Survivor Series 97

Gang Rulz! That’s the theme for this pay per view. Gangs such as The Disciples Of Apocalypse, The Nation Of Domination and The Truth Commission. All of which we will see in action tonight. We’ll get four traditional Survivor Series matches which include The Disciples Of Apocalypse fighting against The Truth Commission. These two gangs have had their run-ins over the past few weeks and tonight the Truth Commission make their PPV debut. Also tonight The Nation Of Domination take on the four men they have had more problems with than anyone else in Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock and The Legion Of Doom.

Much like last year we’ll also have four tag teams in action. The Godwinns are the only team to have fought last year and be in the match this year, teaming with the new tag team of Billy Gunn and The Road Dog, previously Rockabilly and The Roadie “Jesse James”. These two have come together due to being utilised. Tonight they meet The Blackjacks, whom Gunn and Road Dog stole the hats of and The Headbangers. The fourth Survivor Series match will see team Canada of The British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart and the returning Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon to take on team USA led by Vader with Marc Mero, Goldust and newcomer Steve Blackman.

As well as those matches, we’ll get three singles matches. Undertakers brother Kane has been on a streak of attacking innocent wrestlers and when he took out Dude Love, Mankind took exception to it. Tonight they go one on one. Steve Austin also returns to action to take on Intercontinental champion Owen Hart and Bret Hart defends his WWF title against Shawn Michaels.

Unsurprisingly we kick things off with a video package about Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. It mainly focuses on the last time they met, Wrestlemania 12, when Shawn beat Bret in an Iron Man Match. These two men do not like each other. Michaels accidentally help Bret win the WWF title at Summerslam when he smashed The Undertaker with a chair whilst serving as special guest referee.

We go to ringside and it’s Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside without Vince McMahon. They’re mostly excited for the main event tonight.

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) & The New Blackjacks (Bradshaw & Windham) vs. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas), “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn & The Road Dog

It sounded like the ring announcements were in another language. It also seems as though The New Blackjacks are now faces. Road Dog (formerly The Roadie/Jesse James) has turned heel and joined forces with Billy Gunn. They’ve been on a rampage as of late and have had issues with both of the teams they battle against tonight as well as The Legion Of Doom. It’s Phineas and Windham that start things off and Phineas is soon knocked to the outside. Windham tags Bradshaw who goes back and forth with Phineas. Phineas tries to tag Road Dog or Billy Gunn but they both back off and instead in comes Henry. The Godwinns lost their belts to The Legion Of Doom on a Raw a few weeks ago. Jim Ross forgets that Windham is a former tag team champion. Bradshaw rolls Henry up and gets the three from nowhere!

Phineas comes back in and so does Windham. Windham gets a few near falls in and the crowd boo. Windham then hits a big clothesline for another two count. Phineas then hits a clothesline on Windham and pins him for the three! It’s 3 on 3! In comes Mosh. Tag team based Survivor Series matches like this have happened before last year when The Godwinns were a part of it as well as 1991 and 1992. The first two Survivor Series had 10 vs 10 Survivor Series matches. Mosh hits numerous drop toe holds on Phineas then goes to the arm bar. Phineas tags Billy Gunn who comes in to boos. He’s no longer with The Honky Tonk Man. Billy has only been part of one Survivor Series match before and that was in 1994 as part of Lex Lugers team. He stomps away at Mosh before receiving a boot to the face and a clothesline. This is a Survivor Series debut for The Headbangers and Bradshaw. A “Billys Gay” chant breaks out. Mosh goes for a bulldog but Billy reverses it into a faceplant and that gives Gunn the three!

It’s Thrasher and Bradshaw against Gunn, Road Dog and Phineas now. Billy tags Phineas and in comes Thrasher. There is only one full tag team that can win now and that’s the newest team of them all in Gunn and Road Dog. None of these five men have ever won a Survivor Series match. Thrasher locks on an arm bar and bites Phineas at the same time! He then rolls up the hogfarmer and gets a two. Phineas has only ever won one match ever on PPV and lucky for him it was for the tag team titles. We get a back and forth between he and Thrasher now that results in an armbar for Phineas. Thrasher hits a facebuster then heads for the top when he hits a seated senton for the three! Phineas is eliminated!

It’s two one two now as Road Dog comes in. Thrasher tags Bradshaw who hits chops and boots to The Road Dog. Bradshaw then goes after Billy but Road Dog rolls him up from behind and pins him for the three! I think it was a three anyway, it seemed like a two. Everyone is confused but he is out of here. It’s Thrasher against Road Dog and Billy Gunn. There’s a slow pace as Gunn knees Thrasher from behind. Road Dog goes for a pumphandle slam but Thrasher hits a hiptoss. Road Dog then tags Billy who comes in off the top with a legdrop which is enough for the three count! Billy Gunn and Road Dog win the match for their team! Something didn’t click in this match. I’m not sure about the crowd either. A big big win for Billy Gunn and Road Dogg who haven’t won PPV matches in a long long time. This could be a breath of fresh air for them.

Rating: 4/10

The Truth Commission (The Jackyl, Kurrgan The Interrogator, Recon, Sniper) vs. The Disciples Of Apocalypse (Crush, Chainz, Skull, 8 Ball)

This is a PPV debut for all four members of The Truth Commission who are dressed like a South African army. It’s a Survivor Series debut for all of DOA except Crush. DOA get straight into it. Crush has lost in all three of his previous Survivor Series matches. Chainz and Kurrgan kick things off and it’s all Chainz to begin with but he can’t knock the big man off his feet and Kurrgan hits a sidewalk slam which eliminates Chainz early! In comes Recon and 8 Ball come in where Recon hits a slam. Recon tags out to The Jackyl who isn’t usually a wrestler. He hits a knee from the top but 8 Ball is right back up! 8 Ball hits a sidewalk slam of his own which is enough for a three! Jackyl is out and it’s 3 on 3. Sniper comes in and gets a two count. Sniper tags out to Recon who comes in off the top but 8 Ball sees him coming and hits him with a right hand. 8 Ball tags out to Crush who hits a powerslam and a legdrop.

Crush hits a belly to belly suplex and gets a two. This is the firs ttime in a long time that Crush hasn’t been in a match involving Los Boricuas. Crush tags out to Skull and collides with Recon. Skull goes to the outside and 8 Ball comes in fresh and hits a clothesline on Recon for the three! It’s three on two now with Crush, Skull and 8 Ball against Kurrgan and Sniper. In comes Sniper and in comes Skull. Skull and 8 Ball hit a nice double team throw but Kurrgan distracts the referee which delays the count and allows Sniper to kick out. Kurrgan then hits Skull from behind and Sniper hits a bulldog which eliminates Skull! We are down to 2 on 2. 8 Ball comes in and drops an elbow then tags out to Crush who is sorting his hair. Crush hits a suplex on Sniper for a 2. Crush is hoping it’ll be forth time lucky for hi at Survivor Series. He locks on an armbar on Sniper. 8 Ball tags in and hits a right hand on Sniper. Kurrgan tags in and hits a sidewalk slam on 8 Ball from behind which eliminates 8 Ball.

It’s Crush against Kurrgan The Interrogator and Sniper. Crush goes for a powerslam on Kurrgan but he can’t lift him up and ends up on his back. Kurrgan tags Sniper who receives a tilt-a-whirl slam. Crush covers him for the three! It’s one on one! Kurrgan comes in and hits the sidewalk slam on Crush! That’ll be it. 3 count and Kurrgan wins the match for the Truth Commission. This match was pretty poor. It was over quickly and gives a big win to Kurrgan who could be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Rating: 3.75/10

We get some vox pops with fans predicting who will win the match between Shawn Michael and Bret Hart. Most of it is in French.

Kevin Kelly is backstage in the America Online Room with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s talking to fans online.

We see a package next on how Steve Blackman, a martial artist fan who helped out Vader as he got beat down by British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart, Furnas and LaFon.

We get an interview with team USA next. Vader looks thrown by Michael Coles question. Vader says his team have nothing in common except they don’t like big mouth Canadians. Blackman tells us in a monotone voice that he’s not experienced in the WWE but he’s experienced in fighting.

Team USA (Vader, Marc Mero, Goldust & Steve Blackman) vs. Team Canada (British Bulldog, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon)

This is a very interesting setup. Furnas and Lafon haven’t been on PPV since Wrestlemania. Jim Neidhart hasn’t fought on PPV since Canadian Stampede back in July. Steve Blackman makes his debut tonight, Mero and Goldust are sort of heels at the moment. Team USA come out to The Patriots music but The Patriot is injured. Hence Steve Blackmans last minute entrant. It’s Mero and Bulldog that start things off and it’s all Bulldog as he sends Mero to the outside. This is Mero’s second Survivor Series appearance, he lost at last years event as a team captain. Mero tags Vader now who hits a short arm clothesline on Bulldog. Vader then comes off the second rope but Bulldog slams him and then suplexes him! The Canadian crowd like that. Bulldog tags Lafon who is the only Canadian member of his team. Mero is tagged back in and hits a knee lift. Lafon hits a spinning heel kick on Mero and gets a near fall.

Neidhart comes in for a second before tagging back out to Lafon. Mero then tags Steve Blackman who hits some big kicks and an elbow drop for a two. Lafon hits Blackman with a DDT for a two count. A “Sable” chant breaks out as Blackman takes out all of Team Canada! On the outside of the ring Blackman continues to fight with all of Team Canada and the referee counts him out! Blackman has been counted out. Marc Mero gets in the ring with Jim Neidhart. Neidhart hits some big blows but misses with a splash in the corner. Neidhart also misses with a splash from the top. Mero tags Vader but Neidhart takes him down with some big clotheslines. Two count. Vader hits a splash and eliminates Jim Neidhart! It’s three against three. Lafon comes back in and spinning heel kicks Vader out of the ring. Lafon goes out with him and throws Vader into the steel steps! Furnas comes out and hits Vader with some kicks before throwing him back in. Vader hits a belly to belly suplex then goes to the middle rope where he comes off with  splash which gets the three count!

It’s Furnas and Bulldog against Vader, Mero and Goldust now. Furnas comes in for the first time and Vader tags Mero. Mero hits some jabs on Furnas then goes to the top where he hits a beautiful moonsault. He only gets a two for that one. Furnas hits a spinebuster then tags Bulldog. Bulldog smashes Meros face off the top turnbuckle ten times much to the crowds delight. Bulldog then goes for the Running Powerslam but Mero slips down the back and hits a right hand. Mero tags Furnas who exchanges some fists with Mero. Mero hits a sunset flip in the corner for a two then Furnas reverses it for the three! Mero is out of here! It’s two on two now. Vader comes in and hits some big rights and lefts on Furnas. Goldust is yet to come in yet. Furnas hits a big clothesline on Vader to take him down then tags in Bulldog. Bulldog goes for a suplex but Vader reverses it. These two men were on opposite teams at the last PPV. Bulldog tags Furnas but Goldust refuses the tag from Vader! Vader hits a side suplex on Furnas and still Goldust refuses the tag. Furnas hits a low blow on Vader to take him down then pins him for a two.

Furnas tags Bulldog and the big man clotheslines Bulldog down! Bulldog tags Furnas but Goldust still won’t tag in. He drops down from the apron and Furnas hits a big belly to belly suplex on Vader for a two. Vader looks shattered as he gets sent into the ropes. Furnas hits a standing hurricanrana for another two count. Vader get up, slaps Goldust in the face then brings him into the ring! Vader tells Goldust to get Furnas but Goldust leaves the ring and gets counted out! We’re down to Doug Furnas and The British Bulldog against Vader. Vader hits a splash in the corner on Furnas then gets rid of Bulldog. Vader then goes to the middle rope and hits a Vader Bomb on Furnas for the three count! Whilst the referee sees to Furnas, Bulldog smashes Vader in the face with the ring bell! The referee turns around to Bulldog pinning Vader and counts the three! The British Bulldog wins the match for Team Canada! This was much improved on the previous two matches. Bulldog was by far the top guy in the match so I’m happy with this result.

Rating: 6.75/10

Video package now for Kane who has been on a mission as of late. Taking out the likes of Flash Funk, Ahmed Johnson, The Hardy Boys and Dude Love. Mankind isn’t happy with what Kane did to Dude Love and vows to take revenge tonight.

We get a promo with Mankind now. He says that tonight he takes on a brick wall. Most would go around or over the wall but Mankind says he’ll be going through the wall. Mankind doesn’t like Paul Bearer calling him a pebble.

Mankind vs. Kane

A PPV debut for Kane now. He’s previously fought as Isaac Yankem DDS and The Fake Diesel but tonught Glenn Jacobs is Kane. Neither man has won a match at Survivor Series before but one will probably change that tonight. You’d have to go back to Summerslam to find when Mankind last won a PPV match. He attacks Kane in the aisle and Kane chokeslams Mankind into the steel steps. The lights are still red from Kanes entrance as Kane throws Mankind into the ring. Kane then does his pyro from the corners as the bell rings. The lights are still red though. Mankind fights back with some right hands then clotheslines Kane out of the ring, going out with him. Kane lands on his feet and hits Mankind with a clothesline. Paul Bearer distracts the referee and Kane throws the steps at Mankind! Back in the ring and Kane knocks Mankind down repeatedly.

Kane hits a big boot which pleases Paul Bearer. It has all been Kane in this one as he thrusts his boot into Mankinds throat. Kane then hits a sidewalk slam which gave Kurrgan a few wins earlier. Undertakers brother then boots Mankind to the outside where he pummels him and throws him into the steps. The red lights are still on as Mankind lifts Kane up and drops him on the steps. Mankind then smashes Kane with a steel chair! Maybe Paul Bearer was distracting the referee again. Back in the ring and Mankind lays in some boots then hits a piledriver! The former tag team champion then locks the Mandible Claw on Paul Bearer! Kane gets up and throws Mankind through the announce table! The two fight round to the aisle where Mankind hits a DDT on Kane on the concrete! Mankind then leaps off the apron with an elbow! Mankind then goes up to the top turnbuckle but Kane leaps onto the apron and throws Mankind down to the floor! Kane gets back in the ring and eventually Mankind crawls in. Kane scoops him up and hits The Tombstone which is enough for the three! Kane wins on his PPV debut over Mankind. Kane will be going after his brother The Undertaker at some point and I look forward to it.

Rating: 6.75/10

Backstage now to Michael Cole who is with Vince McMahon and Commission Slaughter. There is extra security out there tonight for the big title match.

The Nation Of Domination (Faarooq, D-lo Brown, Kama Mustafa & Rocky Maivia) vs. Ken Shamrock, The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) & Ahmed Johnson

Rocky Maivia debuted at last years Survivor Series with a big win and the year before that, Ahmed Johnson did the same. Tonight only one of them can continue their 100% record. LOD are so damn popular. Shamrock gets a good reaction too. Hawk starts off with D-lo and D-lo hits a big piledriver but Hawk is right back up! D-lo tags Rocky Maivia who Hawk slaps around. Hawk then gets nailed from behind and Rocky hits his finisher for the three! Hawk is out early doors. Ahmed Johnson comes in and hits a big elbow. Johnson is intense. Rocky tags Kama who helped eliminate Hawk. Kama hits a clothesline on Ahmed Johnson then tags Faarooq. Faarooq was involved in last years Survivor Series in a match that ended in a draw. Faarooq throws Ahmed into the corner where Rocky holds him and D-lo whips him with a strap. Faarooq goes for The Dominator but Ahmed comes in and hits the Pearl River Plunge from nowhere which eliminates Faarooq! The captain of his team is out of here.

D-lo comes in and takes Ahmed down before hitting a Frog Splash from the top. But he doesn’t pin Ahmed, instead Johnson gets up and hits some right hands  then a front face suplex. D-lo tags Rocky Maivia who runs in and receives a spinebuster. Meanwhile Faarooq is on the outside still and he pulls Ahmeds foot and holds it down as Rocky Maivia pins him! Johnson and Faarooq then battle to the back. We’re down to Shamrock and Animal against Rocky, D-lo and Kama. Animal comes in and kicks away at Maivia in the corner. Both men tag out to Ken Shamrock and Kama respectively. Kama is a big old unit but he misses with a splash in the corner. Ken tags out to Animal and a big “LOD” chant breaks out. Animal throws Kama across the ring then both men connect with clotheslines. They get back up where Animal hits a suplex for a two. Animal hits a big shoulderblock as we get some sound problems. Kama hits a martial arts kick but as he celebrates Animal rolls him up for the three! Kama is out of here, it’s two on two.

D-lo and Shamrock come in where Ken hits some big right hands. D-lo pokes Shamrock in the eye then slams him before Rocky Maivia comes in and smashes Shamrock in the crotch! D-lo covers him for a two. Snapmare from D-lo and a legdrop for another two. D-lo locks on a sleeper now. Shamrock gets up and D-lo hits him with a knee before choking him. D-lo then hits a backbreaker and heads to the top but he misses with a moonsault. Both men crawl to their corners where D-lo tags Maivia and Shamrock tags Animal! Animal takes down both men then hits a powerslam on D-lo. But from the back come Billy Gunn and Road Dog! Rocky throws Animal outside where Road Dog throws powder in Animals face. Animal then gets counted out! He’s gone from this match.

It’s two on one now. We’ve had three heel teams win so far, can Shamrock strike it up as one for the faces? D-lo knocks him down with a clothesline then tries to tag Rocky but Maivia refuses the tag? And Shamrock takes down both men. He then belly to belly suplexes D-lo and locks on the Ankle Lock! D-lo taps out, he’s eliminated! As the referee sees to D-lo, Rocky smashes Shamrock with a steel chair! He pins Shamrock, much like the last Survivor Series match but just gets a two! Maivia hits a big spinning DDT for another two. Rocky then slams Ken and bounces off two sets of ropes and hits an elbow to the heart, two count again. Shamrock hits a standing hurricanrana then locks on the Ankle Lock! Maivia taps and Ken Shamrock wins the match! Surprising result but maybe Shamrock is getting a push right now.

Rating: 7/10

Next up is a video package for Steve Austin and Owen Hart.

Owen Hart (c) vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – Intercontinental Title Match

Well this is the rematch we’ve been waiting for. Owen Hart injured Austin at Summerslam and this is Stone Colds first match back. Owen brings out Bulldog, Neidhart, Furnas and Lafon with him. Owen Hart has never won a match at Survivor Series. Owen takes a long time to get in the ring, this has a real big match feel to it. Neidhart tries to sneak in before the bell and receives a Stunner for his troubles. This gives Owen chance to get in the ring and attack Austin. The crowd are right behind Owen in this one and he goes for a piledriver which Austin reverses. Owen then wraps Austins knee around the ringpost. Hart walks to the back and Austin is after him! Team Canada have gone now and Austin takes Owen back to the ring. Owen hits a low blow to take the advantage. Owen chokes Austin with some cables and begs the referee to disqualify him. Back in the ring and Austin starts a comeback then hits the Stone Cold Stunner! This one is over. Out come Furnas and Lafon who both get a Stunner. Austin wins the match and the Intercontinental title. Well, this one was quick.

Rating: 3.75/10

Video package now for Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.  This is a personal rivalry with a lot of history.

Bret Hart (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – WWF Championship Match

Here’s a statistic for you. The only time the WWF title hasn’t changed hands in  title match at Survivor Series was in 1992. And that match? Bret Hart defending against Shawn Michaels. This is the third match in the series between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Both previous PPV matches between the two has been Bret Hart defending the WWF title against Michaels. In the first, Bret won. In the second, Michaels won. This is a battle between two men who have had more matches on more PPVs than anyone else in history. Jim Ross tells us that we’ll never see this match again. How right he is. Bret Hart has wrestled on every single Survivor Series in history. Shawn Michaels has only won once at Survivor Series. This one is quick to get underway but I don’t think I’ve heard a bell yet. The two men fight to the outside where Bret throws Michaels into the post and the steps. They then fight into the crowd where Bret continues to pummel Shawn. Vince McMahon, Commissioner Slaughter and Vince McMahon are all at ringside as well as numerous referees.

Michaels takes the advantage and throws Bret face first into the steel steps. Michaels then throws Bret into the crowd where he attempts a piledrvier but Bret back body drops him over the rail. Bret hits a low blow and the bell still hasn’t rung. The two then fight up the entrance way where Michaels tries for a piledriver again and once again Hart back body drops him. Bret then hits a suplex on the concrete. Michaels rams Hart into referee Tim White but there are plenty more refs out there. Hart smashes Shawn with a fire extinguisher as the two battle by the entrance curtain and into the entrance tunnel. Bret shoves another ref as Vince McMahon screams at them to go to the ring. The two men that fight towards the ring and finally Bret tosses Michaels into the ring and the bell finally rings! Bret chokes Michaels with a flag then drops a leg before hitting an inverted atomic drop. From nowhere Michaels explodes with a running forearm and nips up to boos from the crowd. Michaels now chokes Bret with the flag.

Michaels winds the fans up then throws Bret into the corner. The two men then fight to the outside once more where Michaels drops Bret on the ring steps. He then snaps the Canadian flag pole and jabs it into Bret Harts throat. It would seem like this one is both no count outs and no disqualifications. Michaels rolls Bret into the ring then comes off the top with a double axe handle. Michaels locks on a front face lock which Bret eventually gets out of. Hart then works the legs but Michaels rakes the eyes. The challenger then comes off the top with a cross body but Bret rolls through and Michaels kicks out. Bret wraps Michaels knee around the ring post then locks on the figure four leg lock around the post! Bret breaks it up on the count of 5 then Bret locks it on in the middle of the ring! Michaels reverses the hold but Bret quickly gets to the ropes. Bret then hits his trademark side Russian leg sweep for a two. Bret hits a backbreaker then goes to the top but as he leaps off, Michaels pulls the referee in the way!

Michaels then locks the Sharpshooter on Bret and Bret gives up quickly! Hebner called for the bell then got out of there. Michaels grabs the title belt and gets out of there quickly. We then come to an abrupt end to the show. And that folks was the Montreal Screwjob. None the less we have a new WWF champion in the form of Shawn Michaels.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was the most controversial Survivor Series in WWF history. It featured four classic Survivor Series matches and three singles. I’m glad it kept the traditional matches, I think they’re so important to this annual show. It did not feature The Undertaker who had would have equalled British Bulldogs record of 20 consecutive PPVs if he had.  The opening match followed the theme or Survivor Series gone by with four tag teams making up the two teams. The Headbangers and Godwinns are both former tag team champions but this match was made to give Billy Gunn and The Road Dog a big push towards the belts. That wasn’t the last we saw of those two who I’m sure will be involved in the tag team title scene sooner rather than later.

The second match was between two stables in DOA and The Truth Commission. Again this match seemed to be to used to focus on one particular individual and that was Kurrgan the Interrogator. He dismantled DOA which included veteran Crush. He will be someone to keep an eye on over coming months. I also like The Jackyl as the mouthpiece for this group. The third match was another traditional Survivor Series match and one that British Bulldog won. Bulldog stands out as the most over guy in this match especially with Neidhart, Furnas and Lafon very rarely wrestling, Steve Blackman making his debut and both Marc Mero and Goldust acting more as heels than faces. I’m not 100% convinced of Vader as a heel either. Still, a good win for Bulldog who I could definitely see in feuds with Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Steve Austin going forward.

Then we had Kane vs. Mankind which was designed to show Kane as an unstoppable monster on his journey to battling The Undertaker. This match definitely served that purpose, Kane was a monster and he saw off a decent opponent in Mankind. Next was the Nation Of Domination against the four men they have had the most problems with over the past few months. I can’t help but dislike Ahmed Johnson. He turned heel and then was kicked out of the Nation. They pretty much destroyed him there. He should turn heel again to not look so daft. Faarooq being eliminated early was interesting as he is the leader of the group. D-lo did very well to be in there until the end but it was Shamrock that came out looking strong. I think he’ll be thrust into the main event soon to see if he sinks or swims. Steve Austin then won the Intercontinental title back in very short time (4 minutes). This made Owen Hart look weak but maybe his time is coming to an end in the WWF. Austin wins back the title in any case. I’d prefer to see Austin vying after the WWF title but I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time.

Then in the main event Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart because of the Montreal Screwjob. Vince McMahon was at ringside, referee Earl Hebner was in on it, Shawn Michaels was in on it, Bret Hart was not. Michaels puts Hart in Sharpshooter, Hebner calls for the bell, McMahon screams at timekeeper to ring the bell, match over. It’s the end of an era. Bret Hart has wrestled on more PPVs, in the most amount of matches, has main evented more of them and won more matches than anybody else in history. Shawn Michaels is second for the most part and now he is the WWF champion as well as European champion. Will the rest of the Hart Foundation leave? It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes the foundations of the WWF.

Overall this pay per view had one match too many. I would have probably put DOA vs. The Truth Commission on the pre-show to give the other matches more time, especially Owen Hart and Steve Austin. This is one of the most famous PPVs in WWF history because of the ending and although the quality wasn’t perfect, it was a pretty average show.

Overall Rating: 56.4/100 (Ranked 26th out of 75)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart
Worst Match Of The Night: DOA vs. Truth Commission/Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart
Surprise Of The Night: Road Dog and Billy Gunn win match
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Shawn Michaels
Survivor Series 97 Will Be Remembered For: The Montreal Screwjob

One thought on “Survivor Series 97

  1. IMHO this PPV marked the true end of the New Generation Era.

    From 1993 until now, we’ve seen some great moments and characters, and some not-go great moments and characters.

    With Hulk Hogan out, the WWF showcased some young and exciting talent (Bret, Owen, Bulldog, Taker, HBK, Razor, Diesel, 1-2-3 Kid, Yoko, and the great Waylon Mercy) and a lot of shit (King Mabel, Taker vs. Million Dollar Corporation storyline, Giant Gonzales, Underfaker, almost everything in 1995).

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