Payback 2015

|Date: May 17, 2015
|Venue: Royal Farms Arena |City: Baltimore, Maryland
|Attendance: 10,000 |Buys: 54,000

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Payback is back for a third year and this year’s event has seven big matches. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in the main event. Kane put Seth Rollins opponent to a vote and the fans voted for a triple threat match between Rollins, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. When the match seemed set in stone Dean Ambrose was given an opportunity to be added to the match if he could be Seth Rollins in a non-title match on Raw, which is what Ambrose did which makes tonight’s main event a fatal four way. Triple H questioned Kane’s motive behind making this match and has deemed that if Seth Rollins loses the WWE Championship tonight then Kane will lose his job as Director Of Operations.

The United States Championship will be defended as John Cena puts the title on the line again against Rusev. This is a match we found out about at Extreme Rules, it’ll be Rusev’s final shot at John Cena and it will be an I Quit match. The problems continue between Rusev and Lana, especially as Lana seems to be enjoying the attention from the crowd. The other title match tonight will be for the WWE Tag Team Championships as The New Day defend against former champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. Kidd and Cesaro beat The New Day by disqualification in a non title match. Tonight the two teams meet in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Another rematch from Extreme Rules will be between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. Dolph beat Sheamus in the “kiss me arse” match at Extreme Rules but Sheamus attacked Ziggler after the match and made him kiss the arse of the loser. Despite winning that match, Ziggler gets a shot at revenge tonight. Bray Wyatt has been talking in riddles about his next opponent and revealed who he was talking about on Raw a few weeks ago when he attacked Ryback. Ryback got his revenge, attacked Bray Wyatt but tonight the two meet in one on one action for the first ever time. The King Of The Ring tournament returned this month and in the final Wade Barrett beat Neville. These two men meet in a rematch tonight. Also tonight The Bella Twins are in tag team action against Naomi and her new found ally Tamina.

In the Payback kick-off show R-Truth beat Stardust and The Ascension defeated “The Mega-Powers” of Curtis Axel and “Macho Mandow” (Damien Sandow).

A video package kicks us off, first focusing on the fatal four way match for the WWE Championship and then moving on to the match between John Cena and Rusev.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Payback.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

This is a third pay per view match between these two men, both have beaten each other once before. Dolph is 0-1 at Payback events, Sheamus is 1-0. Sheamus pie-faces Ziggler before the bell which fires Dolph up. He hits some right hands and a dropkick before clotheslining Sheamus out of the ring. Ziggler dives off the apron with an elbow drop before rolling Sheamus back into the ring and dropping him on the top rope. Ziggler comes in off the top with a cross body for a one count. Dolph hits a sunset flip for another one count but Sheamus s first up and knocks Dolph down with a clothesline. Sheamus hits an elbow to the knee which Ziggler sells, rolling to the outside. Dolph rolls back into the ring to break the count and Sheamus goes right to work, stomping on Dolph before hitting him with a suplex. Sheamus applies a chinlock which Ziggler gets out of but Sheamus hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a the first near fall of the night. Sheamus lays in some boots and then goes back to the chinlock. Dolph gets out of the chinlock with a jawbreaker and then hits an elbow.

Sheamus attempts a shoulder charge in the corner but Dolph moves and Sheamus nails the ringpost. Dolph hits some right hands and a couple of forearms until he gets Sheamus down. Ziggler hits a running dropkick and then attempts a neckbreaker but Sheamus counters. Ziggler then hits a DDT for a near fall. Ziggler hits a splash in the corner and then knees before pulling up his trunks to expose his arse cheek and then rubbing it in Sheamus’ face! Sheamus exits the ring and take a big mouthful of water before getting in the ring and hitting a hotshot. Sheamus attempts the brogue kick but Ziggler avoids it and hits a fame-asser for a near fall. Ziggler looks for a zigzag but Sheamus blocks. Dolph then lays in some mounted right hands but Sheamus counters with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Sheamus hits a running powerslam for a near fall and then white noise before locking on the cloverleaf. Ziggler gets to the bottom rope causing Sheamus to break the hold. Sheamus hits right hands, screaming at dolph to give up but Ziggler instead hits a headbutt and a superkick for a near fall.

Dolph ziggler is busted open from that headbutt he gave Sheamus. Sheamus motions for a brogue kick and hits it in the middle of the ring for the three. Sheamus beats a bloody Dolph Ziggler tonight! Good way to open the show.

Rating: 6.75/10

Kane is backstage on the phone saying he’ll see someone later. Seth Rollins shows up and says that they should be on the same page tonight. Kane is torn, because he would get fired if Seth loses tonight but he’d be happy to see Rollins lose the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Kane hasn’t yet decided what he will do tonight. Rollins threatens Kane leading to J & J security to get in Kane’s face. Kane laughs.

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro – 2 out of 3 falls match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

This is a second PPV tag team match between these two teams, The New Day beat Cesaro and Tyson Kidd at Extreme Rules to win the championships last month. Cesaro and Big E are both 0-1 at Payback events whilst Kofi Kingston drew his previous match at the event. Tyson Kidd makes his Payback debut tonight. Kofi Kingston starts the match against Tyson Kidd. Tyson quickly rolls Kofi up for a one count and then applies a headlock. Cesaro tags himself in and he hits a clothesline for a one count. Kofi tags in Big E who gets caught with a big powerslam. Big E lays in some right hands and then hits a gorilla press slam. Xavier Woods gets a cheap shot in on Cesaro. Big E tags in Kofi Kingston as Cesaro hits a gutwrench suplex on Big E. Cesaro then takes down Kofi and hits a double stomp on both men. Cesaro holds Kofi up in a suplex position and tags in Kidd who dives off the top before pinning Kingston for a two count. Kidd tags in Cesaro who hits a spinebuster on Kofi, tags in Kidd and then swings Kofi round before Kidd dropkicks Kofi for the three! Tyson Kidd & Cesaro win the first fall.

Xavier Woods gets up on the apron and wants to get in the match but Natalya pulls him down. Tyson Kidd then wipes out Woods. Big E looks for a spear on Kidd off the apron but Kidd avoids hit and hits Kofi with a clothesline. Kidd looks to dive out at Big E but E catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Back in the ring and Big E stomps down Tyson Kidd before tagging in Kofi who lays in the boots. New Day make quick tags, continuing the stomps on Tyson. Big E then throws Kofi into Tyson with a running dropkick. Kofi applies an armbar and then tags in Big E who applies a bear hug. Big E throws Kidd across the ring and then hits a splash for a near fall. Cesaro made the save there but Kofi throws him out to the apron where Big E spears him off it! Big E tags Kofi in and Kofi heads to the top slowly which allows Tyson Kidd to get to his feet and hit Kingston with a dropkick on the way down. Kofi tags in Big E but Cesaro is still down on the outside so Kidd can’t tag him in. Tyson fights off both Big E and Kofi but gets caught by Big E and the champions hit the midnight hour for the three! The New Day win the second fall!

Kofi quickly tries to cover Kidd who kicks out at 2. Kofi tags in Big E who hits a belly to belly suplex as Natalya watches on. Tyson hits a drop toe hold and crawls over to his corner and tags in Cesaro! Cesaro hits a belly to belly on Kofi who tagged in. Cesaro then hits multiple Irish whips and uppercuts and then gorilla press slams Kofi into Big E! Cesaro hits Kofi with a massive uppercut for a near fall and then a big boot. Tyson Kidd tags himself in, Cesaro hits a backbreaker and Kidd hits a springboard elbow for a near fall. Tyson then locks on the sharpshooter! Cesaro throws Big E over the announce table and then tags in and hits a big uppercut in Kofi but Big E breaks up the cover. Cesaro dropkicks Big E, Kofi drops Cesaro on the top rope and Xavier Woods then gets in the ring and rolls Cesaro up! The referee turns around and sees Cesaro rolled up and counts the three! The New Day win the match and retain the WWE Tag Team Championships amid controversy!

Rating: 7.25/10

Byron Saxton is backstage with Ryback who doesn’t fear Bray Wyatt and tonight the eater of worlds gets eaten.

There’s a video package next for Ryback and Bray Wyatt.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt

This is a first time pay per view match between these two men. Ryback is 1-1 at Payback events, Bray Wyatt is 0-1. Ryback goes right to work on Wyatt, hitting him with multiple shoulder charges before laying in some boots. Ryback hits a shoulder tackle for a one count. Bray Wyatt takes the advantage with some headbutts but Ryback takes him down with a Lou Thesz press. Wyatt rolls out of the ring and Ryback follows and shoves him into the barrier. Ryback rolls Wyatt back into the ring and then rams him into the corner and hits him with shoulder charges. Ryback bounces off the ropes but Bray hits him with a flying forearm and both men are down. Wyatt gets up first and chokes Ryback on the middle rope before hitting a snapmare and applying a chinlock. Ryback gets out of it, hits a couple of shoulder blocks and a powerslam for a one count. Wyatt then avoids a shoulder charge in the corner and Ryback hits the ringpost. Wyatt DDT’s Ryback on the ring apron and then goes up to the ring apron and hits a senton.

Ryback only beats the count back into the ring and Wyatt immediately kicks him down. Wyatt hits a splash in the corner and then goes up to the middle rope but Ryback picks him up and powerbombs him into the mat. Ryback ducks a clothesline and hits a powerslam for a two count. Ryback motions for a meathook clothesline but Wyatt rolls out of the ring. Ryback follows but Bray drops him with a clothesline. Wyatt rolls Ryback into the ring and pins him for a two count. Wyatt hits a suplex and then a running knee. Bray then backs off but Ryback hits him with a splash, a running boot and a spinebuster for a near fall. Ryback sets up for shellshock but Wyatt forces him back into the corner and then pops him on the top. Wyatt sets up for a superplex but Ryback fights him off with headbutts before diving off the top with a splash. He cover Wyatt who kicks out at 2. Ryback is first up but Bray leaps up and looks to hit Sister Abigail which Ryback counters. Ryback then sets up for Shellshock but Wyatt blocks, ripping off the top turnbuckle as he does. Bray shoves Ryback into the exposed steel and then hits Sister Abigail for the three! Bray Wyatt beats Ryback tonight!

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Rusev.

John Cena (c) vs. Rusev – I Quit match for the United States Championship

This is a fourth PPV match between these two men, Cena has won two of the three previous matches. John Cena is 2-0 at Payback events, Rusev is 1-0. This is Rusev’s final opportunity at the United States Championship whilst John Cena is champion. The bell rings and Rusev takes the microphone out of the referees hands, telling John Cena that half the people already hate him and he should say I Quit now. Cena refuses and goes right to work on Rusev but Rusev catches Cena with a kick and then a splash in the corner. Rusev hits a second splash as the crowd chant “we want Lana”. Rusev leaves the ring and sets up a chair on the outside, telling Lana to sit on it. He gets back in the ring and tries for a suplex but Cena reverses and hits a suplex himself. Cena attempts a clothesline in the corner but Rusev moves and then lays into Cena with right hands and headbutts. Cena refuses to quit yet so Rusev continues the blows and hits a dropkick. Cena won’t quit yet and Rusev hits him with another dropkick. Cena fires back with a clothesline but Rusev then hits a spinning heel kick. Rusev asks for the Russian flag which Lana hands him and he waves in the middle of the ring.

John Cena hits two shoulder tackles and a side slam before hitting the five knuckle shuffle. Cena then sets up for the attitude adjustment but Rusev counters and hits a fallaway slam which sends Cena rolling out of the ring. Rusev which Cena into the ring steps. Rusev rolls Cena back into the ring and then slides the ring steps in too. Rusev sets up the steps in the corner and then Irish whips Cena into them. John won;’t quit yet. Rusev throws Cena into the steps again and then looks to piledrive Cena on to the steps but John hits a back body drop. Cena looks for a shoulder charge but Rusev catches him and hits a slam on to the steps. Cena still won’t quit. Rusev motions for an accolade but Cena avoids a stomp and then hits an attitude adjustment on to the ring steps! Rusev is asked for the first time if he wants to quit but Rusev doesn’t answer. Rusev rolls out of the ring and so Cena picks up the steps and throws them at rusev who gets out of the way. Cena leaves the ring and Rusev kicks him and then looks to throw him into the ringpost but Cena reverses.

Cena tells Rusev that if he won’t give up then he’s going to put him through the barricade. Rusev refuses to quit so Cena spears him through the barricade! Cena grabs a technical case and looks to ram it into Rusev but Rusev kicks him in the face. Cena still won’t quit. Rusev lays into Cena through the technical area and Cena fires back with some right hands of his own. Cena looks to hit an attitude adjustment through a table but Rusev counters and looks to hit an Alabama slam through a table. Rusev hits the move so softly that the table doesn’t break. Cena throws Rusev into a table and then sets up a table. He hits Rusev with a monitor a couple of times but still Rusev won’t quit. Rusev manages to Alabama slam Cena through a table. Rusev then plans something with the pyro. He misses with a kick and Cena then hits him with an attitude adjustment onto the pyro which sets it off! Lana totters over but Rusev is still crawling around and refuses to quit.

Rusev crawls to his feet but Cena picks up a metal barricade and rams it into the Bulgarian brute. Cena then lays the barricade across the ring and looks for an attitude adjustment but Rusev counters and suplexes Cena into the barricade. Rusev rolls Cena into the ring and hits him with a big superkick. Rusev then locks on the accolade! Cena manages to get to his feet with Rusev on his back and rams him into the corner. Rusev keeps the hold applied but Cena rams him a second time. Rusev still has the hold applied and Cena fades back down to the mat. Cena passes out and Rusev celebrates like he’s own. But John Cena hasn’t said “I Quit” so the match continues. Rusev unties the top rope, forcing it to collapse into the middle of the ring. He then revives Cena with a bottle of water before looking to jab the metal part of the turnbuckle into Cena’s face but Cena hits a drop toe hold and locks on the STF! Rusev won’t quit and talks in Russian or Bulgarian. Lana grabs the microphone and screams that he quits! The bell rings, John Cena beats Rusev tonight!

Rating: 7/10

We go to the Payback kick-off panel where Renee Young Booker T and Corey Graves discuss what they’ve seen. We’re shown some footage from the kick-off show with The Ascension beating Macho Mandow and Curtis Axel.

The New Day are backstage toasting with milk after their win earlier. They claim to be role models and they don’t care who they face next. Byron Saxton tells them that at Elimination Chamber they will have to defend their titles in a tag team Elimination Chamber match. The New Day aren’t happy about that.

The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki) vs. Naomi & Tamina

This is a first pay per view match between these two teams. All four girls make their Payback debut tonight. Nikki Bella and Naomi start the match and Naomi out-powers Nikki before kicking her in the corner. Nikki hits an elbow and then a springboard kick for a two count. Brie tags in and the Bella’s hit a double flapjack for a two count. Naomi hits Brie with a forearm but Brie catches her with a couple of knees before hitting a running knee. Naomi rolls to the outside and Brie rolls her back in. Brie seems distracted by Tamina who then kicks Brie off the apron. Naomi rolls Brie back into the ring and covers her for a two count. Naomi continues to lay into Brie and then hits her with a knee. Naomi kicks Brie in the ribs and then tags in Tamina who hits a snapmare and then kicks Brie in the back. Tamina hammers Nikki off the apron and then tags in Naomi who lays in some kicks. Naomi tags Tamina in who hits a splash in the corner.

Tamina tags in Naomi who lays in some right hands and a nice neckbreaker for a two count. Naomi applies a front facelock and then looks for a slop drop but Brie counters with a jawbreaker before tagging in Nikki. Nikki hits Naomi with clotheslines, a dropkick and a back body drop. Nikki hits an Alabama slam but Tamina gets involved. Nikki disposes of Tamina, dropkicking her out of the ring. Naomi rolls Nikki up for a two count but then gets distracted by Tamina. Naomi hits the rear view for a two count whilst Brie takes out Tamina on the outside. Nikki hits a spinebuster for a two count and then heads to the top but Naomi pulls her down and pins her for the three! Naomi and Tamina beat The Bella Twins tonight!

Rating: 3.75/10

Rusev is fuming backstage, Lana is sat in a chair. Rusev tells her to get out but she doesn’t. Rusev tells her to get out again and this time she leaves.

We’re shown some footage from Raw with Daniel Bryan relinquishing the Intercontinental Championship.

Neville vs. King Barrett

This is a first time main pay per view match between these two men. Neville did beat Barrett on the Extreme Rules kick off show though. Barrett is 1-1 at Payback events, he’s previously been involved in two Intercontinental Championship matches at this event. This is Neville’s pay per view debut. Neville takes Barrett down in the early going, rolling him up for a one count. Neville then hits a springboard cross body and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors which sends Barrett to the outside. Neville follows and kicks Barrett but then tries for another head-scissors but Barrett counters and kicks him in the gut. Barrett rolls Neville on to the apron and then throws him into the corner. Barrett clubs away at Neville’s back and then hits him with a running knee for a two count. Barrett applies a chinlock but Neville fights his way out of it and then looks to springboard off the top rope but Barrett hits him with a boot for a two count. Barrett hits a backbreaker for a two count and then lays in some knees.

King Barrett hits a running boot which sends Neville out of the ring. Barrett rolls Neville back into the ring and pins him for a one count before applying a chinlock. Neville gets out of it and hits some kicks and a running boot. Neville hits a flying forearm and then a standing shooting star press for a two count. Didn’t get much on that move. Neville sets up for the red arrow but Barrett gets up. He kicks Neville in the gut and then sets up for the bullhammer but Neville avoids it. Barrett hits a side slam for a two count and then sets up for wasteland but Neville squirms out of it and looks for a springboard something but Barrett attempts to counter with the bullhammer just for Neville to hit an arm drag. Nevill hits an enzeguri and then goes up top to hit the red arrow but Barrett rolls out of the ring. Neville gets down and then flies out and takes out Barrett but sells his own knee.

Neville looks like he’s struggling as he gets back into the ring. Barrett looks to get back into the ring but then decides against it! Neville beats Barrett by count out! After the match Barrett attacks Neville from behind and lays into him. He rams Neville off the ring steps and then throws him into the barricade. A disappointing match from these two. Neville ducks a shot from the sceptre and hits a German suplex before hitting the move the fans wanted to see, the red arrow.

Rating: 3.5/10

Seth Rollins is with J & J Security backstage and Kane wishes him luck.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose – Fatal Four Way match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This is a first time fatal four way between the three former members of The Shield and Randy Orton. Seth, Roman and Dean are 2-0 at Payback events, Randy Orton is 0-2. Seth and Roman have been on the opposite side of the ring to Randy Orton at all three Payback events. Randy Orton gets a big (high-pitched) pop. Kane is ringside for this match. The bell rings and the three challengers slowly move in on Seth Rollins but J & J Security pull Randy Orton and Roman Reigns out of the ring. Dean Ambrose throws Seth out of the ring and the suicide dives out at Orton and Seth. Roman Reigns then dives out at everybody including Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Reigns and Rollins get in the ring where Reigns hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for a one count. Reigns hits an Irish whip sending Rollins upside down before hitting him with an uppercut for a one count. Seth manages to drop Reigns on the middle turnbuckle but turns around into a flying elbow from Dean Ambrose. He pins Rollins but Orton breaks it up and then lays into Ambrose. Ambrose fires back with some jabs but Randy drops him with a backbreaker for a two count.

Roman Reigns gets involved but Orton attempts an RKO which Reigns blocks. Ambrose gets involved and he and Orton clothesline each other to the outside. Rollins attacks Reigns from behind and kicks him down in the corner. Rollins hits a splash in the corner and then looks for a second but Ambrose attacks him. Reigns then drops Rollins with a big clothesline. Ambrose hits Seth with right hands and Reigns then does the same. Ambrose hits a clothesline on Rollins and Reigns motions for a superman punch but Kane pulls Reigns out of the ring and throws him into the barricade! Dean Ambrose then lays into Kane with right hands but Kane fights him off and rolls him into the ring. Randy Orton fights off J & J Security on the outside but Kane helps beat down Orton. Rollins hits slingblade on Ambrose for a two count. Rollins hits a diving knee on Ambrose for a two count Rollins hits a buckle-bomb on Ambrose and then superkicks him in the face for a two count.

Seth lays in the stomps to Dean Ambrose and then sets up for another buckle-bomb but Ambrose fights out of it. Seth hits a dropkick but Ambrose bounces off the ropes and take Seth down with a clothesline before fighting off both members of J & J Security. Ambrose sets up Rollins for dirty deeds but Kane gets in the ring and hits Dean with a chokeslam. Rollins gets a near fall and Kane gets up on the apron but Orton and Reigns fight him off. Orton then drops Roman with a clothesline before getting in the ring and clotheslining Rollins and Ambrose. Rollins looks to drop Orton on the middle turnbuckle but Orton blocks and hits a t-bone suplex for a two count. Rollins drops Orton on the top rope and then goes up to the top but Orton crotches him and hits a big superplex for a near fall. On the outside Orton hits Rollins with a clothesline before dropping him on the barricade. Randy then takes apart the Spanish announce table but Rollins forces him into the ring apron. Ambrose and Reigns then get involved, taking out Orton.

The three former members of The Shield look at one another before beating down Orton and then triple powerbombing him through the announce desk! The crowd love that. Rollins celebrates with Reigns and Ambrose and extends his fist but Roman and Dean beat him down. They then take apart the Spanish announce table but Kane gets involved and they have to fight him off. Reigns beats Rollins down on to the Spanish announce table and Reigns powerbombs Kane on to Rollins! The table does not give way. The crowd ask for another and Reigns obliges! He powerbombs Kane into Rollins and this time they break the table! Ambrose and Reigns then get into the ring and slug it out! Ambrose avoids a clothesline and takes Reigns down with a clothesline of his own. Reigns rolls up Ambrose for a two count before hitting him with a sit-out powerbomb for another two. Reigns motions for a superman punch but Ambrose ducks it and rolls Reigns up for a two count. Roman then hits the superman punch but can’t keep Ambrose down for a three.

Reigns motions for a spear on Ambrose but Dean knees him in the face and looks to hit dirty deeds which Reigns counters. Ambrose looks for a clothesline but Reigns ducks and hits a spear! He hooks the leg but Rollins breaks it up. Rollins crawls out of the ring with Reigns in pursuit. J & J Security attacks Reigns who fights off both men. Rollins gets in the ring and kicks Ambrose away but Reigns hits Rollins with a superman punch and Ambrose then hits a clothesline and dirty deeds! He hooks the leg but Kane pulls Dean out of the ring and throws him into the ring steps. Kane hits Ambrose with the steps and then hits Reigns with the steps;. Kane then chokeslams Reigns on the steps. Orton shoves Kane into the ringpost. Rollins pulls Orton into the ring and looks to hit a hangmans DDT but Orton counters and looks to hit the DDT himself but Mercury pulls Rollins out of the ring. Randy then hits Noble and Mercury with RKO’s! Rollins comes in off the top but Orton hits him with a powerslam and then the hangmans DDT! Orton motions for an RKO but Rollins pushes him away! Kane gets in the ring so Orton hits him with the RKO! Seth then hits Randy with a pedigree and hooks the leg for the 3!

Seth Rollins wins the match and retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! It took a lot of help from Kane, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury but he did it. Seth wins with the pedigree and Kane keeps his job.

Rating: 7.75/10

And that was Payback 2015. It felt like a good show overall but there were a couple of stinkers in the second half of the show. The match that kicked things off between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler was a good one. These two guys are both good workers and have chemistry. Sheamus got the win this time which was expected. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this went to a third PPV to end this feud once and for all. Sheamus has been made to look really strong since his return and because of his unique look he might get a good push. Then came the tag team championship match which went to a third fall. It was a good match between these two teams although I preferred their match at Extreme Rules. It was a controversial finish with Xavier Woods rolling up Tyson Kidd for the win. It was a clever finish but a daft one. This feud has to continue because of the finish. I’ve never seen this finish before so I applaud the unique-ness of it.

Bray Wyatt and Ryback was a cool match on paper and not a bad match in practice too. Too unique opponents who put on a decent match. It wasn’t a totally clean win for Bray Wyatt but he was the man that needed to win really. This loss doesn’t hurt Ryback too much as he enjoys a second wind in the WWE. It’s a big win for Bray Wyatt tonight. John Cena and Rusev were up next and I hope this is the last match between them. I did enjoy this match, they do have good chemistry but this is four PPV’s on the bounce now and with Cena winning the last three, I think it’s fair to say that this feud is over. The real story is the relationship of Rusev and Lana being seemingly over. It’s strange to think of them apart so it’ll be interesting to see where this story goes.

Four good match to kick off the show but the next two matches weren’t as good. Naomi and Tamina beat The Bella Twins, Naomi pinned Nikki which keeps her as the number one contender to the Divas Championship. This match was ok, it did the job but I’d have preferred to have seen a Divas title match which I’m guessing we’ll see at the next pay per view. Neville then made his PPV debut, beating King Barrett by count out. I feel like the matches these two guys had at King Of The Ring and on the Extreme Rules kick-off show were better than this one. Barrett got himself counted out which makes me think that this feud continues. Not a great match which is surprising for Neville as he is one of the best performers on the roster. The main event was a lot of fun, there was loads of interference from Kane and J & J Security and in the end Seth Rollins retained his WWE Championship. There were some fun spots in this match, especially the brief Shield re-union. It was a good match and all four guys had good moments. Worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

Overall Rating: 60/100 (ranked joint 121st out of 314)

Match Of The Night: Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose
Worst Match Of The Night: Neville vs. King Barrett
Surprise Of The Night: N/A
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Seth Rollins
Payback 2015 Will Be Remembered For: The fatal four way main event

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  1. Don’t get used to the Meta-Powers gimmick for Axel and Sandow, because it will be shortly dropped once Hulk Hogan is exiled from WWE for three years due to his old racial slur from 2007.

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