Extreme Rules 2015

|Date: April 26, 2015
|Venue: Allstate Arena |City: Rosemont, Illinois
|Attendance: 14,197 |Buys: 56,000

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Extreme Rules is once again the pay per view to follow Wrestlemania and there are plenty of gimmick matches on the card tonight. Seth Rollins will be defending the WWE world Heavyweight championship against the winner of a number one contenders triple threat match, Randy Orton. Randy beat Roman Reigns and Ryback and both Randy and Seth would then get the opportunity to pick a stipulation for their match if they could win a match. Orton beat Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in a handicap match whilst Kane lay down for Rollins. Seth Rollins then made the stipulation that the RKO is banned from their match at Extreme Rules. Randy Orton would make their match a cage match.

John Cena beat Rusev for the United States Championship at Wrestlemania 31 but Rusev would quickly invoke his rematch clause, challenging John Cena to a match at Extreme Rules. John Cena has been defending the United States Championship every week on both Raw and Smackdown in an open challenge that has been accepted by the likes of Dean Ambrose, Stardust, Luke Harper and Bad News Barrett. Following the match with Barrett, Rusev would attack Cena with a steel chair before announcing that their match at Extreme Rules would be a Russian Chain match. The Intercontinental Championship was set to be defended by Daniel Bryan against former champion Bad News Barrett however Daniel Bryan has suffered an injury and may not be able to wrestle tonight.

The WWE Tag Team Championships will be defended as Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defend against The New Day. The New Day beat the new tag team of the Lucha Dragon (Kalisto and Sin Cara) to earn the opportunity. The Divas Championship will be defended tonight also. Naomi has beaten Nikki Bella twice however Kane made a battle royal to determine a number one contender which was won by Paige. After the match Naomi attacked Paige, not happy with her lack of opportunities as after putting Paige on the shelf it was announced that Naomi would get the Divas Championship match against Nikki Bella.

In the triple threat number one contenders match for the WWE Championship, it was The Big Show that cost Roman Reigns the match. Roman Reigns would call out Big Show who attacked Reigns from behinds and chokeslammed him on a taxi which was sat on the stage in a London edition of Raw. As a result Roman Reigns and Big Show will go one on one tonight in a Last Man Standing match. At Wrestlemania 31 Luke Harper powerbombed Dean Ambrose through a ladder. On Smackdown the following week Harper would powerbomb Ambrose through the announcers table. A Chicago Street Fight has been made between the two tonight. Also tonight, Dolph Ziggler will go one on one with the man that returned to WWE the night after Raw and attacked him, Sheamus.

On the Extreme Rules kick-off show it was announced that Daniel Bryan was not cleared to wrestle tonight so instead Bad News Barrett went one on one with Neville. Neville won that contest.

A video package kicks us off, focusing on the match between John Cena and Rusev, Roman Reigns and Big Show and the main event between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Chicago for Extreme Rules.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper – Chicago Street Fight

Dean Ambrose gets a big pop on his way out. It’s a first singles PPV match between these two men. Dean Ambrose is 2-0 at Extreme Rules events, Luke Harper makes his Extreme Rules debut tonight. Ambrose doesn’t wait for Harper to get to the ring, he attacks him on the outside before rolling him into the ring and hitting him with a clothesline. Harper rolls to the outside where Ambrose hits him with a suicide dive. Ambrose throws Harper into the ring steps and then pulls some chairs and kendo sticks out from under the ring. Harper rolls into the ring where Ambrose lays into him with kendo sticks. Dean sets up a chair and sits on it before looking to suplex Harper onto it but Harper reverses, suplexing Ambrose onto the chair for a two count. Luke Harper hits Ambrose with a kendo stick a few times and then sets up a chair in the corner. He turns around into a big boot from Ambrose who then attempts a tornado DDT but Harper counters and then launches Dean into the chair for a two count.

Luke Harper hits a bodyslam and then places a chair on the mat before looking to bodyslam Ambrose again. Ambrose counters and slams Harper on to the chair! Ambrose hits a big boot and a tornado DDT and follows it up with some jabs and chops. Dean hits a running dropkick and then heads to the top and hits a vertical elbow drop for the first near fall of the night. Ambrose looks to set up for dirty deeds but Harper counters and hits a big boot. Harper looks for a powerbomb but Ambrose counters and then low-bridges Harper. to the outside. Ambrose looks for a suicide dive but Harper blocks, pushing Ambrose away but Dean bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline! Ambrose picks up a kendo stick and lays into Harper, taking him all the way into the back. There’s a few boo’s as they go out of vision. Ambrose throws Harper from one side of the corridor to the next. Harper gets into a car and Ambrose dives in through the passenger side window. Harper then drives off with Ambrose hanging out the window! They leave the arena! I’m guessing we’ll see more from them later in the night!

Triple H is backstage with Kane and asks Kane to find out where Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper are. Seth Rollins shows up and Triple H tells Seth and Kane to start being professional. Kane and Rollins get into an argument. Triple H reminds them to stay on the same page.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus – Kiss me arse match

This is a second PPV match between these two men. Sheamus beat Dolph in a World Heavyweight championship match at No Way Out 2012. Dolph Ziggler is 0-1 at Extreme Rules, Sheamus is 3-1. Sheamus slaps Ziggler in the early going which fires Ziggler up. Ziggler lays in right hands and then hits a dropkick on the new-look Sheamus. The two men spill out to the outside where Sheamus looks to throw Ziggler into the ring steps but Dolph counters, bounces off the steps and hits a tornado DDT. Back in the ring and Sheamus hits a couple of running knees. Sheamus hits some clubbing blows and right hands and then locks on a stiff chinlock. Dolph fights out of it and then looks for a fame-asser but Sheamus counters into a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Sheamus hits a couple of short-arm clotheslines and then re-applies the chinlock. Ziggler fights out of it and hits some right hands and forearms and then a splash in the corner. Sheamus counters a neckbreaker and takes Dolph down with a clubbing blow to the chest. Sheamus then locks on the cloverleaf! Dolph counters the cloverleaf with a roll up for a two count before hitting a superkick for another two count!

Sheamus counters a fame-asser and hits a hot shot and a backbreaker for a two count. Sheamus hits a suplex and then motions for the brogue kick but Dolph ducks it and hits a roll-up for a two count. Sheamus hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count and then looks for a suplex but Ziggler counters with a roll-up for the three! Dolph beats Sheamus tonight! Sheamus has to kiss Dolph Zigglers arse! Sheamus is furious and leaves the ring, telling the timekeeper to ring the bell as it wasn’t a three count. Sheamus tries to leave through the crowd but the referee stops him. Dolph, who is wearing trucks for a change, lifts up one side and Sheamus gets down on one knee but keeps backing out of kissing the cheek. Sheamus then hits a low blow before dropping Ziggler with a brogue kick! Sheamus grabs a mic and berates Ziggler before shoving his own arse in Zigglers face!

Rating: 6.75/10

There’s a VT next advertising the WWE Network and the content on it.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (c) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) – WWE Tag Team Championship match

This is a first tag team match between thee two teams on a PPV main show. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are both 1-0 at Extreme Rules events, Kofi is 2-1 and Big E is 0-1. Kofi starts the match against Tyson Kidd. There’s some nice wrestling between the two men in the early going as Xavier Woods screams from the outside. Kofi applies a hammerlock which Tyson really nicely counters, tying Kofi up in the ropes. Kofi tags out to Big E and Tyson tags in Cesaro. The fans are definitely behind the champions in this one. Big E takes Cesaro down with a shoulder charge. Big E looks for a leapfrog but Cesaro catches him, powerslams him and hits a stomp. Cesaro tags out to Tyson Kidd and the two men lay in the boots. Big E forces Tyson into the New Day corner and tags in Kofi Kingston who applies a chinlock. Tyson looks to fight out of it so Kofi throws him out of the ring and then dropkicks Cesaro off the apron. Kofi motions for a suicide dive but Tyson slides into the ring through the legs of Big E and then disposes of both men before diving out at Kofi.

Big E clotheslines Tyson down on the outside as Xavier Woods cheers him on loudly. Big E rolls Tyson back into the ring and stomps down Kidd in the corner. Big E and Kofi then make frequent tags, stomping down Kidd in the corner before Kofi hits him with a running dropkick for a two count. Kofi applies a half nelson and then a dropkick before tagging in Big E. Big E looks for a big splash but Tyson rolls out of the way and on to the apron. Tyson low-bridges Big E and then makes the tag to Cesaro as Big E tags Kofi. Cesaro gorilla press slams Kingston and then hits him with multiple uppercuts. Cesaro hits a clothesline for a two count. Cesaro sets up for a swing but instead catapults Kofi who lands on the middle rope. Kofi looks for a cross body but Cesaro counters with a slam for a two count. Kofi hits a kick and goes up to the top but Cesaro uppercuts him and tags in Tyson Kidd. Cesaro then superplex Kofi and Tyson hits a springboard elbow for a near fall.

Tyson Kidd looks to lock on a sharpshooter but Kofi fights out of it and tags in Big E. Big E hits a spear on Kidd off the apron, both men fall to the outside. Big E rolls Kidd back into the ring and then has to back body drop Cesaro on the outside. Big E tags Kofi and then hit the midnight hour for a near fall! Cesaro barely saves the match. Cesaro and Big E battle to the outside. Kofi then looks for trouble in paradise but Tyson counters and locks on the sharpshooter! Big E makes the save, throwing Tyson across the ring. Cesaro tags in and immediatly hits Big E with an uppercut. Cesaro then swings Kofi round and Kidd hits a dropkick to a spinning Kofi! Cesaro looks for the pin but Xavier Woods gets up on the apron. Natalya slaps Xavier Woods and Kidd kicks Woods in the face. Big E kicks Kidd, Cesaro clears the ring of Big E but Kofi then rolls Tyson Kidd, holds on to the tights and gets the three! The New Day beat Cesaro and Tyson Kidd to win the WWE Tag Team Championships! Fantastic match between these two teams!

Rating: 8/10

We go to the Extreme Rules kick-off panel of Byron Saxton, Booker T and Corey Graves. Booker T is happy that New Day are the new tag team champions. Byron tells us about Daniel Bryan being unable to compete tonight before showing the end of the kick-off match between Neville and Bad News Barrett which Neville won.

Renee Young is backstage with The New Day who are celebrating their Tag Team Championship win. A car then pulls up and it’s Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose. New Day laugh at Harper who is thrown out of the car. Dean Ambrose then dives off the car onto all four men! Ambrose battles with Harper as they throw each other into stuff backstage. They then head out to the stage! Ambrose dives off one part of the set, taking out Harper and they battle back into the ring. Harper hits a superkick but Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Both men then leave the ring and throw chairs into the ring. They both roll into the ring and pick up chairs but end up dropping them and slugging it out. Harper hits a sit-out powerbomb onto a chair for a near fall. Harper piles chair son top of Ambrose and then goes to the top but Ambrose gets up and throws Harper down on to the chairs. Dean hits dirty deeds and hooks the leg for the three! Dean Ambrose beats Luke Harper tonight!

Rating: 6.5/10

There’s a VT next featuring Roman Reigns for Payback.

Next up is a VT for John Cena and Rusev.

John Cena (c) vs. Rusev – Russian Chain match for the United States Championship

This is a third PPV meeting between these two men, they have both won one match each prior to this. John Cena is 4-1-1 at Extreme Rules shows, Rusev is 1-0. Both men are tied to either end of a big chain. It’s the same rules as a strap match. Both men tug on the chain in the early going in a tug-of-war but Rusev dives at Cena with a big splash. Rusev touches a couple of corners but Cena picks up Rusev and powerslams the Bulgarian. Cena touches three corners before Rusev stops him from going further. Rusev touches a couple of corners before Cena stops him but Rusev throws Cena out of the ring. Rusev exits the ring and kicks him down before headbutting Cena and then suplexing him back in. Rusev hits two corners and Cena then hits Rusev with the chain. Cena attempts an attitude adjustment but Rusev fights him off. The fight goes to the outside where Cena uses the chain to pull Rusev into the ringpost twice.

John Cena touches two ringposts but is having to drag Rusev around the ring so struggles to reach the third. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick and then rams the chain into Cena’s gut. Rusev touches three of the corners but Cena rolls out of the ring to stop Rusev from reaching the fourth post. Cena then pulls Rusev back to the middle of the ring where Rusev drops Cena with a kick to the ribs. Rusev hits a big right hand and then climbs over the top rope before going up to the top but Cena pulls him back down using the chain. Cena attempts a cross body but Rusev catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Rusev then kicks Cena in the head and a “we want Lana” chant breaks out. Lana then gets up on the apron and waves to the fans but Rusev sends her to the back! Lana obliges and walks to the back. Rusev swings the chain at Cena who ducks and hits a side slam. Cena then hits a five knuckle shuffle and then sets up for the attitude adjustment but Rusev uses the ropes to get back down. Rusev hits an Alabama slam.

Rusev looks to lock on the accolade but Cena counters and locks on the STF! Cena breaks the hold to walk to the ringposts but Rusev uses Cena’s tactic and rolls out of the ring. Cena rolls Rusev back into the ring and looks to hit an attitude adjustment but Rusev slips down and hits a kick to the face. Rusev then locks on the accolade! Cena gets up to his feet with Rusev on his shoulders and walks to two ringposts. Rusev touches them too and Rusev walks and touches a third turnbuckle. John Cena then hits the attitude adjustment! Both men crawl to opposite turnbuckles and touch them. Cena crawls to a second and touches it. Rusev then touches a second. Both men touch a third and there’s a tug-o-war in the middle of the ring. Both men need to touch the same turnbuckle. Rusev makes a dart but Cena hits him with an attitude adjustment! Cena then touches the fourth turnbuckle to win the match! John Cena retains the United States Championship!

Rating: 6/10

Roman Reigns is ready to take on The Big Show.

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two girls. Naomi has new music. Nikki Bella is 0-1 at Extreme Rules, Naomi is in a match at this PPV for the first time. The two girls lock-up and Naomi forces Nikki into the ropes. Nikki fires back with a clothesline and a snapmare before applying an armbar. Naomi gets to the ropes and then takes Nikki down using her hair. Naomi lays in the boots and then hits a snap suplex for a one count. Naomi applies a chinlock which Nikki gets out of but Naomi drops Nikki with an elbow for a two count. Naomi applies a cravat and then hits a powerslam before hitting an elbow drop for a one count. Naomi applies a front facelock which Nikki gets out of and rolls Naomi up for a two count. Naomi then bulldogs Nikki into the middle turnbuckle for a two count. Naomi looks for the rear view but Nikki stops at the ropes and then throws Naomi into the corner. Naomi hits a springboard kick for a two count and then lays in some forearms.

Naomi kicks Nikki out of the ring where Brie sees to her sister. Naomi kicks Brie out of the way and then throws Nikki back into the ring. Naomi gets back into the ring but Nikki catches her with a dropkick, two clotheslines and another dropkick. Nikki hits a clothesline in the corner and then an Alabama Slam for a two count. Naomi ducks a clothesline and hits a slop drop for a two count. Naomi looks for a moonsault but Nikki moves out of the way. Nikki bounces Naomi off her knee and pins her but still can’t get a three. Nikki sets up for the rack attack but Naomi fights out of it and hits a Bubba Bomb for a near fall. Naomi throws Nikki into the corner but Nikki hits an elbow and springboard kick for another near fall. Naomi holds on to the ropes and the referee clears Nikki away. Brie Bella then kicks Naomi in the head and Nikki hits a rack attack for the three! Nikki Bella retains her WWE Divas championship tonight!

Rating: 5/10

Rusev is backstage berating Lana in Russian (or Bulgarian). Lana walks off an into the locker room of The Authority.

There’s a VT next showing the recent history between Roman Reigns and Big Show.

Roman Reigns vs. The Big Show – Last Man Standing match

This is a first time PPV singles match between these two men. Roman Reigns is 2-0 at Extreme Rules, Big Show is 1-4. The bell rings and Big Show hits Roman Reigns with hand hands and then throws him into the corner. Reigns fights back with kicks but Big Show shoulder charges him right back down. Reigns hits some right hands and then clotheslines Big Show out of the ring. Reigns pulls out a table and slides it into the ring but Big Show then kicks him down. Big Show then slides the table back under the ring. Reigns shoves Big Show into the ringpost and then hits him with a running dropkick. Reigns pulls the table back out from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Big Show throws Reigns into the barricade and then breaks the table with his bare hands. Reigns pulls out a kendo stick and beats Big Show with it but Big Show takes it form his hands and throws him into the ringpost. Big Show rolls Reigns into the ring and then snaps the kendo stick over his knee. Inside the ring Reigns hits a big boot and then goes up to the middle rope, jumping off it but Big Show catches him with a big chop.

Roman Reigns rolls to the outside and drops Big Show on the top rope before grabbing a steel chair and smashing it into the back of Big Show. Reigns then DDT’s Big Show onto the chair. Big Show beats the count of ten, meanwhile Roman pulls out two tables from under the ring and slides them inside the ring. Big Show then drops Reigns with. knockout punch! Reigns beats the count but Big Show has set up a table and motions for a chokeslam. Reigns counters and hits a Samoan drop on Big Show through the table! Big Show beats the count and then spears Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring. Big Show then hits a Vader bomb but again Roman Reigns beats the count. Big Show then heads to the top but Reigns crotches him up there. Roman then sets up two tables on the outside and looks to superplex Big Show through then but Big Show fights him off. Reigns then throws Big Show off the top and into the middle of the ring. Both men get to their feet and Reigns hits two superman punches. He tries a third but Big Show blocks him and then chokeslams him through the two tables setup on the outside!

Reigns just beats the count to get to his feet. Big Show sets up some ringsteps next to the commentary table but Reigns crawls into the ring and Big Show follows. Big Show then motions for a spear but Reigns moves and Big Show crashes through a table. Big Show gets to his feet and Reigns hits him with a spear. Big show gets to his feet again and crawls out of the ring. Reigns then spears Big Show through the barricade! Both men get to their feet and fight on to a wobbly commentators desk. Reigns then spears Big Show driving him through the Spanish announce desk! Big Show beats the count back up to his feet but Reigns then tips the announce desk on top of Big Show. The referee counts to 10! Roman Reigns beats Big Show tonight.

Rating: 6.25/10

Kane is backstage and bumps into Randy Orton.

There’s a VT next for the upcoming series of Tough Enough.

Bo Dallas is out next. Dallas runs down Chicago and the people in it. He is interrupted by Ryback. Bo Dallas attacks Ryback as he gets into the ring but Ryback soon gets the better of Dallas and hits him with shellshock.

There’s another ad for the WWE Network.

Rusev is backstage ranting when Lana tells him that he will get one more shot at John Cena, at Payback in an I Quit match.

There’s a video package next for Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton – Steel Cage match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This is a second PPV match between these two men following Randy’s win over Rollins at Wrestlemania. Seth Rollins is 2-0 at Extreme Rules, Randy Orton is 3-3. The two men actually met at last years event as part of a six man tag team match. Kane is the “gatekeeper” for this match meaning that he has control of the cage door. The bell rings and Seth Rollins scarpers up the cage but Orton pulls him right back down. Orton hits some right hands but Rollins takes the advantage and stomps down Orton in the corner. Seth hits an Irish whip but Randy bounces out of the corner and hits a clothesline. Seth makes another attempt at climbing the cage but again Orton pulls him down. Orton hits an uppercut and then a soft Irish whip that Rollins sold like a hard one. Orton slingshots Rollins into the corner but Rollins grabs on to the cage and climbs just for Orton to pull him down again. Randy hits some mounted right hands but Rollins hits him with a buckle bomb for a two count. Rollins calls for Kane to open the door and Kane obliges. Seth is slow to get to the door so Orton obviously stops him. Seth throws Randy into the side of the cage and pins him for a two count.

Seth lays the boots into Orton as he looks to join his former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as the only men to have won at both last years Extreme Rules event and this years. He throws Orton into the side of the cage again and then lays in some right hands. Rollins climbs the cage but Orton goes up with him and pulls him back down. Rollins hits a slingblade for a two count. Seth hits a splash in the corner and then runs at Orton who sidesteps and sends the WWE Champion into the cage. The two men slug it out until Orton throws Rollins into the side of the cage twice and then hits two clotheslines. Rollins avoids a powerslam and climbs the cage again but Orton goes up with him. Rollins hammers Orton down to the mat and then hits a big knee to the side of the face for a two count. Rollins climbs the cage all the way to the top but Orton grabs his foot and then goes up to the top with him. The two men slug it out at the top of the cage until Orton brings Seth back into the cage. Rollins hammers Orton down and then looks for a cross body but Orton counters with a powerslam for a near fall.

Randy attempts the hangmans DDT but Rollins counters with a roll up for a near fall. Seth then hits a big kick to the face for another near fall. Seth climbs the cage to the top again and climbs over but Orton grabs on to his hair. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury then appear and scale the cage but Orton kicks them away before hitting a big superplex on Rollins. Orton gets a near fall and J & J Security go over to Kane and ask to be let in but Kane refuses. Mercury and Noble then climb either side of the cage but Orton throws Rollins at them to knock them off. Orton hits Rollins with a t-bone suplex and then looks for the hangmans DDT again but Rollins counters with a back body drop. Rollins looks to escape the cage again but Orton crotches him on the top rope. randy then hits a hangmans DDT off the top rope as opposed to the middle rope. Orton then sets up for the pedigree and hits it in the middle of the ring. He hooks the leg but Rollins kicks out! Orton then backs up for a punt but Rollins moves! Seth hits a kick to the face and then asks for the door to be opened which Kane does.

Rollins crawls to the open doorway but Orton grabs him back and hits a backbreaker. Orton then looks to get out of the door but Kane closes it! Kane then gets knocked down by Rollins accidentally. Seth looks to get out the door but Orton makes a dash for it to. Kane then closes the door in the face of both men! Kane fires up and gets in the cage follows by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Kane walks over to Rollins but J & J security get in his face. Kane then drops both Jamie and Joey with a chokeslam. Kane looks angry with Seth Rollins but instead chokeslams Randy Orton! Seth then crawls towards the open door but Kane pulls him back and chokeslams Rollins! Kane rolls Rollins on top of Orton but Orton gets his shoulder up at 2! Kane then sets Orton up for a Tombstone but Orton slips down and hits Kane with an RKO! Seth Rollins then hits Randy Orton with an RKO! Rollins crawls out of the cage to win the match. Seth retains the WWE Championship with a lot of help from Kane. But was the RKO banned or was it just banned for Randy Orton?

Rating: 7/10

And that was Extreme Rules 2015. It felt like a good show really, there was nothing terrible and a couple of real gems. The match that kicked off the show was between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper. This was a classic old school brawl between two talented members of the roster. They would end up driving out of the building and coming back not long later. Ambrose went on to beat Luke Harper which seemed like the right result. It was a fun match, not much in the way of technical wrestling but perfect for this type of show. Then came Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus who had a decent match. They really sold the stipulation of this match and it helped get across how important it was for both men not to lose. I was surprised to see Dolph Ziggler win the match, especially as it was Sheamus’ first match back. Sheamus would get his revenge after the match with a low blow and rubbing his arse in Dolph’s face. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this rivalry continue to Payback.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defended their WWE Tag Team Championships against The New Day in a match originally scheduled for the kick-off show but was bumped up to due Daniel Bryan’s injury and match cancellation. This was a fantastic match. Talk about two teams with chemistry. The action was fast-paced and it resulted in a really good match. I was surprised by this result too. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro have been champions for a few months and their reign feels a little lacklustre through no fault of their own. It just seems the booking hasn’t been there. The New Day win the titles though and I look forward to seeing more of them. The tag team division has a few good teams with these two, The Usos, The Prime Time Players, The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension.John Cena and Rusev were next and John Cena retained the United States Championship. I like Cena as champion, I like his open challenge so I’m glad he won. I hope this is the end of this feud, I’ve seen enough of these two now. They’re hinting at issues between Lana and Rusev so it’ll be interesting to see if they split up over the next few weeks.

Next up Nikki Bella beat Naomi with a lot of help from Brie. It looks as though The Bella Twins are now babyfaces. But then they did cheat to beat Naomi. This might add to Naomi’s anger and maybe this feud will continue. This match was ok, Naomi is one of the more talented women on the roster. I’m guessing Paige is injured and with AJ Lee now retired, the women’s roster is shrinking. Roman Reigns beat The Big Show in a decent match. This was the hardcore rules match that you’d expect between these two men. Big Show seems to have a lot of these matches at the moment. Roman Reigns had to win it, he’s being pushed as one of the top guys in the company and needs to collect wins like these. I’m sure Reigns will challenge Seth Rollins at some point. The finish was ok to this but nothing we’ve not seen with Big Show before.

Seth Rollins beat Randy Orton in the main event to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It took a lot of help from Kane but they are hinting at a massive explosion between Seth Rollins and Kane which is sure to be on the cards sooner rather than later. Orton doesn’t come out of this looking too weak as he had a lot to deal with. Rollins will have to deal with the likes of Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Kane as he continues as WWE Champion. Good main event tonight.

Overall Rating: 65/100 (ranked joint 53rd out of 313)

Match Of The Night: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. The New Day
Worst Match Of The Night: Nikki Bella vs. Naomi
Surprise Of The Night: The New Day win the Tag Team Championships
Worst Booking Of The Night: Dolph Ziggler beats Sheamus
Superstar Of The Night: Seth Rollins
Extreme Rules 2015 Will Be Remembered For: The steel cage match between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton

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