Stat Pack Vol 32

Welcome everybody to my 32nd WWE Stat Pack! I have been watching every WWF PPV from the very beginning, back from Wrestlemania 1 and reviewing each and every show. Every 5 PPVs I have put together and updated a stat pack which records all the major stats, facts and figures from the big shows. Within this Stat Pack you’ll see all the PPVs ranked as … Continue reading Stat Pack Vol 32

Armageddon 2003

| Date: December 14, 2003 | Venue: TD Waterhouse Center | City: Orlando, Florida | Attendance: 12, 672 | Buys: 240, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger Evolution Of The Game. That’s the tagline for this Raw brand pay per view so if you had any doubts who this show is based around, that clears it up. Triple H gets a shot at Goldbergs World Heavyweight Championship in the main event and so does … Continue reading Armageddon 2003

Unforgiven 2003

| Date: September 21, 2003 | Venue: Giant Centre | City: Hershey, Pennsylvania | Attendance: 10, 347 | Buys: 365, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger Face Your Fear. It’s a Raw only pay per view and Kane is the man on the Unforgiven 2003 poster. Tonight Shane McMahon will be facing his fear in the Big Red Machine. After months of Kane tormenting not just the Raw roster but also Shane McMahon’s family, Shane … Continue reading Unforgiven 2003

Bad Blood 2003

| Date: June 15, 2003 | Venue: Compaq Centre | City: Houston, Texas | Attendance: 10, 000 | Buys: 385, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger Bad Blood has been building between the superstars of Raw and issues will be settled tonight as the Raw brand go into business for themselves and present 7 matches tonight exclusive to Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austins brand. The main event will be for the World … Continue reading Bad Blood 2003

Insurrextion 2003

| Date: June 7, 2003 | Venue: Telewest Arena | City: Newcastle, England | Attendance: 10, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger  Insurrextion is the annual pay per view held in the United Kingdom and this year, like last, it’ll be the Raw brand representing the WWE. Oddly the show hasn’t been mentioned on Raw so you wouldn’t know it was happening but it is and the likes of Triple H, Booker … Continue reading Insurrextion 2003

Judgment Day 2003

| Date: May 18, 2003 | Venue: Charlotte Coliseum | City: Charlotte, North Carolina | Attendance: 13, 000 | Buys: 315, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger You Will Be The Judge. The judge of? Don’t know. You can judge whether you’d like to see Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar again. It’s the main event for Judgment Day and for the first time in 17 years, the match will be … Continue reading Judgment Day 2003

Backlash 2003

| Date: April 27, 2003 | Venue: Worcester Centrum | City: Worcester, Massachusetts | Attendance: 10, 000 | Buys: 345, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger Backlash is always the pay per view that marks the start of the new WWE year following Wrestlemania. Sadly this one has the lowest buys of any Backlash PPV up to now marking the end of the Attitude Era and Invasion years. Brock Lesnar will be defending the … Continue reading Backlash 2003

Royal Rumble 2003

| Date: January 19, 2003 | Venue: Fleet Centre | City: Boston, Massachusetts | Attendance: 15, 338 | Buyrate: 585, 000 The Royal Rumble, one of the “big 4” pay per views and this one will be a big one despite having the worst buyrate of a Royal Rumble PPV since 1998. Triple H is on the poster and that’s because he defends the World Heavyweight Championship that he won back from … Continue reading Royal Rumble 2003