match though.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd beat The Usos to become the WWE Tag Team Champions. I quite liked this too. I like Cesaro and Kidd as a tag team and it’s a fresh direction for the tag team titles. This was a really good match, two quality teams with a lot of chemistry. Don’t be too surprised to see this feud continue. Triple H and Sting were out next and the good thing to come out of this was a match made between the two at Wrestlemania. I can not wait to see Sting in a WWE match. Triple H makes sense as the opponent but we need Sting vs. Undertaker. Nikki Bella beat Paige with a roll-up but was somewhat pulling the tights. That makes me think this feud will continue but I also think that they’ll try and get as many women as they can onto the Wrestlemania card. Paige has been on an awful run over the past 6 months or so but this could be leading to a Divas championship win at Wrestlemania. There aren’t many other options for champion at the moment.

Bad News Barrett beat Dean Ambrose next by disqualification to retain his Intercontinental Championship. This was a decent match but it looks like this feud will continue until Wrestlemania. I’m guessing there’ll be some sort of gimmick match, maybe a ladder match? Not much more to say about this really! Rusev beat John Cena and to be honest this match bored me a little. Both men have had much better matches and I can’t help but think they were holding back and they’ll go full force at Wrestlemania. Rusev beat John Cena in the same way he’s beaten the likes of Jack Swagger, Big E and Mark Henry before, with the challenger passing out. Nothing original with that finish. Rusev wins again. And in the main event Roman Reigns beat Daniel Bryan in a good match to confirm his spot at Wrestlemania. This felt like WWE booking Reigns to gain Bryan’s respect so he can earn the fans respect too. I don’t know what Daniel Bryan will be doing at Wrestlemania but we do know Roman Reigns will be battling for the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar.

Overall Rating: 56.07/100 (ranked joint 199th out of 311)

Match Of The Night: The Usos vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
Worst Match Of The Night: Nikki Bella vs. Paige
Surprise Of The Night: Goldust beats Stardust
Worst Booking Of The Night: Same old finish with Rusev and John Cena
Superstar Of The Night: Roman Reigns
Fastlane 2015 Will Be Remembered For: Roman Reigns beating Daniel Bryan

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